Popping Bottles

Popping Bottles

Well Well Well…. What shall we talk about today? I will show you step by step how to turn a dingy old bottle cap into a cute and chic magnet for your ice box.
Some of the Ingredients you will need are:

~Bottle Caps
~Old Magazines (choose ones you like)
~Adhesive Backed Magnets (found at local craft store)
~elmer’s glue
~ Polyurethane sealer (I used wood floor sealer)

Some of the ingredients shown above~

When you find a picture you love get a quarter and place it on top of the image. Gently cut around the quarter with scissors or a razor blade. Either one works great.

Next step: You will place the peel n stick magnet on the bottom of each bottle cap.

Turn the bottle caps upside down now and we will prepare for the next step. You will take the pieces that you cut out of the magazines and glue them inside of the bottle cap.
You will take the picture you cut out of the magazine and squirt Elmer’s glue onto the back of it. After you apply the glue you will simply place the piece of paper inside the bottle cap. Take your finger and press to make sure the paper is firmly touching the bottom of bottle cap.

Above is what they will look like with just the pictures in the bottle caps.

Next you will get your Polyurethane and take a spoonful of it and carefully pour it into the top of bottle cap. You want to fill it all the way to the top. Mine is a darker shade because I wanted them to look kinda old and antique. You can get clear if you want the images to show up more clearly.

Once poured and dried this is what they look like.

I posted the picture above to show you that if you have any air pockets after you fill the bottle caps up and you don’t pop them, this is what will happen. I actually like them more like this but it can be prevented~

Tadahhhh~~~ This is how they look when completed! They are so cute and it’s a great way to personalize as gifts! I know I would absolutely LOVE getting a couple of these for Christmas~~
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