Write all over me!

Write all over me!

I thought I would do something FUN today that ANYONE can do! I have been a fan of chalkboard paint since the day it hit the stores. There is something about it that brings me back to being a kid. Think about it, your allowing yourself as an adult to write on the walls, cabinets or doors. Isn’t that the one thing parents tell their kids NOT TO DO~~ Exactly why we are going to do it today!
This project is very affordable!
Ingredients are:
~Chalkboard Paint

SO~ I decided to do my kitchen cabinets ~~ I originally crackled them and I loved them~ But I was ready for a change, and boy am I glad I did them. You know, chalkboard paint comes in tons of different colors so you do not have to get the original black.
I must admit that my favorite color is black. There is something very classic and clean about it.

I think my favorite part of the day is writing something NEW on the cabinets~
It’s very fun to write awesome quotes, love letters, to-do lists, countdowns, drawings or a simple grocery list! Don’t you just love my quirky quotes!

Guess what! If I am feeling the need for clean crisp cabinets I simply take a wet washcloth and wipe them down.
So get out there, get some chalk and write on something~~~~

Copy Me Challenge

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11 thoughts on “Write all over me!

  1. chanda

    love love love chalkboard paint! awesome what u did with it. i thouht bout doing my whole wall

  2. Sue

    O.K. this is totally the coolest thing ever!!! I am ashamed to admit I didn't know there was chalkboard paint and now I want to ask my landlady if she'll let me give it a try! Love your Blog my friend! So inspirational!

  3. Gisele Theriault

    I love this! Of course I do 😉 I enjoy everything you write, and I enjoy all your ideas. You're so crafty! I'm thankful. You've given me great ideas.
    (ps: I will be bloggin' it up again soon. School kept me too busy to think. I'm working on an entry that i'll post in December – about going home for the holidays.. I can't wait!)
    Lots of love chère

  4. April

    "I'm schizophrenic & so am I", that's so freakin funny! That has to be the best line from that movie! I didn't think anyone else remembered that. My two year old was just quoting something else from that movie the other day! Haha. Great job on the cabinets too!

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