Valentine Mobile Tutorial

Valentine Mobile Tutorial

I know! It is almost Valentines Day!!! I can’t believe it! I get really excited because there is nothing like pink, red and white all over the house.  I love doing “lovey” things for my family. 




a basic social unit consisting of parents and theirchildren, considered as a group, whether dwellingtogether or not: the traditional family.


a social unit consisting of one or more adults togetherwith the children they care for: a single-parent family

Just thought I would add that in for ya! I really hope you enjoy this DIY craft.  It is very inexpensive and fun for all ages.  I think I had more fun doing it than my little one (shhhh)….
Have FUN!!! Ingredients Below


p.s. for the wooden sticks i used bamboo.  i had these for decoration and just broke one in half.  how easy is that!

p.s. shaving with scissors was the easiest way! 
p.s. when you put your 2nd piece of wax paper on top of the shavings, it’s best to put a towel on top before you iron it.  personal experience, it works best 🙂
p.s. you can use any cookie cutter or you can free hand your design. 
p.s. after cutting out the designs simply put one down, put hot glue on the side facing upward then place rope in the middle.  before the glue dries you need to put the other heart on top and press gently with your hand.  
p.s. how cute is this!
p.s. if you put it outside, just remember it is made with paper and if it gets wet it will fall apart.  
Have a great SUNDAY!!!!!

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10 thoughts on “Valentine Mobile Tutorial

  1. Jaderbomb

    Thanks Nicole!!! It is really easy and really fun! Thanks for dropping in! Make sure and follow my blog so you can stay updated with all of my great crafts!!!

  2. Jaderbomb

    Sorry Melismama!!! I tried to delete it… There is no "x" for me to use!!! What do I do?

  3. melismama

    hmm…I will look into it..since there is no trashcan…strange…

    BTW, I do love this craft and will be doing it with the kids 8)

  4. Jaderbomb

    Melismama: LOL Sorry again…. Let me know how your craft turns out!!!

    Our Side of the Mountain: Thank yewwwww

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