Anthropologie Coffee Cream Bottles Tutorial

Wowzers!!! I can’t believe it is already tuesday!!! RIGHT! I have been having so much fun making all of these crafts for you {{and for me}}!  The other morning while I was making my coffee I ran out of creamer.  {wahhhhh}.  So the typical routine is to throw the empty bottle away, right! That is exactly what I would have normally done {UNTIL} my lightbulb went off! I thought “how cool would it be to use these instead of throwing them away..
And here you have it! JUST FOR YOU my little jaderbugs.  
I hope you enjoy!!!

P.S.  The pieces do NOT have to be a certain size.  Use the size you like.
P.S.  Are you having fun yet? OH and I am using “sparkle” Mod Podge!!!! When it dries it is full of GLITTER!!!

P.S.  Don’t worry about being perfect! It’s about having fun!!!

P.S.  This is what it will look like still damp!



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29 thoughts on “Anthropologie Coffee Cream Bottles Tutorial

  1. Rebekah★All Thingz Related★

    How clever! I buy that exact brand of creamer and I always HATE throwing the bottles away! Great re-use!
    I'm so glad you joined me for Anything Related!

  2. Anonymous

    Oh so cute! I have done something similar, but I used pretty paper and beads and turned it into a bank for my grandkids. I use alot of that coffee creamer and it seemed a shame to toss them, so one day I started covering them and the idea took off! Thanks for sharing! R. Kwasniewski

  3. Ann @ makethebestofthings

    Glittered Mod Podge, definitely on my list this year. Love your project, cute and clever!

  4. Jaderbomb

    Ann: YES GLITTERED!! It is the best thing ever created!!! Thanks for dropping in!!!

    Lauren: YAYYYYYYY

  5. Hopewell Creek Designs

    I just found you from a comment on another blog,and I am crazy now for your blog and will have to be come a follower.I too buy the same cream brand and I struggle with throwing those out and a dozen other containers I think I could someday use…I love oatmeal containers for some reason.I will be back to visit and look further.Thanks for giving me such a great idea!

  6. Laurel

    Very cute…I just made some out of glass jars from the recycle bin and brown kraft paper/bags. Think I'll try book pages next 🙂 Thanks, Laurel

  7. Jaderbomb

    Laurel: Thanks!!! Well I think I will just have to try brown paper bags now!!! Thanks for the idea!! Good crafting girl!!!!

    Sherry: I LOVE MOD PODGE TOO!!!!! Thanks

  8. Ms. Bake-it

    My aren't you a clever gal! I have not stepped into the waters of mod podge yet but it is definitely on my to do project list. I am off to check out your other posts now.

    Have a fabulous weekend!

    ~ Tracy

  9. Jaderbomb

    C.W. Frosting: You are very welcome for the inspiration!!! 🙂 Glad to see you had fun with this also! You HAVE to get the glitter mod podge 🙂 It makes everything so different!!!

    Coutney: Glad you enjoyed. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  10. Anonymous

    I agree, I hate throwing away a good bottle, I use them to give flowers to friends, flowers from my garden. This is a great idea. And I agree with Hopewell Creek Designs, I love oatmeal containers, too.
    …There's a way to use brown paper torn in pieces and brown boot wax as a top coat, and it ends up looking like leather, but I can't remember the details. That technique would look cool with your idea. Thanks for the idea 🙂

  11. Anonymous

    Here's one that makes a cute practical joke. Use a large bottle that salad dressing comes in, the kind that's wide and flat at the bottom, but the neck is narrow. Clean off the labels. How to grow a small plant inside LIKE A TERRARIUM, upside down: You'll need some seeds, like marigold, or basil, only need 3 seeds….and half a cup or so of potting soil, and some pieces of CRUSHED ICE. Wrap an ice cube in a kitchen towel an beat into pieces small enough to fit into the bottle, but not too tiny. You need enough potting soil to fill the neck of the bottle, measure that into the bottle, turn it upside down, dump it out and set aside. Inside of bottle needs to be perfectly dry.
    …work quickly so the ice doesn't melt, pour the dirt that you've measured into the bottle, the 3 seeds, and a couple pieces of ice. Put the cap on, and turn the the bottle UPSIDE DOWN, tap it gently on the table to settle the dirt. It won't stand by itself safely, I put mine in a vase to steady it. Keep it out of direct sunlight.
    …after the seeds become little plants, show your handiwork to family and friends. Let them figure out how you got the plants in there upside down. So cute. When the plants get too big for the bottle, you can try opening the bottle and pulling them out with skewers, or something, to transplant to a pot.
    …it's guesse work to know how much ice to use, it only takes a little bit.
    …I go by the name Blue Wolf, but can't get the computer to accept that name (?) FYI. Have fun….

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