Spice Rack

Spice Rack

So! I have a baker’s rack in my kitchen and I noticed the “top” starting to look DINGY…. Like the oak was getting scratched and I started thinking how I could SPRUCE it up… Then it came to me.  CHALKBOARD PAINT! I just painted the top.  No sanding. Nothing. Just painted.  AND LOOK.
A brand new {{RACK}}
P.S.  Don’t mind all the “junk” in the rack!
P.S.  I know! I am addicted to PENS.  This little sucker on the right was a gift from a friend and she got it in Spain.  I just LOVE it!!! IT is the cutest little sucker and you should see it when it’s lit up!!!
P.S.  The “person” was something I made and I think after taking it’s picture I will do a VLOG on it.  So look out! The picture was from a great friend of mine and it TRULY makes me smile!!! Just wanted to share with you.  I might scan it and put it in my “printable’s” … What do you think???
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5 thoughts on “Spice Rack

  1. Karen

    Congrats on winning the I heart my blog bumper sticker! Send me your address and I will get that off to you ASAP. Thanks so much for visiting my blog Pocket Full of Pink!


  2. ~NoRa~

    love how the chalkboard paint is makein its way around the house… ur welcome for the picture… it so fits u

  3. Jaderbomb

    Allison: It saved my life!!! LOL

    Ema: You are right!!! It can be used in ANY room!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!!

    Karen: YAYAYYAYAAY~~~~ I will email you my address!!!! So excited!!!!

    Nora: It sure is… Love ya for the picture!!!


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