Wanna play dress up

Wanna play dress up

HOLA!!! I just wanted to share with you some fun and exciting costumes from Mardi Gras 2011~ 
Boy was it some fun I tell ya! Every year the costumes get bigger and better, at-least I think so.  I wonder if they wear these costumes any other time of the year??? {get your mind out of the gutter} hehe
I also got to make some costumes this year which was ALOT of fun {{minus the countless hours I ate, slept and visited behind my sewing machine}}
p.s. kinda like a “flaming” ronald mc donald but WAY more fabulous!!!
p.s. i just wanted to share with you this cute little doll.  can you believe this is the kind of  stuff they throw from the floats! EEK might be a voodoo doll… HMMMM now that i’m thinking… Zena: remember that dollllllll… LOL
p.s.  how cool is this! Just one of the beautiful paintings on the side of one float
p.s.  i just love these little faces.  don’t you!
p.s. i am so thankful that Louisiana has the biggest Mardi Gras celebration EVER!!!! i mean, everyone is out of school for a week.  now do you understand how serious we are?  it’s like Christmas!
p.s. hi. it’s me.  so excited! glad you stopped in <3

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3 thoughts on “Wanna play dress up

  1. Taylor's Healing Arts

    Super duper cool!!! So…goal 2012 find my way to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and hang out with Jader Bomb during Mardi Gras!!! Great blog as always!!!

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