Make a Paint Sample Lamp Shade

Hey my little Jaderbugs!!! I totally have been MIA lately and you can now slowly walk out of the closet and stop crying… why? Because I’m back you little suckers. I tell ya, life seems to get crazy hectic all at the same time. RIGHT!!!! The other day I was “mopping” (yes I am OCD) and I noticed a lamp that looked {{boring}}. I mean don’t get me wrong, it was super cute and prolly one of my favorite lamps at one time, but that “time” is long gone.  While mopping I was thinking of something I could do to dress it up but at the same time keep it cute and sassy. By the time I finished mopping I STILLLLLLLL didn’t think of what I could possibly do UNTIL I opened a drawer. I tell ya, I have never had a drawer sing to me like this one did! As I slowly opened it I saw a HUGE stack of paint samples and the universe answered me.  I hope you enjoy this craft and remember, it’s not stealing if you get 1000 paint samples 🙂 I promise because I had like 2000.  Also, remember that you can do a lampshade in one particular color but in different shades of it and I bet that would be cute as a button!!

Seriously. How cute is this.  I know you can’t see it but when the light is ON it lights up in the coolest way. It’s almost like a “cheap” tiffany lamp{{{heheheheh}}}
Until next time
peace. love. jaderbomb

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5 thoughts on “Make a Paint Sample Lamp Shade

  1. Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made

    I was a bit 'skeptical' at first but this is REALLY cute!! Thanks for posting — and that black bias tape really sets it off!

  2. Jaderbomb

    I was also lol… But once I did it I fell in love with it!!!!!
    Thanks for the comment!!!


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