Behind the scenes at MARTHA STEWART!!!

Happy whatever day it is my little Jaderbugs! I have to tell ya, I am lost when it comes to days. I am sitting here writing this post and I have a new glade candle burning on my desk and lemme tell you how good this baby smells! I think it’s a new scent. I will make sure and tweet about it because it’s a MUST have. This is also the time I get to “watch” all the shows I miss during the day.  I am watching Martha learn how to make noodles! How {{ironic}} right! Writing about her, watching her, I might as well change my name too! Lemme text her and ask her what she’s doing. You think she is burning a glade candle? I wonder if she HAD to choose a glade candle which one she would choose! I would say something “lilacky” (I know, that’s not really a word)…
So I will just tell you now that this post will INDEED be very long. Typically I don’t have this many pictures but this is a special occasion.  I did write a post sorta talking about my experience that day and if you click HERE you can get to it!  I also wrote a post about a particular song playing during a commercial break and you can get to it HERE.
So here goes nothing. If you ever wondered what went on in Martha Stewart’s studio/offices here ya go!
I hope you enjoy the “tour”. I couldn’t show ALLLLL my pictures but I surely gave you a good preview!
This is on W 26th St in New York. I can’t tell you how exciting it was to walk up and see this. I literally had to “take” in the moment because it was surreal. I got to go in “UNDER” the MARTHA sign.
So when I walked in under the MARTHA sign I got greeted by smiling faces from EVERYONE! They were all so nice! Me and my dad even got real name tags! I felt so special I tell ya!
Yes! This was my own name tag!
Once I got to the first room I was in they brought us breakfast! It was everything I imagined Martha feeding me. {that did not sound good teeheheh}…. lemme tell you that the blueberries were fresh! I think they came from her yard. They tasted like a Martha grown blueberry.
This is my friend Erica Miles!! She did my hair and lemme tell you I got SO MANY complements on it! She is a celebrity make up artist and you can see her site HERE 
This was me sitting in the make up chair! I can’t even express how awesome the lady that did my make up was! I  wanted to pack her up in my purse and bring her home with me. She complimented me the ENTIRE time. She even gave me a ju ju vitamin from her purse! It was so good! She asked me if I was Indian because of my facial structure. That was a first but NOW I see it! I can’t remember her name but I promise I will find out and add it in here! She is worth looking up!
This was before the show started. It was the best organized chaos I have ever experienced. The girl with the black shirt and water bottle is Laura! She is in charge of the audience and GREAT at her job! We talked on the phone a couple of times before I got there and you would swear we knew each other longer than we did!
Everyone was staring to sit down at this point. I have my dad to thank for taking all of these random pictures. Had he not been there I would not have any! We all know how much I LOVE random shots! He did a great job too! He was so cute, always taking pictures of me while I did anything and everything. I was chit chatting with one of the producers trying to not freak out. JJ. I was nervous but this moment was actually calm.
Before the show aired the producers let certain people (craft bloggers) go and walk around the set and take pictures. I met some wonderful and awesome gals this day and we will forever be friends. The girl I am talking to is Noel, a producer.  Her and I clicked. That’s it. I am trying to get her to come to New Orleans for Mardi Gras! We laughed so much this day it was crazy!
I was playing around with things in Martha’s new kitchen. It was so much fun! How do you like my mint right there in the middle of my tongue.
This is JOEY! He warms up the audience before, during and after the show. Before the show he was pumping everyone up and he went strait for my dad. I mean he was around WOMEN the whole time and was the only man in his section. (I’m sure he loved it)… His seat even had his name on it. I think he felt pretty cool with that! I know I would! I wished they would have aired my dad and Joey because they were both cracking up the whole audience.
See! This is my dad around all the ladies. <3
I love this picture.  
While I was visiting with everyone after the show my dad and Joey kicked it off! So I figured I would take a picture with all three of us! Such a great memory. I am still so thankful and honored to be a part of everything. OH! Joey signed this dollor bill for my dad and you won’t believe what happened to it. My dad put it in his pocket and later on that day he PAID a CAB driver… Guess what he paid him with… Yep you guessed. The dollor from Joey. I told him that the Universe thought someone else needed it more! He felt better after that!
This is David Spain. The MOSS MAN. You can read all about him HERE. You can also read his blog HERE.
Awe Noel! Can’t wait to see all of you again!!!! BTW! She was the nicest little nugget ever!
Look at THIS! My bestie Martha signed this for me and Co! I have to tell you, I was NOT expecting this. I mean my mind was all over the place this particular day so this was AWESOME to get! Thanks Martha! Your the BEST!
LENOREEEEEEEEEE! I don’t even know where to begin with this ball of awesomeness. Lenore made me feel so comfortable the entire time I was there! We had a blast doing the practice run and she LOVED the earrings I brought for her! Yes! You can get them in my ETSY shop… Click HERE if you want some rose earrings. OH! Martha got a RED pair. She LOVED them!
Awe! All of the crafters! This team kicks……{{you know what}} Figgy (all the way to the right) was on the Halloween special last night! Click HERE to see him dresses up like a super hero!!! Kirsten Earl is right next to Figgy and Hosanna is all the way to the left! You can see ALL three of them HERE!!!!! They did a great challenge and you must see it!
I can only show you one or two pictures here but this is in the main office building. I had to share this with you because I found it very amazing. When you get there you have to walk down this LONG hall and there are sayings, quotes, and tons of inspiration on it. My friend Stacey (who is something special there I tell ya) took me and my dad on an ENTIRE tour of the whole place. Sorry I can’t share pictures but take my word on it… IT was UH-MAZE-ING……
And then you get to the good stuff…. Jaderbug’s, I can’t even begin to tell you how HUGE this place is. It pretty much took us 8 days to get all the way around it.  
STACEYYYYYY!!! She opened her arms to my dad and I and treated us like family! There was not a nook or cranny she didn’t take us! It was purely a dream come true and I have YOU to thank. I have dreamed about all the little “elves” working away in Martha’s hidden space and I wanna be an elf. Bad. I can be a gnome too. Martha LOVES gnomes. Stacey LOVED my earrings I gave her!
This is the wonderful view of New York city from her office building. It was so pretty and serene. The flag flying so gracefully in the air represents everything to me. This picture is in a frame in my house as we speak. I guess when I took this picture I felt every emotion my body could feel and I will not ever forget this. Beautiful Hudson River.
Oh Alex! Lemme tell you this and only this… Alex and I will be “tight” forever…. It’s so funny because when we were being introduced I just went up to him and gave him a big ole hug and he started loving on me back. We were like a momma cat and a baby cat. Paahahah….. You can check all of his smoothness out HERE
We literally had a photo shoot for 20 min and my dad just kept clicking away. Did you know he and Hosanna have been there for over 10 years!! ClickHERE to read all about that! Wanna see him transformed into Linda Evangelista???? If you do click HERE! Martha is in it also!!!! {the book I mean}… What book? Click the link 🙂
Yes. Pure love here.
This is such a good picture! I think Martha and my dad got along well 🙂 They actually look good together.. ((hint hint, come on universe))
au revoir my Jaderbugs! On the plane going back to my nest Thank you Universe for blessing me with all of this. It was a dream that came true and I will forever hold this experience close to my heart.

Just remember Jaderbugs, if you have a dream and you feel it is not possible to reach…. Just keep on reaching. Consume all of your thoughts and energy into your dream and be thankful before it ever comes true. I never in a million years thought when I started my blog that it would result in all of this. But I knew that anything was possible. I am a pure example of following your dreams. It does not matter where you are from, how many connections you have or how much money you have. When the universe knows it’s your time they give more and more to you.
Thanks to everyone who always supported me and believed in me. I will forever remember all of the positive thoughts from the first day I started my blog.

(me on the show!)

Just in case you are not aware of my countdown I am doing right now you can click HERE to read all about it!!!
Make sure you click on the Martha countdown tab on my blog to see the crafts I have already done!
And I will put a link on my website which is!!!!


Thanks to Martha Stewart crafts for sponsoring me with craft supplies! 

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3 thoughts on “Behind the scenes at MARTHA STEWART!!!

  1. Gisele Theriault

    Awesome post Jade!! Just beautiful! I love the energy I felt by just reading it! What a dream come true, so proud and happy for you 🙂
    ps: and you're right, your dad and Martha do look cute together!! 😉 hehe

  2. Deb

    Saw u on the show &u were amazing! I think you have EVERYTHING it takes to be a Martha elf teehee. So reboot that “dreamer” of yours & go for it!
    Ps- If I was Martha, I’d hire for the accent alone…adorable!

    1. jaderbombllc Post author

      Thanks so much for watching! That is such a nice compliment! Woking on lots of things so stay tuned!!!!


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