Chicken fried steak,wait it’s noodles in WIENERS!!!

Have you ever had to beg your kids to eat? Does food get BORING? Well if so then you are in the right place! It’s like magic aliens came down and invented this. It’s really so freaky and so freaking cool at the same time! Did you ever think it was possible!

It was the funniest thing when me and my sista from another mista did these babies! I can’t lie. It felt weird pushing the “raw” noodles through the wieners. I’m not sure if it was the texture freaking me out or the fact that they looked so crazy. Sista from another mister laughed the entire time and so what should of took 10 minutes to make them took about 45 minutes. I think the most important thing is we had fun and our bellies hurt after “TRYING” all of them in the end. You know how that goes. You just have to keep eating to make sure 100 percent that they ARE good. When we realized there was none left (insert crooked lip and stank eye) we just watched toddlers and tiara’s. Let’s get started because I’m sure some kid out there NEEDS to make this.

You will need wieners, uncooked spagetti noodles and a pot with water.

Make sure you cut them all up into little pieces. Then you will stick your raw noodles through the wieners

Seriously. This is gross looking. HAHA

I used SLAP YA MOMMA to season my water… SO GOOD! Click here to order some!

I am still not sure if I love them or not. They are sooo good with spagetti sauce! I hope you enjoy making these awesome/scary looking babies!

Lot’s of noodles to hug you forever!

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