Top 10 things you need to ring in the NEW YEAR!

 If you ever wondered what you should wear for a “re-donk-ulous”  party then you have to keep reading this blog post! I put together a little set of things that ANYONE can pull off for this BIG party coming up!

* A black turtleneck looks great on everyone, plus black is slenderizing.

* Sequin dress shorts will surely make you stand out, and they make your legs look long when you put them with high heels

* Bright pumps! Find a color that you really like because this will be the “item” to make your whole outfit!

* Bright clutches will look like bright sparkles in your hands. For sure a show stopper!

* Have fun with bangles! The more you add the better your wrist will look {trust me}

* Fake black glasses, unless you really wear them then you can buy some Ray Bans that look like this!

* If you haven’t heard of NARS now is the time! LE-GIT-NESS is all I am saying!

* More NARS~ This lipstick is fabulous! Make sure you get the color “carthage”

* I mean, we can’t forget about nails right. Grab a bold “matte” color and slap on some glitter over it. Just think how good your hands will look holding a mug of beer, (haha) or WINEEEEEEEEEE. { I just said that in a longggg deeppp voiceeee, I think you should too!}

I hope all of these things make your night a lil more fun! Don’t forget to smile, hug and make grand memories because in the end NOBODY can take memories.

 *here is a lovely photo from a recent photo shoot with seester, isn’t she just so beautiful*




















Going eat more fruity pebbles rice crispy treats,
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