Paper Umbrella Wreath

Paper Umbrella Wreath

So it’s FRIDAY!!!! Wahooooo…  It totally had a blast doing this little craft and I know you will too!
I have alot of great and fun crafts coming up you little jaderbugs!!! I know it’s totally not “officially” summer yet but it’s JUNE and it’s HOT, RIGHT!!!!!
OH: remember if you make this wreath you can’t put it outside unless is covered or in a covered spot (sorta).  If you put it on your front door make sure it has some protection from the rain, if not you might want to put it in another place.  If the rain hits hit {{{at all}}} it will fall apart, because the umbrellas are made with paper.
They are great for a party!!!!!
Or just to celebrate the coming of a hot and glorious summer…
I hope you all enjoyed this craft!
Until next time:
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14 thoughts on “Paper Umbrella Wreath

  1. Eva Taylor

    How super cute is this! I love different wreath ideas! (Found you on Tip Junkie's linky party).

  2. Rockabilly Mom

    I am having a luau for my birthday next weekend and this will be perfect, thanks for the idea!

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  4. surina

    Could you seal (sp) this in some way? I would just like to beable to save this for a few years if I made it…Maybe a clear spray paint topcoat???
    Just wondering….

    1. jaderbombllc Post author

      Surina, You should be fine sealing it with a clear coat of spray paint! Be careful not to spray too close you don’t want to “completely” wet it! The good news is, you can buy a bag of these paper umbrella’s for around 2 bucks! Kinda makes you feel better “incase” it get’s messed up!!!!

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  7. Janel Stokes

    Thank you!! I love this idea! I’m crafting one right now for my daughters 6th birthday party Luau! Thanks for the tutorial.

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