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Paint Chip Canvas TUTORIAL

Hey Jaderbugs!!! I can’t believe I forgot to click “publish” yesterday after I wrote this!

I wanted to make you something that is FUN and EXCITING for Valentine’s day. I am always drawn into paint samples at any store I go into. I can think of a MILLION things to do with them and I never seem to have enough time! Sometimes I find paint samples that I absolutely can’t choose from, because I love the entire thing. That is why I came up with this fun craft! Why not make your own LIFE SIZE paint samples. You know, the kind where you can “pick” your own colors and “pick” your own names! I had so much fun making this and it would be a great gift to anyone! It is a great and cheap way to add lot’s of decor to a space and you can have tons of them for different holidays!

Some of the things I used to make this craft are:

1.  Martha Stewart Crafts™ Basic Brush Set – 5pc

2.  Martha Stewart Crafts™ Paint

3.  Artist’s Loft™ 2 Pack Value Canvas   

The colors I used for this project are : Pink Carnation, Raspberry Ice, Fruit Punch, Turquoise, Surf and Sea Lavender. They are all from the Martha Stewart line.

I hope you enjoyed the quick show I made you! If you want to see the tutorials on two of the crafts in the picture above here are the links!!! Enjoy!!!

1. Wine Cork Board

2.  Champagne-Bottle Wrap

Stay tuned I will be posting a tutorial on how to make a “head” to put on your wall. You will have to come back to see what kind of HEAD I am talking about!!!!

Sending you lots of paint chip colored canvases,

Dreaming of sugar plums, orange mist and vampires

Sometimes I wonder about a lot of things. Like oranges. Why do they spray a mist if you squeeze them? I swear it’s the best thing ever! Plus it smells like crazy good! I filmed a video tonight in my car because I had to tell you something and when I went to view it… NOT THERE. I totally looked like a fool driving and “thinking” I was filming only to find out that I wasn’t! Haha. I think a couple of cars passed me and prolly thought “what in the world is this wanna be vampire doing”… Oh wait you didn’t know I was a vampire. (fine.i’m human). BUT I really wanted to tell you that I finally saw Breaking Dawn and I am even more in love.

I didn’t think Edward could get any hotter until he stepped off of that boat in “BEACH” clothes. I seriously just looked at Ashy and opened my mouth. She laughed. Then I shook my head. I am kinda mad though. WHY in the JOLLY GREEN GIANT would they split this book into two movies. Seriously. I would like to meet whoever decided to do that. It’s like a really bad vampire breakup. I get mad at the blood suckers when I have to wait too long, then I watch the movie over and all of a sudden they are off of the hook. But only for a moment. I figured I would take the color out of these awesome pictures I found hiding in my album. Bring a little darkness to these suckers. I am so in love with them because they all have awesome memories tied to them.

I hope everyone is ready and prepared (sorta haha) for Christmas! I am SO not ready but I will be ready for the registar war in the AM!

Feeling even more vampire-ishy and I wanna be Bella (just for 10 min),