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Wah-flipping who, you get two. That is right! Two 12 months of Martha posts’ in one month. If you are wondering why you are honored with two I shall tell you. I accidentally deleted my March post (and didn’t realize it till the other day) so I had to repost it so… Today I will share with you some pretty amazing home office ideas than you can create in nearly NO TIME.

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It’s time to kick off the SUMMER and what better way to do that than with some awesome home office decor. I know what you are thinking, ” I can totally go buy some from the store, yo”… But what I was thinking was you could make your own then totally tell all your friends, “OMG Darcy, look what I made for my desk”.

Who’s Darcy? You could also put these on your desk.


diy craft supplies
I am totally in love with the color I used in this post! It’s called Pea Shoot and I think that is a perfect name. MINT COLORED CRAFTS
For some reason I fell in LOVE with the paint on this brush! It looks delicious and yes, I tasted it. I had to! *DO NOT CONSUME with or without alcohol, HAHA~martha stewart craft paintStep ONE: Paint your cardboard box with paint of choice. painted boxStep TWO: Once it is dry (a few hours) place your paper pom pom stickers on the top. How easy and darling!DIY TRINKET BOX
Step THREE: Get your stenciling tape and place a small piece in the middle of your journal and pencils. Don’t worry about your pencils being perfect.

Step FOUR: Paint the bottom portion of your pencils and journal. Let dry and apply a second coat. diy stationery
Step FIVE: ENJOY!martha stewart stationeryDon’t forget to connect on social media! I promise I share things on instagram that need a rating system… HEHE If you use Instagram or Twitter please use the hashtag #JADERBOMB so I can keep track of all the LOVE! HAVE A GLITTERY DAY! XOXO, Jade

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Photography: Jaderbomb // DIY tutorial by: Jaderbomb // Ceramic Glass : Jamaica // Font used: Mossy // Fabric Journal and Cardboard Box: Michael’s // Pencils: Dollar Tree // Affiliate Links: Amazon I do get a percentage from the links you can order from so thanks! 



Do you ever get so busy with the inside of your house that you sometimes forget about the outside? Don’t get me wrong we do our “home owner” duties like pressure washing the house every summer and mowing the grass. But you know those “little” projects that you somehow look at every day and tell yourself that you will get to it later… Next thing you know it’s 8 years later and you still didn’t get to it. Don’t get me wrong y’all, I might be the only person out there that does this….. However if you are struggling with the
then this post is for you.

When we bought our house I would of loved for the siding to be a different color but why change it out. It was practically brand spanking new and who cares if it is a light shade of yellow. Well, I do. I have been struggling with the front door going with this um… yellow shade for years now. I thought red was the it factor when all along it looked like McDonalds. Speaking of Mc.Donalds did you know they stopped making the chicken selects. Shame on you Micky D. You have disappointed many hungry kids whose parents are too busy to cook a real meal, hehe.

Finally Martha Stewart sent me some black paint, called Francesa. That is the name of her dog. It took me a while before I could paint something. How could it be so hard to find SOMETHING to paint black. One day I was picking the weeds that I barely get too anymore then all of a sudden this magical beam of something was shining down on the front door. I think it was just the sun coming up but we are gonna pretend it was a “sign”. Let’s check out what I did.



We can begin with the picture above. Before we talk about the lovely color we will dissect it a little bit.
1. Yes. The red is a pretty red, just not after 8 years. At least it wasn’t this color.
2.  I know, I know my flowers in the pot are a HOT mess. I swear at one point last year they were blooming beautifully with green plants. Maybe I should of watered them with this.
3. On the flip side, I see something living in the bottom right corner, SCORE.
4. Before you get on me I know the trim looks like I pressure washed it to prepare for a new coat of paint when I really didn’t. This is just years and years of not getting TLC.
5.  I still have that otter box case but I never keep it on my phone. Way too bulky.
6.  Last but not least we will talk about the abandoned wreath up there. I swear I usually have cute things hanging on my ugly door so I really don’t recall putting this up.

All we are really looking at is how the door looks with this color on it. We will now procede on to the picture below.


How-to-makeover-your-front-door-in-30-minutes-jaderbombYes. Everything is practically the same but the wreath is down. I will make your heart happy by telling you it never made it back on the door.

I am just trying to show you that a fresh coat of black paint can change your door’s life. It’s like it had a face lift, minus the trim getting done. So the point is you don’t have to change your siding all you have to do is paint your door. If you have shutters get them babies done too. I hope I gave you some inspiration! See you in the next post Jaderbugs.

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Have you ever wanted to put up wood ceilings but don’t want to spend the money or you don’t know how t0 do it?  It’s quite simple, especially when they have always been there and you just didn’t know it. {SMH} So, we bought our house about 9 year’s ago and it was an older home. Beautiful and full of detailed pieces. I will admit I never knew it would turn into a fun, memorable 9 year project. I am always the one changing things up and thinking of new ways to improve what we have while saving money. Thankfully with our fathers’ knowledge we have been able to do that. I have to quickly share with you something that just “happened” Monday around 2 pm. I started painting because our kitchen which is usually painted every 7 months, I know I am a creature that appreciated change. We painted over our “beach” blue and made the walls a little less chaotic by applying linen white. Of course our ceiling was painted a golden color and when it was against the linen white it sorta looked like someone had been smoking in the house for 40 years, urghhh. I guess if we smoked I could of left it, haha!

Wanna see what happened NEXT?


I put a picture for you to see the before and after of the wall color. This was the first coat of linen, add 1 more and you get the picture. The picture to the far right is the ceiling. See. Kinda like baby food. We decided to paint the ceiling also which meant we had to remove the big vent over our stove. People, when we did this I guess all of the moisture from cooking everyday stayed in our sheetrock. It looked like a bad stain around it. The good thing is we never saw it thanks to the vent.

Ok. on the the good stuff.


Once we removed the vent we saw a “lil” bit of wood. Did I mention this was a MONDAY afternoon? After struggling with the thought of “I wonder if the wood is in good shape”, and ” What if we run across problems”…..we decided to do it.
I did ask my angel deck TWICE and they gave me the ok. It was pretty cool how easy it was to take the sheetrock off. These pictures look a little “hazy” because it was so dusty in the kitchen.


How gorgeous is this! I am so happy we went through with it because it was FREE. Thanks to the original owners. I bet they are happy looking down on us. Knowing that we can appreciate all of their hard work they did. My dad loved it so much. He used to be a carpenter many years ago and he said “Baby, they don’t make houses like this anymore.”

I think I responded with “Oh, I know honey boo boo child.”


Obviously we are not nearly finished even though it looks like it. We still have a lot more to do and don’t you worry, I will share every step with you. Stay tuned this week to see the post on my Moen sink.

Have you ever started a project when it was not planned at all?


Quote of the day: 
“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right”. -Oprah Winfrey

I am so grateful to be here to share the happiness that goes on in my life quite frequently. Today I am sharing a recipe that I got from Martha Stewart’s cupcakes which is her best selling cookbook.



It’s super delicious so I hope you make it ASAP. I swear when I took them out of the oven lil one already had 2 in his belly before I could even frost them. After I made them I saved some for us then I walked around my hood and delivered them to all of my wonderful neighbors. I thought about bringing some to “NEW” neighbors but then I thought they woud prolly say thanks, take it then throw it away (scared it might be laced with something).
{{{btw which is what I would do unless I “knew” them}}}
You never know these days! I have to say the elders love when I bring them baked goods, especially strait out of the oven.

Let’s get started. I attached a free printable of the recipe that I made for you! Enjoy


If you want to print out this recipe click HERE to get the PDF file or you can just save the picture to your desktop!


Don’t they look so yummy! Trust me they are. I hope you are having a great NEW YEAR so far. We had a magnificent day and I wouldn’t change anything so far!

Sending you BIG hugs and glitterbomb’s,



Quote of the day:
“Actually, I take it as a compliment. Diva is a derivative of divine. That’s quite a title to carry around.”
Calista Flockhart

Happy hump day Jaderbugs! I am kinda proud of myself. It’s not even midnight and I am getting around to tomorrows post. I usually start around midnight and finish in the morning. Way to go me!
So let’s talk about something. It’s almost Thanksgiving. Is it just me or is time flying by? I can’t lie the one thing I am most excited about besides Thanksgiving is BLACK FRIDAY! Do you ever tackle this crazy day/night? Let me just tell you what I do for this event.
I get in CUTE COMFY clothes, go to starbucks to get a coffee (even thought I can make a pot at home), get in my car and go from store to store people watching. Me and Ashy have so much fun doing this. I am sure you are wondering if we buy anything. Nah. That would take the fun out of everything.
I will say this about this event. It’s not that we “enjoy” watching people FIGHT over a blu ray DVD player, camera’s, T.V.’s or candy canes. OK, fine.
We do enjoy it, hehe.
Let’s get to the craft. Today I will show you how to make homemade room spray. I usually buy the ones from the store but I never really like the smells so I decided I would make  my own. Some people use oil’s to make room spray but I wanted to make something that you could actually spray on your bedding, furniture or just in the air. If you are not familiar with the namebrand TYLER then you will flip when you actually smell every scent from this line.
Diva is a really popular scent so that is the scent we are gonna use today.


*Diva Wash
(If you don’t want to buy the big bottle you can always buy the small one for around 7 bucks)
*Spray bottle

If you don’t notice on the cap it says to “GENTLY” shake. You don’t want to make the mistake I did and REALLY shake it. HAHA

I poured about 2 teaspoons in my empty bottle. Some batches I make a little stronger than others but it’s up to you how strong you want it.

I then filled the bottle with 16 oz of water. When you are done with this step put the cap back on and lightly shake the bottle. I don’t actually shake it but I twirl it in a circle. This keeps it from forming ton’s of suds.


This is what the bottle looks like. I just love the design on it. This little bottle is around 7 bucks and I use it just for room spray. Trust me it lasts forever.


Now you can spray this in every room and get this amazing smell that lasts what seems like forever. A fun thing to do is spray this throughout your house if you know someone is stopping by. They will think you been cleaning for hours! Trust me it works (wink wink).

I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial and make sure to check out all of TYLER’S scents. If you are not sure where they are sold you can usually google it and you should find something. Most candle store and boutiques sell this line.

Come back tomorrow for your DAILY DOSE of DIY



I was given product for this post but all opinions are my own.

Quote of the day:
“The race is over, but the work never is done while the power of work remains.” -Oliver Holmes 

Happy “had a blast watching football all day” SUNDAY! I will be the first to tell you I am not passionate about football. But Ashy and Lil one have a special bond when it comes to sports. It makes me smile from ear to ear when I see her teaching him everything there is to know about football. I figured out today that I “love” the feel of football. I like my house during football season. It’s cozy, warm and LOUD.  This morning the temperature was cooler than it usually is, which made it feel like Fall.
{time for FALL crafts, hehe}

I wasn’t sure if I was going to post this or not. I didn’t make it from scratch but I figured I might as well share some of the creative things that go on in my head with you. This summer when we remodeled our house I decided to keep some of the “original” drawers. I mean, they were only like 75 years old or older.

They look old. I like that. If you wanted to make it look new you could sand it down and paint it a solid color. We actually put that liner in the drawers when we bought our house 9 years ago. I figured I would keep it to save that memory. I think it’s the cutest and cheapest decor in my house. We actually kept a few other things from the house and I will be posting them soon.

 I had to post this picture because it was a moment I had to remember. When we were hanging the drawer on the wall one of our large milk glass bowls fell on the floor.

It broke. It’s ok. I swear.
{insert a crying laugh here}

See you in the next post Jaderbugs!