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The Simple Secret to Glittering!

I am finally sitting at my computer with my Frankincense burning, music playing, long nails that hit every other key on my keyboard, hot cup of coffee and a scattered brain that is thinking of all the things I need to get done! (insert eyes that might look crossed also, hehe) 

Today I am finally showing the project that so many people have been asking me about, how to Glitter Candles! This is one of my favorite projects because you can make them all year long. Am I the only person who is not really feeling Christmas this year? It just feels like it’s going by way too quickly, but then again I hear the older you get that is what happens with all holidays! I think tonight I will just get in my cozy pajamas with a hot cup of cocoa and watch my favorite Christmas cartoons which should make me feel like I am 8 again! Have you seen these CRAZY ornaments I made!

Something I should express right now is I recommend this only for glass candles. You can the outside of wax candles I just don’t suggest burning them. 
Glitter Candlesyou will needGlass Candles | Mod Podge | Glitter | Craft Brush | Lotsa Love ♥

The first thing you will do is apply a generous amount of Mod Podge to the outside of the glass. It will be white and that is ok. If you do not put enough Mod Podge the glitter will not stick properly. 


The next thing you will do is apply the glitter. Keep in mind there are so many varieties of glitter out there. If you use fine glitter it will adhere easily to the glass and if you use glass glitter you will need a lot of Mod Podge because the glass pieces are bigger and heavier. You do realize Glitter Candles are about to take over your life now!christmas-candles

How beautiful are these Glitter Candles! You will love this project because you can dress up candles to suit your home decor and you will be shocked at how expensive they will look! We won’t tell anyone we got them on sale! 

I am always looking for ways to repurpose items that are somewhat plain. glittered-candles

A great tip is to mix your glitters together and make your own blend! Once you add glitter, let them dry completely then add a layer of Mod Podge on top of the entire candle, this will seal your glitter to prevent it from shedding. Keep in mind your Mod Podge will dry clear in the end! 

Looking for that perfect gift, you can purchase candles, follow my steps and coat the outside with glitter then give them away as gifts! You can create a DIY that they will not get from anyone else. By adding your special touch to them, it will make then much more personal!glittered-christmas-candles

Who else is in love with vintage glass blown ornaments. I have a little shoe box of them that were given to me from a very important person so I take really good care of them. My goal is to collect enough over time to fill an entire tree. vintage-ornaments

Don’t they look great all stacked together! Don’t forget to share these Glitter Candles with the world!mod-podge-glitter


I hope you enjoyed this awesome post! See you later!


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Glitter Candles Tutorial

Monday, Monday gotta wake up it’s Mondayyyyy {{singing in my “Friday, Friday}} voice. I have to say I think it is pretty obvious that I LOVE glitter. I have ALWAYS loved glitter but it’s on a whole new level now! I have an addictive personality {go figure} and when I find something that makes my heart beat “really” fast I tend to involve it WAY TOO MUCH in my daily life.  There is only one problem. I somehow glitter everything my little eyes come across now. Maybe it’s the glitter. Yeah, it’s the glitter. I have always used “eh, OK” glitter but I have to be honest, Martha Stewart’s glitter is so powerful. It covers better than my flat sheet covers me at night (and I don’t even have a flat sheet). Now that’s coverage.
You know what I love the most about this craft? The fact that no matter what holiday is coming around you can decorate with candles and glitter. It’s absolutely affordable and believe me when I tell you this! I can’t wait to make bright, bold colors for Christmas! We can’t forget about Easter! Those pastels will be so beautimus.
{{and LENORE, you were RIGHT!!!}}
Let’s get to the craft of the day!

p.s.  These are the three colors that I used for my {{Fall/Halloween}} candles
p.s. Simply coat your candles with mod podge then sprinkle with glitter! Look how pretty they come out!
p.s. I just stuck them in sand and there you have it! How cute! Just think of every holiday you can use these babies for!

Sending you white sand to remind you of the best day ever on the beach,

(me on the show!)

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