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I know exactly what you are thinking right now. You want your own set of trophies. Right? I didn’t realize how much I needed these babies in my life until I saw them all standing next to each other. The other day I went to the Dollar Store and my eyes saw these beauties. Well, they were not this “beautiful” on the shelf (they were actually kinda ugly) but my brain knew exactly what they WERE going to look like.  There are so many days I wish my brain would chill out for about 19 minutes and then there are days when I am saying, “thank you brain, thank you“. I wonder if my brain knows that I am proud of it?

Quote of the day: "If fate means you to lose, give um a good fight anyhow." -William McFee, British writer

I like to use wax plants for a project like this because they are very easy to manage. I get my wax plants from Wal-Mart but I am sure any nursery will have them.  Another option is getting an air plant. Seriously. ANYONE can grow this. I mean, if you kill it then maybe you should inbox me.. hahah

You can also get all of the ingredients I used below, just click on the link and you can order everything from one spot: Air Plants  Potting Mix Krylon Spray Paint (use whatever color you want) I used BLUE OCEAN BREEZE GLOSS  Plastic Trophies (these are a little different but they will work the same way)

 Go outside where you have room to breathe and spray away. Make sure you don’t spray next to people, vehicles, or your house. The overspray can really mess up some stuff. (yes, I truly experienced this many times)

I flipped over an old plastic pot that I had and sprayed these suckers. It’s easy using something like a pot because I was able to turn it around and spray other parts of the trophies.

This is what they will look like once you spray them and they are FULLY coated. make sure when you flip them back to the right side that you spray from the top. You want the inside to look coated as much as possible.  Yay, we are almost done!

 Halliluuuyerrrr we made it to the finish line. Boy, I’m pooped (hehe)


At least I won first place in the finger pushing contest! I think these are so precious and you can use them for so many things like: Weddings Birthdays Dinner parties A gift Graduation decor

You get it right? They are just amazing. Did you ever get a trophy? What was it for?

See you in the next post Jaderbugs


Howdy Hoo Jaderbugs! It’s one of those days. I am sitting here not sure “what” to do when I have “all” of the time in the world. Well not really all of the time in the world but let’s face it…when there is a major Hurricane going on and you can’t leave your house for a couple of days it kinda puts you in a cray cray mood. I apologize if at ANY point I don’t make any sense.  I really have not made anything today so I figured it would be a great time to go back and take a look at some of my  FALL crafts that I did last year. I always enjoy doing this because sometimes I forget what I have done. It’s funny because I have changed so much from ONE year ago. From my techniques, pictures, editing, settings and tons of other things. I remember when I did ALL of these crafts. It was in the MIDDLE of my 100 days of Martha countdown. Maybe that is why I didn’t have the “best” pictures like I do now. I was stuck in my studio crafting like a FOOL late at night with NO natural light. But all together you can still get the idea of the craft! I hope you have fun with these and get ton’s of inspiration. Stay tuned later on for a Halloween throwback post! That one will be FUN.
On the bright side. We still have electricity. That my dear is a HUGE +.

Let’s all take a trip down FALL lane.

I had so much fun doing this craft. I think it’s perfect for the fall holidays. It has a soft glow to it when the light is on and the pretty green makes it feel “fall-ish”.
Click HERE to see the full tutorial.

One thing that I like to share on my blog is ways to SAVE moolah! Yeah, you could absolutely go out and buy tons of glittered candles, or you can make your own for half of the price. On the bright side. You can pick out your own glitter colors.

Click HERE to see the full tutorial.

I know this looks a little “Halloween-ish” but if you visually take off the spider we can throw it in the FALL category. You can use any color tissue paper and it’s actually great for any occasion.

Click HERE to see the full tutorial.

I remember doing these and thinking to myself how amazing they were. When I think of Fall I think of butterflies. I imagine them zooming all around the pretty fall flowers. This craft is a hit for adults and children. You can dress up a wall with these, put them on a gift box, hang them from fishing string or just glue them onto a picture frame.

 Click HERE to see the full tutorial.

Yes! You too can make homemade confetti using your Martha Stewart punches. I think this year I will make a pile of different punches. You could even put these in little bags for your sock drawer, hang them in your car or give them as a gift! Anyone will love these.

Click HERE for the full tutorial.

Last but not least. When I think of FALL I think of these smells: pumpkins, cinnamon, harvest, leaves and cloves. What better way to enhance the air you breathe! You can even create a design on the pumpkin with the cloves!

Click HERE for the full tutorial.

Click here to order the materials I used for the crafts:

Martha Stewart Crafts Knife
Martha Stewart Crafts Paper
Martha Stewart Glitter
Martha Stewart craft punch


I hope you had fun looking back on some cool crafts I did last year! Make sure and come back later for your  FREE FLEUR DE LIS PRINTABLE!
Hurricane Isaac is OVER and Jaderbomb is back.

See ya in the next post,

 Hey everyone! Just a quick shot out to my Jaderbugs! I will TRY my best to post some stuff in the next couple of days but as you can see I am in the middle of this sucka  as we speak. Wanted to let you know incase I can’t post!

Hope everyone is having a great day!

So, I am not sure if I should say “good night” or “good morning” to ya. It’s 1 in the morning and I am up wide the scrap awake. Really Jade, scrap?  I think it might have a little to do with the fact that I went to bed around 8:30 last night. Well who can we thank for that?

My good friend Ricky Mic  earache…  Sometimes we don’t agree on the timing of this crap happening but it won last night. So I figured I would finish this amazing post for ya since Ricky Mic Earache didn’t let me yesterday.

Quote of the day: “One isn’t necessarily born with courage, but one is born with potential.” -Maya Angelou


Jumbo Straws
Glass cup (you can use any glass cup you have)
Glass beads (you can get these at Wal-Mart also)
Metallic Spray Paint
Glue Gun 

Make sure to check your home supply before buying any of these materials. You might just have most of them already!

Lay out your straws.

Start spraying them with the Metallic Spray. You might notice once you start spraying the air from the can will push some of the straws around. You can even glue the straws onto the glass and then spray paint. Again, just whatever you feel most comfortable doing!

This is what they will look like once you spray them.

I found it easiest to put a line of hot glue down on the glass first.

Then quickly place your straw on top of the hot glue. Be careful not to touch the glue because this could burn you.

It’s starting to come together!

When you are done with all of the straws get your ribbon and place it on top of the straws.

Put hot glue down on one end of the ribbon.

Quickly wrap the ribbon to the other side sticks to the glue. You want to make sure your ribbon is pretty tight.

Can you believe how simple this is so far?

I had some fun ribbon laying around so I decided to embellished with it. You can use anything you personally like to “decorate” the outside with.Put different color ribbon around it, tulle or anything FUN! I glued the glass beads around my ribbon to dress it up a little. Once you finish decorating, voila!

It’s really that simple. I like crafts like this because it’s an easy way to get creative and decorate any space really quick. Keep in mind if you don’t have Metallic sprays, you can spray the straws ANY color!

Here is a picture of the printable I made last week. I told you it’s cute in a frame. If you want it click HERE.

I hope you had fun in Jaderbomb land today! If you have a minute say a prayer for the Gulf Coast. We are about to get slammed by Hurricane Isaac.

See ya in the next post!

Happy Thankful Thursday!

(comes from my little daily desk calendar with daily quotes) Sometimes I have a hard time “relating” to them, haha.

I had fun making these maybe because stripes always make me happy! Don’t they just scream…


I made two fun colors that everyone could use. How fun would this look in a scrapbook?

I sometimes print them out and write an actual letter on them to someone. I know, who writes anymore? I personally LOVE getting something in the mail. It shows that someone took a few minutes out of their day for me! Remember when writing hand letters was cool! Let’s bring it back together!


If you don’t want to download the PDF you can right click on this picture and save it to your desktop. This size is 8.5×11. I have also attached the PDF’s below for you. I made two sizes for you. I am loving these delicate pink stripes!

Striped Stationery 8.5×11

Striped Stationery 8×10


If you don’t want to download the PDF you can right click on this picture and save it to your desktop. This size is 8.5×11. I have also attached the PDF’s below for you. I made two sizes for you.

Striped Stationery 8.5×11

Striped Stationery 8×10

I hope you have a blast with these babies!

You can even print them out and use them as invitations!
Would you like me to make some invitations for you? 
COMMENT below and let me know!

See ya in the next post Jaderbugs


{seriously} These are so flippin cute!

Happy 2’s day Jaderbugs! I hope everyone is having a day full of love and laughter! If I haven’t told you lately, I am so glad you come visit me everyday. It really makes me so very happy, and if this is your first time visiting my “online home” WELCOME! If you know me then you know I have a very large stock in bottle caps and corks. Such an odd combo but yet they are two things that come in SO handy all of the time.

The other day I needed extra magnets on the fridge and there was no way I was going to go buy some! {go figure}

If you walked in my studio you would fuss at me if I ever bought ANYTHING!

{click the links below to order}

 Bottle Caps
(you can order the here or use ones that you have collected)
Seqins (get these from any craft store)
Mod Podge Dimensional Magic 
Magnetic Buttons

First thing you will do is lay your bottle caps down flat. Fill them with sequins and slowly squeeze in your Mod Podge.

Don’t shake the bottle of Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. When you shake it, it causes bubbles and the last thing you want is bubbles. Once you are done check on them for about the first 15 min to pop any bubbles that float to the top. I use a needle to pop my bubbles. 

Once they are completely dry you will take a round magnet, peel of the sticky back and stick it on the bottle cap.  

 Tadahhhh! Oh, and you can get these magnets at Wal-Mart also!

 Are they so cute! Just think you can put any color sequins in them or any color glitter. They are the perfect gift also!

 I hope you all enjoyed this fun tutorial… See ya in the next post!

If you want you can also right click on the image and save it to your desktop.

(Click below for the PDF)


Happy Tuesday Jaderbugs! I made this fun printable for you today! Wanna know the great thing about it? It’s FREE (insert happy dance).

I love the background I made because it’s so bright, fun and whimsical! I had to add a little “glitter” in it because let’s face it…Life is so much fun with glitter in it and it might have something to do with this amazing book that came out today!!! Don’t forget tonight is the finale of TLC’S Craft Wars. There will be 2 episodes back to back. Check out how you can win over $800 of craft supplies HERE.

I am so excited,  I will be doing live tweeting of the entire event so follow me on twitter!

In case you have not seen my quick video of what I received in the mail yesterday check it out here…

Happy Monday! Today will be all about Beautiful Vintage Bottles! I hope you had a great weekend! Sometimes the weekends go by so quickly, don’t they? Hopefully you have ton’s of glass bottles hanging around because this craft is addicting. There is something about transforming a plain bottle into a little work of art. Vintage decor always has a spot in my ever beating heart. Maybe it’s how delicate vintage things look. Plus it has a story. Unlike something you would buy off of the shelf. Which is why I am doing this craft because not everyone has “access” to all things vintage.


Click any of the links to purchase these items:

Martha Stewart Paint
Bottle Caps
Martha Stewart Bakers Twine
Martha Stewart Stencil  
Food Coloring
Silk Acrylic Glazes
Glass Bottles
Mod Podge Sparkle
Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
Martha Stewart brushes
Lace string
Martha Stewart Foam Pouncer 

First thing you will do is mix some Mod Podge sparkle with a little bit of food coloring. Let me tell you that you only need a few drops. You don’t want it to be super dark . We want it to dry translucent.

When you are done mixing start brushing your Mod Podge on. Seriously when I paint glass I always get super excited inside! It’s like WOW! How come I didn’t know about this years ago. (fist pumping)

You might have to put 2 layers. It just depends on how dark your mix was. I always set it in the sun right after I paint the glass. It dries really quick.

Now I will tell you about my good friends RIDICULOUSLY amazing site. I am sure you heard of her…

The Graphics Fairy. Boom. Pow. Wow. That is what you will feel when you get to her site. You might just get glued to the puter for a bit longer than you had planned. I swear. I experience it all of the time, haha.

Once you have the images you want it’s time to “dress” them up! I am using these amazing silk acrylic glazes. Do you remember when I used them in this post? I am using the glazes as a resist which means when I put any other paint on top of the glaze it won’t stick to the glaze. This is a really cool technique because you can create a lot of dimension in your art. I am using Olive Vine for this image. Find the wreath with Bee in it here.

What I did first was take my stencil and put it around my image. Lightly pounce your glaze onto the stencil.

With the next image I used a butterfly stencil inside of my graphics fairy image. I repeated the previous step. For this color I mixed some Olive Vine with Ice. It made such a pretty color!

For the Horse I thought this stencil would be interesting to use. The solar gold is AMAZEBALLS!

Once you finish doing all of your stenciling you will get some acrylic paint and put a light coat on top of your entire image. Don’t worry about the edges being perfect because we will be doing something in a minute with them. After you apply the paint quickly rub with a paper towel. You will notice the glaze will pop through the paint. Sometimes if I find the acrylic paint is too thick I will add a pinch of water to thin it out. I actually suggest doing this!

I love pink and green together…

After you are done with your painting and everything is dry we will start the BURNING. I always love when I get to play with fire. Don’t ya! I light it for a second then quickly blow it out. I like this process because it doesn’t burn to much at one time.

When you are done burning and happy with the size it’s time to MOD PODGE!!!! I wanted to make my bottles “shine” so I used the Mod Podge Sparkle. If you have not used this one yet… Get ready because it’s so pretty you might actually try to taste it…(no, I didn’t do this haha)

When you have all of your images on the bottles and they are dry we will start to decorate them. If you notice in my “ingredients” there are things there that I didn’t actually use. I just wanted to give you some ideas of things you CAN use to decorate with. Sometimes it helps to actually see it then your brain will say.. “ey, I like that”.

This lace actually has a sticky side so you can peel and stick. It’s that easy! I wrapped some baker’s twine around the neck of one to add a cute touch to it.

If you are wondering WHY the bottle to the left is missing it’s butterfly, it’s because when I tried burning the underneath of the paper I was talking to someone and guess what… I burned right through the paper. Do you see that brown spot on the horse picture? This is what happens if you put the flame “under” the image for a FEW seconds. It makes it look a little old (unless you burn it through and through). I just grabbed another image from the Graphics Fairy and placed it on top. This project is also fun because you might realize when you are almost done that you want to add another layer to your bottle. Which is ALWAYS good!

Be careful that you don’t drop any bottles on the ground while transporting them. (yes I broke one)

You might find yourself doing the same craft over again…

Well Jaderbugs, I hope you enjoyed this craft as much as I did!  Don’t forget to follow me here (below).

Happy Saturday Jaderbugs! Ran across this video I made of me and seester a while back. I am working on a fun post which MAY be up later. Hope everyone is having a great day!


Here are some fun things I ran across!  

How beautiful is this! Could you imagine getting married using this theme! I could! Check out this site to see more pictures!

I am loving these earrings from catbird. I think anyone could pull them off and you could throw them on with a pair of jeans and a white tee!

I ran across this easy tutorial to make a tutu. Just imagine the colors you could do this with! Check out the tutorial here!

 Remember my seester and me here too?

See ya in the next post! Also, you can find me here!

(p.s. before you read this. I wrote it last night, but fell asleep typing)

Happy hump day Jaderbugs. I always feel weird saying that but I also can’t help it. Right?!
This post is gonna be sorta short and sweet (like candy) because I had a full day and I am just getting to my computer! I sorta love day’s like this. You know, those day’s where ALOT get’s done.

Lately I have been “slowing” down a little bit. I can’t lie to you. That is very hard for a person like me as I am sure it is for many of you too! I like to go, go, go. You know how that is right? We tell ourselves there is “never” enough time in the day. What we are doing is telling the UNIVERSE there isn’t enough time and they are giving us exactly that. As a blogger it is sometimes hard to pry my fingers away from ONE of our computers. It’s my job. I have been putting my phone down after 6 pm until EVERYONE is asleep in the house. Then I let my fingers get back to work. Try it! It feels good!

I had so much fun with this mirror. A while back it was white and I painted it this color to spruce it up. I felt it needed just a little bit more! All I did was use paint, brushes, and sponge stamps. You can do whatever colors you like because after all, it’s gonna be your creation…

If you wanna see more of me find me here:

Make sure and send me any pictures you have of your updated WHATEVER!! (hehe)
You never know, I just might feature you on the Jaderbomb blog.

Happy Monday Funday Jaderbugs! I know. You are probably wondering how is it even possible to be so excited at the beginning of each blog post. Is it real? Am I REALLY that excited to write this post for you. YES! There are a few things in life that actually make me instantly smile, this is one!

I could not wait to post this today because I have been talking about doing this for so long now! I’ve tweeted about it, researched it and it’s finally going down.

I know we all see these amazing pictures on pinterest of the “perfect” stripes and the “perfect” decorations. Shoot’s I have even overheard people talking about doing this but they want to wait until they have all the right furniture and decorations to go with this look. My question to you is…


Enjoy your black and white stripes now! After all, you might “think” your walls are not ready for it but I am sure they are screaming inside for them. After hearing my walls scream for a few months I figured it was finally their moment to shine.

You will need :
 Painter's tape
 Laser Level
 Painting Brush
 Lot's of Love

See how bare our walls are! In case you are wondering about that picture over our bed. Yes. It’s a picture of ME! A really big one. I wish you could see it up close because I drew it with pastels, laminated it, built the wood background, painted a little bit on the wood, wrote a little bit on it and then coated it with RESIN. Did I mention Ashy helped with the building the wood background? Let’s just say she did that part.

Amazing right.

Plus, Ashy insisted on putting it over the bed. She said it looked beautiful, how sweet. I can’t lie it is weird looking at myself over the bed. Now that I am thinking of it, I have a few self portraits in our room. (haha)

Ashy started by using this laser level to draw the lines onto the walls.
Bestie’s mom got her this and she is in love with it. So far my best piece of advice is to get one of these. Especially if you want strait lines. I don’t think they are expensive.
The cool thing is you can see if it’s level and it suctions onto the wall so you can actually draw or tape up the line (incase you are doing alone).  I’m not one for power tools but HELLOOO suction cup baby!

Now, this is the tricky part. The tape. You want to measure the wall you are painting from top to bottom. K. Then you can start playing around with numbers. You will divide the width of the stripes by the total length of the wall. The number you get when you do this will be the amount of stripes you will have on that wall.  Remember, your stripes might be smaller or bigger than mine. It just depends on how many stripes you want. If you want a lot of stripes then the width of them will be very small. I like chunky ones, they make me smile…

 For example my wall was 105″. My stripes were 10.5″. So I divided that and it gave me the number 10. This is including the white and black stripes. It’s actually pretty easy once you start playing with the numbers!

Oh and when you first put your tape up, it will look visually cray cray to to you! Your gonna be like. whoa!
Which one is which? Where do I paint? I’m confused! These are not right! If you see the picture above with the arrows pointing to the tape, this is what I mean. I just looks smaller but the width is from the edges I put the arrow on. Got it?

If you need help or have questions just email me and I can help ya,

You know I am using Martha Stewart paint. This line is discontinued but I still have some that they sent me! What can I say. It’s a product I trust.
Don’t you just love the name of this color. Francesca.
That’s one of her dog’s incase you didn’t know. Check our Francesca’s blog here.

 I took this picture just so you can get a visual of what it will look like when you peel the tape off. If you have some paint that sneaks out under the tape just touch it up when it’s dry.   Are you in love yet!

If you are like me then you will get super excited at some point. I did this boo boo. I was so excited to see the end result I just started painting. Thanks ADD for doing this! HAHA

 I want to put “STRIPES” on every wall now! I told Ashy this and she just looked at me. But she did say it came out good and she loved it. Just think about it. You don’t need dark stripes all of the time.

Dark grey wall+Shade lighter gray stripes
Pretty pink wall+lighter pink stripes

You getting my drift Jaderbugs! I really look’s classy… If you do this project please post pictures on my Facebook wall so I can check it out! You never know! I might just feature ya on the Jaderbomb blog.

Before I sign out I wanted to quickly share with you this amazing book coming out August 21, 2010. I will be doing a review this week on it so stay tuned! You know who’s book this is right…


He is s judge on Craft Wars!  You have to check out his website because it’s AMAZING!

See ya in the next post!

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