About Jaderbomb…

“I just want to use my gifts to make everyone feel magical, beautiful, protected and fabulous.”

We are a company that strives to make everyone feel magical, unique and special with our designs. Handcrafted in the USA and all made with ethically sourced hides, our goal is to create jewelry that brings out your inner warrior spirit! 

Hang out with Jade, and you’re spiritually guaranteed to hear her speak about all of the ways you are designed unique and meant to live a fun, magical life! You will also be struck with sincerity and pride with everything she says.

 If you have ANY questions at all about anything please feel free to contact me:
Remember you are worth investing in. You are valuable.






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18 thoughts on “About Jaderbomb…

  1. Elaine Delatte

    Thanks for stopping by my booth at the Cajun Christmas show in Lafayette. I am really glad you introduced me to your website and showed me a little about Pinterest. I will be watching for you on Martha!! I enjoyed meeting you! Elaine Delatte

    1. jaderbombllc Post author

      Hey Elaine! I hope your weekend was great at the booth! So glad I met you! Keep in touch!

  2. Pamela

    Do you do private parties for kids? My godchild’s bday is on Feb 29… yes she’s a leap year baby… & she loves to paint. We would love it if she could take a class with you. She will be 3 (or really 12 due to leap year). Please let me know if you do this. We had my party with you in November and had a blast & I know she would love you!!

    Pamela Broussard

  3. Melissa Landry

    Ok here is the problem that I have… I have this cream color burbur carpet… people lived in the house before me and there are stains in random places… Is there any ideas out there to artsie up the carpet with paint or inserts or maybe stamps… Didn’t know if ever you came across something like that before… I can’t change the carpet yet and want to make it decorative but still functional… HELP if you can… Thanks JaderBOMB.com

    1. jaderbombllc Post author

      Well not sure if painting carpet is the best thing to do. I would try my best to incorporate what furniture I have and possibly cute area rugs to mask it up until you are ready to change it! Hope that helps!

  4. Mae

    Just want you to know your blog is save in my bookmark and you are wonderful in all ways! Love you Mrs. Mae

  5. Elizabeth Grosset

    I wanted to know if you accept custom orders. I have a local shop in Lake Charles. I was hoping to have some earrings made to wear to markets. Thank you so much for your time!
    Elizabeth Grosset


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