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Winter White New Year’s Eve Decor With Treetopia is the way to go this holiday season! 


Happy New Year friends!! It’s almost here so I wanted to show you a few tips on how to keep some of your Christmas decor up while blending it with New Years decor without having to transform your space over and over! This past November I revealed my gorgeous Black Tuxedo Christmas Tree with you and boy oh boy I was nervous about that one. For one, I never saw myself even wanting to use a black tree for Christmas however I bit the bullet and said if I don’t try it now I never will. Yes, if you are wondering I fell madly in love. You can check out the FULL POST HERE.

Now that Christmas is over I am not quite in the mood to take down ALL of my Christmas decorations but I wanted to ring in the New Year with a little change. Can’t we all agree change is good at some point. I also am big into using the same products and changing things around to make them look completely different. With that being said this New Years I am trading out my black garland for a winter white one, by Treetopia. I kept my rainbow bottle brush trees in them and added these Sweet as Sugar Frosted lights to my already Pre-Lit Garland. 

I am from the South so I say “Go big or go home”…. Treetopia knew what they were doing when they created these massive gemmed up pearl ball ornaments

I love that I am using the same color scheme that I used for Christmas in my New Years decor. Saves me from having to put up all of the Christmas decorations at one time! I also strung some of the Sweet as Sugar Frosted lights throughout the garland. 

Gotta have decor to go with our theme right! Why not throw in a few books to make your space look cozy!

These frosted lights will surely be up all year long in my house. They add just enough light to make any space look magical. 

I love how the Gemmed up Pearl ornaments look quite massive hanging from my mantle. 

Are you ready for New Year’s Eve? Check out the other blogs in the Merry Chicmas to Glam NYE Blog Hop!

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember don’t let the holidays stress you! It’s all about bringing out all of the things that make you feel so happy inside and that reflect your personality. Make sure to check out all of the other bloggers and their posts, I am sure you will get some pointers from them too! See you in the next post! Hugs!!

WOW! What an amazing day to celebrate! It’s quite funny how the older I get the more I get “caught” up in the everyday bustle that comes along with Christmas. I love Christmas so much and I can honestly say this year I slowed down a lot and tried to enjoy every little ounce of Christmas. Last year was a rough year, a very rough year and if you were around then you probably remember THIS post! The good news is life is good. Of course it can be stressful at times but don’t we all have a little stress in our lives, hehe!

I am sitting in our living room with the smell of cornbread in the air. My honey is sleeping with a comfy red robe over her and my bestie is sitting on the sofa with her dog, Duke. Tomorrow we are having all of the family over and I am so excited. It’s been a LONG day and for some reason when I have big things going on I have a little trouble settling down for the night, yes it sucks! Mom gave me her recipe for her yummy fruit cocktail and GOODNESS it’s good. I think I will have to share it with you soon on the blog because I can’t imagine you not eating this at least once in your life. We wrapped green beans in bacon earlier and they are all nestled in the fridge just dying to get thrown into the hot blazing oven then into our bellies! OH CRAP did I mention that I made some ridiculously good toffee candy? I know, I know I will share that with you too!

Anyways, I just wanted to take a moment out of my day to tell each and every one of you that I LOVE YOU and I am so blessed to have you all in my life! I really don’t know where I would be today without all of YOU! You have all changed my life and for that alone I am forever grateful. Best Christmas present any girl could as for…

I wish you and your family a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS. Yes, incase you were wondering that is ALL of our animals below minus a few chickens. Until my next post…. Huge Hugs, Jade

HO HO HO it’s all about DIY Hand Painted Mugs today! It’s a cold night in Louisiana and I am typing this while watching the Kardashians and eating Taco Bell. I know you are all wishing you were in my shoes, NOT! I have a few things on my mind tonight. For starters I would like to meet the person who invented these new “star beam” lights that place little dots all over your entire house! Let’s face it who has time to put thousands of real lights all over their house? Not me! Although I will admit that all year long I have sugar plum visions of my house decorated like the ones in the mushy Hallmark movies.

I guess I should keep those visions in my head because I can execute them much better there, haha! OH, my good friend Aunt Peaches just did something incredible and I am so jelly but I will start manifesting us doing it together next year, check it out here! You will FLIP OUT!

Also incase you didn’t know I added some charm in my house this year with a RED Christmas Tree. I know…a RED ONE! You won’t believe how gorg it it y’all check it out here and see exactly what I am raving about! Also, is there such thing as TOO many trees in one’s house? I think I might be a little obsessed because I counted the ones in our dining room and I have 5. Yes they vary in size but still, who has that many trees in ONE room? I also have 3 in the kitchen, one in the living room and one in our main bathroom. I am sure you are all shaking your heads huh…

Let’s all make hot cocoa and drink out of cute mugs, especially the one I am showing you how to make today!
DIY Hand Painted Mugs

We are making some cute painted mugs using minimal products, literally. You all know I work for I Love to Create and all I will say is these markers have to be my favorite thing in the world lately. They are bright and fun so if you think this will be a boring roller coaster ride you are sadly mistaken.

You will need: Painted by Me Markers & Painted by Me Mugs (Bird Mugs)  diy mugs

Now rest assured, these markers are made so anyone can use them. You remember those paint pens that you would SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE and press the tip down on paper until the paint would slowly trickle down! These pens work the same way, but better! Hope you enjoy this project.  HOW TO PAINT ON MUGS

It’s really that simple. The reason why I love this project is because anyone can do it. Seriously you could have a paint party and it would be so much fun. Plus your mugs will be personal and every time you look at them you will have happy thoughts!

*Place mug in a cold oven.
*Turn your oven to 350.
*Bake for 45 minutes.
*When timer goes off, leave the mug in the oven to cool off with the oven.

That it is! Now your mug is safe to handle, wash, put in the dishwasher or throw at someone… HAHA, don’t do that we wouldn’t want to ruin the mug for anything stupid!

These mugs I used today have a little bird on the handle and I love it. It’s like a thumb rest, seriously. Plus you can decorate the bird however you want.  homemade mug

painted mugs

These pom pom’s have absolutely NOTHING to do with this post but why not. Look how beautiful they are! My friend Alexa Westerfield sent me these! colored pom poms

polka dot mugs DIY Hand Painted Mugs are fun for the whole family so get everyone involved. Plus it’s nice to see your personal mugs in the cabinet when you grab one!
rainbow mug

Happy Holiday’s Y’all! Hope you eat too much candy and drink a lot because I will!!! See you in the next post… XOXO Jade

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***This Red Christmas Tree is brought to you by Treetopia – All opinions are 100% mine***

I am so honored to be on the Treetopia Design CounciI!  Today I am showcasing the Tango Red Lipstick Christmas Tree from Treetopia! If you are a fan of COLOR then you just found fake tree heaven, seriously! I will simply call it my BOHO Red Christmas Tree, mmmmkk!

I’ve always wanted a bright and whimsical tree but never found one that looked good in person until Treetopia came into my life. I know most of you will not understand what I am about to tell you but I truly had issues picking out the tree I felt I needed this Christmas. It took me about 3 days, I know I have issues. People this is serious business!

Once I finally decided on a tree I realized I had bigger issues figuring out what theme I would go with for this stunning red tree until I went in my studio and saw a collage of DIY tissue paper flowers. It dawned on me that I needed to dig deep into my tissue paper collection (yes I have one) and start busting out flowers. From there on I completely saw “the” vision in my head. A flower tree enhanced with a few spray painted pine cones and a handful of vintage glass ornaments…..I DID say BOHO!

red christmas tree

If you know anything about me then you know I am a fan of BRIGHT colors. I don’t have a preference I just love color. A few years ago we painted all the rooms in our house white and I just love it. For some reason it feels cleaner and it allows all of my gems to constantly POP! TISSUE PAPER FLOWERS

I love making paper flowers especially ones with black and white stripes bursting out of the centers! I will show you Friday how to make these flowers on the blog so make sure to come back! You don’t want to miss it.

If you are wondering if I went with a certain color theme for my flowers the answer is yes and no. I knew I wanted pink, green and orange….. the teal and white just made sense once I started. Trust me anything will look good on this tree! TREETOPIA TREE

I bought a bag of scented pine cones and spray painted them then dashed them with some shiny glitter! TREETOPIA RED TREE RAINBOW CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS

How beautiful are these miniature ornaments.

I always have a “Christmas Scent” and last year I found this one. Let me tell you it smells AMAZING! If you are wondering it doesn’t smell like a cigarette smoking hippie, haha!  BRIGHT RED TREE


I am pretty happy with the overall look of my red tree from Treetopia. I hope you enjoyed the little snippet inside my home! Happy Holidays Jaderbugs! RAINBOW CHRISTMAS TREE

  • Right now you can get FREE GROUND SHIPPING SITEWIDE (((WOWZERS)))

Looking for more tree inspiration? Hop on over and check out and see the other Treetopia Design Council Members! You will NOT be disappointed friends!

Inspired by Charm

Jennifer Perkins

A Kailo Chic Life

Hi Sugar Plum


Sending HUGE hugs from my computer straight to yours! XOXO Jade

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Disclaimer – I am a member of the Treetopia Design Council and received a tree to participate in this design challenge.


Seriously. If I could eat one craft product it would be collage clay. I am not sure if it’s because it comes in a plastic tube that looks like it would belong in a bakery but all I know is I am HOOKED. BAD! I saw my friends post and it got me thinking about some deep stuff. Check out what else I made with collage clay HERE!

Like how many things can I round up in the house to put this stuff on. The best part is you can sparkle anything with this stuff and change the whole look of it. I think I might jewel bomb my dog, or maybe her dog bowl. Let’s get started!!!!

P.S. If you LOVE all things RAINBOW check this out!

You will need:
*Collage Clay
*Rainbow Jewels
*Ceramic Owl or any other item
*Ribbon (optional) mod podge projects

The coolest thing about Collage Clay is the tips. They really make you feel like you are in a bakery. You MIGHT want to watch your kids if you give them this because it really looks like icing in a bag, hehe! Just for the record I WAS TEMPTED!  Mod Podge Collage Clay Step 1: Start in one section and squeeze some of the collage clay out onto the surface. I am using white since my owl is white.  owl crafts
Step 2: Spread your collage clay around to cover the entire surface. The reason why you want to work on one section at a time is because you don’t want it to dry while you are still applying jewels!  diy owl
Step 3: While the collage clay is wet add the jewels to the item. I mean, I will not lie this project is relaxing and fun. I wasn’t too sure about the jewels at first but once it was all done I seriously was in awe at how beautiful it turned out.  jewled crafts Step 4: Continue the previous steps over the entire product.
easy jewled diy How gorgeous! I love the colors and it screams HAPPINESS!
easy owl crafts I let my owl dry over night but this stuff dries in just a few hours! When it was complete I added a cute black and white striped ribbon around it’s neck. Trust me it finished this baby off!
black and white ribbon It’s like an famous bust of a famous OWL! owls crafts I hope you enjoyed this project because I did! Make sure to check out all of my other CHRISTMAS projects HERE!

Check out my latest post for Xyron, you won’t believe what I made with VINTAGE FABRIC!

Sending HUGE hugs from my computer straight to yours! XOXO Jade

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Sequins, Ornaments & Coffee. I am not sure which one I love more which is why I usually combine the three together. It would be nice if coffee cream came in some sorta glitter form that dissolved slowly while sipping away. I mean I somehow find glitter and sequins hibernating in all corners of my house and studio so I just dust around them. Not really but that gives me a few ideas. Come see how I glittered candle jars, totally perfect for that last minute Christmas present.

*Sequined floors (I am sure resin would love to live on top of that)… I literally googled this and found NOTHING. That my dear is pretty disappointing. Which means something drastic needs to happen ASAP. Stay tuned.

*Sequined walls (Maybe just one accent wall, right?) I did find this tutorial which makes me feel super giddy inside. This could work.

You get the hint. Sequins for life. I recently did a post for I Love to Create and I felt my inner Liberace come out. I did have the new Lorde soundtrack playing so I am not sure if I am living in two different worlds but either way it worked. Click on the link at the bottom to get to the full tutorial.
glitter ornaments These are also the perfect gift for that ornament exchange party you will are going to! What? You have no idea what this means? Get a group together and everyone make a homemade ornament then everyone gets a pretty freaking cool homemade gift. You will have two choices at that point to actually put it up on your tree or “re-gift” it, haha!   sequin ornaments

Enjoy and have a GREAT weekend! HASHTAG LOGO

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Happy #THURSDIY my little Jaderbugs! Today I am sharing 8 Christmas Crafts that I know will totally inspire you. We have a mix of projects that will suit any soul out there. Have fun and enjoy!!! Don’t forget to tag your diy projects today with #thursdiy so we can check them out!



Cathy Attix with Trinkets n Bloom won my heart with this spectacular embroidery.


Heather Mann with Dollar Store Crafts made some rad acorn place cards!

10808326_865200696854934_464598622_n Mark Montano makes faux coral twigs from your back yard. I need 100 of these!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFnZQesYUF4 10811388_10202883119694442_1548193622_n Stephanie Hamen with My Crafty Adventures made a beautiful drift wood wreath with guess what…. DRIFT WOOD! HEHE


Check out my latest post for I love to create. Fun sparkly sequin ornaments.


Cathie Filian makes realistic snow with collage clay! Don’t mistake this for icing!


Amanda Freund from Aunt Peaches made a super duper funky Christmas tree! You have to check this baby out.


Margot Potter with I Can make metal stamped jewerly made some Naughty or Nice stamped earrings. I think I know which ones I need, hehe!

I hope you enjoyed the post today and I am giving you all HUGE glittery filled hugs from my computer to yours!  , Jade


 Don’t forget to connect on social media! Make sure to use use the hashtag #JADERBOMB on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook so I can keep track of all your awesome creations! 


First of all Happy Friday! I am super excited to share with you some awesome Christmas Tree Decorating Tips. Christmas is already a fun holiday but when you start adding up all the beautiful ornaments you see displayed in the stores it can take a nice little chunk our of your pocket. I want to show you how to decorate with a budget! Kinda like the Ramen Noodles of the home decor world. Is it sad that I actually love those noodles, especially with crackers. Don’t ask me what other food’s I love that I shouldn’t love because you might not ever look at me the same, hehe!

This might be “sorta” a long post so put on that glittery seatbelt and enjoy the ride. Remember a few weeks aga when Michaels sent me this and a lovely gift card to purchase things from their store and turn them into magic?

I am still in awe to be one of the #MichaelsMakers and we would love to see your tips as part of the #TagATree campaign this holiday season.  Tree-Decorating-Tips-Creative Now before we begin let me tell you what I think is important when it comes to decorating your Christmas Tree. Have you seen my Christmas tree yet? 

1. Stick to a theme. I think it’s very important to find a theme and run with it. When you go into the store knowing what colors, patterns and styles you are working with you will buy only those things needed. 
2. Think outside of the box. Keep in mind you can dress up plain boring ornaments! Find some that you like and take elements from them to create some for a cheaper price!
3. Decorate your tree to fit your personality. Be you! If you like black and white then do black and white! If you like bright and whimsical then go all out! Anything in large quantities always looks nice so with that said, you can NEVER have too many ornaments. At least not in my house!
4. Use your home decor as a palette to decorate your tree. If you want your tree to go along with your home decor then carry your taste into your tree. You can switch a few things but for the most part your home decor can shine out of your tree.
5. Get a tree you love. I always say get a real one but if you can’t then invest in an artificial tree that will make your heart skip a beat. I have been craving a white tree but I have not had to chance to get one yet. Don’t you worry my little fingers will scour ebay very soon. Did I say I wanted a vintage one? PURE LOVE.
6. LIGHTS. Any tree (even a lopsided one) will look better with a TON of lights.

Behold! That moment you have all been waiting for. How I created my ornaments the diy cheap way.


Now I always buy an abundance of plain ornaments because I always find ways to decorate them with that Jaderbomb flare. I did have one particular ornament in mind when I decided how I would decorate my tree. Last year when I went to CHA I bought a Nightmare before Christmas ornament and I knew I would use that as my number one accent piece. I mean, is it Halloween or Christmas! YOU SEE~

♥ For the ornament below I mixed my favorite shade of teal paint with a little dab of water in a bowl and mixed together. Use a spoon to fill the inside of the ornament then SHAKE! SHAKE IT OFF, SHAKE IF OFF, at least Florence thinks we should do that. Once the entire ornament is filled with paint flip it upside down to dry. I simply placed them back in the tray they came in.

You can purchase a bag of these slices of wood from Michaels and glue your favorite ribbon around it then voila. Hot glue the wood slice to the bottom of your ornament and you have your very own designer ornament. I glued two little puff balls on the bottom to make it POP.

♥For this ornament I simply colored the inside then glued white puff balls to the outside in random spots.
♥I purchased some clear ornaments to I could fill them with fun goodies. I added black and white puff balls and striped ribbon inside. Easy, Fun and Cheap. 


♥I bought plain black ornaments and hot glued them to the outside. I am in love with these.

♥I am just in love with these white ornaments from Michaels. They are clean and crisp, sorta like a clean slate. I bought some striped ribbon and tied a little piece around the top! BAM. You would swear I paid 20 bucks for this baby.
black and white ornament

♥ I just had to re-create my main ornament I bought last year so in order to do that I used one of my white ornaments, glued two black puffy balls for the eyes and used some Martha Stewart glass paint (fine tip) to draw the mouth and nose.
nightmare before christmas ornament You can just tell how I used all of the same products to create a beautiful, affordable themed tree. We will just call it a Nightmare before Tiffany’s tree. Right? Remember to have fun with your tree and get the whole family involved!

Don’t forget to check out the Michaels Makers Dream Trees on The Glue String Blog! Also, don’t forget about the Pinterest craft party at Michael’s on November 15. Check it out YO. Come see what I made for the Pinterest Party HERE!


There are a few things in life that make my heart flutter.
Prednisone, a good kiss, seeing my son every afternoon and glitter. All shades of glitter.

This Saturday, November 15th Michaels will be hosting a super rad Holiday Pinterest Party! When you go in you will get a list of “Pinterest-Inspired holiday projects and an exclusive coupon to use when purchasing products needed for your project.

Michaels sent me a list of every single project they will be creating on Saturday and asked me if I wanted to create one using a little Jaderbomb love to it. HELLER! It’s on like donkey kong. BTW: Did you see my Dream Tree I did with Michaels!

Michaels created these super soft and delicate glittered jar candles and I decided to bring out the fun and whimsical side of glittered candles.


Obviously I can’t settle with just pink glitter and an eiffel tower…. SMH

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the pink candle that Michaels created (Michaels instructions here). I personally have a thing for black and white with POPS of color. Maybe it’s the fact that I simply can’t be satisfied long enough with color. Plus every color in the world looks better with back and white. Preferably stripes! I used fun colorful beads to wrap around my candle but you can use any beads that make your heart flutter.

Glittered Jar Candle Supplies
Glass Candles, Foam Brushes, Ribbon, Glitter, Mod Podge, Twine, Beads & Scissors  

P.S. Black and White striped ribbon is the BEST.  michaels holiday pinterest party

When I saw these alphabet beads for about 3 seconds I felt 10. I used to give these to my friends as “BFF” bracelets. I am now reminded that I need to buy 5 more packs of these. So stay on the look out, you might be getting BFF bracelets!  CHRISTMAS JEWELS

Create any word you want and use baker’s twine to connect the letters.

I used flexible jewelry wire to wrap wooden beads around the top of candle. This adds a little, ok a HUGE pop of color. If you squint your eyes they kinda look like NERDS. #JS  BEADED NECKLACE

Carefully wrap your beaded wire around the base of your candle or the top portion of candle. It’s pretty much that simple! Last, tie your beaded words the same way.

black and white christmas decor



P.S. If you are wondering what “HEAUX” means, it’s sorta the cajun way we write things. Don’t ask, we have our own language in Louisiana! HEHE

Hope to see you at the store Saturday! If you can’t make it in person and want to shop Michaels online, you can use promo code MERRYSALE for 40% off any one regular price item, now through November 15.


ST_12_months_of_Martha_Logo-1 How to make a Paper Cone

What’s better than Popcorn? Getting Popcorn in a paper cone, y’all!

Now before you flip out with excitement I will need you to put on your Christmas shirt and grab a movie. Preferably UP. Wait, did you see my post I did yesterday on the I love to create website? Check it out Here.

Let’s get started because I am eating all of the popcorn.  YOUWILLNEED Martha Stewart Craft Paper | Baker’s Twine (optional) | Christmas Stickers | Glue Gun | Love
DIY SNACK CONTAINERS The first thing you will do is lay a sheet of paper out flat and start rolling from one corner to the next. It might feel awkward at first but you will get the hang of it.  howtomakeapapercone It will start to look like this on the end. With a little practice (maybe a minor heart attack) you will get a nice pointed tip.

Whatever you do, don’t ask me how how many times I threw that sheet of paper down on the ground while walking away like a mad little kid <——– teehee.  make a paper cone snack containers When you are done rolling your paper you will have this little piece of paper hanging off of the top. Don’t worry it’s supposed to be there. If it’s big enough you can fold it down and clip it with a button or something. You can use a hole puncher and attach with baker’s twine also.  paper container I used Martha’s new stickers on my paper cones. I love how they add just enough to the cones.  marthastewart peppermint stickers popcorn holder paper cone You can fill these with anything your little heart desires. I wanted to hand out popcorn to my family and thought that would be the perfect filling.  diy paper cones diypaper cone craft Disclosure:  I’m part of the 12 Months of Martha program. What does that mean? Well, my stop mom “Martha” sends me a box of yummy goodies each month and in return I create fun tutorials just like the one today for you.

Happy Holiday’s from my little golden heart to yours! What will you fill your cones with?


This is a sponsored post from Avery & Martha Stewart, but all opinions are mine! <— scouts honor! How to make Printable Labels

I don’t know about you but I love to make labels for everything. Whether it’s a gift card, present, table setting, or a good ole envelope.

Call me OCD and I will nod gently up and down while staring at you in the eyes. I would like to clarify that a little. Let’s just say I am obsessive and I like things to be consistent.

Now grab your Santa hat because I am about to show you how to make printable labels, the easy way!  homeofficeaverylabels

The good news is all you have to do is grab someAvery (Martha Stewart) holiday labels from Staples download the template to your computer, write what you want in the labels and VOILA! It’s that easy.

I love the ones below because they are clear and if you have a print on an envelope you can still see the background through the label. How stinking cool is that!

averychristmaslabels I like to give everyone cards for Christmas and these printable labels make anything look real “Fannncyyyy”. Everyone will think you spent hours hand carving their label (not really), but it sounds nice!  averylabels I guess now I have to fill envelopes with globs of money. I will just put more in mine and open it in my closet when everyone is sleeping. Hopefully the Santa won’t catch me.

If you mail out cards for Christmas these will save your life, for real. Just incase you forgot where to get these babies hop on over to the Staples site and pick out your favorite ones.

P.S. Santa if you read this I am still waiting on my Land Rover. Happy Holidays from my heart to yours!



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