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DSC_0380 This month’s theme for Michaels Makers is Fall Home Decor. Fall is my favorite because the weather is changing, the leaves on the trees are changing, even food tastes better. Today I will show you how to dress up your table with a punch of Fall, surely this will make all of your guests excited! All of the materials I am using today come from Michaels. I hope you enjoy it!


DSC_0355 These pumpkins come in different colors so you don’t have to spend time painting them, my kinda pumpkin. They are on sale right now at Michaels so go grab a few. You can do so many different things with these pumpkins. The best part of these pumpkins is they will never rot! So you can bedazzle your hearts away and save them for next year.
DSC_0357 These Martha Stewart pumpkin sleeves are phenomenal. They are made from a stretchy mesh material that can cover a pumpkin in no time. The best part is you can take the sleeve off when you get tired of it, leaving you with a blank canvas! DSC_0358 I love the lace design on this pumpkin sleeve.
DSC_0359 To make our chalkboard pumpkin, tape off the top part of your pumpkin. I am using tape from Martha Stewarts line.  DSC_0364 Once you have it taped off you can spray paint the bottom portion of your pumpkin with chalk board spray. Make sure you do this in a well ventilated spot. DSC_0367 Add some E-6000 to the top of your pumpkin and place the knob on the top of it. This will make your pumpkin look a very classy. DSC_0370 On one of your plain pumpkins we will apply these lace removable stickers to them. It adds a pop of class to them.  DSC_0360 DSC_0361 I am placing these adhesive dots on top of each lace sticker. The great thing is you can purchase these in multiple colors. Did I mention this whole sheet is only $1.  DSC_0372 On your chalkboard pumpkin, grab your Sharpie and write whatever inspires you on the top portion. This is a great time to grab your favorite quote or poem. Don’t forget to grab some chalk for the bottom part.  DSC_0375 DSC_0379 DSC_0380 DSC_0381 DSC_0382

Want more Fall inspiration, check out Michaels’ Fall Market lookbook! Check out the Michaels Fall Ideas Pinterest board

There are all sorts of easy fall and holiday themed projects for your whole house on Michaels’ Fall Project Page.


Don’t forget to connect on social media! Make sure to use use the hashtag #JADERBOMB on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook so I can keep track of all your awesome creations! HAVE A GLITTERY DAY! ♥, Jade

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6 EASY DIY TUTORIALS It’s all about 6 EASY DIY TUTORIALS  today for Bloggy Love Thursday! I don’t know about you but anything fun, functional and easy makes me happy. Let’s see what everyone is sharing today!

Margot Potter shows us that gold is glamorous with this Gilded Pumpkin .

Cathie Filian shows us how to make a WICKED Halloween necklace with their products that are at Walmart (wahooo)

Mark Montano brings me to HEAVEN and back with these DIY chain boots!

Heather Mann just made my day with this DIY. Learn how to make a Faux Daguerreotype.

Kathy Cano-Murillo shows us the EASY way to make a PIÑATAS, and a sugar scull at that!

In case you missed my latest post for www.ilovetocreate.com check it out here! I show you how to make a COOL NEON LAMPSHADE!

I hope you enjoyed this roundup today!


Whoa Nelly! It’s almost Halloween already. Where does the time go? I know this sounds CRAY CRAY but I am already working on Christmas crafts!

SHAKING MY HEAD. I will tell you I have some wonderful things coming up and I can’t wait to share them with you!


 I have some great Halloween Crafts to show you ! My friends rocked out glitter and glam this week.  

My, oh my Margot Potter is rocking my socks today with this silk screen witch tote bag. I wonder if I am a good witch or bad witch…

Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza show us an easy way to decorate any mantle. Don’t worry if you don’t have a mantle, you can still use all these crafts somewhere else in your home!

Mark Montano takes our tables to a whole new level with his great fall table setting. Wait till you see what he did with LEAVES!

Heather Mann takes plastic pumpkins to pewter heaven this week. I love the head in this arrangement!

Kathy Cano-Murillo brings glitter and “sugar” together in this fun tutorial. I can’t wait to jazz up some shirts!

If you missed my tutorial on decorative paper bags check it out here!

Happy Crafting! ending

Today I will show you how to Decorate Paper Bags.

Well from what I gather it is almost Halloween around this joint. This means I get to display my favorite color everywhere in the house! Black that is.

I have to admit being the “DIY’ER” that I am sometimes crafts come to me and I just quickly make them. If they are good then they get posted. No lie, this was not planned but I just think it’s practical and can be used for many things in your life.

Sometimes I go through a period of doing fairly simple tutorials and then I do really complicated ones that require ton’s of pictures. Not sure why I do that but I do.

This one would surely fall under EASY!

Have you seen my Halloween Coffee Party yet?

What about my Vintage Crow Magazine Holder!

Decorate Paper Bags

 It is honestly a craft that you would add your own imagination too so have fun with it. I made a quick video for you also.



12monthsofmartha HALLOWEEN PARTY DECOR

Boo-Yah!  I don’t know about you but I love HALLOWEEN PARTY DECOR. What do I love about it? EVERYTHING.

It doesn’t always have to be bloody and dark, ya know. Even though that’s the real way to celebrate this holiday.

I wanted to throw a black and white themed coffee party and I know you will love all of the little details. Witches “brew” is what we will call it.

If you love Halloween as much as I do then you need to check out these houses I made. Wear these shoes while trick or treating with your kids. I am in love with these black and white kitchens.


I know I would love to attend a spooky “brew” party, what about you? If you can’t find the items I used in this post you can click on ANY of the links below the pictures and order from one site! Hey, I am just trying to make your life easy.

I think everything looks clean and crisp. Kind of reminds me of a sterile hospital room.

Still want coffee?


I purchased these mugs from World Market and dressed up the handle with glitter. Glitter will always make things better.

EASY DECOUPAGE ON GLASS TUTORIAL PARTY MUGS  To start you will place stencil tape around your handle. Coat the handle with a nice coat of Martha Stewart’s new decoupage. Sprinkle your favorite shade of glitter on the wet decoupage.

Of course I used classic black. Carefully peel the tape off before it dries. You can clean up your mug now easily. Check out what else I decoupaged.


Once I removed the tape I sprinkled some more glitter on them before they dried. When they are dry just dust them off with a brush. Remember to let these cure for about 28 days then you can wash them by hand or in the dish washer.

They will stay fully glittered if cured correctly.  HOW TO DECOUPAGE ON GLASS

To add a little spark to the bottom of my mugs I decoupaged some insects to the bottom. When someone lifts their coffee mug a nice bug will be displayed on  the bottom! I think this is my favorite part of the party.



How clever are these test tubes! They come with sticky vintage labels that you can write on. I added a few different things inside of the tubes like chocolate covered coffee beans, strawberry milk and coffee cream. Anything that goes with a coffee party will work.  HALLOWEEN PARTY DIY


I used some halloween adhesive paper to make flags. I wrapped a piece around a toothpick then cut the paper on the end. These are what my guests’ will stir their coffee with.


I used some cupcake liners  to put my sugar cubes in. Smart right! SCARY HALLOWEEN PARTY DECORATIONS DIY

To create a coaster for you super chic mugs take a cupcake liner and fold it inside out.


If you are like me then you send out invitations for everything. These animal masquerade invitations are the cutest thing since sliced bread.  Even the inside is decorated with black and white stripes.  WITCH THEMED HALLOWEEN PARTY


Pull out a few sheets of scrapbook paper to dress up your coffee platter background. I got these from the animal masquerade pack.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it gives you a push to throw your own coffee party. Check out all of my 12 months of Martha posts’ here.

FYI: Please go vote for my friend Kelly HERE! Voting end Friday and we ALL WANT HER TO WIN!

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I am not quite sure what I love more white pumpkins, fake pumpkins or a good ole milk glass pumpkin. If you have never heard of a fake milk glass pumpkin then you are in for a real treat. I created some today and they are on the I Love to Create blog. It’s sorta like a “white Fall” instead of a “white Christmas”.

Let’s be real ok. I try my best to think logically when I craft. In other words I think about YOU then ME. 

I know me and Martha are pretty much best friends and all but I am NOT her. With that said I can’t afford to buy 27 real pumpkins and embellish each and every one of them. I have to eat ya know. Which is why I craft with FAKE ones. The kind that you can decorate, store in a huge tupperware then take them out the next year to use all over again. Please tell me I am not the only one who does this. What’s funny is I went in my attic today to look for things I made last year and I couldn’t seem to find anything.

Maybe last year when I was about to put them up I realized it was more work to take down the ladder, walk up the stairs and store them nicely so I just threw them all away. I tend to do cray-cray stuff like that anyways. I will more than likely find what I was looking for when I take down Christams decor.

Milk Glass Pumpkin

All Photos by Jade Harrington / Jaderbomb

Wanna see everything I have created for the I Love to Create blog? Check it out here!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial. Big huge glittery hugs from my fake pumpkins to yours!

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jaderbomb love



It’s Thursday and you know what that means! It’s all about BLOG LOVE today with my friends! Happens every thursday so come back next week♥ Today we have some fun fall crafts. I know you will enjoy them after all they are by the best bloggers in the CRAFTERVERSE. Ok, I just made that up.

Kathy Cano-Murillo the CraftyChica.com made this amazingly stylish purse from a Mexican embroidered blouse.

Cathie Filian made these stiffened FALL leaves. This will save me money, just wait till you see how easy they are.

Margot Potter made a chic screen printed Napoleon Dynamite T-shirt for www.ilovetocreate.com. This will be cute with a blue jean jacket over it!

Mark Montano flipping rocked my socks this week with his super stylish tuxedo pants. Good news they are for girls and boys!

Heather Mann for Dollar Store Crafts made a cute pumpkin candy dish. You can spruce up your pumpkin by painting it also! This is great for easy Fall decor.

We can’t forget my latest tutorial for the JADERBOMB blog. I made a cute decoupaged lace lamp, and it looks like a big candy corn!

I hope you get ton’s of inspiration from this post! Come back next thursday to see our round up again!



How to make a Decoupaged Candy Corn Lace Lamp

Decoupaged Lace Lamp

Happy Monday! It’s all about Martha Stewart Crafts decoupage supplies today

When I think of decoupage I always go back to that day in 1st grade when I coated my entire hand with Elmer’s glue. What was I thinking?

The only thing I was missing was painted lace which is why we are using some today for our lamp.

I mean, doesn’t anything look better with lace wrapped around it? Hopefully it won’t turn out like these tights I bought last year. Oh and incase you missed it check out this lace paper I made.

you will need jaderbomb

  Martha Stewart Crafts craft paint in JONQUIL, CARROT and CHESNUT BROWNMartha Stewart Crafts Decoupage White Floral Lace TrimMartha Stewart Crafts durable matte decoupage mediumPaint brush | Lamp | Decoupage brush 

See the entire decoupage line here. I don’t think I will have enough day’s in the week to use all of these awesome products.


Today we will turn this boring lamp into an oversized lace candy corn. I know, I know that might seem hard but it’s easy with the materials we have.

You know I have not seen a lace candy corn inspired lamp floating around Pinterest lately so I figured I would give it a go.


The first thing you want to do is paint your lamp a light background color. Keep it simple because you want the lace to pop and not the lamp shade behind the lace.


Since a candy corn is bigger on the bottom I tried to mimic that with the lace size. This pack of decoupage lace trim worked perfectly since there were multiple sizes in it.



Once your lace is dry it’s time to start applying it to the lamp shade with the decoupage glue. This glue is super smooth and creamy and it’s easy to create a thin even coat with the decoupage brush.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it gives you a ton of inspiration.  I am certain this will look yummy with all of my Fall decor. Maybe I will try to glue lace to my hand later!

Wanna see what else I have done for the 12 months of Martha, check it out here.



Happy Saturday Jaderbugs.
I am living a crazy hectic life lately. You know how that is right? Ton’s of deadlines, people ordering you around and crying because you just can’t do it all. Oh, you don’t know what I am talking about? Paahaha

I am sure that sounds very familiar to all of ya. I have a ton of new tutorials going up on the blog this week I even have a video tutorial and a Fall Haul video. Did I mention a THOUSAND other deadlines. Do you ever wish you had another you to help out? I do, and she would wear turtlenecks, pencil skirts, fish net stockings and high heels every single day. She wouldn’t drink Dr. Pepper everyday, eat Christmas cakes or stay up late. She would prolly have a house that was all painted (inside) vintage white and she would have a maid. Sheesh I can’t forget an assistant.That’s right. My other “me” would have an assistant. Hey nobody said it isn’t fun to dream.

Today I wanted to share with you some things that can brighten up your day or just your life. NEON. No matter what kinda day your are having, just slap on some neon and BAM. Just like that you will feel better. Plus the good thing about NEON is it really makes you look darker. Even if you have pale skin it’s like an instant snooki tan. Well maybe not a snooki tan, I don’t want you to look orange.
I hope you enjoy these amazing things I wanted to share with you.

Black and white shirt

Slouchy top

Sam Lavi button shirt
$175 - harveynichols.com

Aaiko zipper jeans
$61 - welikefashion.com

Elastic skirt

Dollhouse flat heels

Pull Bear bangle jewelry
$16 - pullandbear.com

Blu Bijoux neon earrings

Forever New neon jewelry
$41 - forevernew.com.au

Button stud earrings

Neon earrings

Bow jewelry

Round scarve

Nail rock

Nail lacquer

I hope you enjoyed this post! Remember to mix and match all of these to get great looks! Don’t forget to come back this week to see all of the exiting things I will be showing you.
See you in the next post



Quote of the day:
“Go out and fight so life shouldn’t be printed on dollar bills.” – Clifford Odets

Happy second of the month. I can’t believe OCTOBER is already over, can you? It went pretty fast this year but that’s ok because this means we are that much closer to the Christmas holidays. For me, this means Christmas started yesterday. Yep, I get to start all of my awesome Christmas crafts NOW for YOU… So put on your Santa gear and grab your sleigh mobile license because we are about to take off in Jaderbomb winter wonderland.

I wanted to share with you some of my all time favorite TOP 5 FALL SCENTS . I have a variety in today’s post that range in price which is nice if you don’t want to spend too much money on sprays for your home, or whatever space!

Did I mention these are my FAVORITE? Ask my seester, I am a SPRAY addict. I get super excited for bottles of crazy chemicals that I can hardly pronounce but more than happy to spray all over my house. HAHA

So, below are all of them together. You can click on the links and order them strait from one site if you like! What can I say. I’m here to make your life easy I tell ya.

I especially love when my favorite scents come in {{fannnn cyyyy}} bottles.

Tyler Room Spray Chambre Parfum in DIVA

These are around 11.99 and it smells wonderful. I would say this is affordable and it will smell your house like nothing you have ever smelled before. I have EVERYTHING in this scent including the washing liquid for my bath sheets and towels. YUMMERS!
Here are some reviews or this particular smell.

Orleans Room Spray
in French Quarter

This room spray is around 7 bucks. Just in case you think this is a lot of money for a room spray, I want you to know that it takes very little to smell a whole house. I like to spray it in my main vent and next thing I know it’s all over. My dad always picks these up for me…. I should of told him I LOVED diva a little more, hehe.This is also a great name brand. Usually I am not all about the name but they definitely give you a bang for your buck!

Click here to read reviews on this scent.

Febreze Air Effects Apple Spice & Delight Air Freshen

Febreze Limited Edition Pumpkin Harvest & Fall

I’m not too sure where I should start with Febreze. Me and seester are always competing to see who can find “Limited” scents and I usually fail. LOL
I have noticed when I use these sprays the smell does not last as long. Don’t let that fool you because they do smell great and last a while just NOT as long as I would like. I might take a picture in a later post of my ENTIRE collection of room sprays. OK that’s making me nervous, time to move on. HAHA

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Room Freshener

I am really going to rave about this stuff because although I am in love with MANY sprays this one always makes me happy. I believe deep down I love it more because it’s not bad for my family and it’s 94% natural. I keep this particular one in every single room because lemon always wipes away any smell that might be bothering you. Even if there is no smell it adds that pure, clean, crisp smell to a room.  If you ever get this make sure to get the hand soap also. Totally worth the buck! Check out ALL of these products.

I wanted to end this post with two pictures that I absolutely am in love with today. My dad always brings us bags and bags of oranges from a tree and I always love the way a fresh batch looks in this bowl. You know if you stick cloves into an orange it will smell your house also! I usually take orange peelings, cloves, cinnamon and burn it on the stove in a little bit of water. It’s like heaven in your nostrils. Pinky promise.

I had to end with this distressed wooden sign I made. I have a load about to go up in my etsy shop which you can find here.

It says it all, right! No matter who or what you encounter…smile…bring the white light into your body…and carry on. I usually play my theme song when I am in a situation and it makes me feel great. I mean, you can even add some special effects to your situation like pretending you are walking in slow motion, a wind machine and a spot light (maybe even a fog machine). Just saying.

I guess now you know my secret. It’s ok because it’s worth sharing.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, see ya in the next post!

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