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Wooden Letters

Wooden Letters make are special because you can create any word or saying with them. I always keep these in stock, especially for the holiday’s!

I think there will be an overload soon of these suckers so beware. You surely have to have fun and design them to reflect your personal space or personality.

Do I create things for a space ever, you ask? NO. I create AWESOME things and then my space has to work around them. (teehee). Let’s get started.  you will need
Wooden Letters | Palette Knife | Tape | Glitter | Craft Paint 
You can purchase all of these items from ONE spot by clicking on the links above. (P.S. These are affiliate links, so thanks for helping me buy more glitter)

vintage wooden letters supplies

The first thing you will do is tape off sections of your wooden letter like below. You can create small spaces or big spaces. Totally up to you.  how to paint strait lines

I like to mask off my entire letter before I start.  MODERN WOODEN LETTERS

I will be applying paint using a palette knife.  PAINTING WITH A PALETTE KNIFE

You will apply a thick layer of paint on the wooden letter. This will add great texture to them in the end.  geometric painted letters

After you apply your first color move on the the next one.  steps on painting on wood

I take off the tape as soon as I move onto the next section. When you take the tape off while the paint is still wet it gives you a fine, crisp line! painting strait lines with tape How cute are these babies. You see those black sections…That is black glitter! Once your paint is completely dry tape off a little section, put a little Mod Podge then sprinkle with glitter of choice. VOILA!

wooden letters

I hope you enjoyed this fun tutorial! What colors will you use for your letters?


Leather BOHO is what’s kicking in my kitchen.  This tutorial on how to make jewelry will come in very handy if you are looking to turn boring leather into magical strips of magic. So I needed some new earrings for my recent trip to HOTLANTA a.k.a. ATLANTA. Being I am a top notch crafter I couldn’t spend a dime on earrings that someone in China made so I started diggin. Alas I found my huge pile of old leather. I knew my hoarding tendencies would come in handy one day. Thank goodness I am an organized hoarder otherwise I would not have found this leather. I think they were a hit because for one, nobody else had them on. Let’s get started!

supply list



I started by cutting a few strips of leather from the large strip. You can use any scissors you have on hand but I recommend using fabric scissors.


Once you have your strip of leather cut cut little slits on one side or both to created a frayed look. If you do both sides it will look like a feather.


You can use a tool like this to put a hole on the top of the leather or you can carefully poke a hole with a pair of scissors.


Get your wire and wrap it around your hand. I did not count how many times I went around my hand. Obviously the more you put the thicker the wire will look. I actually like a thick look.


When you are done take the two ends of the wire and wrap around the rest of wire. Because the wire is pliable you can shape then entire circle into a triangle. Once you do this twist the top a little leaving a loop on the very end. Put a jump ring through the loop of triangle and slip it through the hole on the earring. We have just created a fun geometrical shape that will rock out our earlobes!

Boho-Leather-Earrings Boho-Leather-Earrings

I wanted some fun funky shades so I went with NEON. I painted stripes and chevron patterns on each strip. Voila! Once you are done and they are dry you will put a jump ring in each leather hole that we punched and connect them to the jump ring at the very top. If you need to look at the picture that might help understand what I mean. So, technically we will have all of our strip so leather and the geometric shape hanging from the main jump ring on top.

Boho-Leather-Earrings Boho-Leather-Earrings How to make jewelry

I am very happy with they way they came out if  I must say so myself. They are sorta rugged, boho, chic, and classy all in one. I think the thing I love the most is that you can paint them with any shade and you can put as much leather to bring out your true fun style. Be creative y’all cause how else will we enjoy our life!


P.S. Check out what else I made with leather!

Quote of the day:
Dear George: Remember no man is a failure who has friends.
Thanks for the wings!
-Letter to George Bailey from Clarence the angel, in It’s a Wonderful Life.

\I hope everyone had a great weekend! They have a huge “FRANKENSTORM” brewing on the East coast so all of my peeps there please be safe. I was really excited the other day when I thought about doing this tutorial. I have seen a lot of pumpkins decorated with yarn but I have not found any with a distinct design on them like this Thread Pumpkin

I mean doesn’t everyone need a thread pumpkin decorated with thread? It’s a must have, fa real.P.S. the good thing about this craft is you can decorate with ANY color thread and it will look good ALL YEAR LONG. Use Fall colors for your table decor, pure happiness there I tell ya!

Let’s get started!


Thread Pumpkin

Here is the first thing you will do. Notice the order of numbers, this part is very important. You want to start by making a ring around the top with the  pins. Then go down some and put another ring of push pins. However you will put the pins in the center of the ones above it. You want to start seeing a triangle from layer to layer.

When you are done with the pins, tie a little knot around the top of thread and put on a pin.

Start wrapping your thread around the pins! Once you get started you will figure our your pattern. You can go over the triangle a few times to make it look layered!

I hope everyone had a good weekend! Oh and btw: this yarn pumpkin is good for ANY time of the year.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, see ya in the next post! Make sure you come visit me in these places too! (look below this line, hehe)

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