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Halloween is my favorite holiday as you all may know. So I teamed up with Fiskars to create a fun Halloween project just for YOU!

Sometimes I want to be a kid again. I tried it last year but I think everyone knew I was not a kid. Dammit. I lost a little weight in the last few weeks so maybe I will have a good chance this year. Last year I dressed as Frida Kahlo and boy did I look just like her. The guy at the grocery store thought I was a “geisha girl”…

Epic fail. How could anyone not realize who I was!? Moving on.

Sometimes when everyone is buying Halloween costumes they might find it difficult to find a matching treat bag to sling on their arm. I am making things super easy for you this year by showing you how to create your very own using Duck Tape! When you get to the Duck Tape isle in whatever store you are in you will realize just how many options you have to choose from. It’s like being in a sticky candy store. If you love bags check out these glittered lunch bags.

So head on over to the Fiskars website ( See below the picture) and get the full tutorial. You won’t believe what I used to make these bags with, besides Duck Tape. Did I mention the bags are filled with glow in the dark stickers. Yes indeed!


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it truly inspires you!  HASHTAG LOGO

Don’t forget to connect on social media! Make sure to use use the hashtag #JADERBOMB on Instagram or Twitter or Facebookso I can keep track of all your awesome creations! HAVE A GLITTERY DAY! ♥, Jade



Happy Halloween Jaderbugs! I was going to post a fun tutorial today, but instead I am taking you to Madame Tussauds in New York . Me and my dad went and had the best time ever. It was amazing seeing these life size people. I felt today was a fun day to share this with you since everyone will be dressing up and becoming who they really want to be!

Madame Tussauds New York

Picture 1 of 11

The view is amazing!

If you are ever in New York you must make it to Madame Tussauds. It’s a great experience. The figures are so realistic you will have to touch them to make sure they are not real. Plus, it’s affordable and fun!

I hope everyone has a safe and memorable Halloween! See you in the next post.  ending1

  Pumpkin Cake Toppers

Today I will be sharing an easy project that will dress up any cake or cupcake!

I had so much fun making these pumpkin cake toppers.This is a great craft for kids also!


Craft Brushes | Green Glitter | Orange Craft Paint | Brown Craft Paint | Toothpicks | Air Dry Clay 

You can click on any of the above links to purchase items I used in this tutorial.

Pumpkin Cake Topper Supplies

air dry clay cake toppers

The first thing you will do is grab a little ball of air dry clay. Roll it around in your hands until you make a round ball.  how to make clay pumpkins Stick a toothpick through it letting a little piece stick out of the top. Once you do this get another toothpick and draw your lines in the pumpkin.

how to paint clay

Let it dry over night then paint a coat of orange paint all over it. While your orange paint is still wet paint a little brown paint in the cracks. This will add an antique look to it.

clay pumpkin cake toppers You can even coat a little bit of brown paint over some of the orange if you want.

how to make cake toppers for halloween

VOILA!  How stinking cute are these! You could be a feisty fierce diva and put 10 pumpkins on a piece of cake or you could be simple and put one.

See you in the next post!  ending1

cake toppers
It’s all about DIY today and boy have I got some fun cake toppers for you.

Look, I like balls. I like them so much that I made my own version of “Cake Ball’s.” I know you are probably shaking your head right about now. If you are not I will for you. 

The other night I was sitting in my studio thinking of cute things to add to the top of a cake. The first things that came to my mind was BALLS.

Let’s get started.

YOUWILLNEED Wooden Sticks | Small Christmas Ornaments | Brushes | Paint | Glue Gun | Bakers Twine 

how to paint ornaments supplies

The first thing you will do is paint the paint sticks white. I am using a normal crafting brush for this step.
paint sticks

Next you will get this snazzy little Martha Stewart paint brush. It’s like two brushes in one!

black and white sticks

I grabbed these “balls” last year at Tar-Jay and they are perfect. P.S. Make sure you take the tip off of the ornament. Paint that sucker all black. I had to put about 3 coats on them before I was happy.

how to paint ornaments

This is how they will turn out. I am actually really shocked at how shiny they became after they were completely dry.

paint christmas ornaments

When they are done I put a little dab of hot glue on the tip of wooden stick and stuck it inside the ornament. Just hold it for a second till it’s dry.

Put a little hot glue around the tip of ornament then wrap twine around it.


balloon toppers I am so happy with the way they turned out! I know that I did them black but you could do them pink, purple or just leave them the color of the ornament.

Another idea is to do different size ornaments.

diy cake toppers

I hope you enjoyed this post! Make sure to have fun with your balls… ending



ST_12_months_of_Martha_Logo-1  GLITTERED SPIDERS

Howdy Hoo Jaderbugs! It’s Monday and I have a ton of glittery happiness for you. Well not technically a “ton” but you understand. It’s all about “Halloween Decoration Ideas” today on the blog. I don’t know if I ever told you just how much I love Halloween and fake spiders. Preferably black ones made of paper.


The one thing that is changing as I am getting older is my Halloween color theme! I do still love the original orange and black but…COLOR makes me happy and jittery inside.  I guess I am sorta like ROY G. BIV’S wife.

I mean if she existed (wink wink).


Martha Stewart Glitter * Craft Brush * Mod Podge * Paper Spiders

Glittered Spiders. Supplies

I am so in love with GLITTER. I am not speaking of a “normal” relationship with glitter. You will never find me without glitter. It’s either in my purse or in my hair. <—haha!

Halloween Decoration Ideas Martha Stewart Glitter

The first thing you will do is coat the bottom of your spider with Mod Podge. Quickly sprinkle the spider with glitter before the Mod Podge dries.

 mod podge glitter

I used the tinsel glitter because in the end it almost looks hairy. I think the tinsel glitter is a great choice to add texture to our spiders. I usually use this glitter around the Christmas holiday’s but I figured I would bust it out a little early.

 Orange Glitter

When you buy your paper spiders they come with little round double sided stickers. You will place them on the underneath and stick them on a wall. I absolutely love how they look full of color. PURE HAPPINESS.

 halloween spiders

 how to use glitter in decorations

I hope you enjoyed this bright and fun tutorial. I would say this is on the “EASY” level but you know what…Sometimes the cutest things just cross your mind and I am here to bring them back! See ya in the next post!


Yes my dear, I went into an enchanted forrest and came out with a golden pumpkin. Today’s post is all about pumpkin decorating ideas. Golly, this is a good one!

Now I know what you are thinking. The only thing I am familiar with is a golden egg. You know for Easter that one golden egg that everyone is dying to find. I don’t think I ever found it. Maybe my brothers cheated and saw where our parents put it.

Sheesh now that I am thinking about it. Maybe they jipped us and never even put out a golden egg. If you like GOLD then you will love these gold glittered paper bags I made. You could use the bags for your Halloween party.

Who cares because today I will show you how to make a super fancy golden pumpkin that will be all yours.

Don’t forget to enter your dog in the Martha Stewart pet contest, they could be FAMOUS!

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Funkin PumpkinMod PodgeGold Tissue Paper | Jewels | Glue Gun | Scissors | Craft Brush

If you can’t find any of these products you can click on the links to order them. These are affiliate links so if you buy something you will only help me buy more vienna sausage. <—– not really.

The paper I am using for this project was pretty easy to find. I think I got it from Walgreens. It’s with all of the tissue paper (near cards) but it’s not like normal tissue paper. It’s like a shiny metallic film. The coolest part is one side is shiny gold and the other side is shiny silver.


You will start by cutting a sheet into squares. The size of the squares does not matter. I actually recommend cutting them in different sizes.


Grab your brush and mod podge and start applying the tissue to the pumpkin. I started from the top/center and worked my way down to the bottom. Make sure you overlap the squares so it doesn’t look too “perfect.”


This is what it will start to look like once you work your way down. Now I will warn you that this paper is thick so in the beginning you might have to apply Mod Podge with a brush but rub your fingers over each strip to make sure they stick to the pumpkin good. If you see pops of orange showing just add a square on top and Mod Podge away.

When you are done covering the entire pumpkin let it dry over night. If you are not familiar with Mod Podge it will look “white” in the beginning but I pinky promise when it dries it will be translucent.


To dress up my stem I added a few flat backed jewels to it. If you don’t have jewels you can sprinkle glitter on top or wrap it with bakers twine. The stem could be like that epic moment when you decorate a Christmas tree and add the STAR!

blinged out gold pumpkin

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! See you in the next post. I have some exciting things coming so stay tuned! Huge glittery



Whoa Nelly! It’s almost Halloween already. Where does the time go? I know this sounds CRAY CRAY but I am already working on Christmas crafts!

SHAKING MY HEAD. I will tell you I have some wonderful things coming up and I can’t wait to share them with you!


 I have some great Halloween Crafts to show you ! My friends rocked out glitter and glam this week.  

My, oh my Margot Potter is rocking my socks today with this silk screen witch tote bag. I wonder if I am a good witch or bad witch…

Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza show us an easy way to decorate any mantle. Don’t worry if you don’t have a mantle, you can still use all these crafts somewhere else in your home!

Mark Montano takes our tables to a whole new level with his great fall table setting. Wait till you see what he did with LEAVES!

Heather Mann takes plastic pumpkins to pewter heaven this week. I love the head in this arrangement!

Kathy Cano-Murillo brings glitter and “sugar” together in this fun tutorial. I can’t wait to jazz up some shirts!

If you missed my tutorial on decorative paper bags check it out here!

Happy Crafting! ending

Today I will show you how to Decorate Paper Bags.

Well from what I gather it is almost Halloween around this joint. This means I get to display my favorite color everywhere in the house! Black that is.

I have to admit being the “DIY’ER” that I am sometimes crafts come to me and I just quickly make them. If they are good then they get posted. No lie, this was not planned but I just think it’s practical and can be used for many things in your life.

Sometimes I go through a period of doing fairly simple tutorials and then I do really complicated ones that require ton’s of pictures. Not sure why I do that but I do.

This one would surely fall under EASY!

Have you seen my Halloween Coffee Party yet?

What about my Vintage Crow Magazine Holder!

Decorate Paper Bags

 It is honestly a craft that you would add your own imagination too so have fun with it. I made a quick video for you also.



With Halloween right around the corner I wanted to share with you a site that you will fall in love with. I Love to Create has created a site that is filled with great Halloween inspiration.

For me I love this because when I start searching for ideas based around a specific holiday I like when everything is at my fingertips.

Pretty much like this site.

There are 5 different categories on the Halloween inspiration page. Pumpkins, Party & Decor,Body Art, T-Shirts and Totes and Costumes.

I honestly want to create every single thing on this site because for one they are fun to look at and two, the instructions for each craft are great which means nearly anyone can make them.

bad-to-the-bone-skull-shirt I want to share my favorite projects. This is actually hard for me to decide on but I promise to do my best!

FYI: When you see a category on the site make sure to click “more projects” to the right of the category. This will pull up all of the tutorials. I would just hate to see you miss out on this part!

PUMPKINS: Hardcore Pumpkin

Even if you’re not in the mood for carving and cleaning, you can still make some hardcore Halloween pumpkins this season! Washers, chains and other hardware make for an easy, inexpensive way to give your pumpkins an edgy new look.

I love things that look industrial. The white pumpkins looks so classy to me. I would probably choose this over diamonds!


Party and Decor:Haunted Silouette Pillow

When it comes to displaying drab Halloween décor, vow to yourself, “nevermore”! Create this hauntingly haute pillow featuring Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” easily with a black fabric marker and a little bit of paint.

I love ravens and this pillow makes me super excited. I like the look of anything handwritten and then you slap a good old bird on it. VOILA!


Costumes:Wicked Kicks

Follow the road to creativity in a sparkly set of shoes! No need to make a wish for kicks this fabulous, all you need is a little creativity, some glue and a lot of sparkly gems.

I will end this with my favorite craft! I love red and I love glitter so how can you go wrong with this? There is only ONE problem. I would wear these all year long.


I really hope you enjoy this site and I am happy to be sharing with you today. Now be a good faerie and share this with your friends!

One last thing, you have to check out I Love to Create’s Facebook , You Tube and Pinterest.

See you in the next post!


12monthsofmartha HALLOWEEN PARTY DECOR

Boo-Yah!  I don’t know about you but I love HALLOWEEN PARTY DECOR. What do I love about it? EVERYTHING.

It doesn’t always have to be bloody and dark, ya know. Even though that’s the real way to celebrate this holiday.

I wanted to throw a black and white themed coffee party and I know you will love all of the little details. Witches “brew” is what we will call it.

If you love Halloween as much as I do then you need to check out these houses I made. Wear these shoes while trick or treating with your kids. I am in love with these black and white kitchens.


I know I would love to attend a spooky “brew” party, what about you? If you can’t find the items I used in this post you can click on ANY of the links below the pictures and order from one site! Hey, I am just trying to make your life easy.

I think everything looks clean and crisp. Kind of reminds me of a sterile hospital room.

Still want coffee?


I purchased these mugs from World Market and dressed up the handle with glitter. Glitter will always make things better.

EASY DECOUPAGE ON GLASS TUTORIAL PARTY MUGS  To start you will place stencil tape around your handle. Coat the handle with a nice coat of Martha Stewart’s new decoupage. Sprinkle your favorite shade of glitter on the wet decoupage.

Of course I used classic black. Carefully peel the tape off before it dries. You can clean up your mug now easily. Check out what else I decoupaged.


Once I removed the tape I sprinkled some more glitter on them before they dried. When they are dry just dust them off with a brush. Remember to let these cure for about 28 days then you can wash them by hand or in the dish washer.

They will stay fully glittered if cured correctly.  HOW TO DECOUPAGE ON GLASS

To add a little spark to the bottom of my mugs I decoupaged some insects to the bottom. When someone lifts their coffee mug a nice bug will be displayed on  the bottom! I think this is my favorite part of the party.



How clever are these test tubes! They come with sticky vintage labels that you can write on. I added a few different things inside of the tubes like chocolate covered coffee beans, strawberry milk and coffee cream. Anything that goes with a coffee party will work.  HALLOWEEN PARTY DIY


I used some halloween adhesive paper to make flags. I wrapped a piece around a toothpick then cut the paper on the end. These are what my guests’ will stir their coffee with.


I used some cupcake liners  to put my sugar cubes in. Smart right! SCARY HALLOWEEN PARTY DECORATIONS DIY

To create a coaster for you super chic mugs take a cupcake liner and fold it inside out.


If you are like me then you send out invitations for everything. These animal masquerade invitations are the cutest thing since sliced bread.  Even the inside is decorated with black and white stripes.  WITCH THEMED HALLOWEEN PARTY


Pull out a few sheets of scrapbook paper to dress up your coffee platter background. I got these from the animal masquerade pack.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it gives you a push to throw your own coffee party. Check out all of my 12 months of Martha posts’ here.

FYI: Please go vote for my friend Kelly HERE! Voting end Friday and we ALL WANT HER TO WIN!

Huge glittery hugs—See you in the next post! Visit me on FacebookTwitter,Pinterest, or Instagram!


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