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Whoa! It’s already flipping Friday. I can’t be the only person who wakes up on a Friday morning to realize the whole week flew by. I am usually lost as to what day it is and I can thank working from home for that. My birthday was two days ago and I am still getting so much love and support from the post I wrote. If you did not hear the big news I suggest reading it. I feel like I did when I was a senior in high school, 105 pounds. I mean, I don’t weigh that now but that is how much weight I feel is lifted. Poo Yi, that’s a lot huh! On to my DIY post of the day.

Today I will be showing you how to make washi tape magnets. This tutorial is so stinking easy you could do it in your sleep. Eh, not really but you get it. Let’s get it Jaderbugs! Check out my Spotify playlist that I listened to while working on this post!

washi tape magnets

I am very happy with they way they turned out. Personally I love putting everything on my fridge so I can never have enough magnets. The best part is you can use any color paper, fabric, glitter or tissue paper. It’s all up to you. I will be putting some up in my ETSY shop soon just in case you don’t have the materials to make or if you just don’t feel like making them. You should check out all of my new items that I just listed. Super cute!

you will need

Sticky Magnet Scissors | Glitter Ribbon

washi tape magnets

washi tape magnets

You can use any shade of ribbon that you like. The fun part is you can mix up your colors and have a variety on your fridge. Don’t stop on the fridge put these babies on your filing cabinet or on your face. I mean I don’t know about you but I am pretty magnetic. (shaking head here because I am ridiculous)

washi tape magnets

You can get these magnetic sheets anywhere. Seriously I bet the Dollar Store even has them but incase they don’t we can always depend on the trusty ole Wal-Mart. Kuddos Sam.

washi tape magnets

Get your ribbon and hold it in your hand. Observe each little glitter flake so you can feel really close to them. Tell them a story and maybe take them out for a walk, on a leash.

washi tape magnets

Peel the white sheet off of your magnetic sheet and just stick pieces of ribbon down. The magnet will be super sticky so no need for any glue. This is s perfect craft for kiddo’s too.

washi tape magnets

And there ya have it Jaderbugs. Your very own Washi Tape Magnets.  Who woulda ever thunk it. If this is something you personally don’t like I bet SOMEONE you know would love to get them. Pinky Promise!

washi tape magnets

 Welp, that’s it. That is all the goodness I have for you today. Off to putting cubes of ice down my back cause it’s hot as hell here in Louisiana! See you in the next post!



Happy Tuesday Jaderbugs! I am so excited to finally share with you how I make Washi tape. Washi tape is pretty popular these days but what’s not popular is how much they cost. Sometimes you can snag them for a good deal but most of the time they are a little over priced. Now let me warn you that the washi tape I make does not tear like the “paper” washi tape. Sometimes that bugs me BUT most of the time I remember how much money I saved and that I could make tape with any print I like then I feel much better.  Don’t ya see, it’s like personalizing something…In a way. I also made a you tube video while I made the tape. I hope it makes you feel all warm and cozy inside. Hehe

Below is a picture of the ones I just made. If you are wondering what the gold paper is click HERE to find out.


*Wax Paper
*Rotary Cutter
*Cutting Mat
*Double stick tape
*Wrapping Paper
*Flat Ruler
(for a cutting mat)
or use something with a flat surface to cut
(use this if you don’t have a rotary cutter)

First thing you will do is lay a sheet of wax paper down.

Put a strip of double stick tape on it.

I usually put a alot.

Tear some wrapping paper and lay it right on top of the tape. Now your tape is stuck to the wax paper on one side and the wrapping paper on the other.

Once you are sure your tape is secure on the paper flip everything over.

It’s hard to see in the paper but in person you can now see where your strips of tape are. Get your ruler out and line it up on one side of the tape.

Grab your rotary cutter. If you don’t have a rotary cutter or flat ruler you can just hand cut the strips of tape with scissors. I just think it goes faster with the rotary cutter which is why I use it.

Now you are ready to start cut cut cutttinggggg (I was just singing that btw).
Cut one side of the tape on the mat.

Then move to the other side of the tape. When you are finishing cutting you will notice it will be one long strip of paper. Trim the edges where there is NO tape and VOILA!

You can now start wrapping all of your tape into a roll like I did below. I cut a little strip of cardboard to wrap around the entire roll. This hold it all in place.

How precious are these babies. I can’t wait to use these on all of my Christmas presents. When you are ready to use them cut a piece, pull the wax paper off and stick it where you want. It’s that easy!!!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

Don’t forget to make it a DIY kinda day
See ya in the next post

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