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Orange is the New Black is for sure a huge part of my life. I know what you are thinking, “really Jade”. A friend of mine told me one day I needed to watch this on netflix and I was like OK! So I did and I got completely hooked. I literally could not get away from my computer for a few days until I was done with the full season. I am totally excited about Season 2 that starts June 6th! I hope you enjoy this blog hop that me and my friends put together. Make sure to check out the bottom of my post because you will find all of the links to everyones projects. More news is Netflix is giving a 3 months gift card away! Don’t forget to hashtag #OITNB on all your sites if sharing this post or the others!


If you are not familiar with the show it’s about a girl named Piper who is very educated and high class. She made a horrible choice and smuggled drugs for her girlfriend and is sentenced to a year in prison. Shocked! HAHA. Through out the season you learn more and more about each inmate and each of their stories. It’s pretty dramatic and leaves you dreaming of the next episode. I promise you if you have not seen it you must catch up on Season 1 now!



My craft is based on the duck tape slippers that inmate Sophia Burset, a transgender inmate wears in the show. Piper is new in the slammer and she takes her first shower and sophia informs her how important it is to protect your feet, honey child. 

You will need:
*Flip Flops
*Silver Duck Tape


The first thing you will do is place your flip flop on your cardboard in a secure spot.


Next thing you will do is trace it out.  DSC_0633

Carefully cut out your tracing using sharp scissors.  DSC_0637

When you are done you will have two cut outs.  DSC_0639

Start by placing strips of silver duck tape across your cardboard cutouts. When you are done wrap the tape on the sides to cover them.  DSC_0640 This is what they will start to look like once you cover them.

DSC_0641 I am using a shiny heart filled duck tape for the top part of the flip flop.  DSC_0642  Cut two strips of shiny duck tape while making sure one is longer than the other. I guessed the length and everyones size is going to be different based on the size of your own flip flop size.  DSC_0643 Peel the backs off of each one and place the smaller strip directly on top of the large strip.



You will take that sticky piece on the end and place it under the cardboard bottom.  DSC_0649

Flap it around and stick the other side.  DSC_0650

I am totally happy with the way these babies turned out! I hope you have fun for you and the upcoming season of Orange is the New Black! DSC_0659

Other blog hoppers!

Enter to win a 3 month Netflix gift card! Thank you, Netflix!

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Photography: Jaderbomb// DIY tutorial by: Jaderbomb // Craft Supplies: Michaels , Fiskars and Duck Tape HASHTAG LOGO

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Happy Friday! Today I am giving you a sneak peak of my latest post for the I Love to Create Blog. We will be making a festive party hat diy. If you are not familiar with this site check out all of my tutorials here. I am a resident blogger for this brand and let me tell you they are amazing. Lately I have been on a kick of transforming everyday items and turning them into magical works of art, if there is a such thing. In my land everything is magical, except bills. For the full tutorial on how I made this cute birthday hat and to see what I used for it scroll to the bottom and click on the link.

Wanna learn how to make a pillow case out of a t-shirt? Check it out here!

Party Hat - DIY Party Hat - DIY tutorial CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL TUTORIAL!

Photography: Jaderbomb// DIY tutorial by: Jaderbomb // Model: My godchild: Dixie // Craft Supplies: Michaels and Tulip   HASHTAG LOGO

Don’t forget to connect on social media! Make sure to use use the hashtag #JADERBOMB on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook so I can keep track of all your awesome creations! HAVE A GLITTERY DAY! ♥, Jade


This Thurs-DIY it’s all about bright and bold. With the Summer quickly approaching it’s the perfect time to share these 8 bright DIY projects.

Cathie2 Yeeehaw! Learn to use mod podge and fabric to create this stylish cowgirl hat by Cathie and Steve.
diy-neon-rhinestone-belt Make this fabulous neon rhinestone belt by Trinkets in Bloom. You will never go wrong wearing this fashion piece.
orgami-dye-ruffle-tubetop-tri-photo  Make this origami blouse by Trinkets in Bloom. Mark-3 Make this frozen inspired floor decor by Mark Montano! It will surely make your heart flutter

Mark-2 Are you licking your fingers yet because you will be when you watch this video! Learn to make yummy candy jewelry with Mark Montano.

Heather2 Make your planters burst with happiness! Make this garden dragonfly with just a wisk, by Dollar Tree Crafts.  Jade1 Check out my latest post! Learn to finger knit a scarf by Jaderbomb.
Kathy2 Learn to draw with dye! This super bright Plus Size DIY was created by Crafty Chica and it looks totally addicting!

Big Huge Glittery HUGS from my cute lil desk to yours!

Don’t forget to connect on social media! Make sure to use use the hashtag#JADERBOMB on Instagram or Twitteror Facebook so I can keep track of all your awesome creations! HAVE A GLITTERY DAY!
, Jade

Today I am sharing 8 fabulous Spring DIY ideas for you! I am totally digging all of these and I know you will too!

8 spring diy ideas 10322865_706905942684411_1806537284_n Flipping out in my seat right now after seeing these Cardboard Bracelets via Mark Montano  10337225_780404541993710_1163284420_o  I am still swooning over these Vintage Tags I made.  10332782_10151983529080807_199672462_o How great are these No Sew T-shirt Pillows via Dollar Store Crafts 10318681_10152391290137429_932705686_n  If you can’t find the right design for your space make your own Mod Podge Kitchen Canisters via Cathie and Steve for Plaid 10299491_10203170965050855_1246376546_n I After just coming back from Mexico and purchasing a handmade shirt like this I am SO excited about these Faux Mexi-Embroidered Shirt via Crafty Chica 10287214_10152441745362774_1136324868_n   What better way to make a statement than with these Stamped Bottle Cap Necklaces via I Can Make Metal Stamped Jewelry  1621856_10201789206672554_3790879087361822878_n  I think I need a thousand of these Buoy Lights via Debi’s Design Diary


If you are like me then you have ton’s of old T-Shirts so why not make a Hobo T-shirt Bag via Trinkets in Bloom

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Happy freaking Tuesday, yo! I wish I could say I felt as pretty as these gorgeous pink roses but let’s face it, it’s the beginning of a very busy week and I am already foreseeing oily hair days and no makeup. That should make for an interesting combination. If you like flowers then you have to check out what I made for these lovely succulents. I also made some lovely roses here, they are totally NOT real.

DIY VINTAGE BOTTLE LABELS I think the best thing about this this is the polka dots. For real, you know how hard it is to get perfect circles? Well good thing my friend Amy from Mod Podge Rocks created these pretty snazzy stencils. You will never look at polka dots the same, eva!
***If you want to order any of the supplies I used in this project just click on the links below and you can get them all from one wonderful spot. They are affiliate links which means you are helping me buy a few more vials of glitter to make your eyes twinkle with joy***

vintage wooden labels
STEP ONE: The first thing we will do is stain the wood to make it look old and vintage. We will use folk art brown paint to do this. Brush a little bit of paint on the wooden label and then wipe it off with a napkin. You can also add a little water to your brush to thin the paint out.
Simple huh! how to paint wood vintage STEP TWO: Grab your stencil because it’s time to start playing! The great thing is these stencils have some pretty amazing adhesive on the back and let me tell you…these babies stick!

STEP THREE: Carefully stick your stencil on top of your wooden labels then start pouncing with your pouncer. When you are done peel it off right away. Now sing it: “Pounce with your pouncer pounce pounce with your pouncer”

I bet this will get stuck in your head. mod podge rocks stencils I also put a little paint at the top of the wooden label. Pretty snazzy huh.

STEP FOUR: Grab your baker’s twine and cut a small piece. Bring the two ends together then it’s time to boogie woogie.
easy wooden projects STEP FOUR:
(1) Pass the loop through the hole
(2) Take the two ends and pull them through the loop
(3) Slowly pull the two ends
(4) VOILA  wooden diy projects Now it’s time to worship the shit out of your wooden polka dot labels. Put them on anything and everything. Wanna show of your mad DIY skills? Pop this on a gift and write on the back of it. Promise you the person opening that gift will never look at a paper label the same again.  DIY VINTAGE BOTTLE LABELS tutorial Not sure if you are into these that much. Make a mean bunch and give them to someone who will literally love them. It always works, plus you might feel a little “good” inside.  diy vintage labels Now it’s time for me to run off into the DIY sunset with my vintage bottle labels. DIY BOTTLE LABELS Personally I like to just wrap them around bottles for a quick little decor.  diy wooden labels vintage Yep. This surely happened. In the middle of taking pics a big gust of wind gave my bottles a huge air hug. So strong they all decided to lay down and cuddle next to each other.

Check out these fabulous coasters I made using my friend Ed Roth’s stencils!

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DIY-PHOTO-CREDIT- Photography: Jaderbomb// DIY tutorial by: Jaderbomb // Teal Bottles: Bath and body work bottles (a coconut lotion was in them and I cleaned label off) // Craft Supplies: Michaels // Roses : My back yard HASHTAG LOGO

Ready for me to show you how to feel AWESOME by watching a few videos ♥First let me tell you that today I had an “ok” day. I went to bed last night 100¾% ready for the “BLOOD MOON”. So ready I set my alarm to wake up an experience this amazing event. Usually when spectacular things like this happen I try to make it a spiritual event for myself. So, I wrote down all of my intentions and things I wanted to release then I went to bed. My alarm went off at 2:42 AM and I walked outside – into pure disappointment. Not only was it COLD (WTF Louisiana) but it was also cloudy. Yep you guessed it, the only thing bloody was my blood shot eyes. Out of anger I didn’t go over my list of things and burn it as planned but I convinced myself that I was still cool with the Universe since I wrote it before I went to bed. Right!? Oh these will also make you feel awesome.

Inspirational quote

♥♥♥ I ran across a few pretty amazing videos today and wanted to share them with you.

The first video brought TEARS to my blood shot eyes and made me feel super happy inside. I think we all struggle with fear. I mean, I do daily especially lately. Fear can sometimes stop me in my tracks and force me to second guess everything in my life, past or present. Anyways. Please watch this video all the way to the end because it’s totally worth it. Grab a cup of JOE in this and it will make you feel warm and cozy while watching these.

It’s about two women, An and Ria who are willing to take a big risk and try something new. They learned how to be free, have fun, share a lifetime experience and feel EMPOWERED with millions of viewers watching. I love how Vodafone is celebrating stories of #Firsts. Surely this video will make you smile and maybe shed a few tears of happiness. After all, aren’t we supposed to always be happy!

The second video literally had me baffled at first just WAITING for the insertion of a joke at any given moment until the end of the video. IT MADE ME SO EMOTIONAL. I’ll blame that on the dang blood moon, k. But seriously let me know how this video made you feel in the comment section below! You will just SHAKE YOUR HEAD when it’s over. I hope this makes your heart smile. I sat down tonight to share it with my son who is almost 14 and he actually got teary eyed….. smiled then hugged me. Insert: BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD 

I also ran across this video that made me super uuber full of yummy goodness in my belly and teary eyed at the same time. Why is it when you combine animals in a video that are purely driven by faith its makes us cry. Oh, wait… Am I the only one that cries for stuff like this? The reason I wanted to share this video with you is because it proves to us that no matter what, if the drive inside of us is strong and we have TON’S and dern TON’S of faith ANYTHING is possible.

I hope I made you happy and smile from ear to ear. Remember when life throws you lemons, freaking throw them back and always wear perfume to bed! See you in the next post my little Jaderbugs!


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Happy almost Easter! I think my favorite thing about Easter is decorating eggs.  I dont know why but each year I try to push myself to create fun and crazy egg decor. Wanna know how many different eggs I have decorated this year! Pretty much NONE! I know how can I be a craft blogger and walk with my head high in this moment.

I should walk with SHAME! With my non egg decorating self. Well off to bigger and better things, which is showing off crafts that other bloggers created. You know, the ones that walk around proud of how many different types of easy easter crafts they created. BOOYAH! You just made my day a whole lot easier. MAKE SURE TO PIN THESE IMAGES, COME CHECK OUT MY PINTEREST BOARDS HERE FOR A MAJOR OVERLOAD OF INSPIRATION. 


Silver and Gold Eggs by Create Craft Love

Cupcake Liner Planter by Jaderbomb

Easter Bunny Printable by ZU

cascarone8-copyCarrot Cascarones by I Heart Naptime

Printable-Bunny-Mask-Craft Printable Bunny Mask by Playful Learning

Mini Confetti Filled Bunny Egg Pinatas by Mom’s Best Network

bunny puppets 600-8
Bunny Hand Puppets by PurlBee

Grocery Bag Easter Basket by Ellinee

Egg Poppers by Studio DIY

Egg Candles by Jaderbomb

Paper Eggs by Craft and Creativity

Speckled Egg Cake by The Cake Blog

Black and White Eggs by Obviously Sweet

Naturally Died Eggs by Colour Me Happy

Calligraphed Eggs by Oh Happy Day

Fruity French Easter Eggs by The Allison Show

Easter Egg Pinatas by Studio DIY

Bow Tied Bunny Cake Toppers by Handmade Charlotte

Egg on a Shelf by Minted

Easter Brunch DIY with Cathie and Steve

Floral Puffy Paint Easter Eggs by Jennifer Perkins

Gold Leaf Easter Eggs by Ambrosiagirl


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Wah-flipping who, you get two. That is right! Two 12 months of Martha posts’ in one month. If you are wondering why you are honored with two I shall tell you. I accidentally deleted my March post (and didn’t realize it till the other day) so I had to repost it so… Today I will share with you some pretty amazing home office ideas than you can create in nearly NO TIME.

*Make sure to pin the image below so the WORLD can see how awesome it is* HOMEOFFICE DECOR DIY JADERBOMB

It’s time to kick off the SUMMER and what better way to do that than with some awesome home office decor. I know what you are thinking, ” I can totally go buy some from the store, yo”… But what I was thinking was you could make your own then totally tell all your friends, “OMG Darcy, look what I made for my desk”.

Who’s Darcy? You could also put these on your desk.


diy craft supplies
I am totally in love with the color I used in this post! It’s called Pea Shoot and I think that is a perfect name.  MINT COLORED CRAFTS
For some reason I fell in LOVE with the paint on this brush! It looks delicious and yes, I tasted it. I had to! *DO NOT CONSUME with or without alcohol, HAHA~ martha stewart craft paint Step ONE: Paint your cardboard box with paint of choice.  painted box Step TWO: Once it is dry (a few hours) place your paper pom pom stickers on the top. How easy and darling! DIY TRINKET BOX
Step THREE: Get your stenciling tape and place a small piece in the middle of your journal and pencils. Don’t worry about your pencils being perfect.

Step FOUR: Paint the bottom portion of your pencils and journal. Let dry and apply a second coat.  diy stationery
Step FIVE: ENJOY! martha stewart stationery Don’t forget to connect on social media! I promise I share things on instagram that need a rating system… HEHE If you use Instagram or Twitter please use the hashtag #JADERBOMB so I can keep track of all the LOVE! HAVE A GLITTERY DAY! XOXO, Jade

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Photography: Jaderbomb // DIY tutorial by: Jaderbomb // Ceramic Glass : Jamaica // Font used: Mossy // Fabric Journal and Cardboard Box: Michael’s // Pencils: Dollar Tree // Affiliate Links: Amazon I do get a percentage from the links you can order from so thanks! 

Dip baby dip! Today we are taking fruit to a whole new level. I don’t know about you but lately I have been yearning for Summer and what goes perfectly with this Summer, this chocolate dipped fruit recipe. I love eating anything juicy and sweet with fruit so I decided to mix the two.

Kinda permanently. Well, until consumed. Enjoy! Get the recipe at the bottom of the page!

I topped them off with Martha Stewarts vintage food picks. Check out these fun POPS I made, they are great for Easter. chocolate dipped fruit recipe

Chocolate Dipped Fruit Recipe

Rating: 51

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 15 minutes

Great for weddings, birthday or engagement parties.


  • Baker's Chocolate
  • Fresh or Canned Fruit


  1. Break apart a bar of dark chocolate
  2. Microwave on high for 3 minutes
  3. Repeat until it's smooth when you stir is
  4. Wash fruit then dry it with napkin
  5. Dip fruit in the chocolate
  6. Place on a parchment-lined baking sheet on a plate
  7. Chill in the freezer until it's set, about 10 minutes


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12monthsofmartha Happy 12 MONTHS of MARTHA day! What? You didn’t know I blogged for my best friend? Martha just left and I gave her this cupcake liner planter that I made, she loved it…. (hehe) Check out all of my posts here. Don’t forget to enter my AMAZING GIVEAWAY!

My succulent was sad and depressed so I made her a lovely home to hang out in. Who would of ever thunk it! A planter made out of cupcake liners. However this would not have been possible without the help of beautifully designed cupcake liners, right! Remember my cupcake hat that was featured in KIDS CRAFTS 123! cupcake liner planter
You will need:
Succulent | Empty Tin Can | Glue Gun | Cupcake Liners  diy planter
What is it about succulents that make you smile! jade plant diy
Step One:
Take a cupcake liner and fold it in half.

Step Two:
Fold it again in half.

Step Three:
Start hot gluing it to the tin can. I started from the top and made my way down so they would over lap each other.

Time to enjoy your creation! easy home crafts diy craft
How easy was this craft! Not only will you fall in love with it but if it get’s damaged you won’t loose sleep over it. Want to check out more of my 12 months of Martha posts’, check them out here.

XOXO, Jade

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It’s THURS-DIY and it’s time to get INSPIRED by my crafty friends. This week we have 8 Spring Diy’s that are a mix of spring, chic, and just pure fun. Click the links below the picture to see how each craft was made! Trust me they are all so much fun! 8 spring diy's

Make a few of these Peeps Martini’s and I promise you might just see the Easter BUNNY! {SOURCE: Margot Potter }

Dress up ANY piece of clothing with fabric markers and watercolor flowers with fabric markers {SOURCE: Cathy Attix}

I am in love with this Mod Melt mirror. Perfect for any desk, dresser or dorm room. {SOURCE: Cathie Filian}

These rainbow loom flip-flops will make your heart and feet thump like crazy! {SOURCE: Debi Beard}

This chilli-pepper & resin heart necklace is the coolest thing ever! I am already thinking of ton’s of spices I could add to it! {SOURCE: Cathie Filian}

Golden geometric-y painted pillows are surely the key to happiness. Right! {SOURCE: Mark Montano}

Dollar-store wall art can be added to any room for a punch of spice! {SOURCE: Morena Hockley}

Dress up your bracelets with nail polish. Super easy and super affordable. {SOURCE: Jader Bomb}

I hope you enjoyed all of these great tutorials! Make sure to hop over to each one and check them out. See ya in the next post!



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