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sponsored post Coming to you live from my messy studio with a major quack announcement. There is a new tape out on the loose! That’s right, a new decorative tape called DECO TAPE.

It’s fierce, it’s bold and it will dress up everything in your life. Why be drabby when you can be “duck tape savvy”… (yes I just made that up)

Today I will show you how to transform plain tags into ones that scream “LOOK AT ME”…

YOUWILLNEED Labels or Tags | Deco Tape

This tape comes in 4 different designs. You can use this tape to dress up anything from stationery to a phone case!

DUCK TAPE DECO TAPE  You simply tear a piece off and wrap it around the bottom portion of the tag. I tore a long piece to make sure it wrapped around the back completely then I cut the excess off with scissors.  DECORATE WITH DUCK TAPE HOW TO MAKE WASHI TAPE LABELS

You could use these for gifts, a special table setting, bottles or invitations. Endless ideas I tell ya! EASY DIY LABELS DUCK TAPE CRAFTS DECO TAPE TUTORIALS PINTEREST DUCK TAPE TAGS



One thing you could do is have a tape party! Have tables filled with blank supplies and let your friends go buck wild with this tape. Make sure you tag DUCK TAPE and they might share it on Facebook or Twitter! I added a fun quote for you to think about. HUGE GLITTERY HUGS!


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. What would you make with your tape?

Today it is all about mugs. I don’t know about you but I somehow collect way too many mugs and what happens is I never can decide which one I actually want to drink out of. I guess just like the clothes I wear I believe my coffee cup defines what kind of mood I am in or want to be in.

What? You don’t think so? Shoots, maybe I am just a nut case but at least I am a nutcase than could throw a banging coffee party. Remember my coffee party I did for Martha? You know you could always use these printables for a banging party too!

“I like light green, sometimes red is fun to look at, not a fan of yellow, unless it’s in a rainbow or on a coffee mug or on a happy face.”
-Chris Kattan

*Adhesive Stencils
*Brush and Stencil Cleaner
How to Stencil Mugs The great thing about Martha Stewart’s stencils is the fact that they have a nice adhesive backing to them. This is good because they will not budge when you paint on them.  martha stewart adhesive stencils

Start by placing them on the mugs wherever you want. Don’t worry, if you mess up you can remove them and reapply them where you want.  numbered mugs diy Once your stencil is secure squirt a little bit of glass paint inside of your stencil.  how to write on glass I love using daubers because they distribute the paint nice and even through out the stencil. They also help prevent bleeds since you are apply in an up and down motion.  martha stewart dauber Apply one even coat and re-apply a second coat 10 minutes later. If you want a really opaque look add a third coat.  how to stamp glass

Before your paint dries pull off your stencil and place it in a bowl of water.
how to paint glass

Take them out of the water when you are done and place them on a paper towel. Grab another paper towel and apply a little stencil cleaner to it. Gently rub the stencil and the paint will come off.  how to clean stencils martha steawart stencils Allow them to dry over night and if you want lock in the paint you can bake them in the oven. The directions to doing that is on the bottle.  numbered mugs I hope you enjoyed this easy and fun DIY tutorial. I mean, you can put numbers on your mugs so you can count how many cups you drink in a day right!

Happy Monday Jaderbugs! I am so excited to share with you these Powerful Plants today. It’s always nice to find natural ways to enhance our lives and improve our health.


If you are like me then you LOVE plants. I love plants too much. It really doesn’t take much to make me smile, as long as it’s real {{not some ole fake plastic thing}}, pretty and smells good.

I just want to name a few plants that I BELIEVE are a must in everyone’s home. Now don’t go crazy tomorrow trying to get every single plant I show you but try your best… (hehe).

Jade Plant
The first plant I absolutely LOVE is a Jade plant {imagine that}. These are SO easy to take care of. This plant is considered a succulent and guess what…it promotes prosperity, good luck and abundance! It is also called (by some) a money plant. I think that would just fall under the category of “good luck”. Shoot’s, I am NOT picky when it comes to luck. I will take whatever I can get! You should only water it once every two weeks. These babies don’t like direct sunlight so keep them out of the sun. Oh, and don’t forget to put your Jade Plant it in the back left corner of the room it’s located in. This spot is considered the “Wealth” spot.


Click here to see my post about my JADE plant! It was part of my 100 day’s of Martha Stewart!

Ficus Alii
I think this plant is SO pretty! What it “does” is cray cray though! It removes chemical vapors in the air! (I know, my mouth is open right now too) It’s pretty much like a natural air purifier.

The most important thing is that the bigger it is, the more powerful it becomes. Some can grow up to 9 feet tall. It likes room temperature water and you should only water it once a week. It needs bright to medium light so don’t stick it in the corner behind a door.


The Bamboo Palm
Great for cleaning the air!  Did you know that Nasa did an experiement to test how powerful some plants were at cleaning the air and this bad boy was ranked NUMBER THREE! This is a house plant (but could grow outside too). Make sure you water it once a week and you want to make sure the soil is not extremely wet, just a little moist.  Now these babies GROW so you want to keep that in mind!


Stargazer Lily
There are some plants that produce smells that are out of this world. When our bodies smell something “pretty” it feels good. I know mine does! When something smells good it reduces stress and then we unconsciously monitor the air around us with every breath we take. Did you know that pleasing fragrances make us feel SAFE!!! (( hellerrr I love to feel safe))

Shoot’s now I will ALWAYS have an excuse to buy fresh flowers, hehe. Plus it’s much better than “air fresh-ners” that are full of chemicals! It took a lot for me to escape the world of air fresheners. A flower that is in my house ALL OF THE TIME is LILIES. People, you will not get enough of this smell. It smells our entire house plus they look so pretty!

Ficus lyrata
This plant can actually neutralize electromagnetic fields that radiate from electronics and appliances. WHAT THA WHUHHH…and it’s pretty! That’s a double wammy. It is a powerful health improving plant buy “fung shui” standards. When you get it you will place it in a corner or near a piece of furniture with sharp edges. This will soften the energy that these points cause. Make sure the soil stays moist and will need medium to bright light. Just looking at it makes me feel calmmmmm.


I hope you enjoyed learning about some plants that could benefit your life! It’s always fun to bring nature inside. I attached a video that I absolutely love and would LOVE if you could take 10 minutes out of your day to watch it! I promise it will change your life.

I hope you have a “FLOWER-FULL” day!

Yep it’s already time to start the crafty love making! Today I am sharing 10 Great Valentines Ideas. I love pink, red and gold so this is the perfect time to pretend to be a 10 year old girl again in my pretty pink room!

No, I never had a pink room but it’s never too late right! I put together 10 fabulous and easy ideas for this lovely day. I am sure there is something in here you could use, if not all of them. ENJOY!
PINTEREST-LOGO pretty-painted-wooden-letters-680x1024

Geometric XO Letters
These are so easy to make and you can really bling it out with your favorite colors.


Cup Cake Banner
These were a hit on Pinterest and super cute. Now don’t do like me and try to eat them.

When I made this it was a hit and I kept it up for a year in my house. It’s so lovable.

How to make Homemade Envelopes and Boxes
Why buy a box when you can make your own with your favorite paper!


Happily Ever After – FREE PRINTABLE
Who doesn’t want a Happily Ever After? RIGHT!


Valentine Tube Candles
Why buy expensive candles when you can turn dollar candles into this!


Bath Salts
Give your loved one a scrub in the tubby tub with this load of awesomeness!


Valentine Heart Wreath
Who doesn’t love a good ole interchangeable wreath.


Food Pom Pom
Wanna turn those boring cupcakes into work’s of art? Just stick these babies in them an VOILA!


Watercolor Flags
This is a great craft to do with you kids.


I hope you enjoyed these Valentine Ideas.


Today I am sharing something that makes me smile from ear to ear. My top 10 DIY Posts of 2013! HOLY COW, 2013 is OVER! I can’t even believe it’s over already. I honestly remember 2000 happening last week and now 14 years later.

This past year was by far my BEST year ever with so many things. I graduated college, my blog GREW (WHOA IT GREW), I came OUT on my blog, I started working with some GREAT brands, my site got HACKED (thanks Max for fixing that because I got to finally design my site the way I wanted) and my son who is almost 14 (WHAT) is happy and healthy! I am so thankful to the UNIVERSE for everything. She really does listen. When you manifest good things, good things come. I never imagined the success that would come along with a little blog I started almost 4 years ago. I could go on for day’s but I think this might sum everything up for you.

THANK YOU! 2014 has already started extremely well and I can’t wait to announce tom just one thing super exciting! Lot’s of FUN things to tell you but I have to wait till I get permission for each of them! Are you on your toes yet?  Top 10 DIY Posts of 2013 - WWW.JADERBOMB.COM

Top 10 DIY Posts of 2013 - WWW.JADERBOMB.COM

How to Cut Glass

Top 10 DIY Posts of 2013 - WWW.JADERBOMB.COM

How to make Faux Milk Glass

Top 10 DIY Posts of 2013 - WWW.JADERBOMB.COM

Diy Ring around the Rose Bracelet or Neclace 

Top 10 DIY Posts of 2013 - WWW.JADERBOMB.COM

How to make a Reed Diffuser

Top 10 DIY Posts of 2013 - WWW.JADERBOMB.COM

How to Decoupage on Glass

Top 10 DIY Posts of 2013 - WWW.JADERBOMB.COM

Homemade Laundry Soap

Top 10 DIY Posts of 2013 - WWW.JADERBOMB.COM

Puff Paint Vases

Top 10 DIY Posts of 2013 - WWW.JADERBOMB.COM

How to make a Dream Catcher Mobile 

Top 10 DIY Posts of 2013 - WWW.JADERBOMB.COM

How to Organize Your Space 

Top 10 DIY Posts of 2013 - WWW.JADERBOMB.COM

Top 10 DIY Posts of 2013 - WWW.JADERBOMB.COM

I love all of you so much and thanks for making JADERBOMB what it is. It’s all because of you and I am forever GRATEFUL and THANKFUL. I hope to see all of you in 2014!


Today is the day before the NEW YEAR! I am all about being organized and aren’t we all a little unorganized around this time of the year. I gathered up my top 20 FREE PRINTABLE CALENDARS and put them in one hot spot, my blog. The best part is you can print them from any computer and dress up your space while organizing your life.

My favorite thing to do is download one month from each set and really have fun with your year. ENJOY and SHARE!  20 FREE PRINTABLE CALENDARS 2014 - WWW.JADERBOMB.COM

printable calendar 2014  Shining Mom

Free yearly calendar 2014

Elegence and Enchantment 

free chalkboard calendar

Create Craft Love

Nature printable calendar

ZU Blog


Skip To My Lou

free yearly calendar

Francesc Alancisi


Clementine Creative

The-Organised-Housewife-2014-Monthly-Calendars-+-To-Do-List The Organised Housewife


Oh So Lovely Blog

free confetti calendar



Design Eat Repeat


The Handmade Home

Free 2014 printable calendar

Floral Philosopher

Free calendar printable

Love vs Design

flower calendar 2014

Mein Lila Park


Botanical Paper Works

black and white free calendar

Ruby Bows

modern calendar freebie

Mira Moln


Thirty Hand Made Days

free printable calendar 2014

Little House On The Corner





Remember a while back when I posted this picture below? Remember how stressed I was trying to figure out what to do with this odd little piece of wood? I received ton’s of advice on what I should and shouldn’t do. So much advice that I got completely distracted all over again and could not make up my mind.

Like, who else freaks out about stuff like this? I feel like I need a stump to sit on and “think” when I have to make design decisions. After staying up many nights (not really) I finally decided to trust my bestie Martha. She always knows what do to. Come see what I ended up doing.

Learn how to Stenci - www.jaderbomb.com

Initially I painted the wood with black chalk paint. I wanted a whimsical space where I could write positive notes on. Yeah, not so much once it was there.

It’s obvious I love anything with chalk. Check out what I did to my fridge. I also made some rad chalk labels. In today’s project you will learn how to Stencil.

I used Martha Stewarts Geometric Patterns Laser Cut Stencils. They are super easy to use and affordable, at a low price of $16.99. I like things like this because it will not break the bank and you can always paint over it when you get tired of looking at it.

“Use stencils to create beautiful painted designs on fabric, wood, glass and other surfaces. Contains 3 laser cut stencils 8 3/4in x 16 3/4in, 12 designs, and instructions”.

Correct way to use stencils - Jaderbomb You will simply lay the stencil down on any surface, grab a sponge and lightly sponge on top of the stencil. I am very ocd so after every application I would wash the stencil and pat it dry. When you move onto the the next section just take one row and lay it on top of the last one you painted.

This will line up the stencil pattern. Once you are done stenciling your entire surface, let it dry for 24 hours. When dry apply a layer of Mod Podge on top. Let it dry completely and apply a second coat.
How to mod podge wood - JADERBOMB

Ways to use Mod Podge - Jaderbomb Martha Stewart Stencils - Jaderbomb Stenciling Projects - Jaderbomb DIY Kitchen Projects - Jaderbomb I am pretty sure you are gooing and gahhing looking at these pictures. I mean, this is something I am doing temporarily until I finish the kitchen. It does add pizazz to the space if I must say so myself.  Easy Kitchen Makeover - Jaderbomb
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it helpful. Make sure to let me know in the comments if you have any questions or if you want to share your experience with stenciling. I love to hear your thoughts! See you in the next post.


Merry Christmas my little Jaderbugs! How did the whole month of December pass so quickly? I think Ceaux Ceaux knows the perfect word that explains exactly how I feel about this situation. Seriously, did it fly away with the dust bunnies in my house?

Wait. I have not dusted lately so those bunnies are probably still hopping around. The Power of Words - A Christmas Message - Jaderbomb.com

I am a firm believer in words. Words are powerful. They speak a language of their own. Just remember during this chaotic holiday season to speak nice to everyone you encounter. Lately words from other’s have been stabbing me in every pore, but just know you can change any situation with ONE WORD.

Gosh, maybe not one but it was worth a try. I found this video about 7 months ago and I have been wanting to share it. I guess the timing was never right. Today though, is the right time. Words turn into feelings and feelings turn into works. Let’s make the new year wonderful and happy!

I love all of you so much and I need you to know this. My site would NOT be where it is without you. So, THANK YOU from the bottom of my soul.

P.S. I am ready for 2014!


OPTIMISM: 1. Hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something. COVER


With high hopes of bringing happiness and optimism to everyone in the world, Folgers is launching “The Best Part”, a social platform that will allow people to connect and share positive stories through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Little gestures are exactly that, little. However, you would be surprised at how easy it is to change someone’s life or day by doing little things. It’s all about Staying Optimistic.


TBP_PageLikeAd_5 This is my third post for this awesome campaign and I surely hope I am spreading happiness and joy to your lives when you read each post. I am enjoying sharing these hopeful stories with you and I think this one might be my best one yet. 


I live in Louisiana and we encounter a lot of hurricanes since we are so close to the Gulf of Mexico. In 2005, we got hit really hard with Hurricane Rita and a month later New Orleans was hit very bad by Hurricane Katrina. Everyone seemed to be out of their homes, jobs and separated from their loved ones. Lots of people from New Orleans moved around for temporary housing. 


The Cajundome in Lafayette (where I live) was a huge shelter and let me tell you it was pretty chaotic here. This story is 100% about being OPTIMISTIC! One day me and my friend Michelle decided we were gonna go to the Cajundome and visit some of the families there. You know, just giving them some love and good energy considering the circumstances. While we were there we met a family who thankfully remained together but did lose everything to their name. The family had 4 kids and it was gut wrenching to see this. We hung out with them for a few hours and before we left we both decided we wanted to do “OUR” part in this situation. Even if it was for one family or one person.


We decided that we would go in half and buy them clothes, pajamas and snacks. Before we left we got all of their sizes, favorite colors and favorite toy/character. We went straight to the store to pick out things for them. While there we said to each other, “What more can we do?…” 

We wanted to get them out of that shelter for a few hours and let them be kids again, however this was a difficult decision. I stayed OPTIMISTIC and trusted this vision. We went back to the Cajundome to bring them their clothes and asked the parents if they would mind us taking the kids for the day on Sunday to let them play outside and cook for them. TBP_PageLikeAd_6 Can you believe they said YES? 


The next morning we both drove there and picked them up. They were so excited to see us that morning. Sunday was a great day. We cooked and gave them a day of normalcy and freedom. Before they left I let them take showers and got into their new pajamas. They all were so sad to leave and it was very hard on my soul knowing what they were going back to while I went to bed in my cozy home. 


But, the moral of this story is never judge a person because you don’t know their entire background. Don’t get me wrong, doing something like this requires a lot of positive intuition and trust but not everyone is harmful. What I gave to those kids that day was OPTIMISM. I pray that they will always remember that Sunday. 


Optimism. What brings joy to your life? Please share with the world!


The Best Part is an online community that’s dedicated to brightening your day—every day. How? It’s by spreading optimism, one share at a time. 1380087_535971659811461_714388843_n The Best Part posts inspirational stories, encouraging quotes, good news and other upbeat items on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram—and encourages fans and followers to share that optimism with their friends. Because when optimism is shared, it grows, making an even more positive impact on our world. Check out what others are sharing on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

ST_12_months_of_Martha_Logo-1 How to make a Paper Cone

What’s better than Popcorn? Getting Popcorn in a paper cone, y’all!

Now before you flip out with excitement I will need you to put on your Christmas shirt and grab a movie. Preferably UP. Wait, did you see my post I did yesterday on the I love to create website? Check it out Here.

Let’s get started because I am eating all of the popcorn.  YOUWILLNEED Martha Stewart Craft Paper | Baker’s Twine (optional) | Christmas Stickers | Glue Gun | Love
DIY SNACK CONTAINERS The first thing you will do is lay a sheet of paper out flat and start rolling from one corner to the next. It might feel awkward at first but you will get the hang of it.  howtomakeapapercone It will start to look like this on the end. With a little practice (maybe a minor heart attack) you will get a nice pointed tip.

Whatever you do, don’t ask me how how many times I threw that sheet of paper down on the ground while walking away like a mad little kid <——– teehee.  make a paper cone snack containers When you are done rolling your paper you will have this little piece of paper hanging off of the top. Don’t worry it’s supposed to be there. If it’s big enough you can fold it down and clip it with a button or something. You can use a hole puncher and attach with baker’s twine also.  paper container I used Martha’s new stickers on my paper cones. I love how they add just enough to the cones.  marthastewart peppermint stickers popcorn holder paper cone You can fill these with anything your little heart desires. I wanted to hand out popcorn to my family and thought that would be the perfect filling.  diy paper cones diypaper cone craft Disclosure:  I’m part of the 12 Months of Martha program. What does that mean? Well, my stop mom “Martha” sends me a box of yummy goodies each month and in return I create fun tutorials just like the one today for you.

Happy Holiday’s from my little golden heart to yours! What will you fill your cones with?


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