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Today we are celebrating another fabulous week of Awesome DIY Projects. If you are not  familiar with BLOGGY LOVE THURSDAY then welcome. Each week me and my close crafty friends get together and show off our most recent creation. This is a good group so you will never be disappointed. Enjoy! Awesome DIY Projects My friend Mark Montano made this precious is this luscious lip sweater. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. I think it would be cute to make different colored lips! Think about RAINBOW lips, okayyyy! Check out his video to see how he made perfect lips. 1947621_10201422237818562_2091510764_n
My girl Cathy Attix created these snazzy slip ons. I think if you can have a creative mind and a white pair of shoes magical things can happen. It’s just a blank canvas waiting for you! Make sure to see how she made them because she will show you some tricks to getting a perfect design. Teapot-Dessert-Stand1-580x580 Heather Mann surely made my eyes sparkle today with this cutie pattoooty teapot cake stand. How rad this is really! It’s like a little bit of Alice N Wonderland and Alice N Wonderland, hehe! Check out how easy it is to make and in no time you will make 10 of them.  chalkboard-tee-thumb-1024x697(pp_w860_h585) Debi Beard always puts me in a good mood and so will this DIY erasable T-Shirt.  I mean, I love anything with chalk so this is like a ball of chalk happiness. You can write anything on here y’all! No get too crazy with it (you know what I mean). Did I mention it’s so easy to make!  May-Flowers-Earrings-Two-Text-copy Margot Potter  is fabulous incase you didn’t know already. She creates the BEST jewerly in the land of jewelry makers. She made these rad metal stamped earrings that you will drool over. If you have never stamped metal I will warn you now, ADDICTING. Check out how she made them so you can make them for all your friends and family! 1974554_10152260301832429_230620380_n Cathie and Steve are always making us smile with unique crafts. Not to mention their infectious smiles! You will FLIP when you see this easy statement necklace they created.  The main ingredient is something you will never guess by looking at the picture. Good one y’all!  flower1.jpg Kathy Cano-Murillo  aka Crafty Chica blew my MIND away with this tutorial. Plaster dipped flowers. I know you are shaking your head saying WTF, how didn’t I think of that. Well, that is why we have her right! Now run and check out her easy steps on creating this.  COTTON CANDY MARSHMALLOW POPS Incase you missed my yummy cotton candy marshmallow pops you must check them out! Check out my facebook page to get updates on upcoming crafts I am working on.

I hope you enjoyed today’s ROUNDUP! Give all my friends some lovely love YO. They give love back too! See you in the next post…

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You’re a marshmallow. Soft and sweet and when you get heated up you go all gooey and delicious.”- Janet Evanovich

These yummy goodies are all cozy in my warm belly right now. Well I did bring some to my god child next door and she walked around with one in each hand saying they were DELICIOUS over and over!

If you are wondering how I came up with these well I will be honest and tell you I was craving ice cream with that magic shell yumminess but I didn’t have either so I improvised. SORTA. I ironically had a bag of cotton candy laying around (not really it was from Valentines Day)… I hope my son doesn’t read this post, hehe.

chocolate covered marshmallows Everyone needs a little cotton candy in their lives, right! cotton candy food We can’t leave out MARSHMALLOWS! They are the best part of anything, right! marshmallow pops |1| First thing you will do is grab a paper straw (mine are from Michaels) and jab it through a soft white marshmallow.  easy marshmallow pops |2| Grab some chocolate from your grocery store’s baking section (the kind you pop in the microwave). Listen when you are on the go this stuff makes your life amazing!  Make sure to read the directions.  easy chocolate cake pops |3| Take your marshmallow and dip it half way into the gooey melted choco-late. how to melt chocolate |4| While your chocolate is still wet sprinkle it with sprinkles. If you don’t like sprinkles then you can leave them plain!

|5| The BEST part of this pop is the topping. Take a little ball of cotton candy and roll it up with your fingers {of course clean ones} then place them on top of your wet chocolate. If you roll your cotton candy balls ahead of time it makes it really easy to grab them and pop them on the wet chocolate!  MARSHMALLOW POPS |5| Time to EAT! Tip of adice: I placed mine in the freezer over night bc I personally like the texture of frozen marshmallows. If you have never tried it, you should! colorfull marshmallow pops

birthday pops

chocolate dipped marshmallows


I hope you enjoyed this post! Make sure to share on your pinterest page or facebook. Everyone needs to see how awesome these babies are!

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Seriously Y’all. Today I will show you how to Dye Easter Eggs, just wait —–> Not just eggs but Tie-Dyed Eggs. I am totally obsessed with tie-dye. You would think I am a born again 15 year old who’s parents traveled in a camper and lived for Woodstock or just wood. Wait, they did.

Ya know this craft is perfect for grown adults (who simply are finding anything to bring them back to their younger years,yo) or itty bitty kiddos. You could kill 2 birds with 1 stone and do them WITH your kiddos!

So I write for I Love to Create, twice a month and I get to actually do FUN stuff like this for my JOBBBY JOB! I know. You are totally shaking your head right now saying “ughhhh I wanna dye eggs and listen to loud music all day”… TRUST, it took me a long time and lot’s of hard work to get this egg dying job. Check out all of my crafts that I have made for them.

Thankful? YOU BETCHA BOTTOM DOLLAR. There is a special technique I used on these eggs so make sure to click this link <——- to see the magic trick.

How to Dye Easter Eggs My fur child got jealous when I was making these eggs and just begged for some tie-dye on her pure white fur. Don’t worry it’s all NON TOXIC! That alone rocks!

I posted a picture of Ceaux Ceaux (co-co) on my Instagram and everyone loved it. Are you on Instagram? Go follow me and get a glimpse into my fun and adventurous daily life. Don’t let me fool you it’s usually pics of my hands holding what I think is “interesting” objects or “sneak peaks” of my upcoming projects. Fun AY! Just search for JADERBOMB, don’t worry I will accept your request just give me 4 minutes.


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Roses are red violets are blue roses are pretty and so are you… Well if that wasn’t cheesy then I don’t know what is! I ran across these paper roses the other day at Michael’s Arts & Crafts and fell in love. They were in the bins right by the register for $1. One stinking dollar! So what is a DIY girl to do? Of course buy them. Wanna see what I made with them, let’s go! Check out these other Valentines Ideas I posted.  Paper Flowers 11 Paper Roses | Magnets | Glue Gun | Suction Cups Clips | Paper Clips
paper roses supplies The first thing you will do is take the rose out of the pack, smell it, adore it, kiss it (only if you are a real paper freak) and then realize it’s a paper rose and it does not smell. Teehee!  paper flowers diy The paper flowers peel off of the pack real easy. Once you take one off add a drop of hot glue to the back of the rose then gently place a paper clip on the back of the rose. Make sure you put the paper clip facing the correct direction before you stick it in the hot glue. You will do the same thing for the suction cups, clips and magnets.  paper clip diy DSC_0888 diy stationery paper flowers tutorial Once your suction cup hangers are done you can stick them on a mirror or window to display these beauties. I like to hang fun things from them that make me smile.  Paper Roses diy magnets learn to make paper flowers

I am simply delighted with this easy tutorial and I hope you make tons of fun rose magnets! These will dress up any fridge or filing cabinets in 5 minutes.

Just have fun with them and remember you can practically glue a flower rose on anything to dress it up! Don’t forget thumb tacks!


Today it’s all about 8 DIY Projects that will totally get you in the mood to create! Did I mention these are my great friends so make sure to click on the links and give them ton’s of love. ENJOY!  8 DIY Projects

1724171_10152247457297774_1425111551_n Go freak out over these sweet friendship braceletsCathy Attix created these strait from her HEART!

Ready to be blown away? Check out how to dress up a “cake” in this fun and whimsical tutorial from Debi’s Design Diary 

Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza bring LIGHT to any space with this glittery gold candle!

Infinity and BEYOND always brings a smile to my face and this will bring a smile to your neck! Dollar Store Crafts will make many hearts happy with this tutorial.

This precious onesie will make any baby look lovable, do they make adult onesies? Kathy Cano-Murillo created these babies!

Margot Potter knows the way to a best friend’s heart with these DIY earrings! Super CHIC!

Want to make over that piece of furniture that is just starring at you with that “look”… Check out Mark Montano ‘s easy tutorial here!
And we can’t forget about my latest post! Glittery mugs make EVERYTHING taste better.

I hope you enjoyed all of these Dapper Diy’s! See you in the next post.

Can you see yourself doing any of these, if so which ones?

ST_12_months_of_Martha_Logo-1 Howdy Hoo Jaderbugs! I am so excited to share today’s craft with you. Do you remember last year when I told you I was chosen to be a 12 months of Martha blogger? You can check out all of my posts here.  GUESS WHAT! I was chosen again to be a 12 months of Martha blogger!

Yippe Ki Yay! I wanted to make something that you could drink out of or put on your desk! These Glittered Mugs will totally make your heart melt and it’s the perfect gift to give someone. Let’s get started!

Glittered Mugs YOUWILLNEED

Glitter tray and rack | Patterning tape | Heart Glitter | Mugs | Brush | Decoupage glittered mug supplies
If you have not seen this amazing glitter then you are about to flip out. These are so stinking cute right. It’s baby heart that shine like stars in the sky. I chose these two colors because I thought they went nicely together. aa The first thing you will do is put tape around the mug. I wanted to add glitter on the bottom half so I simply put tape in the middle of the mug.  how to use stenciling tape
In today’s project we will be using a gloss decoupage. I love this product because when it dries, it dries clear and so beautiful.  how to write on mugs I am loving this new glitter rack and tray. It is great way to trap the glitter and when you are done you can pour it back into the glitter tube. The great thing is on the corner of the tray there is a tray that has a little hole on it making it easy to remove the glitter without a huge mess.

You will lay your mug on top of the tray and coat a section with decoupage then immediately sprinkle the heart glitter all over it. glittered mugs
We will also embellish our mugs with miniature love notebooks. I am in LOVE with these. You can really write in them! how to make glittered mugs

black and white straws

valentines diy

diy mugs If you want to make the glitter look thick then you will add a coat over the mug, let it dry completely. Apply another coat of decoupage then put a layer of glitter again.  shiny gold mugs I added some dirt in the mugs and added a few plants in them. These would look great on a desk or a nice gift. how to make a mug planter

glittered mugs

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! It’s perfect for Valentines day, right!


I have been feeling totally “Turquoise-ey” lately so I figured I would do a fun round up of 20 TURQUOISE TUTORIALS. I have noticed lately that this particular color is taking over the world and boy am I happy about that.

Me and turquoise go back to circa 1985 when my dad would wear these jewels all over his neck, fingers, waist and even lighter. My dad was always wearing turquoise. That is until he got over it, but let’s face it nobody ever get’s “over” turquoise especially the REAL stuff.

Enjoy the roundup! I made a nice image (below) for you to PIN on Pinterest so pin away.

20 turquoise tutorials pinterest

Turquoise Wall Treatment  Easy Hexagon Wall Treatment via My Sister’s Suitcase Turquoise Tutorials

Trophy Cup Flowers via Jaderbomb
turquoise diy earrings
Earrings Tutorial via Fashion Blog

20 Turquoise Tutorials
How to make Distressed Chalkboard Jars via Something Turquoise  20 Turquoise Tutorials
Aqua Ombre Painted Furniture via Fox Hollow Cottage
20 Turquoise Tutorials
How to make distressed furniture via In My Own Style
Ombre Windsor Chairs via Honey Bear Lane
20 Turquoise Tutorials
Half Painted Furniture via Craft Hunter
http://crafthunter.com.au/2013/10/16/diy-trend-half-painted-furniture/  Painted Wooden Bangles via One Artsy Mama
Turquoise Tutorials
Paper Dahlia via Stars and Sunshine
Ring around the Rosie Wrap via Jaderbomb 
Turquoise Background
Geometric Photo Booth Background via Lovely Indeed
Turquoise Tutorials
Faux Dip Painted Wooden Handles via Lia Griffith 
Glittered Mason Jar Cups via Madigan Made turquoise earrings  Tassel Earrings via Lana Red Studio turquoise scarf
Faux Woven Cowl via Hands Occupied 
Turquoise Tutorials
Turquoise and Silver Faith Bracelet via Wait till your Father get’s home
Turquoise diy
Diy Drift Wood Mirror via Design Dining Diapers 
Beach Inspired Mason Jar via A pumpkin and a Princess

I hope you enjoyed this roundup! Make sure to come visit me on Pinterest HERE and Facebook HERE! Huge love and glittery hugs!



sponsored post Coming to you live from my messy studio with a major quack announcement. There is a new tape out on the loose! That’s right, a new decorative tape called DECO TAPE.

It’s fierce, it’s bold and it will dress up everything in your life. Why be drabby when you can be “duck tape savvy”… (yes I just made that up)

Today I will show you how to transform plain tags into ones that scream “LOOK AT ME”…

YOUWILLNEED Labels or Tags | Deco Tape

This tape comes in 4 different designs. You can use this tape to dress up anything from stationery to a phone case!

DUCK TAPE DECO TAPE  You simply tear a piece off and wrap it around the bottom portion of the tag. I tore a long piece to make sure it wrapped around the back completely then I cut the excess off with scissors.  DECORATE WITH DUCK TAPE HOW TO MAKE WASHI TAPE LABELS

You could use these for gifts, a special table setting, bottles or invitations. Endless ideas I tell ya! EASY DIY LABELS DUCK TAPE CRAFTS DECO TAPE TUTORIALS PINTEREST DUCK TAPE TAGS



One thing you could do is have a tape party! Have tables filled with blank supplies and let your friends go buck wild with this tape. Make sure you tag DUCK TAPE and they might share it on Facebook or Twitter! I added a fun quote for you to think about. HUGE GLITTERY HUGS!


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. What would you make with your tape?

Today it is all about mugs. I don’t know about you but I somehow collect way too many mugs and what happens is I never can decide which one I actually want to drink out of. I guess just like the clothes I wear I believe my coffee cup defines what kind of mood I am in or want to be in.

What? You don’t think so? Shoots, maybe I am just a nut case but at least I am a nutcase than could throw a banging coffee party. Remember my coffee party I did for Martha? You know you could always use these printables for a banging party too!

“I like light green, sometimes red is fun to look at, not a fan of yellow, unless it’s in a rainbow or on a coffee mug or on a happy face.”
-Chris Kattan

*Adhesive Stencils
*Brush and Stencil Cleaner
How to Stencil Mugs The great thing about Martha Stewart’s stencils is the fact that they have a nice adhesive backing to them. This is good because they will not budge when you paint on them.  martha stewart adhesive stencils

Start by placing them on the mugs wherever you want. Don’t worry, if you mess up you can remove them and reapply them where you want.  numbered mugs diy Once your stencil is secure squirt a little bit of glass paint inside of your stencil.  how to write on glass I love using daubers because they distribute the paint nice and even through out the stencil. They also help prevent bleeds since you are apply in an up and down motion.  martha stewart dauber Apply one even coat and re-apply a second coat 10 minutes later. If you want a really opaque look add a third coat.  how to stamp glass

Before your paint dries pull off your stencil and place it in a bowl of water.
how to paint glass

Take them out of the water when you are done and place them on a paper towel. Grab another paper towel and apply a little stencil cleaner to it. Gently rub the stencil and the paint will come off.  how to clean stencils martha steawart stencils Allow them to dry over night and if you want lock in the paint you can bake them in the oven. The directions to doing that is on the bottle.  numbered mugs I hope you enjoyed this easy and fun DIY tutorial. I mean, you can put numbers on your mugs so you can count how many cups you drink in a day right!

Happy Monday Jaderbugs! I am so excited to share with you these Powerful Plants today. It’s always nice to find natural ways to enhance our lives and improve our health.


If you are like me then you LOVE plants. I love plants too much. It really doesn’t take much to make me smile, as long as it’s real {{not some ole fake plastic thing}}, pretty and smells good.

I just want to name a few plants that I BELIEVE are a must in everyone’s home. Now don’t go crazy tomorrow trying to get every single plant I show you but try your best… (hehe).

Jade Plant
The first plant I absolutely LOVE is a Jade plant {imagine that}. These are SO easy to take care of. This plant is considered a succulent and guess what…it promotes prosperity, good luck and abundance! It is also called (by some) a money plant. I think that would just fall under the category of “good luck”. Shoot’s, I am NOT picky when it comes to luck. I will take whatever I can get! You should only water it once every two weeks. These babies don’t like direct sunlight so keep them out of the sun. Oh, and don’t forget to put your Jade Plant it in the back left corner of the room it’s located in. This spot is considered the “Wealth” spot.


Click here to see my post about my JADE plant! It was part of my 100 day’s of Martha Stewart!

Ficus Alii
I think this plant is SO pretty! What it “does” is cray cray though! It removes chemical vapors in the air! (I know, my mouth is open right now too) It’s pretty much like a natural air purifier.

The most important thing is that the bigger it is, the more powerful it becomes. Some can grow up to 9 feet tall. It likes room temperature water and you should only water it once a week. It needs bright to medium light so don’t stick it in the corner behind a door.


The Bamboo Palm
Great for cleaning the air!  Did you know that Nasa did an experiement to test how powerful some plants were at cleaning the air and this bad boy was ranked NUMBER THREE! This is a house plant (but could grow outside too). Make sure you water it once a week and you want to make sure the soil is not extremely wet, just a little moist.  Now these babies GROW so you want to keep that in mind!


Stargazer Lily
There are some plants that produce smells that are out of this world. When our bodies smell something “pretty” it feels good. I know mine does! When something smells good it reduces stress and then we unconsciously monitor the air around us with every breath we take. Did you know that pleasing fragrances make us feel SAFE!!! (( hellerrr I love to feel safe))

Shoot’s now I will ALWAYS have an excuse to buy fresh flowers, hehe. Plus it’s much better than “air fresh-ners” that are full of chemicals! It took a lot for me to escape the world of air fresheners. A flower that is in my house ALL OF THE TIME is LILIES. People, you will not get enough of this smell. It smells our entire house plus they look so pretty!

Ficus lyrata
This plant can actually neutralize electromagnetic fields that radiate from electronics and appliances. WHAT THA WHUHHH…and it’s pretty! That’s a double wammy. It is a powerful health improving plant buy “fung shui” standards. When you get it you will place it in a corner or near a piece of furniture with sharp edges. This will soften the energy that these points cause. Make sure the soil stays moist and will need medium to bright light. Just looking at it makes me feel calmmmmm.


I hope you enjoyed learning about some plants that could benefit your life! It’s always fun to bring nature inside. I attached a video that I absolutely love and would LOVE if you could take 10 minutes out of your day to watch it! I promise it will change your life.

I hope you have a “FLOWER-FULL” day!

Yep it’s already time to start the crafty love making! Today I am sharing 10 Great Valentines Ideas. I love pink, red and gold so this is the perfect time to pretend to be a 10 year old girl again in my pretty pink room!

No, I never had a pink room but it’s never too late right! I put together 10 fabulous and easy ideas for this lovely day. I am sure there is something in here you could use, if not all of them. ENJOY!
PINTEREST-LOGO pretty-painted-wooden-letters-680x1024

Geometric XO Letters
These are so easy to make and you can really bling it out with your favorite colors.


Cup Cake Banner
These were a hit on Pinterest and super cute. Now don’t do like me and try to eat them.

When I made this it was a hit and I kept it up for a year in my house. It’s so lovable.

How to make Homemade Envelopes and Boxes
Why buy a box when you can make your own with your favorite paper!


Happily Ever After – FREE PRINTABLE
Who doesn’t want a Happily Ever After? RIGHT!


Valentine Tube Candles
Why buy expensive candles when you can turn dollar candles into this!


Bath Salts
Give your loved one a scrub in the tubby tub with this load of awesomeness!


Valentine Heart Wreath
Who doesn’t love a good ole interchangeable wreath.


Food Pom Pom
Wanna turn those boring cupcakes into work’s of art? Just stick these babies in them an VOILA!


Watercolor Flags
This is a great craft to do with you kids.


I hope you enjoyed these Valentine Ideas.


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