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Quote of the day:
“It is the first duty of the citizen to be calm.

Won’t you take me to… FUNKY TOWN with FUNKY ROCKS… with FUNKY MAGNETS…

You get it, I am pretty excited about these babies. However I never even got to put them up because dad took them to Hawaii and already gave them away! He said all of his friends there would love them. I was hoping he would of “forgot” to give them away. Eh. He didn’t.

Good thing is it’s only rocks! I can make TON’S more Jaderbugs! Let’s get started on our halloween rock magnets

Halloween Rock Magnets


*Glue Gun
*Craft Brush
*Baker’s Twine

Make sure you click on the links of ingredients to order these items!

The first thing you will do is paint your first coat of paint onto the rock. I like to do one half, let it dry then do the other half. Remember your first coat will be translucent to a certain degree.

I love taking pictures of my paint. It looks so pretty! NO. I don’t want to eat it, today.

Once your rocks are fully coated you can start painting your design on them. I really enjoy whimsical, organic designs.  Remember if you are putting different designs on your rocks to let each color dry thoroughly. I won’t show you the rocks that threw in a pile because I thought I had magical brushes that would not mix the paint together.


To make the little designs with your baker’s twine I like to start by wrapping them around my finger like this. If you find an easier way please do that!

I know. I was lazy. I did NOT paint the  backs of my rocks. I mean, had I known they were taking a trip to Hawaii I would of.  But, once you are done painting and gluing you can place your magnet with an adhesive backing to the back of the rock. Where ever you choose to put your baker’s twine just hot glue it down.

This one kinda reminds me of Charlie Brown’s shirt. I love the way the black and white baker’s twine makes everything pop!

I am totally in LOVE with my little pumpkin. Guess I will make a new one!
(Insert shaking head here, haha)

I have this vintage serving plate in our kitchen and I use it to post important notes. These little magnet’s were cute on it.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, see ya in the next post! Make sure you come visit me in these places too! (look below this line, hehe)

Check what else I did  these Halloween earrings that look like these magnets here.

Happy Sunday Jaderbugs! I hope everyone is having a happy and peaceful day! Guess what! We bought a fish today.
{{insert a big ole yay}}

Just one more thing for ME to clean, haha! I really think it’s the prettiest fish I have ever seen. It’s obviously a Beta because let’s face it, I couldn’t keep anything else alive. How do I know? I have tried MANY a few times and never been successful. So, we get home with our fish and I notice all of this WHITE stuff all over it. I’m thinking wow Jade, you have had it for 3 hours and already gave it a bacteria infection. Just kidding, but I did look it up and it is an infection. They say (whoever “they” are) this happen’s from being in those little containers for so long and they don’t ever clean the water! I transfered it to a much bigger bowl, put shiny jewels at the bottom, stuck 2 big sand dollars in them and gave it tons of fresh water!

ALERT! ALERT! I wrote this post this afternoon and three hours after Free Willy came home… it DIED! I know, I can’t believe it either! Click HERE to see Free Willy.

Wer’e not sure what we are gonna name it yet but I’m thinking something like….Free Willy! What do ya think! I mean, I know it’s not a WHALE but I sure saved it’s butt!!!!

Now to the craft.


If you want to glitter your rock do this step before so you know how big it needs to be!

Make sure when you do this part that the wire it tight!

You know I am using my Martha Stewart glitter! It’s is by far my FAVORITE!!! I do a section then let it dry before I move on. You can glitter the whole thing at one time if you want to!

This is how your rock will start to look if you decide to “glitter” it!

I like to use a round object to “start” if off then use my finger to roll the rest

I LOVE MOD PODGE! My friend Amy’s new book just came out! Make sure to check it out! It has TON’S of amazing project’s in it. It’s called MOD PODGE ROCKS!

I love this picture! I feel like the rock and the picture go perfectly together!

Everything about this picture makes me smile!

Sending you ton’s and ton’s of big hugs!

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