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Today it’s all about the infamous Watermelon. Not actually a real one, but one much better! One that will last for a few years if given lot’s of love and attention!

The other day I decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood and I stumbled across random pieces of wood (see below). One resembled a watermelon. It’s like the fruit gods sent it directly to me. My friend had a painted watermelon at her house a few years ago and I fell in love. All this wood needed was a little paint and then it would be complete. I know I have not added the seeds yet but that’s because I am still trying to decide if I want real seeds or painted seeds. What do you think I should do???

After I painted this lovely piece of wood it gave me an idea. Why not make Watermelon Pillows to dress up my outdoor space. There you have it folks. Needless to say I am now sorta addicted to watermelon’s and I want and need more of them, hehehe.

Scroll to the bottom of this post to get the link to see the FULL tutorial that I did on the I love to Create blog! Click HERE to see all of my projects I created for I love to create!

watermelon pillow

Enjoy and have a GREAT weekend! HASHTAG LOGO

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Happy Saturday Jaderbugs! I am so happy to finally share with you some fun clips from the Tie Dye your summer demo I did in Lafayette, La. I can’t express  how much fun I had here. Everyone was super stoked to see how the Tulip tie-dye works and let me tell you I was happy to show them. I think my favorite thing about this post is what you can win!

I know you wanna win all of this right! Head on over to the Tulip site to enter! When you click on the link below it will tell you all the ways you can enter the tie dye your summer contest. You have more than one option and lemme tell you if you do all of them, you are a ROCKSTAR! Good Luck!


tie dye your summer

Check out the fun we had a few weekend’s ago. This demo was special because it was in my home town of Lafayette, La! I was so happy with the participation at this particular event. Everyone passed by and stopped to check out what was going on. So many people said they recall the day’s of boiling water just to dye something and couldn’t believe how easy our system was.
(doing the Wop right now)

Check out my latest post for the I love to create blog. Just trust me there are certain ways to get this so check out the whole blog post to get all of the steps. Long gone are the days of only tie – dyeing your old t-shirts. Every two weeks I post on their site which is redonkulously (pronounced RE-DONK-U-LUS-LEE) awesome.  Make sure to follow my blog to find out when I make something new!  Here are a few of my recent posts.

Tie Dyed Tissue Paper


Fabric Flower Leather Cuff

Leather Cuff Tutorial

I hope you enjoyed this post! See ya tomorrow. Huge glittery hugs,

jaderbomb love

6 great summer crafts to make


Happy Bloggy Thursday my Jaderbugs! Today we will hang out with some pretty crafty friends Mark Montano Cathie Filian Margot Potter Heather Mann and Kathy Cano-Murillo  I hope you craft your hearts out! It’s all about making things to inspire those around us. Have fun checking everyone out, now let’s SHARE with the world! 

 Patriotic Hair Extensions by Crafty Chica

Kathy (aka Crafty Chica) creates patriotic hair extensions that will rock your 4th of July weekend! This would be a fun kids craft also!

Crystal Link Jewelry by Mark Montano

The super talented Mark Montano shows us how to make Crystal Link Jewelry in a jiffy!

 4th of July Chip Bowl by Handmade Happy Hour

Cathie Filian from Handmade Happy Hour gets us ready for the 4th of July with some fun table décor. How cute will this look on your kitchen table with a candle in it!

 DIY Crystal Cocktail Ring by DIY Doyenne

The amazing Margot Potter creates beautiful crystal cocktail rings with Swarovsky crystals…….Just think you can have a cocktail witha cocktail!

Braided Raffia Bracelets byBromeliad Living

Heather at DollarStoreCrafts weaves up some magic with a raffia and charm bracelet that is, well, simply charming! This would look great on anyones’s wrist!

 Trophy Cup Flower Pots by Jaderbomb

Check out how I turned boring trophies into magical plant houses!

 See you in the next post! If you didn’t check out the IMPORTANT news I shared yesterday on the blog click HERE to see


bloggy-love-thursday It’s that time! Bloggy Love Thursday. Come and hang out with  my good friends Mark Montano, Cathie Filian of Handmade Happy Hour, Margot Potter of DIY Doyenne, Kathy Cano Murillo of Crafty Chica,  Heather Mann of Dollar Store Crafts and of course Jade Harrington of Jaderbomb.  Make sure to check out their facebook pages and blogs. Don’t forget to give them some love <3 Let’s get started! P.S. It’s a BLOG HOP so link up your diy crafts at the bottom of this post!

10139_558261850882155_1416505995_n Mark Montano shows us how to make a Summer T-Shirt Dress in literally 25 seconds! This is like Project Runway stuff y’all! When you see how easy this craft is you will go T-Shirt CRAY CRAY!


Cathie Filian of Handmadehappyhour is rocking my socks off, literally with these stylish fabric covered sneakers! Who knew fabric could make a huge statement like this. Don’t you just love the fabric she picked!


Holy Helmut! Heather Mann of Dollor Store crafts is sharing a tutorial of  Oz inspired tinker goggle’s .  I love that they are made with goggles. I think every kid should wear these while watching the movie, that would be priceless. Did I mention the Crafty Chica made these babies?!


Come a little closer let me “cork” it out. Margot Potter of Diy Doyenne takes us to a whole new world with her Dolce and Gabbana inspired DIY! This woman always amazes me with her tutorials.


What! Kathy the Crafty Chica is the queen of crafting and in today’s tutorial she proves to you why. Who else would of though of this? Not me my crafty friends. Check out her tutorial on her slide protector purse. P.S. Welcome to our par-tay!

Don’t forget to check out how I made a fringe necklace with a t-shirt!

Don’t forget to link up below, see ya next week. 



Fun Summer CRAFTS

It’s Bloggy Love Thursday and that means I am sharing with you some awesome crafts to get you ready for the Summer! These are all kid friendly which is always a big plus.

* Paper Lantern Balls  by Mark Montano. I couldn’t be more excited about this project. It’s taking a paper ball and making it look like you spent a whole-lotta money on it.

*DIY Pinch and Twist Tie Dye Technique  by Margot Potter. Now this screams Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring to me. My mind is all over the place thinking about what I can do this on. Curtains?! Hmmm…

*Zebra Stripe Lawn Flamingo  by Heather Mann. First of all I am prolly the one person who LOVES pink flamingoes in my yard. But a ZEBRA one…This is genius. I am thinking of a Leopard one now, right.

*Princess Party Necklaces by Cathie Filian at Handmade Happy Hour. I seriously want to wear every single color of these and at the same time. What a perfect time to make these. They would be great for a kids party!

I hope you enjoyed your weekly dose of my crafty friends!
Which craft could you see yourself doing first?


12monthsofmartha I have to admit that this months box of goodies was quite delightful. Mainly because it was filled with Martha Stewart’s new line of jewelry. Delightful to me means I was shaking my head for a minute trying to figure out what I was going to make. I will say, I am pretty darn crafty Jaderbugs but me making jewelry?! I have to be honest the box was making me a little nervous until I lit my Nag Champa in my studio and threw on my favorite play list. I quickly realized that Martha knew what she was doing when she designed this line. She figured out a way to make it easy for anyone to make classy pieces of jewelry in a heartbeat. Check out this video to hear Martha’s message.

Martha, if you are reading this… YOU ROCK
{{ok, this is asking a lot but if you do read this just shoot me a comment and let me know what you think, hehe}}


ingredients chain|czech beads|wire|jump rings|flat nose pliers|small flush cutter|clasp



I love these beads so much. Anytime I see “Ombre” I replay Martha telling me about Oscar de la Renta’s Ombre craze on the show and how beautiful his gowns were.
One day I will wear one of those!


||First thing you will do is cut the wire that’s holding all of the beads together. I like to snip it on the tip.


||Grab your wire and wrap it around one of loops.
It’s really important to coat the whole strand of chain with beads so start as close to the edge as possible.


The catch to this is pretending you are a kid jumping through hoops. I swear it’s that simple. Put a bead on, pass the wire through the next loop then add another bead. Continue doing this until your chain is completely filled with blue beads.


I used the colors in the order they came in. The Ombre look is what I was going for.


When you get to the end secure with a jewelry clasp and VOILA! You just made a unique piece of jewelry. I hope you have fun with this new collection!


Make sure you come back tomorrow for a new craft using the Martha Stewart Jewelry collection.

What would you make with this line?


in other news


Check out some of my other crafty friends doing the 12 months of Martha also!




I love the SUMMER! I could start a list of the reasons why but I will keep it short and sweet today. The MAIN reason I love summertime is for refreshing food. It’s always fun to come up with different ways to make healthy meals that also cool off your insides. Is that even possible. “COOL YOUR INSIDES”, (haha).

Today I am sharing a recipe that we always make. Not only is it super simple but it’s SUPER good. Wanna see how I made it.
securedownload ingredients

*Box of wheat pasta
*4 medium cucumbers
*Salted sliced almonds
*Black Pepper
*Sea Salt
*Balsamic Vinaigrette
*Mint Leaves

1. Boil your noodles then drain. Put them in a large bowl.
2.  Dice cucumbers and put them in the bowl.
3.  Add Balsamic Vinaigrette into the bowl and mix. You can use as much as you like.
4.  Add salt and pepper to taste
5. Crush up a mint leaf and mix in bowl.
6.  Top off with almonds.

That is all folks! I hope you enjoy this easy, refreshing meal. Happy first of JUNE JADERBUGS.


Holy Moly! It’s already HUMP day. Seriously, where is this week going? I know I always say this but I always mean it. Is it just me or does anyone else feel like the older we get the faster time goes by? I’d love to know if it’s just me. (tee-hee)

spiral tie dye tablecloth

I am super stoked to share with you some fun news. I will be a contributing editor for I Love to Create. I wrote my first post this week and I am really pleased with the way it came out. I am sure you will love it too. I always see things that are tie dyed but I rarely see “home decor” things. If you want to see the FULL TUTORIAL make sure to check it out HERE.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow, it’s BLOGGY LOVE THURSDAY. Don’t know what this is? Click HERE and I will give you a little bitty hint.

Happy Thursday Jaderbugs!!!! I can’t believe the week flew by so fast. I literally feel like the week jumped in a plane and flew to the weekend. Don’t get me wrong. I am not knocking the weekend but that just means the summer is coming to an end. {tear}

You know when you are a little kid and you are waiting for all of the fun holidays like SUMMER, CHRISTMAS, YOUR BIRTHDAY  or NEW YEARS and it feels like it takes forever to get here. Then once it get’s here (for a kid) the holiday lasts forever . But to an adult it goes by faster than the blink of an eye… I miss that feeling.
Christmas  it’s almost here Jaderbugs. Well, not really but you get what I mean. In the next 40 blinks it will be. Am I the only one who is done Christmas shopping by October?

I started burning a Christmas candle the other day and lil one walked in the door and said “MOM, it smells like Christmas in here” {with an excited face}, then Ashy walked in and said “Why does it smell like Christmas in here” {with a confused face}. Then bestie walked in and said “Wow, it smells so cozy in here” {with a 5 year old face}.

Isn’t it Christmas in July, or something? Check out the candle I was burning here. I ended up eating this for supper that night. Guess it really did make me all warm and cozy.

Just wanted to do a “summer favorites” with you before summer is over! These are the things that are MANDATORY for me, DAILY! Especially this summer.

I will post all of the links below so you can find them really easy!

1.  Vitamin Water (ONLY acai-blueberry-pomegranate) Seriously. Warning, it stinks pretty bad but it won’t stink to your taste buds!

2.   St. Ives collagen elastin facial moisturizer  Listen Jaderbugs. I have been using this stuff for years and I swear I believe in it 100%. Plus, Dr. Oz said on his show that he believes it works. (haha, who cares what any Dr says, JADERBOMB says it’s good and that’s all that matters… hahaha)

3.  Xhilaration® Gold Metallic Backpack I know what your thinking. Who would wear a gold back pack. Duh, ME! I feel extra special when I wear this baby! You know the streets of New York will love this baby!

1.  Cheetah Flats All I will say about this is (l o lo lo lo veee eeeee l o lo l oooooooooo) yes I am singing this!!!! Plus they are very comfy!

2.  Black and White Really Jaderbugs, I am totally into these two colors this summer. Don’t get me wrong there is just something about topping off something or someone with black and white. Yes, I think pattern matters. I am totally digging big thick chunky stripes. Kinda was loving the typical chevron print but I like the BASIC! I think it is very classy! OH, and top this off with something GOLD. BAM!

3.  Quench Gum I know what your thinking.Who would chew this. Lemme tell you it’s the best ever! It has this twang to it and it’s so good! I get my stash from Academy but I am sure other sport’s stores have them.

4.  Gold Hoops These are an absolute MUST have for me. I wear them daily and you would wonder why if you saw my earring collection! I am surely into “classic” items that NEVER go out of style!

Well Jaderbugs! I hope you enjoyed seeing all of my favorite items that I have been using/wearing this summer! Don’t forget to come back tomorrow. I will be posting a tutorial on making chalk board sticky labels. Other things coming up this weekend:
Tie dyed shower curtain and how I dressed up a huge mirror!

Check out what else I do on the daily here:


Don’t forget to make it a DIY kinda day!!!

Happy Saturday Jaderbugs! I slept SOOOO good and my coffee is SOOOO good right now! I have a few new things lined up to post  but none are 100% complete! So I thought this would be the best time to post a few crafts from last summer. A little old school for ya this morning!

This is NOT from last summer but I want you to get it if you have not yet! It’s the greatest checkoff list ever. Put this up on your fridge and watch in excitement as your little kids get to check off things your family does together! You could even have a 100 day’s of Summer journal! Write a little bit about each thing you check off!

Have some old furniture lying around? Does it look old and frumpy? I’ve got the solution! Get over to your local craft store, or Walmart and get some .99 bottles of acrylic paint! Watch the magic happen!

Remember the movie UP? I do! It is prolly my favorite! What a fun way to brighten up your day! Paint your nails like balloons. Every time you look down you will think of the movie and it will put a smile on your face!

If you are like me then you might have TON’S of paint cans laying around. No worries! Check out what I created!

Want to reuse your old Era or Gain bottle? Check out this fun craft that I made!

I hope you enjoyed me bringing back a few crafts I did a WHOLE year ago! Happy Weekend Jaderbugs!

I posted a picture about 1 week ago on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter of me cutting glass using just string. I got LOT’S of requests for a tutorial on how I DID THIS! So here it is. FINALLY! You will be able to learn how to cut glass.


I want to warn you. When I first started doing this I got VERY frustrated because I could not get it to break the way I wanted. Be patient when trying to master this because after all, we are cutting with string and polish remover. Not the typical way to cut glass. I promise you though, when you “get it” you will “get it”. Let’s get started Jaderbugs!!!


It’s best to triple your yarn because it will burn longer!

Soak it GOOD! This is VERY important!

I like to tie my yarn where I want my glass to “cut” then quickly pour polish remover over the string again. I also slightly pour a little over the glass also!

Get a big bowl with ice and water ready. You will be dunking your glass in this. It has to be COLD so make sure to put enough ice! Also make sure your bowl is big enough! It needs to be deep enough to dunk where your string is!

VERY IMPORTANT! Make sure when you light this that it is not right over your bowl of polish remover! (trust me, I did this and everything got engulfed in flames).. hahah I like to light it over my water!

Slowly turn your bottle. Try not to do this where it’s windy because you want your string to stay lit or it will not work. The slower you go the better it is, but it has to constantly turn.

You can’t let the flame go OUT then dunk it in the ice water. You will notice after little while your flame getting lower and lower. Remember in the beginning I said you will be practicing a lot. It may take you a few times before you get it right. When the flame is “ALMOST” out dunk it in the ice water. You will hear a cracking noise. THIS MEANS YOUR GLASS IS CUT… If you mess up and your glass did NOT cut, take the string off and apply a new one. You can’t use the same string twice.

YAY!!! Look how amazing! It’s like a RAD experiment going on in your back yard. Wait, it’s not LIKE.. IT IS


I reallly hope you enjoyed this tutorial because I had ALOT of requests for it! Make sure and wear gloves or eye protection if you want to “really” be safe. Obviously, I am not safe. I like to play with fire. Dang Southern girls! Comment below and let me know how you like this craft or share your experience with us! You can fine me here also:




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