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Today it’s all about my trip to Old Navy and this fabulous Powder Dyed Shirt. Let’s be real, when you add Tie-Dye to anything you get a bundle of happiness. Here is PROOF! Powder Dyed Shirt When I was asked by I love to Create to make a fabulous DIY with some of Old Navy’s new line of spring clothes I was JUMPING FOR JOY, literally. I had no clue what I was planning on creating until I walked in the store. I think for a minute I was upset I only had to create ONE thing once my eyes saw the new spring line. I know you will love this powder dyed technique I used so let’s check it out.  k Be sure what you want and be sure about yourself. Fashion is not just beauty, it’s about good attitude. You have to believe in yourself and be strong
-Adriana Lima

As you can see there were so many choices. I knew I wanted crisp and bold so I ended up going with this “Textured-Dobby Shirt”. Since I am using Tulip Tie-Dye I made sure the shirt was 100% cotton. I almost bought these white pants and pink button down but I changed my mind in the end.
Wahoo! Time to check out and CREATE! Yep, you see that black and white striped ball? I can’t wait to show you what I created with this.  11.jpg
You will need:
* Tulip Tie-Dye
Women’s Textured-Dobby Shirts
I am using the Mini Tie-Dye Kit. DSC_0139 As you can see the bottles have powder inside of them already. We will not fill the bottles with water for this project.  DSC_0141 STEP ONE: Fill a bowl with water and wet your shirt.  learn to tie dye
STEP TWO: Twist water out of shirt and lay it down on a clean surface, flat and unbuttoned. Lay your shirt on a garbage bag if you can’t find a clean spot.

STEP THREE: Remove cap from bottle and lightly shake bottle over wet shirt. The powder will slowly start coming out of the bottle.  kids crafts
I used all of the colors in the pack. If you are not a fan of bright colors you can use one or two colors. This technique looks great with a single color or multiple colors.  how to mix dye I love how all of the colors start bleeding together. If you know me then you know bright it right!  mixing colors You want to let the powder sit on the wet shirt for a couple of hours. The longer it sits the brighter the colors will be.  confetti tie dye
I simply love the dye that was left behind. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  DSC_0202 After a few hours I rinsed my shirt under cool running water then washed it separately. WOWZERS! I am so happy with the way it turned out.  DSC_0193 old navy tie dyed shirt DSC_0195
This shirt looks great paired with anything.  POWDER DYED SHIRT craftgawker

I hope you enjoyed this post.
Have you ever dyed anything using the powder????

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Seriously Y’all. Today I will show you how to Dye Easter Eggs, just wait —–> Not just eggs but Tie-Dyed Eggs. I am totally obsessed with tie-dye. You would think I am a born again 15 year old who’s parents traveled in a camper and lived for Woodstock or just wood. Wait, they did.

Ya know this craft is perfect for grown adults (who simply are finding anything to bring them back to their younger years,yo) or itty bitty kiddos. You could kill 2 birds with 1 stone and do them WITH your kiddos!

So I write for I Love to Create, twice a month and I get to actually do FUN stuff like this for my JOBBBY JOB! I know. You are totally shaking your head right now saying “ughhhh I wanna dye eggs and listen to loud music all day”… TRUST, it took me a long time and lot’s of hard work to get this egg dying job. Check out all of my crafts that I have made for them.

Thankful? YOU BETCHA BOTTOM DOLLAR. There is a special technique I used on these eggs so make sure to click this link <——- to see the magic trick.

How to Dye Easter Eggs My fur child got jealous when I was making these eggs and just begged for some tie-dye on her pure white fur. Don’t worry it’s all NON TOXIC! That alone rocks!

I posted a picture of Ceaux Ceaux (co-co) on my Instagram and everyone loved it. Are you on Instagram? Go follow me and get a glimpse into my fun and adventurous daily life. Don’t let me fool you it’s usually pics of my hands holding what I think is “interesting” objects or “sneak peaks” of my upcoming projects. Fun AY! Just search for JADERBOMB, don’t worry I will accept your request just give me 4 minutes.


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Happy Saturday Jaderbugs! I am so happy to finally share with you some fun clips from the Tie Dye your summer demo I did in Lafayette, La. I can’t express  how much fun I had here. Everyone was super stoked to see how the Tulip tie-dye works and let me tell you I was happy to show them. I think my favorite thing about this post is what you can win!

I know you wanna win all of this right! Head on over to the Tulip site to enter! When you click on the link below it will tell you all the ways you can enter the tie dye your summer contest. You have more than one option and lemme tell you if you do all of them, you are a ROCKSTAR! Good Luck!


tie dye your summer

Check out the fun we had a few weekend’s ago. This demo was special because it was in my home town of Lafayette, La! I was so happy with the participation at this particular event. Everyone passed by and stopped to check out what was going on. So many people said they recall the day’s of boiling water just to dye something and couldn’t believe how easy our system was.
(doing the Wop right now)

Check out my latest post for the I love to create blog. Just trust me there are certain ways to get this so check out the whole blog post to get all of the steps. Long gone are the days of only tie – dyeing your old t-shirts. Every two weeks I post on their site which is redonkulously (pronounced RE-DONK-U-LUS-LEE) awesome.  Make sure to follow my blog to find out when I make something new!  Here are a few of my recent posts.

Tie Dyed Tissue Paper


Fabric Flower Leather Cuff

Leather Cuff Tutorial

I hope you enjoyed this post! See ya tomorrow. Huge glittery hugs,

jaderbomb love

Happy Friday! I am so stinking excited about this post mainly because it’s so fun to make it. I write for I love to create every two weeks and I am always looking for different ways to incorporate tie-dye into our lives. You know, creating ways other than doing a t-shirt. I was in my studio looking around while trying to find inspiration one day and I glanced at my huge box of tissue paper. If you are a DIY’ER then you know it’s always good to have enough of this! You can mod podge it onto things, make tissue balls, or just Tie Dyed Tissue Paper . I was unsure of the way it would turn out but don’t you worry, I made all of the mistakes necessary before I shared this with you. So what are you waiting for? Hurry and check out the FULL TUTORIAL HERE! 

Oh and if you are on Pinterest make sure to follow all of my boards, I promise I will give you loads and loads of inspiration daily. Find me HERE!

Tie Dyed Tissue Paper

 How cool will if be for Christmas when you wrap everyone’s gifts with tie-dyed tissue paper. I can’t wait because I have some cool Christmas ideas in my head.



I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, see ya tomorrow!

Big Glittery Hugs,

Happy Monday Y’all! I am sitting at home with my coffee, listening to Enya and warming up my feet with a little floor heater at my desk. I am so pumped to share with you the tutorial I did on the I Love to Create Blog. I post every two weeks there incase you didn’t know. This leather cuff tutorial brings together two different looks that anyone can sport. A soft delicate flower with a rough biker edge to it. I am not quite sure if the two actually go together but I loved it. Once I made it I realized how cool it would be if I had a “collection” of leather cuffs. I mean one for each holiday, season etc. I think it’s a huge statement piece and you can never go wrong with a leather cuff. You could give these as Christmas presents, wedding favors, or just get a group of your friends together and make them!

This leather cuff tutorial is easy enough to whip out 5 in no time. Seriously when you see how easy it is you will be amazed. I hope you enjoy it.



Leather Cuff Tutorial large2

jaderbomb love

Hooo Rahhhh Hooo Rahhh! All aboard on the crafty caboose y’all. It’s that day of the week where me and my friends will show you some fabulous SUMMER CRAFTS , sha-bang! I hope these projects encourage you to start crafting cause they are all super cuhyute. Don’t forget to give them all some LOVE, cause they give love back!

SUMMER CRAFTS 1.  It’s like a two in one deal y’all! Mark Montano mixed two pretty cool ingredients together and BAM he, this came out!

2.  Like Modest Mouse once said and we ALL FLOAT ON. I have always wanted to be a “floater” so I guess I will make this and become one. Margot Potter makes the COOLEST projects so make sure and see just HOW she made this necklace

3.  Cawww Cawww (yes that is a bird noise) I love the way Cathie Filian‘s bird charm ring came out. Wait till you see just how easy it is to make.

4.   What!? Nautical HOME DECOR with plain ole party supplies. ARrrrrrrrrrr…. I am loving this and I know you will do thanks to Heather Mann.

5.  We all know you have fabric “scraps”. Or maybe you throw yours away. When you see what Crafty Chica does with her scraps you will surely save yours! These earring’s surely will be on my ears SOON!

6.  Last but not least, check out my latest “undies” tutorial. You can really see what my undies LOOK LIKE!

SUMMER CRAFTS are always fun especially when you have friends and family to share them with.  All of these crafts would be great things to bring on summer vacations. You could also give them as birthday presents!

I can’t think of anything else besides tie dyed undies today. I never in a million years thought I would ever do a tutorial on Tie-Dyed Undies but hold on to your crafty seat belts because I did! Tie-Dyed Undies may seem like something that is not that common but today we will change everyones perspective. Of course you can go to ton’s of expensive stores to buy fancy lil undies but get ready to spend 30 bucks on 4 pairs. See, I don’t roll like that. I like to “jaderbomb” everything in my life including my undies. I have to wear them so why not feel fashionable.

Incase you don’t know every two weeks I write for the I love to create blog. I actually look forward to this post every week. So the second and fourth Tuesday you can find me and a new craft up on the blog.

(P.S. I am actually blogging today wearing a new pair of Tie-Dyed undies)
||Don’t tell anyone||

how to tie dye undies

||Click on picture to see the FULL tutorial for Tie-Dyed Undies

Cute Tie Dyed Undies

I am super happy with the way they turned out and believe it or not it is my FIRST time crafting with undies. It was so much fun, so you can look forward more. I already have 2 different tutorials in mind dealing with undies. Phew!

I want to give a SHOUT OUT to the winner of Martha Stewart’s new book, Crafts for Kids. Wahhhh freaking Hooooo!

kids book winner martha stewart


Hope you have a glitter-full day ,

jaderbomb love

bloggy-love-thursday It’s that time! Bloggy Love Thursday. Come and hang out with  my good friends Mark Montano, Cathie Filian of Handmade Happy Hour, Margot Potter of DIY Doyenne, Kathy Cano Murillo of Crafty Chica,  Heather Mann of Dollar Store Crafts and of course Jade Harrington of Jaderbomb.  Make sure to check out their facebook pages and blogs. Don’t forget to give them some love <3 Let’s get started! P.S. It’s a BLOG HOP so link up your diy crafts at the bottom of this post!

10139_558261850882155_1416505995_n Mark Montano shows us how to make a Summer T-Shirt Dress in literally 25 seconds! This is like Project Runway stuff y’all! When you see how easy this craft is you will go T-Shirt CRAY CRAY!


Cathie Filian of Handmadehappyhour is rocking my socks off, literally with these stylish fabric covered sneakers! Who knew fabric could make a huge statement like this. Don’t you just love the fabric she picked!


Holy Helmut! Heather Mann of Dollor Store crafts is sharing a tutorial of  Oz inspired tinker goggle’s .  I love that they are made with goggles. I think every kid should wear these while watching the movie, that would be priceless. Did I mention the Crafty Chica made these babies?!


Come a little closer let me “cork” it out. Margot Potter of Diy Doyenne takes us to a whole new world with her Dolce and Gabbana inspired DIY! This woman always amazes me with her tutorials.


What! Kathy the Crafty Chica is the queen of crafting and in today’s tutorial she proves to you why. Who else would of though of this? Not me my crafty friends. Check out her tutorial on her slide protector purse. P.S. Welcome to our par-tay!

Don’t forget to check out how I made a fringe necklace with a t-shirt!

Don’t forget to link up below, see ya next week. 



Holy Moly! It’s already HUMP day. Seriously, where is this week going? I know I always say this but I always mean it. Is it just me or does anyone else feel like the older we get the faster time goes by? I’d love to know if it’s just me. (tee-hee)

spiral tie dye tablecloth

I am super stoked to share with you some fun news. I will be a contributing editor for I Love to Create. I wrote my first post this week and I am really pleased with the way it came out. I am sure you will love it too. I always see things that are tie dyed but I rarely see “home decor” things. If you want to see the FULL TUTORIAL make sure to check it out HERE.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow, it’s BLOGGY LOVE THURSDAY. Don’t know what this is? Click HERE and I will give you a little bitty hint.

Quote of the day:
“Glad we are still alive to enjoy this pillow tutorial” -jaderbomb

Oh what a happy day! I had so much fun making this pillow and I know you will too. It’s obvious I love doing crafts that an adult or child could do by themselves or possibly together. I think there is something special that happens when you craft with your little ones. Trust me, they remember it!  I can’t tell you the last time I Tie Dyed something. I didn’t want to make a “shirt” because that is what everyone does. Making a basic tie dyed pillow sounded like the thing that would put a smile on my face!

Let’s get started with our Tie-Dyed Pillow.


This is what you will end up making. I like our bed to be completely white but every now and then it’s fun to give it a PUNCH of color!


I used the Tulip one step Tie Dye Kit.


It’s super easy to do because the bottles already come with powder in them. All you have to do is fill them up with water. Make sure to stop at the line. You don’t have to wear gloves but your hands will be stained if you don’t. Be creative when you put your rubber bands. After all, the bands are the things that break up the color so make it fun!



You can see I just started squeezing color onto my shirt in different spot. Remember that color chart from when you were a kid.
Red + Blue = Purple
Yellow + Blue = Green
Red + Yellow = Orange

The reason whey I want you to know this is because even if you only have a few colors you can make so many more by pairing them up with other colors. This is my favorite part.


This is my mess when I was done. You want to let it dry outside over night or 7-8 hours. I did mine in the afternoon so checking on it in 7 hours would of meant me getting up in the middle of the night….
Well. I decided it wouldn’t hurt a few more hours, haha. When you let it dry rinse it out, then wash it. Don’t wash with other clothes.


When you are done washing and drying lay your shirt out on a flat surface. Make sure you turn the shirt inside out. Lay your pillow down on top of the shirt. Get a piece of chalk and outline the pillow. Sew all of the sides except one. Cut all of the edges then turn the shirt right side out.

Stuff your pillow inside and then hand sew the side that we didn’t sew.
That’s it Jaderbugs!

I wanted to include this fun print for you. I thought it was so cute and perfect for this time of year!

Sending you and yours and HUGE hug from my family to your’s….


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