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Quote of the day:
“Actually, I take it as a compliment. Diva is a derivative of divine. That’s quite a title to carry around.”
Calista Flockhart

Happy hump day Jaderbugs! I am kinda proud of myself. It’s not even midnight and I am getting around to tomorrows post. I usually start around midnight and finish in the morning. Way to go me!
So let’s talk about something. It’s almost Thanksgiving. Is it just me or is time flying by? I can’t lie the one thing I am most excited about besides Thanksgiving is BLACK FRIDAY! Do you ever tackle this crazy day/night? Let me just tell you what I do for this event.
I get in CUTE COMFY clothes, go to starbucks to get a coffee (even thought I can make a pot at home), get in my car and go from store to store people watching. Me and Ashy have so much fun doing this. I am sure you are wondering if we buy anything. Nah. That would take the fun out of everything.
I will say this about this event. It’s not that we “enjoy” watching people FIGHT over a blu ray DVD player, camera’s, T.V.’s or candy canes. OK, fine.
We do enjoy it, hehe.
Let’s get to the craft. Today I will show you how to make homemade room spray. I usually buy the ones from the store but I never really like the smells so I decided I would make  my own. Some people use oil’s to make room spray but I wanted to make something that you could actually spray on your bedding, furniture or just in the air. If you are not familiar with the namebrand TYLER then you will flip when you actually smell every scent from this line.
Diva is a really popular scent so that is the scent we are gonna use today.


*Diva Wash
(If you don’t want to buy the big bottle you can always buy the small one for around 7 bucks)
*Spray bottle

If you don’t notice on the cap it says to “GENTLY” shake. You don’t want to make the mistake I did and REALLY shake it. HAHA

I poured about 2 teaspoons in my empty bottle. Some batches I make a little stronger than others but it’s up to you how strong you want it.

I then filled the bottle with 16 oz of water. When you are done with this step put the cap back on and lightly shake the bottle. I don’t actually shake it but I twirl it in a circle. This keeps it from forming ton’s of suds.


This is what the bottle looks like. I just love the design on it. This little bottle is around 7 bucks and I use it just for room spray. Trust me it lasts forever.


Now you can spray this in every room and get this amazing smell that lasts what seems like forever. A fun thing to do is spray this throughout your house if you know someone is stopping by. They will think you been cleaning for hours! Trust me it works (wink wink).

I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial and make sure to check out all of TYLER’S scents. If you are not sure where they are sold you can usually google it and you should find something. Most candle store and boutiques sell this line.

Come back tomorrow for your DAILY DOSE of DIY



I was given product for this post but all opinions are my own.


Quote of the day:
“Go out and fight so life shouldn’t be printed on dollar bills.” – Clifford Odets

Happy second of the month. I can’t believe OCTOBER is already over, can you? It went pretty fast this year but that’s ok because this means we are that much closer to the Christmas holidays. For me, this means Christmas started yesterday. Yep, I get to start all of my awesome Christmas crafts NOW for YOU… So put on your Santa gear and grab your sleigh mobile license because we are about to take off in Jaderbomb winter wonderland.

I wanted to share with you some of my all time favorite TOP 5 FALL SCENTS . I have a variety in today’s post that range in price which is nice if you don’t want to spend too much money on sprays for your home, or whatever space!

Did I mention these are my FAVORITE? Ask my seester, I am a SPRAY addict. I get super excited for bottles of crazy chemicals that I can hardly pronounce but more than happy to spray all over my house. HAHA

So, below are all of them together. You can click on the links and order them strait from one site if you like! What can I say. I’m here to make your life easy I tell ya.

I especially love when my favorite scents come in {{fannnn cyyyy}} bottles.

Tyler Room Spray Chambre Parfum in DIVA

These are around 11.99 and it smells wonderful. I would say this is affordable and it will smell your house like nothing you have ever smelled before. I have EVERYTHING in this scent including the washing liquid for my bath sheets and towels. YUMMERS!
Here are some reviews or this particular smell.

Orleans Room Spray
in French Quarter

This room spray is around 7 bucks. Just in case you think this is a lot of money for a room spray, I want you to know that it takes very little to smell a whole house. I like to spray it in my main vent and next thing I know it’s all over. My dad always picks these up for me…. I should of told him I LOVED diva a little more, hehe.This is also a great name brand. Usually I am not all about the name but they definitely give you a bang for your buck!

Click here to read reviews on this scent.

Febreze Air Effects Apple Spice & Delight Air Freshen

Febreze Limited Edition Pumpkin Harvest & Fall

I’m not too sure where I should start with Febreze. Me and seester are always competing to see who can find “Limited” scents and I usually fail. LOL
I have noticed when I use these sprays the smell does not last as long. Don’t let that fool you because they do smell great and last a while just NOT as long as I would like. I might take a picture in a later post of my ENTIRE collection of room sprays. OK that’s making me nervous, time to move on. HAHA

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Room Freshener

I am really going to rave about this stuff because although I am in love with MANY sprays this one always makes me happy. I believe deep down I love it more because it’s not bad for my family and it’s 94% natural. I keep this particular one in every single room because lemon always wipes away any smell that might be bothering you. Even if there is no smell it adds that pure, clean, crisp smell to a room.  If you ever get this make sure to get the hand soap also. Totally worth the buck! Check out ALL of these products.

I wanted to end this post with two pictures that I absolutely am in love with today. My dad always brings us bags and bags of oranges from a tree and I always love the way a fresh batch looks in this bowl. You know if you stick cloves into an orange it will smell your house also! I usually take orange peelings, cloves, cinnamon and burn it on the stove in a little bit of water. It’s like heaven in your nostrils. Pinky promise.

I had to end with this distressed wooden sign I made. I have a load about to go up in my etsy shop which you can find here.

It says it all, right! No matter who or what you encounter…smile…bring the white light into your body…and carry on. I usually play my theme song when I am in a situation and it makes me feel great. I mean, you can even add some special effects to your situation like pretending you are walking in slow motion, a wind machine and a spot light (maybe even a fog machine). Just saying.

I guess now you know my secret. It’s ok because it’s worth sharing.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, see ya in the next post!

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