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I don’t know about you but if you add glitter to anything you will put an instant smile on my face. Today we will be making Glitter Dishes!

I started playing around with paper plates a few weeks ago creating a few easy ways to “dress” them up. I think I was successful with it, what do you think?! I mean, I truthfully hate washing dishes and putting them up so why not serve anyone out of fancy paper plates. It’s not like I am having Christmas at my house but if I did I would lay all these babies out!

Check out these I made with ribbon and these with lace!


you will need*Paper Plates and Bowls   * Glitter  *Brush  *Mod-Podge  *LOVEGlitteredPlateSuppliesThe first thing you want to do is coat your paper plate with Mod Podge. easywaystouseglitterYou want to work a little fast since Mod Podge dries very quick.

howtouseglitterSprinkle glitter over the wet Mod Podge. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect because after all it’s just going to be used as decoration. Did I mention you will throw it away after it’s used!
glittered plate

I coated the underneath of the bowl just to add a little more love. thingstodowithglitterglitteredplatesglitterdishesIt’s seriously that simple! Fun thing is you can make them for every holiday and it will not break the bank.

What will you use your glittered bowls for?

Today I will show you how to make a 2 Tier Party Platter. It’s really simple and did I mention you can toss it when you are done using it!

Yep today we will use paper plates (sturdy ones) for this project.

I don’t know about you but I like an easy clean up after a day full of chaos so this works perfectly. Let’s get started.
diy 3 tier party platter


*Paper Plates * Fabric Lace * Hot Glue Gun * Empty glass bottle DIY Serving DishPut some hot glue under the bottom of the glass bottle. If you don’t have hot glue you can use E600. two tier serving dishGently place the glass bottle down onto the large paper plate, directly in the center. diy serving dish tutorialGently hold it there for a few minutes to make sure it dries completely.how to make a serving dishGet a small paper bowl and glue it to the top of the glass bottle. Hold until secure!2-tier platter

How stinking cute is this.

Things you can use this for:
*Put candy in for a holiday party
*Use as a makeup holder
*Keep in a space to throw your keys in and change
*Craft Supplies
*Kids toys

The possibilities are endless really. The best thing is it’s affordable and you can toss it if it get’s dirty and nasty.

What will you use your’s for?

Kellys-Favorite-Handmade-Things-600x600Hey my lovely craft buddies. Today I am excited to share with you Kelly’s Favorite Handmade Things! This is an exciting post because you will have a chance to win each of these items! I am so thrilled to be a part of this amazing group. Wahoo!

Wanna enter to win? Scroll to the BOTTOM of this post and enter using the Rafflecopter box. GOOD LUCK!

Kelly – Eclectically Vintage (that’s me) – Little Bit Country, Little Bit Rock and Roll vintage silver spoon keychain

Stamped Silver Keychain eclecticallyvintage.com

Lucy – Craftberry Bush – stag watercolor art pillow (Shop Craftberry Bush)

Stag pillow

Angie – Knick of Time Interiors – hand painted Milk & Cream on glass sign (Shop Knick of Time)

Milk and Cream Co. Sign available from Knick of Time

Jeanne – JuNxtaposition – vintage typewriter key necklace (your choice) (Shop JuNxtaposition)

typewriter key necklace

Jen – Jennifer Rizzo – set of 3 original art silkscreened dish towels

Handmade Santa dishtowel

Melaine – My Sweet Savannah – salvaged wood Christmas tree (Shop My Sweet Savannah)

Salvaged wood Christmas tree

Jen – City Farmhouse – hand painted Ski Lodge sign

Handmade ski lodge sign

Jeanne – Jeanne Oliver Designs – Sadie Handbag or $89 shop credit (Shop Jeanne Oliver Designs)

Jeanne Oliver Sadie handbag

Lucy – Bel Monili – vintage buttons and baubles bracelet (your choice) (Shop Bel Monili)

Vintage bauble bracelet

Denise – The Painted Home – music sheet flowers in new blue mason jar

vintage music sheet flowers

Jade – Jaderbomb – gold glittered PEACE letters (Shop Jaderbomb)

Glittered Peace letters

Laura – Top This Top That – burlap wreath

burlap wreath

Good Luck! I hope you win everything!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


I was so excited when I got this month’s box of goodies in the mail! I actually had ton’s of ideas once I started going through everything but I went with my gut instinct on this one.

The holiday’s are coming up and let’s face it, nobody likes store bought tags. I wanted to show you a simple and affordable way to achieve a “fannn-cyyy” look for a “fannn-cyyy” price! <—- yes say it like it’s spelled. I even threw in how to stamp your own ribbon.  This year we will make it all about personalized gifts.

Now your gifts will be bursting with DIY’ness.

Personalized Gifts


Tags | Burlap Ribbon | Martha Stewart Flourish Rubber Stamps | Love
***You can purchase all of these fabulous items in one spot by clicking on my affiliate links!

stenciled fabric supplies

Pure love is what I felt when I saw how this flourish rubber stamp set was packaged. Shoots I would buy it just for the box, y’all! It comes with 10 stamps and 3 colors of ink. Black, White & Silver. Perfect for any holiday decor. how to use a stamp

Since my tags were fairly small I decided to use a stamp that would fit perfectly on them. I also used a big stamp that went off the edges of tag and it came out so cute!

how to stencil fabric jaderbomb

Since your packages or bottles of wine will have a fun tag hanging from them why not add a little embellished ribbon to go with it.

I mean, it would really top things off. You could also wrap this stamped burlap ribbon around a candle or add it to any wreath for a pop of DIY.

How to print on burlap

Stenciled Labels 12 months of martha jaderbomb

These can be used for practically anything. I will be using them as gift tags for Christmas but I wanted to show you how you can use them as part of your display also.Stenciled Fabric

Personalized Gifts DIY 12 months of martha

I hope you enjoyed this 12 months of Martha post. Check out what else I made for Martha. If you are on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook make sure to search or share my pics by using this hashtag #12monthsofmartha and #jaderbomb

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Happy CYBER MONDAY Jaderbugs! I hope to have all of my tutorials up before the end of the week showing you all of the “cheap” ways I decorated our Christmas tree. I always believe when you make your own things they look so much better than store bought items. Don’t cha agree?

Today’s tutorial is so soft and fluffy. When I was in the store the other day I started looking at garlands and when I saw the prices on them I was like “ER MY GERD”… I couldn’t get over the prices of them. I figured out in that moment I would make my own. I wanted something to look like SNOW… Then it clicked.


Are you excited yet? The great thing is you can have your kids help with this, just be careful of the needle. I think they make kid proof needles I am just not sure where they sell them. I mean. What is kid proof? Can they not stab themselves with it? Will it even go through clothes? See… I just don’t know ~


*cotton balls

I purchased all of my ingredients at Walgreens. Make sure when you purchase your cotton balls that you get the JUMBO ones. I accidentally got the small ones and you can totally tell the difference. The big ones look so much better.

Start off with ONE large cotton ball.

Carefully string your needle right through the center of the cotton ball.

Pull the string through and continue until you have enough for your tree. One piece of advice. I though I could have ONE long garland but because you are using thread it sorta breaks easily if there is too much weight. I know you are prolly thinking…cotton balls, weight. Trust me it breaks.

I like to do about 20-30 cotton balls and then stop. It just works better. I am sure if you used the small cotton balls you could make one big garland but these jumbo babies are huge! 

This is what you will get JADERBUGS! It’s so much fun right. I really like it because it’s super affordable and honestly. I think it looks better than a store bought garland.

Here is ONE of our trees in the house. Tutorial coming soon on how we make this bookshelf so stay tuned!

If you decide to make one please post it on my Jaderbomb facebook page! I love showing the things you make.

Don’t forget to make it a DIY kinda day,

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Oh HAPPY day Jaderbugs! I have this post I am working on featuring 5-10 homemade crafts you can make to decorate your Christmas tree with. That will be coming up this week but I wanted to share a few of my favorite ones with you now. I love making things that fill those empty spots in my Christmas tree. You know? Those spots that are screaming for love and affection? This year is the FIRST year we ever got a real tree. It was so much fun going through the entire process. Lil one had fun picking it out. The one thing I didn’t realize is that you can’t BEND the branches like a fake tree.


Do you know what this means? HUGE spots that need love and affection. I tried sticking ornaments in those lonely spots but it was just not working. Our living room tree’s theme is GOLD, WHITE and a pop of red. I thought why not add a little bit’O candy in the tree and that is where this idea came from. I didn’t want to go out and buy candy ornaments because they are super duper expensive and I just don’t like throwing away money like that.  I hope you enjoy this craft because they turned out SO cute. Just think you can do silver ones and put bright fun paper around them. I love this because you can be creative and add paper on them that you personally love.

Stay tuned because I have THREE trees in the house this year so you will be seeing some fun ways to decorate a tree. Did I mention each room has a different theme? Eh…. I know. I have OCD.
Let’s get started:


*Mylar Tissue (purchased from Walgreens)
*Scrapbook paper
*Paper towel roll

You can click on any of the ingredient links to purchase these items in ONE spot.

 The first thing I want to tell you is this Mylar Paper is GOLD and SILVER. This is what it looks like right from the package. You can see that there will be a crease from where it was folded.

If you flip the paper over it will be silver. I didn’t know this until I bought it. I think this is great because you can choose this side if you don’t want GOLD.

The first thing I did was lay my cardboard roll on the edge of tissue, roll it over so see where I need to cut.  The goal is to have no cardboard showing.

Once you cut it it will look like the picture below. It will be too “long” so you will need to cut the strip in half. I used the crease that was already showing as a guideline.

Once you cut it wrap your roll with the tissue paper and secure with tape. I like to use double stick tape so I can “hide” the tape from the human eye. It actually just looks a little better this way.

Get a piece of twine and tie it around the ends of the roll. This will give us that CANDY look. Are they not so cute? I planned on leaving them just like this but I really wanted them to pop.

Soooo. I added red and white chevron paper around them.

This is what they will look like once you are done! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial… Make sure and post yours on my facebook page so I can share with my readers. I love seeing your take on one of my crafts.

Don’t forget to make it a DIY kinda day,

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Martha Stewart Countdown #100 Lucky Plant Gift

WOW! I am sitting at my computer right now crying so much. I am not sad or upset. I am just overwhelmed with what I just accomplished. I never thought any of this would happen to me. WHY would it? Well because I believe in myself for one and the rest comes with faith. {{thanks UNIVERSE}}

If you know me then you know I believe in the Universe more than I believe in myself. This countdown took on a big role in my life. I literally felt like I woke up thinking about Martha Stewart and I went to bed thinking of Martha Stewart. If I wasn’t doing this countdown one might would think I was OBSESSED.. HAHA. OK. Maybe I am just a little. I remember when I was standing right next to her, before the camera’s started rolling. I looked at her and it took me a minute to realize what was happening. I kinda wanted to frantically hug her or maybe just touch her cheek. I wanted to see if it was real. But I touched her hand and she kinda hugged me on the show so that was REAL ENOUGH!!!

I know you might of thought I would go out with a BANG. What I mean is, everyone is asking me “What will your 100th craft be”…It’s actually very simple and delicate. I thought it was perfect because a “JADE” plant is considered a “lucky plant. Did you know that? I have them all over my house and I have one in particular that I bought at the beginning of the countdown. You can get them at walmart! I got it because, well I guess I thought I NEEDED luck to do what I just promised to do. I remember when I told Ashy what I was doing. She just looked at me and said, “WHAT”. Really she said, {{are you flipping nuts woman}}.. HAHA. She turned into my biggest supporter. THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU FOR THAT! 

Remember my post that I did announcing to the world about the Martha countdown? Let me share a couple of things I wrote in it:

Sometimes I pretend I am her. Have you ever seen her hands? She is just magnificent I tell ya. She makes every craft seem like walking on water. She is the craft god. I just wanna feel like I have walked in Martha’s shoes for a period in time.

Can you believe all of my energy led me to this. I had NO idea when I wrote THIS  post that 3 weeks later I would be standing next to her. FA REALLLL!! Thank you UNIVERSE again.  I made so many friends when I went to New York and I am so glad they are in my life. I have learned how to “REALLY” network and be the consistent crafter that I am!  Well here it is people. My 100th craft.

Wish someone an auspicious new year with a jade plant, Crassula ovata. This easy-care succulent is said to bring prosperity. 

To wrap the pot, place it on a square sheet of decorative paper.

Bring up two opposite corners, and secure to the pot with double-sided tape. 

Fold the other two flaps as shown; tape. 

Tie gold cord around the pot, and add a tag with a message.Well Jaderbugs, it’s been amazing and wonderful. I couldn’t of done it without you and your excitement about each and every craft I do! I will forever remember this STRESSFUL wonderful experience. HaHa. Don’t worry! I am not going anywhere. I was a craft blogger long before this project and I will be one long after! GUESS WHAT? You will NOW start getting all of my ORIGINAL JADERBOMB CRAFTS BACK!!! I AM SO EXCITED…

Martha, if you are reading this…thank you for recognizing me as a true crafter. You changed my life before I went on the show and now I will forever carry this memory with me. I will NEVER forget what you said on the show:

“There’s dedication and then there’s DEDICATION.”  -Martha Stewart

Floating on CLOUD 1 million,

Check out Martha’s original craft HERE and you can purchase Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts here!

CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO (me on the show!)


Click HERE to read all about it!!!

Thanks to Martha Stewart crafts for sponsoring me with craft supplies!

Homeade Doorbells

Deck the doorknobs with jolly kid-made bells. It’s a great activity for days when it’s too wet or chilly to play outside and — between your craft bin and the refrigerator — you probably have all the supplies on hand: an egg carton, paint, glitter, glue, and yarn.

(and you jaderbugs know how much I love GLITTERRR (singing) again)

NINETYYYYYYYY 99999999999999999999999999… (SINGING LOUD in a MANLY voice)

Get your egg carton. Paper works best!

 Cut the cone-shape pieces that separate the eggs out of a cardboard carton (one egg carton will produce five bells).

I just used a roll of colorful yarn. Heart this!

Colors I used for my craft. You can get it HERE.

Colors I used for my craft. You can get it HERE.

Paint each divider, using acrylic or poster paint. Let dry; apply glue along the edge of the divider, all over the outside, or wherever you like, and sprinkle with glitter.

These are the glitter colors I used!! ORDER SOME HERE!! Don’t forget to use THESE!

Thread an embroidery needle with yarn. Poke a hole through a bell’s crown, and pull yarn through partway.

Slide a bell onto the yarn.

 Tie a knot above the jingle bell and one a little higher. Like this!

Tie several bells around a doorknob, staggering the lengths of the yarn.

OK. Fa real! I am in LOVE. I know I say that about every craft that has GLITTER on it!!! Can you believe this is 99!!!

I got 99 problems and a _____ ain’t one,

Check out Martha’s original craft HERE and you can purchase Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts here!

CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO  (me on the show!)


Click HERE to read all about it!!!

Thanks to Martha Stewart crafts for sponsoring me with craft supplies!


Candy Cane Reindeer

Turning a plain candy cane into a cute reindeer is a simple Good Thing to get you and your family in the holiday spirit. I mean, nothing REALLY say’s christmas like a good ole Reindeer in your soft drink. To top it off we have “killer” antlers. Fa reel, I mean deadly. Rememebr? My trusty rusty wire? HAHA!

Tools and Materials
Reindeer template
Candy cane
Brown felt or Brown paper (which is what jaderbomb used)
ScissorsHot glue gun
Brown or red craft pom-pom
Black felt
Hole punch
Rustic floral wire (remember? Trusty Rusty Wire) HAHA

Here are some other AWESOME reindeer crafts: 

Reindeer Pop-Up Card   Making Figures: Reindeer  Reindeer Holiday Coasters

Here are some reindeer materials for you party!!!

Martha Stewart Reindeer Cello Treat Bags 8-Pack   Martha Stewart Craft Deer Family Window Cling

Martha Stewart Reindeer Figurines 

Reindeer Facts

Reindeer have different functions in different cultures. The larger-than-life holiday identity of reindeer likely originated from their ability to pull a heavy sleigh around their arctic homes.  Today, reindeer are mainly used in the United States and around the world to demonstrate the link between humans and animals and the environment. Their antlers are made up of the fastest growing tissue in the animal kingdom, growing up to an inch a day. Made of bone, reindeer antlers can grow within only a few weeks of birth. WOW. Reindeer are the only species of deer where both sexes have antlers, although only male reindeer develop a brow shovel, which they use to clear snow and ice off of grass.

Check above for the template. I was already giddy and happy when I saw this template.

Place template on brown felt or brown paper and trace face and ears; cut them out.

Make eyes by punching two dots out of black felt using a hole punch. Glue black dots to face. Let dry for 15 minutes.

Apply face and ears to candy cane using nontoxic glue. Attach craft pom-pom for the nose using nontoxic glue. If making a Rudolph candy cane, use a red pom-pom; otherwise, use brown.

She’s coming togetherrrrrererererrer (i was singing that) haha

Look FOLKS it’s out HANDY DANDY TRUSTY RUSTY WIRE!!!  Twist rustic floral wire to make antlers. Attach antlers by twisting around top of candy cane. Twist one small piece onto each side of the main antlers to make branches.


LAWD! If you these these are not scrumptious looking then you CUH-RAZY! I can’t believe this is 98! It’s the year I GRADUATED {{teehehehe I shouldn’t of said that}} Check Martha out here!

Check out Martha’s original craft HERE and you can purchase Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts here!

CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO  (me on the show!)


 Click HERE to read all about it!!!

Thanks to Martha Stewart crafts for sponsoring me with craft supplies!
Special thanks to Jim Knox of Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo for sharing these interesting reindeer facts. See more of Jim Knox on “Jim Knox’s Wild Zoofari,” a live-action wildlife series airing on PBS that teaches kids about wildlife conservation. The reindeer seen on today’s show are from Santa’s Workshop, a theme park in North Pole, New York.

Candy Cane Mice

It’s the kids who will be doing the nibbling when these sweet mice are around. A combination of two Christmas icons — mice and candy canes — these tiny fabric creatures with their red-and-white-striped tails make fitting favors at a holiday dinner or delightful gifts for children to give to friends and relatives.

RIGHT!! Just wait till you see the scrumptious little munchkins!!

Get the mice template HERE.

After you cut out the images from your template trace them onto felt.

Take your paper punch and punch out a couple of holes into black felt.

You will cut slices like this.

After you pass the ears through the slit put a dab of glue on top of each ear.

OMG. Are you “really” ready for these suckers. I don’t think you are.

I never thought I would say that I absolutely LOVE mice now. Well, just pink and yellow ones.

Up an at um early this morning and seeing crooked mice because I am SO tired,

Check out Martha’s original craft HERE and you can purchase Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts here!

CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO  (me on the show!)

Click HERE to read all about it!

Thanks to Martha Stewart crafts for sponsoring me with craft supplies!


How To Make Embossed Cards

Take your projects to a new level by learning a technique called embossing. Embossing is a technique used to create a raised, or 3-dimensional, image on a piece of paper. You can emboss store-bought stationery or cards, or you can make your own from card stock.

When my friend at Martha Stewart sent me this starter kit I was like.. I must be stupid because I’ve never seen this! It looked hard but it was SO easy. Lemme tell you how ELEGANT this looks.

Ok. I’ll tell you. ELEGANT.

Let’s get started!!! It’s 2:30 in the morning and I think I just felt drool on my lip.

This is what the box will look like in the store. You can order one HERE.

I absolutely LOVED the bird. Tweet Tweet. Speaking of TWEETS don’t forget to find me on TWITTER so we can twitterbomb.

I started with card stock and folded it in half. I love this MINT color. Ya know, Lady GaGa said mint will be in next season.

Be careful not to press TOO TOO hard. We don’t want to work this hard and then tear it.. That would be an EPIC FAIL.

I know. I have OLIVE paper here. I made, let’s just say ((a few)) haha for Christmas cards.

This is just some things I was playing around with. I am in love.

Check out my friend Alex and Martha. Alex if your reading this…. I miss you and I’m cooking Gumbo on SUNDAY!

Wishing Martha, Alex, Stacey, Noel, & Lenore could come over this weekend,