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Who’s ready to make a Recycled Planter! Yo Jaderbugs it’s been a hot minute since I posted something here but like always sometimes life takes over and our priorities get shifted a little. I am sure some of you can relate to that. I have some exciting projects I am starting this week and I can’t wait to share them with you! How have you been???? How’s life treating ya?!?!

I am excited to show you this Mushroom Planter I did a few years ago for the Graphics Fairy. It’s really easy and practically anyone can do this project. Now if you like planters then you have to see this one I made with Cupcake Liners!

I wonder if everyone out there eats mushrooms…I personally never could get my mouth to adjust to the taste and texture but then again I used to hate pickles and somehow the universe changed my tastebuds and now I can’t eat enough of them. No, I am not preggers, haha! We have this little bistro in the lobby of our building and usually everyday around 3 I walk over to get my daily pickle from them. I prolly should just go buy a big gallon bucket of them and keep in the fridge at the studio but for some reason I think they taste better from them. Plus I like supporting the bistro so a pickle here a pickle there adds up, hehe!

Now for this project you can do so many things with it. You can put a plant in it like I did or use the tub to hold anything your heart desires. It’s practically free to make (((sorta))) so in the end you an make tons of them! I don’t know about you but I am ready to started!
Recycled Planter

you will need

Empty Tub | Glitter | Brown Paper Bag | Mod Podge | Craft Brush | Scissors | Mushroom Printable

YO! You can seriously order all of the products I used in ONE hot spot by clicking on the links (above)….Yeppers these are affiliate links so by shopping from here you helping a sista out! 6

The first thing you will do is download this rad mushroom printable. Now look, if you are not into mushrooms you can find any image on this site that makes your heart happy! I simply like the look of mushrooms, just not in my mouth!

Once you print it out on durable paper (like card stock) carefully cut it out. You can use any scissors that you have but craft scissors work the best.1

Next thing you will do is tear pieces of brown paper bags with your hands. You do not want to cut these pieces with scissors because we want the edges to look “torn”. Got it, great! 3

Once you have way too many pieces of brown torn paper bag pieces it’s time to glue these babies onto our hideous tub. Now, I used a gatorade tub but by all means you can use anything you want! If you plan on putting a plant in it just make sure the inside is durable and that you can puncture a few holes on the bottom so the water can drain.

Dip that brush in the Mod Podge, brush some on the tub, put paper bag tear out on top of glue then seal with another coat of Mod Podge. Wham Bam that’s it!

If you have never used Mod Podge I’ll tell you that it will look super white when applying initially. Don’t you worry little ones this stuff will dry clear and win over your heart in 20 minutes. Yep, this little container of white glue is majorly addicting. There is your warning. Bam.

When you are finished with your brown paper bag layer then it’s time to glue our Mushroom onto the container. You will use the same process as the paper bags. Don’t forget to sprinkle the glitter of your choice onto the mushroom while the glue is still wet. Heller, we always need some sparkle in our lives. I used an iridescent glitter so the colors will change depending on the angle you are looking.

Let this ball of beauty sit for a few hours and then you are ready to stuff it with whatever you want. Now if you don’t want some orange showing through then just add more brown paper bags but I kinda like the hint of color coming through in some spots. Another option is painting the tub the color of your choice before applying the paper bag.

I planted a Christmas Cactus in mine and I LOVE IT! This also makes a great gift to give someone, right! Thanks for hanging out with me on this wonderful Monday morning! See ya on the flip side Jaderbugs! mushroom planter

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First I want to show you my snazzy Parisian Party Decor.

Stephanie Hamen shows us how to use the awesome Mod Melter

Cathy Attix shows us just how easy it is to use fabric markers to create a beautiful and elegant ballerina t-shirt.

Mark Montano teaches us how to create some Game of Thrones inspired dragon eggs.

Megan teaches us how to make a neutral and beautiful Easter egg topiary.

Margot Potter’s video is very helpful, showing us how to use the Mod Melter.

Cathie and Steve share a super cool project with summer in mind – decorating a cooler with Mod Podge!

Stephanie Hamen shows us how to make this fun DIY Decor Tape Display Board for Hazel & Ruby !!!

Aunt Peaches teaches us how to create coffee filter tulips.




February Challenge creative 1Happy Monday! I am so excited to share some denim crafts with you today! As a Michael’s Maker I was challenged by my friends at Michael’s to do something magical with their new line of denim products – Make Market. If you have not seen this line yet, now is the time! I can remember the day’s I would beg my friends for their old jeans so I could rip and tear them up. I used to always use denim and let me tell you this makes things NICE!

I love the variety of denim that is available. They have bows, ribbon, bags, canvases, wraps, cuts pieces and so much more!!! I started thinking about what I would make with the denim and then it dawned on me. I have a new chicken and she needs a basket to sleep in and I need a new basket to get our fresh eggs with. VOILA!

Here I am so excited next the denim line. Not cheesy at all! (hehe)

photo (10)2& and chicken. If you don’t have a chicken or fresh eggs you can still make this basket and use it for decoration or fill it with goodies and give to someone as a gift. silkie chickenI simply love this ribbon. I would be a little happier if they made some with adhesive backing! I mean then I could stick them on practically everything!blue jean craftsStep 1: Open a pack of ribbon and start on a corner, weaving the ribbon over and under the openings. It’s truly simple but time consuming.

Step 2: When you get all the way around cut the ribbon and tie on the corners.
1Once you get your first stripe start with your next one. You will start seeing the stripes appear and then…you will start to fall in love!


To make the chalkboard name tag: Cut the twine, write your message with a chalk marker then tie to the front of the basket. 3I bought this fluffy blue jean ribbon to add to the front of the basket. I love that it’s a clip. I can take it on and off and use it for other projects!4To make the chalkboard -n- denim planter: purchase a chalkboard pot or paint one and grab some denim -n- lace ribbon. Cut a piece and tie around the top of pot!  Grab your chalk marker and write your message on the pot!5

7Voila! It’s all done. You now have your magical denim basket to gather your eggs or goodies in.  You know… This would make a GREAT EASTER BASKET.

Michaels has named denim the craft trend of 2015! Denim has always been a wardrobe staple and now it’s emerging in crafts and home décor.

  • If you’re looking for some spring project inspiration, take a look at Michaels’ new Make Market line for DIY project and home décor ideas – all made with simple, on-trend surfaces and textures like chalk, denim, galvanized, burlap and cork.
  • Michaels Makers readers are getting the inside scoop on an upcoming craft contest that will send one lucky participant on the trip of a lifetime to Paris. Check back on my blog March 2 to get all the details on how to enter.

Hope you enjoyed this post! See you in the next one!!! xoxo, jaderbomb

Are you looking for something to wear on Valentines Day but don’t want anything cheesy and covered with hearts! Boy do I have the perfect craft for you to do.

I don’t know about you but I love anything with LEATHER and I sell a lot of leather goods, especially my leather boho earrings! If you are interested in buying some please inbox me jade@jaderbomb.com. They are only $25 dollars and I promise you, everyone will want them off of your ears!!! The best part is you get to pick and choose your own colors to reflect your very own personality!

Make sure to check out these rose earrings I made, I think these look so cute on little girls! Plus they are the BEST kids craft!
Today I wanted to share with you this fun and easy leather heart shirt that I made for the I Love to Create Blog! Make sure to click on the link at the bottom of this post to see the FULL tutorial!
fashion blogger leather heart shirt valentinescrafts


I hope you enjoyed this fast and easy tutorial. This is also a great project for kids.

Hugs from my computer to yours…xoxo, Jade ♥

Happy Thurs-DIY! This week we have 9 VALENTINE DIY PROJECTS  all piled into one and trust me you will want to make all of them at one time! Don’t forget to share the LOVE ♥9 VALENTINE DIY'SI had to start off first with these Jambalaya Boxes from Aunt Peaches. Considering I live in the dirty South and we eat Jambalaya all the time! REPRESENTTTTT. HEHEamanda_1
Come check out my  Pop Art Shirt I created with dimensional fabric paint. I think this is perfect!jade_1Learn how to make your own earring wires? Madge has the tutorial you’ve been looking for!margot_1Margot Potter takes an old ruler and spices it up with some metal love! The special charm takes this  Easy DIY Valentine’s Bracelet to the next level!margot Mark Montano shows us how to make fabulous heart jewelry using perler beads! Warning this will be addicting. mark_1mark_2 These Valentine’s Day Candles from Mark Montano will make someone happy on this loving holiday!markHave fun and create your own fun DIY Valentine’s Box for you or the kiddos with this tutorial. I think glittery paper would be a hit also!valentines-box-DIY

Fall in love with this Easy Mod Podge Love Wall Art by Cathie and Steve. I can already see bright whimsical backgrounds in my near future. cathie

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Today I am giving you a small glimpse into my latest project that I created for the ILoveToCreateBlog! This DIY Glittered Leather Cuff is a simple and fun craft that anyone can do. I love that you can choose any material to make it, however I prefer leather.

Hold up wait a minute, I said “ugh ahhh uhh ahh ahhh”… Remember that song? It’s pretty much stuck in my brain right now and will not leave. I have played a million other songs but this sucker is stuck! I guess I will just keep singing it so it does not drive me insane.

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DIY Glittered Leather Cuff

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If you are looking for some last minute summer crafts check out my roundup I just posted! You will LOVE all of these crafts!


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