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Decorative Canvas Tutorial

Hey my little Jaderbugs~
I ran across these pictures earlier and thought YOU might enjoy them!  They were really fun to make and very easy.  A friend of mine wanted something to hang in her son’s bedroom so I made her this below.  It is really cute because you can hang a picture on the clothes pin and that makes it very special!
P.S. I used a small canvas, I am not sure of the exact size.  I painted it blue then painted brown circles on it.  I had some stencils laying around and I used that to put his name, then i just outlined it with a sharpie marker.  I also outlined the brown circles with a sharpie.  Cut a strip of burlap and hot glued it to each top corner and VOILA! Your very own personalized canvas! Oh! You can add a couple of buttons here and there to add a finishing touch to it. 

P.S. How awesome is this GLITTER!!!
P.S. This canvas was SOOO much fun to make!!! I painted a canvas, then sprinkled my GLITTER all over it! You would DIE if you saw it in person.  So much prettier.  
P.S. I just took some clothespins and put glitter on top {well I put glue on first so the glitter would stick silly goose}.
P.S. After it dried I just hot glued my glittered clothespins to it.  NOW, you can put pictures around it, birthday cards or just special little nothings.  I made this for a friend of mine and BOY DID SHE LOVE IT!!

I hope everyone has a great SUNDAY night!!!!

Valentine Mobile Tutorial

I know! It is almost Valentines Day!!! I can’t believe it! I get really excited because there is nothing like pink, red and white all over the house.  I love doing “lovey” things for my family. 




a basic social unit consisting of parents and theirchildren, considered as a group, whether dwellingtogether or not: the traditional family.


a social unit consisting of one or more adults togetherwith the children they care for: a single-parent family

Just thought I would add that in for ya! I really hope you enjoy this DIY craft.  It is very inexpensive and fun for all ages.  I think I had more fun doing it than my little one (shhhh)….
Have FUN!!! Ingredients Below


p.s. for the wooden sticks i used bamboo.  i had these for decoration and just broke one in half.  how easy is that!

p.s. shaving with scissors was the easiest way! 
p.s. when you put your 2nd piece of wax paper on top of the shavings, it’s best to put a towel on top before you iron it.  personal experience, it works best 🙂
p.s. you can use any cookie cutter or you can free hand your design. 
p.s. after cutting out the designs simply put one down, put hot glue on the side facing upward then place rope in the middle.  before the glue dries you need to put the other heart on top and press gently with your hand.  
p.s. how cute is this!
p.s. if you put it outside, just remember it is made with paper and if it gets wet it will fall apart.  
Have a great SUNDAY!!!!!

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Decorate with book pages

Howdy my little Jaderbugs~
I hope your weekend is going great! Mine is and I can thank TV Land and Hallmark for having Bewitched and I Love Lucy on {reapeat}.  I put up a video this past week showing you how to spice up things using pages from a book. It is a really easy craft and I hope you enjoy it! BTW:  I got this idea one day while making homemade beads {i will post that tutorial soon}.  It is really funny because when I find something that I love I tend to become “obsessive”…. Eeekkkk and that is not always a good thing. 
Book (old or new)
Hot Glue Gun
Wooden letter (you can get this at a craft store or if you want you can cut a letter out of cardboard and glue onto that).  
1.  Take your pencil and wrap a thin strip of paper around the top. (your strip does not have to be even but it works better if it is.
2. Continue rolling until you have no more paper.
3.  When you are done gently pull the paper off of the pencil.

As you can see above the rolls of paper do NOT  have to be even! 


Tadahhhhhh… The end result!!! Are you dying.  Seriously.  Are YOU? You could TOTALLY use this and spell out a whole name. You could spell out your last name.  You can do an initial for every person in your family.  ORRRR… You could do the alphabet in a kids room, or in your kitchen. The ideas are ENDLESS.   endless i tell ya.

On another note. I hope you are having a fabulastic Saturday night!!! Don’t forget to drink lots of H2O.

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Keep calm and love on

Hey there! I thought I would give you an early VALENTINE gift! It is a free print for you to download! It prints as an 8×10 and I hope you enjoy it.  It’s from my heart to yours.  Go ahead and print it. Put it in your house. Put it in your office. Print it for your girlfriend or boyfriend. Print it for your mom or dad.  You get it!!! 
{p.s. i will be talking about it in my VLOG on you tube so check it out!} 

20 things you need to know about me

1. Inside my purse, you’ll discover:  My RayBan Wayfarer sunglasses (which I can’t live without), Candy (always chewy fun candy), Burts Bees lip stick in “guava”, A pencil Bag (incase you did NOT know, I am addicted to pens and pencils}, My Ralph Lauren wallet (that I have been having for 10 years, for REAL), Lancome concealer (the BEST ever), Advil, cough drops, and last but not least, my Calendar.
2. If stranded on an island, the five things I couldn’t live without: I would think this would be an easy one to answer but gosh, there is so much to list. Here I go.. 1.  My Family {does that count my dog too?} 2. My computer {I mean how else would I be able to blog about how much fun I would be having}  3. My Camera {someone is gotta keep track of making memories}  4. My clearasil face pads  5. Electricity… WOW.  

3. On my nightstand you’ll find: My Vic’s nose spray, Lotion, Writing Pad (you know all the good ideas come right when you lay your head down), pictures, lamp

4. When I grew up, I wanted to be: A Marine Biologist

5. My comfort food:  Lil Debbie Christmas trees &Coke

6. The location where I write: All over the place! You never know when this ADD brain will kick out some good stuff.  

7. Three songs on my IPOD’s most played list: Ellie Goulding “The Writer”, Imogen Heap “It’s good to be in love”,  The Shins “Caring is Creepy”.  

8. If I was on the cover of US Weekly, my headline would read: Jaderbomb! The new generation of CRAFTERS!

9. The three books that make me think of my childhood:

Charlotte’s Web
Encyclopedia Collection (i knowwww)
All of my mom’s romance books she used to read

10. My favorite Chick Flick: Sex N the City

11. My favorite Chick Lit book: The Carrie Diaries 

12. My “must see” TV: ALLL of the “Real Housewives” and Martha Stewart!

13. My Starbucks order: Mochasippi with an extra shot of espresso, or a medium roast coffee  

14. My favorite curse word:  For SURE the F Bomb!!! I just think you can use it in SO many different ways.  Kinda F’n Fun.

15. My celebrity man crush:   Easy one!!! Nicolas Cage!!!

16. My celebrity girl crush: Another easy one!!! Gina Gershon

17. My media crush:  Boustany 

18. Three words to summarize my book: Real,Crisp and Inspirational 

19. It took me _____ to write my book. Well I am not really writing a book!! But a craft book would be a dream!

20. My book’s original title: Again, I am not writing a book so I don’t have a title.  Let’s just pretend I am.  It (the book) would have to be called…
It’s a Crafty life! 
(kinda sounds cheezy but then again I am cheezy)

So jump in and join me… give me the 20 things we might want to know about you… and link back so I can read all of yours after all you took the time to read mine!  
I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little more!


So!!! A couple of months ago I decided to have a bonfire.  It was just a typical Saturday night.  I found a book that I no longer wanted.  {Can you guess what I did with it} I burned it! Nothing personal so why not.  It was just a book.  This sheet of paper caught my eye in the fire.  It made me really happy actually.  I am not quite sure why but all I know is, it totally inspired me.  Stay tuned!!! Later on I will be posting a tutorial using book pages!!! tootles my jaderbugs

Disney it UP

{oh my god jader bomb}
I ran across this and just had to do it! It absolutely reminded me of my godchild who is madly {in LOVE} with “kevin”. It was so much fun making this.  I took a couple of pictures to show you how cute this project is! All you will need is a pair of scissors and some glue.
That’s it! 
Click HERE for the print out!!!! Make sure and print out in COLOR~~~ 
(don’t forget to leave COMMENTS below and let me know how your’s turned out!!!)

Blue Balls

Ok, so over Christmas me and seester did a cool little project! It’s called Aqua Beads! Let me just tell you how fun this was…FUN.  I know {for sure} you can buy them at Kirklands.  If you are not familiar it is a gift store/home decor store.  I am sure they have some near you if you look it up.  Just wanted to share this with you.  Also, after you drain the balls, the moisture stays in them for like 3 months. That’s long right! You can put a plant in them and never water for 3 months!!! Go get some!
1. Get a vase
2. Get your Aqua Beads out
3.  Fill it with the correct amount of water
4.  Pour your Aqua Beads into the water
5.  Let them sit.
6.  Watch them grow
7.  And grow
8.  When they are ready, you want to drain them
9.  Tadahhh

How BEAUTIFUL are these little suckers!!! Did I mention how {cool} they feel… You could even use them for stress! {just don’t eat them}

Dusk to Dawn

Holy Bonkers! I forgot about these pictures. How could I?  I mean, I never “forgot” about them…I think my mind misplaced them. Yeah. That’s it! Let me see where I can start, for real.  This is a typical Simon  and Amelia story.  
fyi: When me and my seester were little girls we loved watching saturday night live.  Do you remember when Mike Meyers did that skit in the bathtub, and he was Simon?  Well we used to re-create those scenes to at T…Till this day we still call each other by those nick names.  Just thought tonight would be a great night to let you in a little~

So.  Do you remember the day I posted about going Antique Shopping?  If you have not read it you can read it HERE. I have to tell you something.  I have not been 100% honest with you.  I know, I know, you don’t have to make me feel bad because I already do:) Let me explain.
We were off to go antiquing and could NOT find the places we thought “existed“.  So lala {my gps} made us do a U Turn.  She said were were going the wrong way and we were all like whatever at this point.  After we do the UTurn we start driving down this road that seester (amelia) drives down all of the time.  What was cool about this time was that we stopped at an entrance to something she has BEEN wanting to go to but never wanted to go by herself (release breath and breathe)… Phew. 
Now just in case you are wondering she was not scared to go by herself, she is always so busy that she tells herself “awe, i wanna go there.. i don’t have time today but maybe this weekend” Well she has been in GA for a couple of years now so can you imagine how many times she said that to herself!!! 
Oh my Amelia.. What is one to do with thee.  
Well! Thee will go with you.   
I mean going to some Antique store and coming to a Graveyard are kinda alike right! 
Let’s compare:
Antique store—–Graveyard
in GA——————–in GA
spirits all over—————-spirits all over
You get the hint my little jaderbugs.
So welcome to the graveyard, I hope you enjoy your journey with us!!!!

1.  The wonderful arches awaiting us at the entrance
2.  Us driving in. Notice the light of GOD
3.  A portion of the arches, which was way beautiful
4.  A sign at the entrance.   It was kinda eery and twilightish

1. This arch was erected and presented to the City of Perry as a gift from Dr. Charles R. Mann, who requested that a certain sum of money from his estate be given to the city. His heirs chose this as an appropriate way of carrying out his request, and at the same time, of commemorating one who dearly loved his city, county, and fellow citizens, and whose faithful and skillful ministrations to the sick, enshrined him in the hearts of multitudes.”
2.  COOPER!!! I have no idea who this man is but I loved his home.

1.  This was someone’s beautiful entrance to their home
2.  Me and Amelia had to take this picture because stars and “US” just go together. PLUS. What graves do you see these looking this fascinating.
3.  These little graves that held 3 sisters…. As soon as we walked in this spot it was instant happiness.  I think they were excited that they had visitors.
4.  Another great STAR

1.  Obviously GOD is in the picture. OK!:) This part of the graveyard was really cool because it had these white crosses all over and you couldn’t help but want to know who these people were.  What was his/her name? Did they have kids?  What was their favorite food? What was their favorite hobby? I just wanna know!!!!
2.  A white cross up close.  These had to be around the late 1700’s.
3.  WOW.  I researched some things on this grave and I found out some cool things.   The Drapery represents Mourning.  Anchor means Hope.
4.  The glasses… those poor glasses LOL.  Just a picture of Simon and Amelia loving being together!!! I’m screaming peace!!!

1.  I love this picture of Simon and Amelia!  Look closely at the red dot on our face.  I swear there was a million spirits around us!!! It was the craziest feeling I tell ya.
2.  If you walked all the way to the back of the grave yard you could go down these stairs and find yourself staring at a beautiful creek.  The picture is nothing like being there in person.  The steps were so awesome. Just in the middle of nowhere and it just makes you wonder what they were originally there for.
3.  THE BOOT!!!! BTW before you go down the steps to the creek there was a sign that said “beware of alligators” .  Funny right! Like the boot could RUN!!!
4.  The infamous Creek.  I am prolly a little toooooo spiritual but when me and my Amelia looked at these pictures we both though these rays of BRIGHT light were a “sign”.  I mean, we know it’s the sun but they just came through so strongly. Does that even make sense… LOL

1.  This was growing on one of the old graves.  How awesome.
2.  Simon and Amelia.  Self shot propped ever so on the leaves.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and see ya on the flip side!

{p.s. i’m glad to know “you” still follow just can’t help it! } 
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