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I am a Southern DIY blogger and Designer known for fearlessly conquering anything and everything do-it-yourself. I aim to create unique designs by working through my thoughts, dreams, emotions, and tons of glitter! I believe in doing things that make my heart flutter and smile, and I live by my motto, “Life is simple and so should your style.” To learn more about me, visit or email me at [email protected] You can also visit my Etsy shop at Make sure to check out my FREE PRINTABLES site My biggest accomplishment thus far is being a guest on the Martha Stewart show, yes she smells good. I love my dog Ceaux Ceaux, pens,the smell of Christmas, GOLD, Dr. Pepper and blogging. BTW: I bleed glitter, all shades.

The Simple Secret to the perfect Butterfly Craft! 

Today I am super stoked to show you how to turn realistic faux butterflies into beautiful hair pieces! This butterfly craft is the perfect thing to make for Spring and Summer!

I’m not sure about you but my favorite thing to do is create things that make me feel super good.

Sometimes it’s as simple as a hair pin that can make a person feel snazzy and special.  Did I mention that they are super easy to make and kids will love to make them also! It’s a great thing to add to birthday bags or give a pair to someone to show that they are special to you! Let’s get started on this Butterfly Craft!

Make sure to check out my “Bohemian Jewelry Line”… Trust me you will be thrilled! 

You will need: Faux Butterflies | Bobby Pins | Hot Glue Gun or GlueAnything that is bright and whimsical so when I ran across these butterflies at Michaels I fell in LOVE! You can mix and match these in your hair or simply wear one bold color to make a statement! This project literally cost $3 bucks to make, now that is a deal!!!

The first thing you will do is plug in your hot glue gun and while it’s heating up open your pack of butterflies and get out a few bobby pins. Wipe off bobby pins with alcohol. This helps to get any oils off of them. 

Once your glue is heated up add a line of glue to the top of your bobby pin then quickly place the faux butterfly on top. They key is to be really prepared bc you don’t want to stick the butterfly down when the glue is almost dry. Keep in mind hot glue dries FAST, so if you are not comfy with that you can use E-6000.Now is the time to adore them, literally! It’s fun to wear them in a cluster and somedays just one will do…

Happy Spring Y’all! Seriously can’t wait to see your own creations from this DIY project! 

Don’t forget to follow me on all of my social media channels because I love all of you to pieces!!!! Also, you can make these for every other season using different colors of butterflies! See you in the next post…. 




Happy Holidays friends! Have you ever wondered how much three French hens actually cost? This is PNC’s 35th year calculating the cost of purchasing the gifts in the holiday classic “The 12 days of Christmas,” through the PNC Christmas Price Index ®.

Today I will show you how to make a DIY version of the third day’s gift of three French Hens. This craft will roughly cost you $45.

I was so excited when I also found out I was doing the 3rd day of the 12 Days of Christmas, Three French Hens. If you know me then you know I love my dog Ceaux Ceaux (who has her own blog) and I was ready to make her look like a “French” Hen, haha!

Who’s ready to get started, because I am! You will love this DIY project!

Supplies for FIRST step:
*Red Berete Hat
*Faux Moss
*Glue Gun
*Red Thin Ribbon
*Faux Tiny Birds
*Faux Tiny Bird Nest
*Mini Eggs I made it a point to use the darker birds because they look a little more like a French Hen. 

Step one: Fill your bird nest with your moss, tiny eggs and birds. You can easily do this with the help of your handy hot glue gun. If your kids are helping please assist them with this step!

Step two: Cut a piece of red ribbon (very long piece) and lay it on top of the red berete hat. Next you will add a lot of hot glue to the bottom of the birds’ nest then immediately place the nest on top of the hat, on top of the string.

Let it dry all the way, now your string is secure under the nest. I also added tiny scarves on the birds using the red string. How cute are they!

Supplies for SECOND step:
*Printout of Black Mustache
*Black Fabric
Step one: Cut out your paper mustache and then use it as a template for your black fabric. I had intentions of placing the mustache where is belongs on her face but there was NO way, she kept licking it off as I think most animals would. So just place it above her mouth. It’s still super cute! I used double stick tape for this step. 

Supplies for THIRED step:
*Bags of Different Colored Feathers
*Fuzzy Dog Shirt
*Hot Glue Gun Step one: Start at the very top and add a little dot of hot glue to the tip of a feather then place on the shirt. Continue the whole top layer. When moving onto the next color just lift the first layer up and add second layer under first one.  Repeat until the entire back of costume is filled with feathers. I did do research to find out the actual colors of most french hens and I think I pulled off the colors well! The feathers are so light that you can’t really tell a difference in weight when you are all done.

Can we just all stop for a moment and look at this. How cute is Ceaux Ceaux (CO-CO.) 

Remember that red string we glued under the birds’ nest? Leave it long is because we will use that to tie under her neck. This will really secure the beret. Don’t forget to situate it to the side a little, just like they do in France. 

Don’t forget to add a red scarf around your animals neck! We have to really dig into our “French” side, haha! FYI, yes she is literally sleeping in this picture. She loves sitting for photo shoots believe it or not.

I hope you enjoyed this project! Happy Holidays and huge hugs from my computer to yours!!!

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Happy Holidays friends! I am so excited to participate in the 12 Days of Christmas this year for PNC. The PNC Price Index ® is a really cool way to see the price of my project from the actual 12 Days of Christmas song.

This is PNC’s 35th year calculating the cost of purchasing the gifts in the holiday classic “The 12 days of Christmas.”

I was stoked when I found out I was doing the 1st day of the 12 Days of Christmas, A Partridge in a Pear Tree. This year I will show you how to make a DIY version of the gift. This craft will roughly cost you $30. Who’s ready to get started, because I am! You will love this DIY project! 

Supplies for FIRST step:
*Terra Cotta Pot
*Mod Podge
*Craft Brush
*Scrapbook paper that looks like woodgrain Make sure you get enough sheets to cover all of your pots if you intend on doing more than one pot. I like to do more than one because it looks better in a group plus you never know when a friend will come over and you might want to send them home with “Partridge in a Pear Tree.” Step One: Get a damp cloth and wipe down the entire surface of your terra cotta pots. Did I mention how affordable these pots are? Terra Cotta pots are the best pots to craft with because of this!  Step Two: Cut pieces of your woodgrain paper longways to ensure one strip fits completely vertically. We want this to look as real as possible in the end. Lay down a whole sheet and cut long strips while leaving them in the correct order. Apply them in the order you cut them so once they are all on, everything will line up properly!  Step Three: Apply a coat of Mod Podge onto one strip of your terra cotta pot. Make sure your strip is ready to place on the pot because we don’t want this to dry.  Step Four: Once you place your strip on the pot, apply more Mod Podge on top of the strip. Initially it looks white but once it dries it will be clear. Use your finger to rub in the Mod Podge and push down any cracks or pieces of paper that’s not flat.  Step Five: Continue until your entire pot is covered. Just a quick tip, if your strips of paper aren’t lining up 100% perfectly don’t stress about this ok…I promise it will look fabulous once it’s completely dry! 

How amazing are these woodgrain pots! I am still in awe at how beautiful they came out. Such a quick and affordable way to dress up a plain pot, right!  I didn’t add paper to the inside of the pots because it will be filled with paper.  Supplies for second step:
*Brown Craft Paper
*Clear Tape
*Stapler (Optional) Step One: Cut long pieces of the brown craft paper so we can have a stack ready to roll. Don’t worry if the strips are too long we can always cut them when we are done.
Step Two: Carefully twist the paper using both hands. Don’t be too rough during this step because you will tear the paper. For the main branch (that goes in the middle) I twisted one piece and continued adding more strips around it till the width and thickness was where I wanted it. 

It’s important to get that first piece really strong since we will be adding other branches, leaves, pears and moss to them.

Step Three: Make sure to roll multiple sizes of branches.  Step Four: Grab your big branch and tape it down to the inside of the pot. I added a few pieces of tape to just make sure it was really secure. Continue doing this with as many branches as you want.  This is what it will look like when you tape them down inside the pot. Keep in mind we will be filling the negative (empty) space with crunched up craft paper so that will also keep your branches secure. You can also use a stapler or clear tape to add branches onto other branches. It will all be covered in the end!
Step Five: Start crumbling paper and filling it inside the pot. Also, notice that I used some clear tape to bunch up the base of all my branches so it looks like one massive tree on the bottom. 

Wow y’all! It’s starting to come together!

Supplies for third step:
*Different shades of green craft paper (Make sure to get the paper that has    texture/lines on them)
*Different shades of green ink pads
*Hot glue gun
*Scissors (Kids can use kid friendly scissors)
*Faux Moss Step One: I actually eyeballed cutting out my leaves because I knew in the end once I bent them up with my hands they would look like different shapes.

This is a great step to have your kids do! Put a good movie on and let them cut leaves for days, haha!  Step Two: Make sure to grab some craft paper that is pre-printed with leaves like this because they will be nice to add in random spots to add some texture!  Let’s just take a second to look at how beautiful these ink pads are.
Step Three: Add multiple shades of ink onto your leaves to make them look realistic. P.S. Make sure you cut all different sizes in different shades of colors.

For the pears I eyeballed cutting one out until I was happy with it then I just used that one as my template to cut around to make the rest of them.  Make sure you use a bright green paper for the pears, we want to make sure they stand out against the other green shades. I love how they look a little real, at least from one angle!

Bend the edges with your hands over and over until they are not flat anymore.  You will do the same thing for the leaves. I found pinching one end of the leaves inward then folding the other end backwards, made them look extremely real.  I am super happy with the way the different leaves and pears came out! Make sure you cut MORE leaves than you think you will need because you will need a lot! It’s always better to have more than less, plus a real pear tree has lot’s of leaves!  Step Four: Grab your glue gun and start gluing a pear on one of the branches then adding leaves around the tops of them. If your kids are helping, make sure to monitor this step. Kids can use glue for this step. 

Step Five: Add faux moss to our gaps and holes. Since we are making a real tree, we want to add ton’s of texture to it. Cover the spots of tape with moss! You can’t go wrong with this step, just be careful with the hot glue!

Supplies for fourth step:
*Colorful pack of craft paper
*Hot Glue Gun
*Print out of a Partridge Step one: Print out a picture from the internet of a Partridge just to use as reference.  Step two: Take your print out and trace it onto a dark brown piece of craft paper.
Step three: Using the print out as reference, start cutting all the shades you see out of your stack of craft paper and hot glue them down onto your brown cutout. 

Now it’s time to add that Partridge in our Pear tree! How fantastic is this tree!

I had to add a few real pears to bring to life the “Pear Tree.” Plus you will have a snack to eat after you are finished with these trees.  Notice how I added the stamped pears along with plain ones next to each other to accentuate the different shades that pears actually go through while blooming.
I think my favorite thing about this project is that adults can have fun doing this as well as kids. It’s the perfect “family” project that you can put out on display throughout the holiday season. 

I hope you enjoyed this project! Happy Holidays and huge hugs from my computer to yours!!!

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Today it’s all about a DIY Porch Swing Makeover.

DIY Porch Swing Makeover

I absolutely love sitting on a swing and just chilling.  My dad lives on a large amount of land and has swings everywhere.  Now, let me just tell you after years of being outside there has been some natural wear and tear to some of them. HomeRight sent me a Super Finish Max Extra HVLP Paint Sprayer and I couldn’t think of a better project than sprucing up some dingy old swings!

DIY Porch Swing Makeover

I won’t lie I was initially scared to try this product because let’s face it, it looks like it would require a lot of tiny pieces and could possibly be confusing.  It was the total opposite y’all!  I did watch this video prior to using it to have a better understanding about the sprayer and it helped!  Who’s ready to get started, I know I am!

Home Right Finish Max Sprayer

The first thing I want to do to is talk about is this amazing sprayer.

  • Less Thinning Required
    With 450 watts of power, the Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer can handle thicker paints and varnishes which means less thinning.
  • More Versatile
    With 6 available spray tips (3 included), you can tackle a wide variety of projects such as furniture and cabinets, but also take on fences, decks, and walls, which are uses typically outside the capability of an HVLP sprayer.
  • Larger Capacity
    The 40 fluid ounce container enables you to spray larger projects without having to refill as often, which is a huge time saver!
  • How it Works
    HVLP sprayers use a high volume of air at low pressure to atomize the material your applying, producing a factory-like finish and greatly reducing overspray. Its internal air turbine provides a continuous flow to spray materials.

Let’s get started!  The first thing you want to do is take all of the chains off of the swing, this will make things a lot easier when painting.

You want to make sure to use an exterior paint to ensure that the paint lasts for a long time on the wood.  You can use this paint sprayer to spray oil or water based materials such as: chalk type paint, milk paint, latex paints, enamels, primers, clear sealer, polyurethane, stain and varnish.

I live in the country so I am able to paint things in a open space without worrying about any over spray.  However, if you don’t have this option I fully recommend HomeRight’s spray shelters.  I actually used the small spray shelter to re-purpose some pots for plants. They came out so cute!!!

Once I decided on my spot to spray the swing I placed them on two saw horses to make sure the swing was secure and would not move.  If you use a spray shelter I still recommend using saw horses to place the swing on. Trust me it just makes life so much easier!

DIY Porch Swing Makeover - How to paint a swingSince the swing I decided to paint had some wear and tear I thought it would be a good idea to sand it down before I painted it.  The goal is to have a fresh, clean surface before you spray the wood.  This is not mandatory but the wood will look brand new and hello, that is what we want! (haha)

Accessories & Parts

These are all of the parts involved with the Super Finish Max Extra HVLP Paint Sprayer.

Now like I said earlier this spray gun is so easy to use and you can always purchase replacement parts individually if by any chance you loose one.  That right there my friend is a win/win in my book!  When you purchase your spray gun the instructions are very clearly written out. Nothing confusing about this baby!  If I can use it, YOU CAN!!!

I wanted to use a color that I truly loved and could see myself using on other projects so I picked a beautiful color called “ALOE”, it looks a lot like tiffany blue… Let’s be real y’all, you can never go wrong with this color!

Now that you are ready the first thing you will do is unscrew the container from the gun.

My dad taught me a trick years ago when pouring paint.  Take a nail and hammer a few holes on one side like the picture below. This will make the flow a lot slower so it doesn’t start gushing out.  Plus this helps with not making a mess everywhere!  See pop’s, you taught me something!!!

If you poke holes in the can you want to make sure to pour your paint where the holes are.  Place your container on a surface that you are not worried about paint getting on then slowly fill the container with the paint.  For this project I filled the container 3/4 full and after 6-7 coats on the swing I still had a little extra that I poured back into the can!  Impressed, YES!

Did I mention one really cool feature with this spray gun…You do NOT have to dilute the paint once it’s in the container.  I mean take me to the cleaners and wring me out this is my favorite part about the gun!

Screw the paint filled container back to the spray gun.
Now it’s time for business!

You can set the spray pattern multiple ways with this handy little device.

Basically you want to set it in the direction you want to paint. For this project I used the “Horizontal” position.  Well with the lovely help of my dad!  Hey, I can’t take pictures and paint (haha).

How to paint wood using a paint sprayerOnce you are ready all you will do is plug in your sprayer and get to spraying.  I did test the flow and angle of paint before I started on a scrap piece of wood.  I do suggest doing this first.  Once you have everything lined up just slowly start from one end and go to the other.  I was seriously amazed at how great this covered the wood with the first layer.

This is about 3-4 layers and I am just in awe of how easy it was to use.

This gives you full control over the amount of paint that is flowing. Once you are done spraying the entire swing it’s time to clean up.  Let me tell you ahead of time cleaning this device is easier than using it!

Unscrew the container from the spray gun.

If you have paint left over in the container make sure to pour it back into your paint can.  No need we waste any paint especially if you got the good kind!

Tiffany Blue Paint - DIY Porch Swing Makeover

Next you will rinse the container a few times with water to get most of the paint out then fill it completely up with water.  Re-Attach the container to the gun then spray until the water turns clear. It’s really that simple!

DIY Porch Swing Makeover is the way to go these days! Just think of all the new memories you will make on this new and improved swing!

Take off the air cap set (where paint comes out of) and toss everything into a bucket of soapy water.  Toss in the container and suction tube.  All of these pieces come off really easy.  For the tiny spray tip (colored one) you will use the wrench to get it off.  Let all of these pieces sit in the water for a while then hand clean them.

Make sure you use the cleaning brush to clean the inside!  Once your parts are cleaned set them out to dry then re-attach everything and it’s ready for the next project!

I am super pleased with the outcome of this swing and I can’t wait to use my sprayer on another project! 

DIY Swing Makeover

I hope you enjoyed this post!  Make sure to hop on over to the Home Right website so check out all of their products and projects! You can also find them here on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest.

Make sure to check out how I painted flower pots and how I grilled pineapples.

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Today I will show you two different ways to grill pineapple!

I absolutely love grilled pineapple and so I decided to use my new Electro-Lite Fire Starter from HomeRight to make some scrumptious meals! Let’s not forget they are perfect for summertime.  My Fresh Southern Salsa is another great summer recipe that you have to check out and so is my Cucumber Pasta Salad!   I will admit that grilling pineapple is the absolute BOMB.  So today I am sharing my grilled pineapple & shrimp skewers and pineapple and bacon skewers.  Let’s keep in mind that you may never want to eat pineapple any other way ever again! Let’s get started! 

A huge thanks to HomeRight for making today’s post possible.  All opinions are mine. 100%!!!

The first thing I want to talk about is this amazing fire starter.

  • The ElectroLight allows you to easily light your charcoal barbecue, wood burning fireplace, campfire or fire pit in 2-3 minutes.
  • It uses 1300 degree temperature hot air to ignite your wood or charcoal.
  • The built-in blower then fans the flames to the desired level of fire needed, saving more time for doing what you love.
  • The durable heating element, motor, and switch will last you for thousands of lights.

The wanted to use Hickory wood instead of charcoal for this delicious recipe. You can however use charcoal if you want but either one will make your food turn out great!  Just a few facts that you need to know about this amazing fire starter.

  • Starts a fire in 2-3 minutes
  • Heats up to 1300°F
  • Chemical free
  • Built-in blower
  • 10 ft. long heavy-gauge grounded power cord

If that doesn’t sell you on this product then maybe the recipe will, haha!

To start off you will place your coals or wood in your pit like the picture above. Carefully stand above the pit and hold the HomeRight Fire Starter directly on top of the wood. I suggest placing it directly on top, in the center to achieve the best fire for your grilling. Doing this ensures it starts the fire properly allowing the rest of the wood to burn at the right rate. The first recipe I will show you is my easy pineapple and shrimp skewers. I love cooking like this because it’s sorta like finger food but without using your fingers! I cut a fresh pineapple into cubes and rotated shrimp and pineapple on the wooden skewer until it was full. Incase you didn’t know I am from the dirty South so I had to add a little Cajun seasoning to my entree.  Next thing you will do is make sure your pit is lit properly and your fire is going strong then carefully place your skewers onto the grill. I sprayed a little olive oil onto my grill before hand so my shrimp would not stick. This is optional however. Once you have them placed the way you want put the cover on because we want to “smoke” the food and not burn it with the fire. I turned my skewers every few minutes to make sure the food cooked thoroughly.Right before I took them off of the grill I added some bar-b-q sauce. You do not have to add a ton of sauce because cooking with hickory wood adds tons of flavor already. When done, place on the plate of your choice and serve with sauce on the side. Everyone will love you when they taste these!

I love these because you can have a large group hanging out and everyone can grab one and munch away without having to break out silverware! That’s a win in my book, right!!!

The next recipe I will show you is pineapple wrapped in bacon. Let’s just get one thing strait…You can NEVER go wrong with bacon! Can I get an AMEN!!!

If you noticed I did not add any seasoning to these babies because I want the bacon to do the talking here! I suggest coating your grill with olive oil because the last thing you want is bacon sticking and coming off the pineapple. That would defeat the whole purpose…If you have never had sweet with salty before then I suggest you try this. It’s the perfect combination of LOVE. Did I mention is super easy and you can even involve your kids when making these! You will be surprised at how much fun they will have! I did use a whole pineapple for this recipe because I wanted strips of pineapple. Adults, if you use this method please cut the pineapple ahead of time, we don’t want any accidents!

Here is the result of your pineapple wrapped in bacon! These are best fresh off of the grill so make sure you eat them quickly…. I am sure you won’t have a problem with that, haha! Summertime Grilling Essentials 101!

Make sure to hop on over to the HomeRight website to see all of their products because trust me, you need them all in your life!!! Make sure to check out my last project I did using the small spray shelter!

Until next time, hugs from my computer to yours!

The Simple Secret: How to Spray Paint like a Pro! 

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by HomeRight and contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

Hey y’all! It’s been a hot minute and I am so happy to hang out with y’all online today and show you how to spray paint like a pro! How many of you are in awe that Summer is already here? I woke up the other morning and freaked out when I realized it was May! Now let’s be real, I write dates down daily and I have been writing May down for some time now, but it REALLY hit me that it’s almost Summertime. I just pray I am not the only one who has these “realizations”, haha! How many of you are ready to see a spray paint shelter for small paint projects!

Don’t get me wrong I love Summer, said no one ever! Incase you didn’t know I live in the hottest place in the world. LOUISIANA. Who doesn’t love walking out of your house at 7 am and within 2 minutes your back is sweating and mosquitos are eating you alive. It’s ok because now I have a small spray shelter I can turn into a magical getaway with watermelon and fans, or I can just paint small projects in it! Let’s get started!

If you are anything like me then you love to transform lot’s of things with spray paint. I am super stoked to share this product with you! I usually grab something, plop it in the grass then spray away with my spray paint. Yep, overspray is all over the place when I am doing this. I won’t mention the time I spray painted too close to my car (insert eye roll).

This Small Spray Shelter from HomeRight is seriously the best thing to ensure that you won’t get overspray on anything! Did I mention how easy this baby is to set up? You just unzip the small package it comes in and magically watch it open up.

  • Set Up Anywhere
    This portable, lightweight Spray Shelter makes it easy to position on a tabletop, floor or workbench. It naturally pops up into position to be used almost instantly.

  • Spray Paint the Right Way
    The Small Spray Shelter is a tent-like structure that provides a safe area to spray paint or stain, and protects your surrounding area from overspray drift. It can be used with aerosol cans, airless paint sprayers, or HVLP sprayers like the Finish Max or Super Finish Max.
  • Sets Up Quickly
    In just a few simple steps, the Small Spray Shelter can be set up in your working area. That means there’s more time for painting!
  • Great for Small to Medium Projects
    This small, temporary Spray Shelter is perfect for spraying lamps, wood crates, home decor, and other accessories!
  • Contains Overspray Drift
    Designed to contain overspray by directing airflow away from your project. This provides greater protection for your piece and breathing area.

I was really impressed with the packaging and how easy it is to put back in the bag. It comes with two handles at the top making it easy to carry around from one spot to another. I won’t lie the first time I had to fold it back up I probably sacred my neighbor. If I had to guess I may have looked like a flamingo that was just learning to walk while stepping on and off a few balloons. Yes, I know sometimes this DIY life turns us into things we never knew we could be!

I thought I would be nice and save yourself from this embarrassment so you can click below to see this easy video showing you how to put it away when you are done with it!

Click here to see video

Today I will be showing you how to make some chic and cute Summertime flower pots that will look great on your front porch. Of course we will be using the spray shelter so let’s get started.

You will need:
Home Right Spray Shelter
Ceramic or Plastic Pots
Spray Paint
Painters Tape
Glitter (Optional)

I wanted to mix up my pots by using some terra cotta and some plastic. It really doesn’t matter which ones you choose to use what’s important is to make sure you use the right spray paint. Your project will come out better if you use spray paint designed for plastic, so be aware of this before you start your project. 

Now it’s time to have fun with your project. Get out all the colors you want to use because we will be doing some striping on our pots, which means we will use more than one color on a pot. I am officially ready to teach you how to spray paint like a pro? Who’s ready?

I suggest always using painters tape because it sticks nicely on the pots and is easy to peel off. I am going to be using a little glitter on some of my pots because, why not! Glitter makes everyone smile so I figured it could possibly make my plants smile too!

Step ONE: Clean off the outside of the pots to get off dirt and prep for spraying. Start by adding one strip of tape from top to bottom along the pot. Don’t be too hard on yourself, these tape lines do not have to be perfect. Once they are fully painted the lines look great!

Step TWO: Once your pots are all taped up it’s time to paint them with your spray paint. I suggest placing a piece of cardboard or foam board on the base of the spray shelter so your pot is on a hard surface. It will prevent it from tipping over. Spray multiple light layers of spray paint until its fully coated. 

You can see below how the first layer of spray paint will look. Here is a good example of the size of the paint shelter. This is a medium sized pot and there is still an ample amount of room left! I placed a lamp in here and it barely took up half of the space.

Here are a few projects I used spray paint for and boy I wish I had this spray shelter!

Check out this paper towel holder and this glass vase!

Step THREE: Let it sit for a hot minute until it’s fully dry.

You can see below how the white looks once you put spray about 4 coats of spray paint on it.

Step FOUR: Once it’s dry carefully peel off the tape. Don’t fret if some of the white bled under the tape. In the end it will look very vintage when you add your plants. 

Now that you know how to make these pots you can get busy with tons of other colored pots. I am seriously loving the look of the natural terra cotta and white! 

For the red and white ones I painted the pots all red, let them dry then applied tape to them and painted them white. When you peel off this paint it’s like circus heaven! I find these all look sorta like 4th of July pots!

I decided to plant cacti and wax plants so they could last a while. For some strange reason I can’t seem to keep anything alive except plants that require low maintenance, go figure. 

I wanted the blue and white to look a little distressed so I put the painters tape on the pot before the white was completely dry then peeled it off before the blue was completely dry. Kinda reminds me of denim!

How darling are these babies!  This spray paint shelter for small projects is the perfect thing to have on hand, trust me! If you have enough room in your garage or covered spot you can keep it up year round! Maybe put a cat bed in it for a mini house when you are not using it, haha!!! 

I say one is my favorite until I look at another one then I go back to square one, confused! HAHA! I have officially showed you How to Spray Paint like a Pro, and I can’t wait to see what you create using your spray shelter! 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Can you imagine what a bunch of rainbow ones would look like all together with stripes. Make sure to hop on over to the Home Right website so check out all of their products and projects! You can also find them here on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest.

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The Simple Secret to a Decorating Your Front Door! 

Hey Friends, Happy Thursday. I have sorta been “MIA” for a few weeks and I have a perfectly good reason! LIFE! Yes that is exactly what is going down… It’s funny how one thing happens in your life then next thing you know something else happens and then you are a month absent on your blog, SMH!

Today’s roundup is full of happy and fun doormats that are all done by someone but made easy because they are ready for you to purchase them! Sure you can make all of these if you really wanted but somedays it is just easier to click “BUY”, can I get an amen! So let’s get started because you need to get one of these rad mats for your front door!

Don’t forget to write in the comment section which one is your favorite one, I might be doing a GIVEAWAY!

Let’s GO!

Where To Find The Cutest Doormats

“Home AF” Doormat (via Shop Josie B)

“Hey there Pumpkin” Doormat (via OlivePaperCompany)

“Gangta’s Paradise” Doormat (via foxandcloverboutique)

“Hit me baby one more time” Doormat (via foxandcloverboutique)

“Come back when you have Tacos & Booze” Doormat (via foxandcloverboutique)

“Home Sweet Home” Doormat (viaTarget)

“Home” Doormat (viaTarget)

“Hippies use the Front Door” Doormat (via NickelDesignsShop)

“Namate” Doormat (via NickelDesignsShop)

“Welcome Bitches” Doormat (viaToniAnnsBellaArte)

“Hi Honey” Doormat (via BoxwoodCo)

“Yay You’re Home” Doormat (via BoxwoodCo)

“Mr & Mrs” Doormat (via BoxwoodCo)

“This is our Happy Place” Doormat (viaToniAnnsBellaArte)

“Stop and smell the Rose’” Doormat (via BeThereInFive)

“I like you very much’” Doormat (via NickelDesignsShop)

“Adventure is Out There’” Doormat (via WineWhiskersBowtique)

“Welcome to our Jungalow” Doormat (via BoxwoodCo)

“Hakuna Ma’Vodka” Doormat (via MiciStore)

“We like Big Mutts and we cannot lie” Doormat (via ToniAnnsBellaArte)

“Nice Underwear” Doormat (via MiciStore)

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The Simple Secret to a DIY Deer Head! 

If you are anything like me then you love all things that scream “Bohemian”. Truly being bold with colors and not being afraid to project our style is the ultimate goal. I know everyone has different tastes and that is totally cool, but I think more people should really embrace putting things in their personal spaces that evoke a happy feeling.

DIY Deer Head

In today’s post I wanted to bring together a project that kids could partake in and also be put used as beautiful home decor in any space. 

I think the cool thing about these markers is they dry almost instantly so you don’t have to worry about bleeding onto the skin if you are working on something big. They are opaque, meaning the colors are bright and bold however you can draw on top of previous colors and you will create different shades. Who’s ready to get started on this DIY Deer Head!

Magic Markers

Magic Stix markers are a revolutionary new product to bring safe, creative fun to your crafts! Magic Stix are guaranteed to bring long lasting color to the page with the cap off for up to 7 days without drying out. With 12 classic colors, these washable and non-toxic markers will remain fresh use after use, project after project. Did you really grasp what I just said? 7 days without drying out! If you want to know the truth they actually can stay open for MUCH longer and they won’t try out. 

The markers come in a 24 pack and I will tell you that whoever designed the colors for this pack did a swell job. They vary from very bright all the way down to slight skin tones. 

Magic Stix 24pk- Washable Markers

Retails for USD$ 19.99


Magic Stix Markers

It’s hard to see in this picture because it’s white on white but in today’s post I am using a paper mache deer head. Faux items like this are swarming the craft stores and I thought I would add it to my bohemian decor. I loved the surface and I thought it would work great with these awesome markers. Did I mention that you can use these markers on any surface!  How to make a Deer Head

The first thing you will do is not panic! Sometimes when you see a blank “canvas” in front of you your brain just doesn’t know where to start. My advice to you is just START!!! Keep in mind the more colors you add the more it will come together. 

If you are wondering if I had a design plan before I started this deer head the answer is no.  I tend to live on the edge and just let things flow. Most of the time this is when my best projects come into fruition. I thought it would be a good idea to start on a small surface and work my way onto the rest of the deer head. It’s just me and the deer ear at this point, haha! DIY Deer Projects

After completing my first line I branched out and started adding lines. Now if you are not wanting to live on the edge like I do you can easily find designs and patterns online to go off of. I love how fast these markers dry once applied to the surface. 
Easy Kid Projects

They work almost like a paint marker. Keep in mind the shade of the marker may be different depending on the material you are using. This deer head is made of paper so the ink in the marker gets soaked up a lot more versus on paper. Rainbow Markers

Pleased is an understatement with how it turned out. I worked on this head for a few nights while watching Netflix. While figuring out my design for this DIY Deer Head Candice took control of the markers for a hot minute and was enjoying helping me! DIY Deer Head Tutorial

The good thing about Paper Mache is that the surface is rugged so when you draw on top of it it gives an automatic 3-D look to it. Fun Kid Projects

I wanted to make my deer look a little frisky so I made sure to add some bold lips! Come on, you know this makes the deer look superb! How to draw lips

To make my life easier the back of this deer head had a spot where you could easily hang it up on a nail. It worked out perfectly because it fits perfect on my faux mantle. That’s right, faux mantle. Mantle Projects

This DIY Deer Head would look good in a modern home and it would also look great in a kids space. There is no way you can walk past this cute deer head and not smile from ear to ear. Paper Mache Projects

Check out what I created using their Magic Stix make sure to click here to see the full tutorial! They have the best Solid Tempera Paint sticks as you can see below! This brand has definitely got their color pallets down! Popsicle Projects DIY

THIS POST IS SPONSORED BY The Pencil Grip, however all opinions on these products are completely mine.

I hope you enjoyed this fun super fancy deer head DIY project! Make sure to check out all of the Pencil Grips line of products! You will swoon for days! 

See you in the next post, until then hugs from my computer to yours!

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Winter White New Year’s Eve Decor With Treetopia is the way to go this holiday season! 


Happy New Year friends!! It’s almost here so I wanted to show you a few tips on how to keep some of your Christmas decor up while blending it with New Years decor without having to transform your space over and over! This past November I revealed my gorgeous Black Tuxedo Christmas Tree with you and boy oh boy I was nervous about that one. For one, I never saw myself even wanting to use a black tree for Christmas however I bit the bullet and said if I don’t try it now I never will. Yes, if you are wondering I fell madly in love. You can check out the FULL POST HERE.

Now that Christmas is over I am not quite in the mood to take down ALL of my Christmas decorations but I wanted to ring in the New Year with a little change. Can’t we all agree change is good at some point. I also am big into using the same products and changing things around to make them look completely different. With that being said this New Years I am trading out my black garland for a winter white one, by Treetopia. I kept my rainbow bottle brush trees in them and added these Sweet as Sugar Frosted lights to my already Pre-Lit Garland. 

I am from the South so I say “Go big or go home”…. Treetopia knew what they were doing when they created these massive gemmed up pearl ball ornaments

I love that I am using the same color scheme that I used for Christmas in my New Years decor. Saves me from having to put up all of the Christmas decorations at one time! I also strung some of the Sweet as Sugar Frosted lights throughout the garland. 

Gotta have decor to go with our theme right! Why not throw in a few books to make your space look cozy!

These frosted lights will surely be up all year long in my house. They add just enough light to make any space look magical. 

I love how the Gemmed up Pearl ornaments look quite massive hanging from my mantle. 

Are you ready for New Year’s Eve? Check out the other blogs in the Merry Chicmas to Glam NYE Blog Hop!

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember don’t let the holidays stress you! It’s all about bringing out all of the things that make you feel so happy inside and that reflect your personality. Make sure to check out all of the other bloggers and their posts, I am sure you will get some pointers from them too! See you in the next post! Hugs!!

The Simple Secret to a Bohemian Dream Tree! 

I am super stoked that am part of the 2017 Treetopia Christmas Blog Hop!

Do you realize what this means? It means I have literally decorated my Christmas tree the day after Halloween.  Treetopia wants to help everyone add ton’s of glitz and glam to your holidays by celebrating a Christmas with some fabulous Treetopia bloggers! Did I mention I was giving away one of these trees today!!! Make sure to scroll to the bottom to see how you can enter!

I a proud to kick off the season with a Merry CHIC-Mas Boho inspired Christmas tree! Boho isn’t your style, no worries! Make sure to check out the four other talented bloggers this week!

I chose the beautiful and chic Treetopia 7′ prelit Stiletto Black Pencil Tree.

This sleek black stiletto tree comes with 300 clear lights, 569 branch tips and weighs 19 pounds. 

This tree is the femme fatale of artificial Christmas trees!  Remember my red stiletto tree I did? If not make sure to check it out here

Initially I was unsure of the theme I wanted to use then it clicked. Being true to my personality I knew instantly that having a tree up isn’t always about doing what everyone is doing. Just like the clothes you put on daily, your tree should represent who YOU are! 

I am a boho loving, free spirited human that loves glitter and color. So there you have it, this is my spirit tree! 

I wanted to use items I personally love that I created so I had to incorporate my diy dyed bottle brush trees. They married perfectly with my Treetopia garland

Make sure to check out all of the Black trees that Treetopia offers! You won’t be dissapointed!

Typically I like big full trees but there is something special about the pencil tree. The fact alone that it fits nicely in any space is a win/win for me. This tree is especially nice if you don’t have much space to work with!This tree will surely compliment any space you put it in, it’s that beautiful and sleek. Add ton’s of bright colors and objects to it and you are surely gonna make any space fill vibrant and happy! 

You can’t have a BOHO Christmas tree without felt garlands and gold glittery strings draping from it. When going for the Boho look you can combine so many different items and put them all together! 

I love using pine cones every year for some reason, they remind me of being a kid and running around filling up my bag with as many as I could find. The result always ended up with my dad pouring gasoline on my hands to get all the sap off. 

To make these add little glue to the tips then sprinkle them with glitter can transform them instantly. 

Place them on mantles, fill up jars with them, stuff them in open spots in your tree or make a fun garland. 

For me I like to turn my space into a sanctuary that I will enjoy being in. Instant gratification! 

The foliage is crafted with fire proof materials, the Stiletto Black Pencil Tree makes a safe and stylish centerpiece for Halloween, Christmas, or whenever! I wanted to add a few other vintage skinny trees to make my space feel that much more unique. 

Every year I am grateful that I still have these glass vintage ornaments passed down to me. You just can’t find ornaments like these in stores these days so I wanted to add them to soften the stark blackness of the tree. 

With its tall and slender silhouette, this black bombshell slips comfortably into any space, even in the tightest of spots. 

Going old school means going back to your roots, right! I had to make a rainbow paper garland like we used to make in elementary school. 

I was amazed at how beautiful they turned out!

Switch on its shower of shimmering lights and there’ll be no escape from the hypnotic charm of this pencil Christmas tree.

These bottle brush trees added the perfect touch to brighten up my tuxedo garland!

A friend of mine gave me this Frida pillow a few years ago and it added the perfect touch to my theme along with my Bohemian books. 

If you are not a garland person you might think twice about that now! I love the felt garland wrapped around my black stiletto tree, kinda looks like candy!

Decidedly bold and unconventional, the Stiletto Black Pencil Tree adds a sleek, sexy twist to your holiday home décor.

If you decorate with ton’s of color it’s always good to off set the color with modern white ornaments. They do the perfect job of making everything else pop. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! See you in the next post, until then hugs from my computer to yours!

Don’t forget to enter the tree giveaway! I will pull a winner MONDAY and Treetopia will ship you a tree just like this, minus the ornaments (haha)!

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**I received Treetopia products complimentary as part of my collaboration with them for the 2017 Christmas Blog Hop.***

The Simple Secret to decorating a small mantle! 

With Christmas right around the corner I thought it would be a great time to show you some of the new home decor items available at Michaels.  I love decorating with bright whimsical colors and as you can see I went with just that this year!  I will show you how to decorate a tiny mantle, let’s go!

Santa’s MAKEshop is now open at Michaels!  From holiday décor to trimmings for your tree, you can find everything you need to make your holiday magical! 

If you are wondering this is the first year I opted out of doing the Dream Tree Challenge for Michaels and I can’t lie it feels a little strange. Instead I wanted to showcase items that you can use in your personal space that still give off the magic of Christmas. Go all out this holiday season with a Winter Wonderland Tree, a Southern Belle Tree or a Pastel Tree. 

You can always add DIY glittered candles to your decor to ass some pizazz. If you have left over candles you can turn them into this!

If you are interested in purchasing all of the items I used in my post online just click here and you can shop away in the comfort of your home!

This year I was really impressed with Michaels! The vintage items in the Jingle Jolly section blew me out of the water. The vintage home and car with the presents melted my heart. Typically I try to purge Christmas items however I will be keeping these for the long haul. 

Still not sure what theme you want to do this season, here are a few Christmas ornament ideas that might inspire you. 

Michaels has quite a few themes this season for you to choose from. They have Alpine Décor,Jingle Jolly WayFrosted ForestCostal Décor (limited stores and online) and Boho Décor (limited stores and online).

How cute are these miniature lights on the front of the vintage house. These bring me back instantly to my childhood for some odd reason. 

Very seldom I want to keep up garlands all year round but I can promise you that these felt ones will stay up all year. 

If buying garlands is out of your price point here is an easy way to make your own using cotton balls

Nothing feels more like Christmas than Vintage ornaments however check out these Ice Cream Cone Ornaments that I created a few years back.  You can’t go wrong with beautiful sequined ornaments either.  Can you believe I still have these.  See I don’t purge as well as I would like to think, haha! 

I have a good quantity of real glass vintage ornaments from my Pop Stew that I cherish every holiday season.  It never fails they always make it into my decor each year.  The “faux” vintage ornaments are not made of glass but in person they look like they are.  The plastic ones are great since I don’t have to worry about them breaking!

Something that would look great on your mini mantle besides this cute car is DIY bottle brush trees and I have the perfect tutorial on how to dye them any color you want.  Can’t you just see this car in your head rolling down the streets in New York city? 

Sadness overcomes me knowing that I will be taking all this down for another Christmas post.  Don’t fret I will merge it all together. There is no way I will opt out of these decorations this season!

Every season I put up banners and I fell in love with this MERRY one.

Impressed is what I am with the quality of them which means I can re-use them each year. 

Stay tuned this week I will be showing you how I made my faux stacked wood!

I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did! See you in the next post, until then hugs from my computer to yours!

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