Daily Archives: 01/23/2011

Blue Balls

Ok, so over Christmas me and seester did a cool little project! It’s called Aqua Beads! Let me just tell you how fun this was…FUN.  I know {for sure} you can buy them at Kirklands.  If you are not familiar it is a gift store/home decor store.  I am sure they have some near you if you look it up.  Just wanted to share this with you.  Also, after you drain the balls, the moisture stays in them for like 3 months. That’s long right! You can put a plant in them and never water for 3 months!!! Go get some!
1. Get a vase
2. Get your Aqua Beads out
3.  Fill it with the correct amount of water
4.  Pour your Aqua Beads into the water
5.  Let them sit.
6.  Watch them grow
7.  And grow
8.  When they are ready, you want to drain them
9.  Tadahhh

How BEAUTIFUL are these little suckers!!! Did I mention how {cool} they feel… You could even use them for stress! {just don’t eat them}

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