Daily Archives: 06/02/2011

Getting to the CENTER of my UNIVERSE

Sometimes I allow myself to go to places {{not really physically}} that I never have been before.  Most of the time they are places “within”.  Why am I sharing this with you?  Well, I really don’t know.   I guess I have finally found a place “inside” that feels great!  Countless years I wasted on people, places and things.  I had the wrong vision of what life should be like.  The simplest things on earth never seemed to satisfy me.  This is prolly due to growing up being very materialistic.  I think that is sorta normal with most kids, however looking back now… I was over the top. I honestly would not trade all the bad spots in my life for anything.  I actually thank the universe every second I can for those moments.  Ya know why?  Because NOW what I have in my life is unexplainable.  It’s like that star you see every night.  It’s so close but yet so far.  With a little faith and trust, you can touch it.  If you are lucky you can grab it and tuck it away safely in your heart.  I grabbed my star(s) and they complete my entire world.  The last 8 years have been the best I have ever experienced.  I grew in so many ways. I found out who I am. What makes ME happy.  What is UNHEALTHY and what is just plain ole AWESOME.  I have had many things break my heart.  Many disappointments. I’ve grown apart from family members, lost what I thought was “good” friends and I am still alive.  Actually, I think I was dead then. Living to everyone else’s standards. Being who “they” wanted me to be.  Then I woke up.  This was hard, but I woke up.  In the end, that is what counts.. to me.  I learned that people, places and things don’t complete me.  I COMPLETE ME.  I love myself and the people in my life. Shoots, I even love and pray for the people that are NO LONGER in my life.  Cause ya know people, it’s ok that some relationships didn’t work out.  You can still remember the good in them, right?!?!?!?  Plus, it feels better.  No one has to know who you are praying for or in fact thinking about except you.  But just remember that these things that are “gone” from your life does not mean anything except they are gone.  AND IT’S OK! 

I promise!

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