Daily Archives: 06/18/2011

DIY: How to spice up your bathroom

Happy Saturday!!! I just wanted to quickly share this picture with you because I know you will just LOVE this idea!!!
I can’t {{ever}} find shower curtains that I just absolutely “loveeee”….
SO I figured I would make some flags and hang them over the front of it!!
It’s a really cute idea and you can absolutely do it!!! 
All you have to do it take some twine and cut out triangles from fabric, next you want to hot glue the fabric to the twine.  SEE! That easy. They are not like my flags in my ETSY shop but they are just as cute.  So easy you could do them for every little holiday!!! 
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Then jaderbugs, you will have cute little flags to put all over your house for every occasion and you can just save them to reuse them!!!
So happy crafting!
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