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Summer Haul

Everyone loves SUMMER!!! I know I do! It’s funny though because every time “summer” gets here I just can’t wait for FALL!! Then the next season… I tell ya I think I’m mad! I really figured it out tho! I love everything that comes along with all of the “seasons”.  The smells, decoration, clothes… you get it right!!! 
it’s still summer so I want to share with you some things that are great for the summer time, these are only things I have used or still use! So I guess it’s a Summer HAUL…..
So if you are ready then LET’S GO!!
1. Thymes Naia Cologne  (this stuff smells so good, it’s like heaven in my nose)
2.  White oversized baggy shirt ( I totally LOVE this website! They have the best clothes ever)
3. St. Ives Collagen face cream (OMG, this is the best stuff EVA) 
4.  Vera Bradley Id Case (this is the best thing I ever bought!!!!! So easy to tug along)
5.  Ray Ban Wayfarer sun glasses (ok. so these are my favorite sunglasses eva…You gotta get them. Although I must say, make sure and try them on before you buy them because {{{{no offense}}}} they have such an odd shape and feel to them. I would hate for you to order these and get them in and HATE them…. But boy do they make you feel cool!! LOL
6.  Revlon nail color in MINTED ( I can’t seem to take this color off! Seriously it makes you feel clean)
7.  Sweet Cabachon mint rose earring studs (yes, I made these but I also sell them too!!! They are the perfect thing to spice up an outfit or if you are like me and like to leave your earrings in for days, then you need to buy some! I make them in a thousand colors so go shopping!!!)
8.  Blue glass bottles (you have to get some! Just click on the link and read. You will surely be convinced! I ONLY drink water in blue glass bottles)
 I hope you enjoyed this post! I had fun making it!!!! 
Sorry if my numbers are in a crazy little order! I tend to do that often! 
Until next time…
peace, love, jaderbomb
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