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Recycled Water Can Tutorial

Hey all you little Jaderbugs!!! It’s been like a week since I talked to all of you!!! {{do you even exist? }}!!! I absolutely LOVE this craft that I am sharing with you today! It was so much fun making it and everyone wants it….. Except Mary Mary Quite Contrary wanted me to paint it.  I didn’t want to paint it only because I wanted the whole “natural” feel to it.  You know, recycling to it’s fullest.
GO ERA!!!!
The cool thing is you don’t have to use an era bottle. You can use ANY bottle you have on hand! I mean, you paid for that bottle why not put it to good use!
Way to think Jaderbugs! 
(fyi: if you wanted to paint it you absolutely could you just want to get a brillo pad and lightly go over the entire bottle.  This will give it a little texture and the paint will stay longer on the plastic. )
p.s. remember you can use any detergent bottle you have! 
p.s. you can add as many holes as you like! the more holes you put, the more water will come out
p.s.  don’t forget to add the holes above the handle! if you put a-lot of holes on the lid then you will have to put more above the handle! this will make the water flow more easily 
p.s. my flowers love era bottle water 🙂
p.s. rosemary with a little touch of era… JJ.. I cleaned the bottle first silly goose
p.s. roses also love recycled water {teeheheheh}
I hope you all enjoyed this fun little craft!
until next time…
peace. love. jaderbomb
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