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Fall into my SOUL

So I know it’s TOTALLY not the “correct” time to write stuff about the FALL but i just can’t help it.  I just HAD tell you about this new candle at Bath and Body Works (i added some reviews of the candle for ya, just click the link)!!! Lemme just tell ya how yummo  it smells!!! WOWZERS….. It totally put me in the “fall” mood! I think it’s just so hot lately that it makes me WANT the fall to get here faster. The pretty colors, the smells and the cozy nights with the windows open.
Anyone down? I AM!
Incase you are not ready for the Fall, I will put a list of reason’s that Fall is FABUOUS!!!
1.  Hello? Do we need to say it? SCHOOL.
2.  I mean, Fall clothes come in the same colors as food stains!!! Chocolate brown, fruit-punch red and mac n cheese orange {{eweee }}… Plus we save on bleach!!!
2.  You get to carve jack-o-lanterns…. I mean it’s the only time seeing a snaggletooth smile in your home doesn’t make you fear an $8,000 orthodontist bill!!!
3.  It gets dark earlier. It’s so much easier to get your kids to bed earlier!!! So, what does that mean? YOU GET TO GO TO BED EARLIER!!
4.  All of your favorite T.V. shows are back on!! Come on, you know you can’t wait!!!
5.  Trick-or-Treating, that blessed evening when sleep deprived moms who look like zombies simply blend in with the crowd!!!
6.  Hod cider. Hot cocoa. And or moms, a hot  toddy….

Need I say more? Enjoy “jaderbugs”…

p.s. this is my NEW thing. like, i want to chalkboard EVERYTHING!! great to start the new school year with!  you can write just about anything on it!!! 

p.s. oh and i just wanted to share with you something i made/put together!!! you know how the stress relief lotion comes in a glass bottle from bath n body? well when you are done, wash it out and put your dish soap in it! so easy, so cute and so fun!!!
I wanted to add some older Fall posts from my blog! Enjoy them…
Until next time…
peace. love. jaderbomb. 

Let’s REWIND a bit

Oh how I love thee… let me count the ways.  
 Just a few summer time pictures that just purely make me smile!  
Gotta love white dogs, burnt marsh-mellowssssss, smores, great fireworks, well lit streets {{ to ride bikes on}} and… (drummm rollll)

until next time…
peace. love. jaderbomb.
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