Daily Archives: 07/23/2011

Homemade Sewn Bookmarks

OK, So…. I don’t have any “step by step” directions for this craft but hopefully my pictures can help you.  I actually made some of these last Christmas just to add to some presents as an (extra) surprise….
Then yesterday I ran across them hiding out in my computer!!! 
So I figured I would share them with ya….
Paint Samples
Sewing machine
p.s. as you can see all i did was sew a piece of fabric to the back of the paint strip.  once done i just trimmed the sides with fabric scissors. 

p.s. i used a little piece of fabric and just twisted it at the top then sewed it down. if you notice i used different stitches to make them all look different. 

p.s. tadahhhhhhhh
I hope you enjoyed this and don’t forget to get creative!!!!
until next time…
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