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Party decor with Paint Samples

SO it’s totally and completely HUMP day!!! I would like to meet the person who came up with that! Right!!! I have another craft from the “bday” weekend. I told you I have a couple….
I will make you wait and get a little bit at a time!! {{{teeeheheheh}}}
This craft was SO fun to make. You can do so much with these little suckers. You can make streamers, door hangers, window hangers… ya get it right!!!
Hope you enjoy it! 
p.s. you can use any color paint samples you want!!! That is the fun part!!!
p.s. fuh realz. how purty is this! {{say that in a southern country fried chicken way!}}
p.s. keep in mind you don’t need alot of glue! JUST  A DAB!!!!
p.s. just lay your string down (you can use ANY string you want) and put another paint chip on top…{faced up of course}
p.s. this is what it should start to look like!!!
p.s. how CUH-YUTE
p.s. i am TOTALLY making these for every single living holiday out there!
watch me!
i dare you. 
Hey! Don’t forget starting this THURSDAY I will be starting my 100 days of MARTHA countdown. 
Make sure you keep checking back for all of that awesomeness!!!!
I hope all you little jaderbugs enjoyed this craft!!!
Sending you thousands of paint sample love all over the world,

Gold Leaf Nails

What is it with nails lately? It’s like there is this underground world of nail painting competitors. Yes ya know what I mean. If you log onto PINTEREST I tell ya, there is every nail design you can think of! You can fine flamingo’s, rulers, paper design, fading, swirling, polka-dotting nails ALL OVER!!!
I’m an Artist. My nails never lived a day long.  They are always painted. They are always filed.  I don’t bite them. They are not SUPER short. It’s like the more I look at all these crazy cool designs I start to feel bare with just ONE color.   So if you follow my blog you will know that I just put up a “UP” nail tutorial.  If you want to see it click HERE. Plus it is really cute and really fun.
The other morning while flipping through billions of recordings on our DVR I though about a design.
GOLD LEAF!! Yah.  I’ve never seen that before.
Now you have to bare with my super {{not}} nail tutorials.
They are not the “most” descriptive suckers but you will get what I am trying to say. {{at least I hope you do!}}

So ya ready!
(((drum rolllllllll)))

p.s. i know. i look like i have claw fingers. i swear i don’t. {teehehehe}

p.s. i swear these are the cutest little “whatchamacallit’s” you will ever see. 

Well jaderbugs! I hope you enjoyed this little leafy stuff!!

Sending you gold shimmery love,

I’ve got news for ya

It’s done. I have finally decided to put myself to the test. Yes. That is right. Ya know, I have a huge idol. Well maybe I should say MUSE.  Yes. She lives inside of me as I am sure she does in plenty of other souls.  Sometimes I pretend I am her. Have you ever seen her hands? She is just magnificent I tell ya. She makes every craft seem like walking on water. She is the craft god. Have you guessed who I am talking about? Come on….. Think….
Yes. Whoever is reading this, I will just tell you that your right. 

Little ole me has decided to live in “her” shoes for 100 days and do 100 of HER crafts.  I am not sure why I am doing this because I already have quite a crazy life.  I think I wanna test myself. Accomplish something that for some reason seems out of reach.  I mean, I know I can do it. I’m not sure who really cares if I do it but I do.  
Now I know everyone is thinking “well what about all the crafts YOU come up with”… 
Well you will still get those. I know, I ‘m crazy! 
 I mean this is the deal.  I just wanna feel like I have walked in Martha’s shoes for a period in time.  I don’t wanna get rid of me.  Just look at it as your getting double the crafts.  
I will make sure to mark the titles of the blogs in a manner that you will understand. 
For example:
If it’s a “jaderbomb” craft I will still put it like I always do
ex) DIY: Fabric Laptop Cover
It it’s a “martha” craft I will label it like this
ex) The Martha Countdown/ Homemade Sea Salt
Got it? And in each post I will put how many days left and what craft I am on.
I hope you are as excited as I am. 
I mean, the best holidays are coming up so if I were you I would be SOOO happy!!!
Martha and I will check ya later! {{teeeheheheh}}


Birthday Bunting

Yes! We had a birthday party this weekend! I made alot of “cuh-yute” things I tell ya! 
Figured I would share one of them with ya! These little suckers are so darn cute I tell ya. AND, you can totally make them for every single little holiday! I swear! I am so serious. I have some really nice flag bunting over in my ETSY shop! If you want to check them out click HERE….
Are ya ready!!!!!
Well I hope all you little “jaderbugs” enjoyed this!!!!
Whoever you are……Wherever you are… R you there? 
May your night be blessed with all the colorful flags you can find…
xoxo jaderbomb

Rose Cabochons

Have you EVER seen these little bitty clothespins? They are so hard to find but guess what! I have some!!! You heard that right!!! I have some! Right in my ETSY shop! 
These little suckertashes can be used for just about anything! 
p.s. you can totally use these for gift wrapping!!! RIGHT!!!

p.s. now this my dear is so awesome!! I love doilies sooo much. As a matter of fact, a great friend of mine just gave me a  BAG FULL of them. Her mother sent them for me!! Wait till you see them! I will surely do a post soon!!!

p.s. See! Now just imagine all of the other holidays you can add this too!!! You can even put a string of pictures up and hold them with these little suckers!!
p.s. Now does this give you a hint as to what you can do with an old shutter???? You could even use them  to put bills on!! I know, I hate bills too BUT why not decorate them and make them not seem as DREADFUL!!!
So head on over to my ETSY shop!!! CLICK HERE!! 
if you wanna go strait to the baby clothespins click HERE!!!

UP inspired Nails

Ya’ll, it’s an thumbs “up” day!!!! For real! I don’t know about you but I love love love the movie up! Totally and ridiculously reminds me of my god child! Is there an age limit to stop basing your life around cartoon movies? I totally wanna live in that house! Don’t cha~
You can click  HERE to see another post I did about the movie UP~~~ I love it! 
It just makes my teeth sing with happiness. Don’t cha wish your teeth could sing like mineeee….
Don’t cha….. {{yes I am singing that as I am typing}}
During a fun restless night I decided to paint my nails but could NOT decide on a color {imagine that}. I mean do I pick matte, gloss, bright, dull, dark, full of glitter {{{cause the only girl that wears glitter is jade, per anonymous}}} lol….. 
That is when the fabulous idea hit me. Hit me like a ton of nail polishes all in my grill.  All at once. 
So I used all the colors I wanted. I just took the end of  a Q-tip and pulled all the soft fuzz off.  Then you just stick it in the bottle and lightly dot on your nail. You will see that the harder you press the bigger the dot will be, and the lighter you dab then it will make your dot smaller. Just have fun. 
If you want you could totally paint your nails while watching up. 
UP UP and away~~~~
p.s. how awesome are all of these colors. I used all different nail polishes so if you want you can click on the picture and it should make it life sized (teeheeee)
p.s. just remember when looking at my dingy nails. i’m an artist. NOT a hand model.  I actually use these nubsters. 
p.s. THUMBS UP!!! hahah

full of different name brand nail polishes love, 

aloha mommmaaaaa

My heart and my soul to Hawaii are bound,
Wrapped in the peace and serenity that lies all around.

The orchids in Hilo, the Tradewinds that love me,
The shores of Kapaa, Na Pili above me.

Hanalei, Bali Hai, the Big Island lava,
Papaya, coconut and, oh, the guava!

The moon glow on the ocean, so lovely and bright,
For Menehune’s to dance by the wonderful light.

The adventures I’ve had, the friends that I’ve made,
I dream of it all, I’m never afraid.

When my script is over and I leave the stage,
Aloha will be what is left on the page.

p.s. i love this place. 

p.s. (im breathing right now….)
p.s. love our friend’s ranch!
p.s. no biggie. just a flower growing in the yard at the house. 

p.s. beautiful flower about to bloom with the volcano smoking in the distance behind it.
p.s. just for you gus:)
p.s. this is now my screen saver. i am in love at this exact second with everything about this picture! 

How to make a Paint Can Cross

During a recent “clean-up” process… There was a massive amount of paint can’s that were being thrown away.. {{yes, the paint was dry inside first :)}} The wifey kindly thought of me and said “hey, I thought you could do a project with these” and that was that. The wheels started turning, not that they ever stop {picture coffee eyes}… Getting to the project, I absolutely am SOOOO {{big hug}} happy I kept them because this is “prolly” my favorite craft EVER! I mean, all the colors are from our house over the years!!! Yes {rolling eyes} I paint alot….

Depends on my mood!!! AHHHHHHHHH lol

p.s. first thing i did was place them on the ground in different positions until i was happy with what i had.

p.s. then i just put a piece of wood down the middle to see where i need to cut it.
p.s. when you figure this out all you have to do is get a saw and cut the wood.
p.s. i did the same thing going in the opposite direction.
p.s. get a chisel and cut halfway into the wood. kinda like making a “pot hole”.  we will only do this on one piece of wood. 
p.s. this is what it should look like. 
p.s. once you get that going you will nail them together just like this. 
p.s. place your paint can lids where ever you want. now you can really combine the colors so it feels like it flows.  i also had a couple of small paint can lids that i slapped in there. 
p.s. carefully nail them to the 
p.s.  tadahhhhh.. how cute is this little suckertash. 
p.s. how awesome. don’t forget, if you only have small lids then that’s fine or if you only have big ones then that’s cool too~~
I hope you enjoyed this craft! And remember, if there is anything you like and KNOW you can make but don’t have the TIME you can always shoot me an email or check in my ETSY shop and order it!!!!
until next time…

You can ring my BELL

Well what was I to do? Ya know!
I have been wanting some of those vintage BALL jars, you know… the ones that have that beautiful {{hinty winty}}} of teal…..Well I found them, only thing is they are expensive! So I decided I would try to make some on my own.  Heck. It was pretty darn easy if I say so myself.
I just got some glass paint from Michael’s Arts and Crafts and a little spongy wunggy brush. That’s it yall!
So let’s get going!!!!
p.s. I know I know.. I used a “KERRRR” jar but it’s ok because we are gonna make it look like a BALL jar!
p.s. yep. that’s all i used!
p.s. the left picture only has ONE coat of glass paint on it.
the right picture has TWO coats of glass paint on it!
p.s.  I just went out in my yard and pulled some roses!! So prettyy!!
p.s. Ohhhh I totally found this REAL BALL JAR about 30 min after I painted the “KERRR” jars!!! I totally been having it for years but put it away because I “guess” I used to think it was GREEN!! BUT ITS NOT!!!! OHHH EMMMM GEEEEE
p.s. how awesome is the window over my kitchen sink! <3
I hope you all loved this crafty wafty my little jaderbugs!!!
Until next time…

Sweet WHAT!!!!!

I just finished doing a batch of new earrings and I know you will be totally excited!!! I know I am.  I did summer/fall colors.  What in the horses tail does that mean!~?!?!?!?!? 
Well lemme tell ya. What I mean is… You can totally wear them in the “summer” and you can totally wear them in the “fall”.  I know that does not make any sense! But I promise it does! 
I’ll let you decide!!! 
You can click on the link’s and it will take you directly to my ETSY shop! 
That means, EVERYTHING is for sale!! You heard that right!!! EVERYTHING is for sale!!
So go for it. Just live ya life… ayayayayayayayayyy

CLICK HERE to get to my ETSY shop!!!

Wanna stain my glass????!?!?!?!?!?

Yes! I am finally finished!!!! You are prolly wondering what am I talking about! Well look below!!! A couple of weekends ago I bought this great big box of {{awesome}} fabric! I was not sure what I was going to do with it then it hit me. (like a ton of fabric). I had this image in my head of stained glass. You know, like in the church. How beautimus do those suckers look when you are inside! You get it right!! Well that is what I was going for! It took a little time and patience but it was worth all the hard work!  These pictures really are NOTHING compared to what they look like in person! It’s like  a quilted cloud.
Yeah.  A quilted CLOUD {{{of colors}}}
I hope this inspires you to go out there and make something beautiful.  Remember, god gave you your own style.  Tap into it and enjoy every second of it.
I mean, isn’t that was life is all about.
Happy 2’s day!!!


How awesome are these little suckers!!! AWESIAMO……


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