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Today is the day before the NEW YEAR! I am all about being organized and aren’t we all a little unorganized around this time of the year. I gathered up my top 20 FREE PRINTABLE CALENDARS and put them in one hot spot, my blog. The best part is you can print them from any computer and dress up your space while organizing your life.

My favorite thing to do is download one month from each set and really have fun with your year. ENJOY and SHARE!  20 FREE PRINTABLE CALENDARS 2014 - WWW.JADERBOMB.COM

printable calendar 2014  Shining Mom

Free yearly calendar 2014

Elegence and Enchantment 

free chalkboard calendar

Create Craft Love

Nature printable calendar

ZU Blog


Skip To My Lou

free yearly calendar

Francesc Alancisi


Clementine Creative

The-Organised-Housewife-2014-Monthly-Calendars-+-To-Do-List The Organised Housewife


Oh So Lovely Blog

free confetti calendar



Design Eat Repeat


The Handmade Home

Free 2014 printable calendar

Floral Philosopher

Free calendar printable

Love vs Design

flower calendar 2014

Mein Lila Park


Botanical Paper Works

black and white free calendar

Ruby Bows

modern calendar freebie

Mira Moln


Thirty Hand Made Days

free printable calendar 2014

Little House On The Corner





Howdy Jaderbugs! I had a fun week with my craft tutorials and wanted to make sure you didn’t miss one single thing! I hope you enjoy them if it’s your first time seeing them. 


1.Ring around the Rosie Necklace: I had so much fun using Martha Stewart’s new line of jewelry. It was fun to create something that anyone could wear!

2. Happily Ever After Printable: When I made this I pictured it in someones home, in a shabby chic vintage white frame with a candle next to it. Doesn’t it make you want it more now!

3.  Cupcake Liner Party Hat: I had so much fun making this only because it was not a planned craft. This will make anyone smile and if it doesn’t then put the hat on and dance like a monkey, that should work.

Today I wanted to share with you some fun little mini food flags that you can put out for a party or just for yourself. They are really easy to make and FREE! This is what they look like (below) So cute right! Get the FREE download at the bottom of the post.

Mini Food Flags

Happy Memorial Day to all of my loved ones, friends and internet family! I am not sure if you get thanked enough but I am here to say THANK YOU! For all you have done and still do.
Sometimes I think people forget about what other’s have done for us to actually have the freedom we have. Maybe I feel a little different because many people in my family has been in the service and have gone away for long periods of time. Can you imagine the bravery a person has inside of their soul to KNOW when they sign up for this that they possibly will have to leave one day.  THAT IS DEDICATION.

Not the kind of dedication it takes to get up each morning and work out. It’s completely different. I just hope and pray today you are praying for those still gone or have passed and not thinking it’s a holiday to bar-b-q and drink.

Let’s really do what we can today.

Wave your flags and always thank those who have served. Even if it’s been 10 years. We will never know what they go through or have been through.



Quote of the Day
“The eye is the first circle; the horizon which it forms is the second; and throughout nature this primary figure is repeated without end. It is the highest emblem in the cipher of the world.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happy Friday Jaderbugs! I can’t believe the weekend is already here. I made a fun printable for Thanksgiving and Christmas for you. I made it in these three colors since it is the most generic colors for each holiday. If you want to place a special order head on over to my ETSY shop to purchase it. I can create whatever you request, different colored letters, background print, background color and your very own unique saying. I love giving this so someone in a frame for Christmas since I can make it so personal.
You have two choices to get this free printable today. You can click on the picture, save it to your desktop and then print it or you can click on the link right below the picture for the original PDF. I suggest always clicking that link. The quality will be a lot better. This print out is an 8×10.

Click HERE to download the Thanksgiving PDF.

Click HERE to download the green Christmas PDF.

Click HERE to download the red Christmas PDF.

I hope you enjoy this fun free printable. It’s the perfect time to print out both. I like to print them on CARDSTOCK because it’s more durable and it look’s great. This print out is an 8×10.


Quote of the day:
“The universe is not hostile, nor yet is it friendly. It is simply indifferent.” -John H. Holmes

I hope everyone had a good day today! I know I was supposed to post this last night but I had a major set back. I have been suffering from the worst ear ache ever! I don’t know if you have ever had a bad ear ache but it’s not fun. It kinda feels like someone is trying to pull a tooth out of your mouth with no medicine, BUT on the other hand thank goodness for family doctors who can call in meds over the phone for ya! Phew, I feel much better now.
(insert a dazed and confused jaderbomb sitting at the computer, haha)

Since everyone is already jumping on the Christmas wagon I figured I would too. I get a lot feedback on my printable’s so I could not wait to post this sucker! I love writing notes to people, writing down recipes, making a fun grocery list or making fun scrapbook pages. What is this printable good for?


I made a few colors for you in case you would like to print them out, put a picture on it then frame it! These are so cute, right.

You can either save the picture to your desktop and print it out that way or right below the picture you will find a link to the full sized PDF. This is an 8×10 print but you can scale it down if you want.

Click HERE to download PDF.

Click HERE to download PDF.

Click HERE to download PDF.

Click HERE to download PDF.


Hope you enjoyed the FREE printable I made ya! See ya in the next post.



Quote of the day:
“He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.” -Roy L. Smith

You can drag this print or save it to your desktop or get original PDF below.

Click HERE to download the true PDF.

This was one printable I had a BLAST making. It’s great to frame in your house for the holiday’s, give to someone or use it for scrap booking. I am sure you can think of a million other things so enjoy it!

Happy Monday Jaderbugs! I have to tell you every year around this time I start “thinking” about what I will decorate with for Christmas, what color’s I will use, will there be a theme, how much will I do and no telling what else. Growing up we always had a house decorated to a T. I have to say my mom always did go all out. I think when I was younger, and on my own I felt that desire to follow her footsteps in the “decor” department. I would find it was super expensive and I would throw away a lot of money trying to decorate. It’s funny because I am totally the opposite now. Yes, I still go all out but just in a different way. It’s not that I don’t love spending a fortune turning my house into a winter wonderland but I found other things to be way more important.

 Christmas isn’t about how pretty your house is but about the people in it. The memories. Not relying on materialistic things to make you happy even though it’s hard to do in a materialistic world.

I hope you have a COZY day and I hope you enjoyed the free Christmas printable I made for you!

See ya in the next post!

Good, Happy, Bright, Whimsical, Fun and Glittery is how I felt when I woke up today!

Saying that, I really wish I could sparkle like the Edward does in Twilight. How cool would what be? Would I really push it if I said I would change the color to teal sparkles instead of clear?

I have this bittersweet relationship with Halloween. I have always loved it/hated it. Now don’t take that literally because you will see a lot of Halloween stuff on here in the next couple of weeks. I like the (PRE) Halloween game not the actual “day game”.

The free printable I am posting today is from a movie that I love, Nightmare before Christmas.  You can print this out and use it as stationery, or write a note on it and frame it. I printed a few out on card stock to write notes on. I like the durability of card stock. It feels a little more “professional”.

Prints up to a 8×10. [watermark is not on download]

Click below to download your free PDF

Enjoy the “pre-HALLOWEEN” printable,
see ya in the next post!


Quote of the day:
Not fare well, But fare forward, voyagers -T.S. Eliot 

Hello to all my Jaderbugs out there. It’s a wonderful hump day and I have a wonderful FREE printable for you. The other day I found some fun things on ETSY that had an olive on it and the words “Olive You”. It’s really all over if you look. Sometimes you may find yourself looking at something and all of the sudden your own cray cray brain starts going bonkers. Oh, your’s doesn’t do that?
After looking around online I had to leave to run errands, but that dang “Olive You” would not get out of my head. Finally my brain thought of a similar but new saying. So, I googled it, searched etsy, searched pinterest and nothing. I had to make make sure it wasn’t coming to me because of something I previously saw. Can you believe I found NOTHING. That’s right.  Stay tuned for some fun things coming with this saying on them! That’s all I will say…

So, I made you this fun FREE printable! It’s really cute. The way it’s centered in the page allows you to cut it to a 5×7 after you print it. What are some things you can use this for? Well, you can give it to someone you love, print it on photo paper and give to someone who is getting married, you could put it up for Valentines day, mail it to someone, use it in your scrapbook or you can put it up in your house because it just makes you smile.

Prints up to a 8×10. [watermark is not on download]

Click below to download your free PDF


Hope you enjoyed it! See you in the next post

P.S. There will be A LOT of glitter on the blog Friday, so come back!

I am so happy that it’s finally Friday! Are you?

Quote of the day: 
“Real success is simply being able to put in a good day’s work…and then go to sleep knowing that you have not–and will not–cause anything wrong to happen to anyone else.”
-Charles Forte 

This week felt like it had big bright wings on it and flew right past me. I did have a lil cold this week…ok a BIG cold but I am getting much better and I think today’s fun free printable will show you that. I showed Ashy this last night and she loved it. When she loves something I create I know it’s good, haha.

With Fall heading our way I wanted to do these fun antique blue mason jar printables. These always remind me of Fall. Maybe it’s because in my head I visualize yummy strawberry preserves in them, the windows open (cool air), toast in the toaster and the Garden State soundtrack playing in the background.
Now are you feeling that Fall feeling in your bones? 

The fun thing about this printable is that you can print it out and use it to write notes on, write a love letter or put your boring reminders on them.
Good news is your reminders will look pretty.

I made 4 different color’s for you and I think you will love them. Make sure and tell your friends about my site because I have lot’s of fun printable’s coming up!

Prints up to a 8×10. [watermark is not on download]

Click below to download your free PDF

Prints up to a 8×10. [watermark is not on download]

Click below to download your free PDF

Prints up to a 8×10. [watermark is not on download]

Click below to download your free PDF

Prints up to a 8×10. [watermark is not on download]

Click below to download your free PDF

 You can also print these out on photo paper, write a note on it and frame it in your house. It’s little things like this that that make your home feel cozy. Print it out and write a note to someone. Yes, I mean the old school way (through the mail). You can make it smaller if you want also! Print out ton’s of them and make your own notebook! When you print it out depending on your printers setting’s you might have to trim some of your edges just a little bit. I do this every single time so I have just the actual image. Wanna see my printable in action?


[ My free printables are for jaderbomb readers only ]
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See ya in the next post


Howdy Hoo Jaderbugs! Can you believe it’s already almost Thursday? I started thinking earlier about this…what if we worked on Saturday and Sunday and our “weekend” was the entire week! That would be so great, right! The only bad thing is a blogger’s life is spent blogging. So I really wouldn’t have any time off.

Quote of the day: 
Whoever knocks persistently, ends by entering.”

The picture at the top is fun right. I think is super fannn-cyyyyyy (say that with your lip cocked to the side and a victorian voice). I don’t have a  CAT but if I did it would look like this. Top hat and all!

Did I share the news with you that I am now a contributing editor for The Graphics Fairy-Crafts. How coolio is that! She has the best graphics ever! I really had fun getting creative with this one and if you want to see the FULL TUTORIAL on how I made this from beginning to end then head on over to Karen’s blog to see it!



Did you get to see my fun Chevron Halloween printable? It’s FREE! They come in three different looks so get them now and start crafting with them. Something that would be really cute is to print it out, put a round picture in the black circle and frame it. Perfect for the Fall season, and Halloween.

A “dubleeeooo” for you.

Click HERE to see all of them


Even though it’s the 5th of the month, you still have plenty of time to start this fun photo game I started. Don’t worry, if you start on the 19th it doesn’t mean you have to post all the days prior. Just start, be happy, have fun and share with your friends. It’s a fun way to stop and click. Kinda centers you actually.

Click HERE to get the info on it or just save this picture! Don’t forget to use the hashtag


I hope everyone sleeps well and I will see ya in the next post

Happy I can’t believe it’s almost Halloween/Labor day. I know, they don’t really go together too much but I found it pretty ironic that I am working on Halloween printable’s on Labor day. I guess I am defining “labor” in a good way, right! I also can’t wait to show you the craft that I did today. It is the most precious thing ever and it will be up tomorrow on The Graphics Fairy-Crafts website. I am not sure if I mentioned to you that I am now a contributing editor for her site. I am super excited because maybe I will become a mini fairy. I will always let you know when to head over her way to see my post. Don’t you worry, I will always post a final result picture on my blog the day of or the day before it goes live on her site!

I started working on some fun Halloween printable’s today and I think you will love them.

What I love most about them is how versatile they are. You can do so much with them. I left the black circle frame empty so you can personalize it any way you choose.  If you don’t have photoshop I suggest using a program like PicMonkey that is free for anyone to use.

I like to put initials in the center, print it out and glue on the top of a journal. It’s an easy way to dress up a boring notebook.
+hint: my post tomorrow is all about dressing up notebooks, and you don’t want to miss it.

Prints up to a 8×10. [watermark is not on download]

Click below to download your free PDF
orange and black chevron cover printable jaderbomb

Prints up to a 8×10. [watermark is not on download]

Click below to download your free PDF
orange chevron cover printable jaderbomb

Prints up to a 8×10. [watermark is not on download]

Click below to download your free PDF
black chevron cover printable jaderbomb 

 I hope you enjoyed these free printable’s because I had so much fun making them! If you have ANY requests leave them in the comment section below and I can possibly get it done for you! Come back Wednesday for a fun fall fleur de lis printable!

[ My free printables are for jaderbomb readers only ]
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See ya in the next post

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