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Weekly Re-Cap : Jaderbomb

Howdy Jaderbugs! I had a fun week with my craft tutorials and wanted to make sure you didn’t miss one single thing! I hope you enjoy them if it’s your first time seeing them. 


1.Ring around the Rosie Necklace: I had so much fun using Martha Stewart’s new line of jewelry. It was fun to create something that anyone could wear!

2. Happily Ever After Printable: When I made this I pictured it in someones home, in a shabby chic vintage white frame with a candle next to it. Doesn’t it make you want it more now!

3.  Cupcake Liner Party Hat: I had so much fun making this only because it was not a planned craft. This will make anyone smile and if it doesn’t then put the hat on and dance like a monkey, that should work.

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