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The Simple Secret to something you have in your bathroom!

Happy Monday to all my crafty frans! Today I will be showing you how make glittery, swirly ornaments made with items you most likely have already in your home. Everyone is putting up their trees and even if you already purchased all of your tree decor this is still something you can add to it! What if you make a dozen DIY ornaments and give them to someone as a gift!

I promise you every year when they open that box they will always think of you, I think that is so special and sweet! Let’s face it, decorative ornaments can be pricey but if you make them you will be surprised how much money you can save!  Whattya say?! I made these snazzy ornaments last year for I Love to Create and if you want to see the FULL tutorial scroll to the bottom of this post and click on the link! P.S. Have you sen my dream tree I created this year for Michaels!  Do It Yourself Nail Polish Ornaments

I am not sure if anyone will be able to guess what is in this cup but I will tell you if you don’t know, when you find out you will be like OMG! I kinda gave it away in the title, haha!   nail-polish-ornaments

These are seriously beautiful! I could easily keep these up all year long because when I see them they really make me happy. They kinda remind me of the third eye, right! Oh if you are into cozy nights by the fire, this is the perfect thing to add to that night! diy-christmas-ornaments

I have to admit there is another cool trick that I did to these ornaments. Bad thing is you will have to head on over to the I Love to Create site to see, hehe! Remember the link is at the bottom of this post! how-to-glitter-ornaments

Are you drooling yet?  glittered-christmas-ornaments

One more thing is you can always add other elements to your Christmas ornaments! 
how-to-bedazzle-ornaments FULL TUTORIAL 

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Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins – Paris Hilton

Happy Memorial Day Jaderbugs! Today I will be showing you how easy it is to glitter feathers!!!

So we just recently added on to the house and built this rad room! The inside is full of nice cedar wood and let’s just say it smells like heaven. Every morning we wake up and drink coffee while watching the birds eat their yummy food. This room was supposed to be a “hang” out room however it now has turned into my night time office. I love it really. I go in there and zen out. There was a few things missing in this beautiful room like…. COLORFUL GLITTERED FEATHERS!!! What is a girl to do? You guessed it, I had to break out the colorful feathers and yummy gold glitter. These are really easy to make and in no time you can bring a room from blah to BAM!
Let’s get started. Oh warning these babies are addicting. I am now about to add a strand of white feathers with gold glitter to the new room. It fits our boho lifestyle and just like Mc.Donald’s says “I’m loving it”… BOHEMIAN DECOR

you will need Rainbow Feathers | Colored Twine | Mod Podge | Craft Brush | Gold Glitter  diy feather banner The first thing you will do is slather some Mod Podge onto the top of your feather!

party banner diy

Next sprinkle your choice of glitter on top of the Mod Podge! If you want to save your glitter place a piece of paper under your feather.
glittered feathers

Once all of your feathers are dry you can start tying your twine around the tips. Tip of advice: Make sure your feathers are facing the same direction when tying the twine around them.  shabby chic feather banner

VOILA! We have the gaudiest batch of glittered feathers you have ever seen in your life!  What does that word mean…. Google it!

I know my friend Aunt Peaches would drool over these and she would probably wear them in her hair! Seriously. I am totally pleased with the way they came out and if you are anything like me then you like lot’s of the same things all together to form on cluster of awesomeness. Enjoy y’all!

how to glitter feathers

BOHO FEATHERS Hugs from my computer to yours!! XOXO

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Hey there! Join me on Instagram and Pinterest to keep up with my most recent projects and sneak peeks! Plus you will get bombed with loads of bright, whimsical and inspiring pics! It’s like an open invitation to the BIGGEST craft party in the world! Have you seen these glitter projects I made?

Today the topic of “convo-sa-chion” (say it like you are in fraannce) is Henna Inspired Body Tattoos. Now I know what you are thinking. Who in the world really wants to parade around wearing a fake tattoo, let alone one completely saturated with glitter… Well folks you are looking at her – or her screen. I am also certain there are TONS of people out there who would like to do this for a fun occasion, birthday party, concert or just a fun weekend out and about. Let’s not forget the KIDS!!!

These are not meant to fool people, y’all! It’s meant for PURE FUN. When I Love to Create sent me this pack I got super giddy inside. Don’t get me wrong I love all the ones they send me but the “henna” inspired pack won over my heart. Check out this really cool blog centered around “Henna”…

Henna Inspired Body Tattoos You are totally getting excited already huh! Buy YO KIT HERE! I love all of the stencils you get in the package. Just imagine an arm with ALL of them!


  • Nontoxic and cosmetic grade
  • Glitter tattoo lasts up to 5 days with proper body care
  • It’s only $19.99!!!

P to the S… All the the items in the picture below come wrapped up nice and neatly when you buy it. I mean why would they come messy?! (Insert an eye roll to myself) temporary body tattoo

Step ONE: First things first I’m the realist. You will need to figure out where you want to put your dazzling tattoo.  how to do henna Step TWO: Make sure to flatten your adhesive sheet onto you skin. We don’t want any wrinkles now do we!

If you notice I have this baby wrapped all the way around my arm and it shows no sign of coming off. The sheets are super sticky so they will conform to any part of the body, even those hard to get spots. (I feel like that last sentence is from a commercial but I can’t think of what. Leave a comment below if you know!) henna paints Step THREE: Apply the body glue over the spots where you will be putting the yummy glitter. I know I don’t have a darn picture of me applying the glue. Shame on me, hehe! Let me warn you now, this glue is really strong, it’s cosmetic grade!

Step FOUR: Time to grab the small detailing brush and start splashing or dabbing glitter all over your glue. You will see once you start applying glitter how great it works.

(Let me just tell you this…I tried to rinse my tattoo off a few hours later with soap and water and it would not come off! I literally had to scrub my arm. So it’s good if you want it for a few days)

If you plan on doing this on small kids you could use a little alcohol  to help get it off.

how long does henna stay on Step FIVE: Once you applied the glitter time to gently pull off your adhesive sheet. Please take your time, I’d hate for you to tear your beautiful sheet.

Next, brush off the excess glitter with your large dusting brush. VOILA Y’ALL!  GLITTER TATTOOS HENNA TATTOO  I hope you enjoyed this fun tutorial. Please stay tuned this week I have some fun projects lined up! You can’t lie these glitter tattoos are calling your name! I knowwwww….

Big ole CAJUN hugs from my computer to yours!!! 


I decided to make some New Years Eve Glittered Tealights. Holy Cow. Is it really almost New Years Eve? The only thing that tickles my fancy is Amazon Eve so there ya have it. Yep she is pretty dam awesome and we will touch on that later this week. Is it just me or does anyone else feel like Christmas comes as fast as the tooth fairy. I do have to give it to the tooth fairy because any parent that can snatch a tooth in a bag under a pillow without waking up that child pretty much deserves a gold metal. I did figure out a trick after a few years of waking my son up. Well it was a trick until it was NOT a trick. Anyways, just tie a little string on the end of the bag and let it hang down the side of the bed. You can tug that baby when they are fast asleep and voila. Now the real tricky part is putting the money back UNDER the dam pillow. Come on people there has to be some super duper tricks out there you can share with us! Not that I need it because my son is almost 15 and if that lil boy looses a tooth the only money he will see is the money he will work for to get it fixed, hehe!

I ran into Michaels the other day and they had these little flameless candles on sale for around .50 cents a pack. Being the HOARDER   crafter I am I picked up way too many packs.  These things always come in handy so there ya go.

Yep, I just made that project title up but what else was I supposed to name it. You would think I would be “perfect” by now but after editing my pics I realized I should of named them “tea lights” and not candles. Good news, these will look cute in your house bad news the title is staying because I am way too tired to edit it again! You can also put these cute safe tea lights in here. I think these would make any event super festive and what better holiday to use them for than New Years! Let’s get started.

New Years Eve Glittered Candles

You will need: Flameless Tealights | Glittered Ribbon | Scissors | Duck Brand Double Stick Roller

You can order the items I used in this post by clicking on the links above! YO. They are indeed affiliate links so what that means is when you order from ME and not a HUGE store you are helping me buy more sausage to cook at night and glitter, and I thank you.

glittered ribbon tutorial

Now if you are crazy candle person like me then these might not fill the void but they are safe and you can really set the mood of a room with them. Yes, that means you can drink all you want and not worry about blowing them out!  flameless candles diy

I got my glittered ribbon at T.J. Maxx! I know! They have a little section of crafts and I snatched a big bag of every color a while back. I really don’t know the name of them but any ribbon will work for this. These are really thin which is why I was able to wrap two different colors around the tea lights. I bet a large piece would look nice as well.

You can also use wash tape around them if you don’t want to use ribbon. The ones I am using have fabric on the back so if you know the brand please leave me a comment! I’d kill a mosquito to get more.
glittered candles tutorial

These double stick adhesive rollers from the Duck Brand are almost better than Cap’n Crunch Peanut Butter cereal. ALMOST. They really make like easy and they are convenient. Check out all of these projects I made for Duck Tape.

Step One: Turn your ribbon over and roll the tape along the back of it. You barely have to apply pressure, just a tip.  duck brand double stick tape

Step Two: I measured “about” how much ribbon I would need to go around the tea light then cut multiple pieces. Once you have the tape on the back you can start wrapping the pieces around the tea light.  how to glitter a candle

It’s really that simple. You just created beautiful and bright tea lights to dress up any party you plan to throw. Not having a party, that’s cool too because you can put them all over your house for your personal pleasure. Either way these are really affordable and I promise they will make you cheery and smile. ALOT.  easy flameless candle crafts

how to make glittered decorations

Make sure to SPREAD the love y’all! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and don’t forget to be safe on New Years! Big stinking huge glittery hugs from my computer to yours

xoxo Jaderbomb

in other news

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Today we will close our eyes and make Rainbow Glass Jars, you know the ones that are made for fairies… What! You are not one? Good news for ya, the yumminess in these jars will turn you into one as soon as you sprinkle it on you.

Ok fine all that will happen if you dump this load of glitter on you is a hot dam mess on the floor. Let’s not forget your precious hair, yes it will be full of glitter. I used tinsel glitter for this lil project so you really are doomed. Unless you are like me and you wouldn’t mine glistening in the sun like Edward Cullen did daily. If you like all that glitters, then check out all of my rainbow crafts.

…now let’s get to the nitty gritty

Rainbow Glass Jars

What You’ll Need (You can purchase all of the items I used in this post by clicking on the links below. These are affiliate links so ordering from them helps me buy more glitter and glue)

*Hot Glue Gun
*Slices of Wood
*Mini Glass Jars
*Ribbon (Make sure it’s thin)
rainbow glass jars

I bought a little bag of sliced birch wood at Michaels. They are so dang precious I didn’t even want to use them for this post! FYI: they were only 2 bucks a bag. Now say that 6 times really fast! birch wood

These are all of the colors I used for this post, well minus black.  martha stewart rainbow glitter

Step One: Fill your glass jars with glitter. It’s your choice to fill them all the way or half way. I like leaving room for them to float around a little.

Step Two: With the bottle up right put a little hot glue around the rim and then carefully place your piece of wood right on top. Hold it in place for a few seconds until the glue is dry. VOILA!
glitter jars

Step Three: on the opposite side of the wood put a dot of glue then place your ribbon “good side down” right on top.  birch wood crafts Step Four: Tie the ends of your ribbon together. You just created a hanger on your fun glitter jar.  diy christmas ornaments

I am absolutely in LOVE ♥ glass glitter jars

glittered ornaments

Don’t you feel super happy looking at these babies! They will surely hang all year in my studio!
rainbow christmas ornaments

I hope you enjoyed this post and you make ton’s of dust for all of the fairies out there!  HASHTAG LOGO

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DIY Glittered Acorns are on the menu today. I found this little bag of acorns and miniature pinecones at Michaels and I had to pick up a few of them. Call it an addiction but anything “little” has to come home with me!

Now they were simply perfect with it’s natural colors in the bag but I wanted to add a little flare to them, so I added glitter! You can never go wrong with glitter.

If you love to decorate for Fall this is the perfect accent to your decor. You can sprinkle them around your pumpkins, put them in bowls or eat them. Either way they will work out fine for you! Let’s get started. DSC_0426 You will need: Bag of Pinecones and Acorns | Glitter | Decoupage  Brush
You can purchase all of the items used in this post by clicking on the links above. These are affiliate links so thanks for helping me purchase more acorns and glitter, yo!  DSC_0406 Step One: Lay out your goodies and stare at them for a minute. Worship them because they are simply that adorable.
DSC_0407 Step Two: Grab the glitter of your choice and shake them like a salt shaker. Preferably on top of your head. I am using Martha Stewart glitter in Florentine Gold & Wintermint.  DSC_0410 Step Three: Get your bottle of decoupage and roll it on a flat surface to wake it up. We need to make sure everything is mixed together well inside of the container.  DSC_0411 Step Four: Apply a small amount of decoupage on your brush and add it to your acorns and pinecones. While wet sprinkle a little glitter over the glue. Hint: I like to place a sheet of paper under my items to catch the glitter, then I can pour it back into the bottle.

Just like saving whales, we need to save the glitter.  DSC_0416 DSC_0420
DSC_0427 DSC_0428 I love the way they came out. Did I mention this is the perfect craft to have your kids do? Seriously it takes about 10 minutes to do them and it dries really fast. I think I will make rainbow ones next. What cha think! See ya in the next post Jaderbugs!


Don’t forget to connect on social media! Make sure to use use the hashtag #JADERBOMB on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook so I can keep track of all your awesome creations! HAVE A GLITTERY DAY! ♥, Jade


Today I am giving you a small glimpse into my latest project that I created for the ILoveToCreateBlog! This DIY Glittered Leather Cuff is a simple and fun craft that anyone can do. I love that you can choose any material to make it, however I prefer leather.

Hold up wait a minute, I said “ugh ahhh uhh ahh ahhh”… Remember that song? It’s pretty much stuck in my brain right now and will not leave. I have played a million other songs but this sucker is stuck! I guess I will just keep singing it so it does not drive me insane.

Don’t forget to check out my Tea Stained Bleached Blue Jeans!

Wanna check out all of my tutorials I have created for ILoveToCreate? Check them out here!

Check how Martha Stewarts visit to Louisiana! ALSO!

DIY Glittered Leather Cuff

You can still enter the Michael’s sweepstakes to win MOOLAH!


If you are looking for some last minute summer crafts check out my roundup I just posted! You will LOVE all of these crafts!


Don’t forget to connect on social media! Make sure to use use the hashtag #JADERBOMB on Instagram or Twitteror Facebook so I can keep track of all your awesome creations! HAVE A GLITTERY DAY! ♥, Jade

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ST_12_months_of_Martha_Logo-1 Howdy Hoo Jaderbugs! I am so excited to share today’s craft with you. Do you remember last year when I told you I was chosen to be a 12 months of Martha blogger? You can check out all of my posts here.  GUESS WHAT! I was chosen again to be a 12 months of Martha blogger!

Yippe Ki Yay! I wanted to make something that you could drink out of or put on your desk! These Glittered Mugs will totally make your heart melt and it’s the perfect gift to give someone. Let’s get started!

Glittered Mugs YOUWILLNEED

Glitter tray and rack | Patterning tape | Heart Glitter | Mugs | Brush | Decoupage glittered mug supplies
If you have not seen this amazing glitter then you are about to flip out. These are so stinking cute right. It’s baby heart that shine like stars in the sky. I chose these two colors because I thought they went nicely together. aa The first thing you will do is put tape around the mug. I wanted to add glitter on the bottom half so I simply put tape in the middle of the mug.  how to use stenciling tape
In today’s project we will be using a gloss decoupage. I love this product because when it dries, it dries clear and so beautiful.  how to write on mugs I am loving this new glitter rack and tray. It is great way to trap the glitter and when you are done you can pour it back into the glitter tube. The great thing is on the corner of the tray there is a tray that has a little hole on it making it easy to remove the glitter without a huge mess.

You will lay your mug on top of the tray and coat a section with decoupage then immediately sprinkle the heart glitter all over it. glittered mugs
We will also embellish our mugs with miniature love notebooks. I am in LOVE with these. You can really write in them! how to make glittered mugs

black and white straws

valentines diy

diy mugs If you want to make the glitter look thick then you will add a coat over the mug, let it dry completely. Apply another coat of decoupage then put a layer of glitter again.  shiny gold mugs I added some dirt in the mugs and added a few plants in them. These would look great on a desk or a nice gift. how to make a mug planter

glittered mugs

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! It’s perfect for Valentines day, right!


I don’t know about you but if you add glitter to anything you will put an instant smile on my face. Today we will be making Glitter Dishes!

I started playing around with paper plates a few weeks ago creating a few easy ways to “dress” them up. I think I was successful with it, what do you think?! I mean, I truthfully hate washing dishes and putting them up so why not serve anyone out of fancy paper plates. It’s not like I am having Christmas at my house but if I did I would lay all these babies out!

Check out these I made with ribbon and these with lace!


you will need *Paper Plates and Bowls   * Glitter  *Brush  *Mod-Podge  *LOVE GlitteredPlateSupplies The first thing you want to do is coat your paper plate with Mod Podge.  easywaystouseglitter You want to work a little fast since Mod Podge dries very quick.

howtouseglitter Sprinkle glitter over the wet Mod Podge. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect because after all it’s just going to be used as decoration. Did I mention you will throw it away after it’s used!
glittered plate

I coated the underneath of the bowl just to add a little more love.  thingstodowithglitter glitteredplates glitterdishes It’s seriously that simple! Fun thing is you can make them for every holiday and it will not break the bank.

What will you use your glittered bowls for?

Today I will show you how to Decorate Paper Bags.

Well from what I gather it is almost Halloween around this joint. This means I get to display my favorite color everywhere in the house! Black that is.

I have to admit being the “DIY’ER” that I am sometimes crafts come to me and I just quickly make them. If they are good then they get posted. No lie, this was not planned but I just think it’s practical and can be used for many things in your life.

Sometimes I go through a period of doing fairly simple tutorials and then I do really complicated ones that require ton’s of pictures. Not sure why I do that but I do.

This one would surely fall under EASY!

Have you seen my Halloween Coffee Party yet?

What about my Vintage Crow Magazine Holder!

Decorate Paper Bags

 It is honestly a craft that you would add your own imagination too so have fun with it. I made a quick video for you also.



With Halloween right around the corner I wanted to share with you a site that you will fall in love with. I Love to Create has created a site that is filled with great Halloween inspiration.

For me I love this because when I start searching for ideas based around a specific holiday I like when everything is at my fingertips.

Pretty much like this site.

There are 5 different categories on the Halloween inspiration page. Pumpkins, Party & Decor,Body Art, T-Shirts and Totes and Costumes.

I honestly want to create every single thing on this site because for one they are fun to look at and two, the instructions for each craft are great which means nearly anyone can make them.

bad-to-the-bone-skull-shirt I want to share my favorite projects. This is actually hard for me to decide on but I promise to do my best!

FYI: When you see a category on the site make sure to click “more projects” to the right of the category. This will pull up all of the tutorials. I would just hate to see you miss out on this part!

PUMPKINS: Hardcore Pumpkin

Even if you’re not in the mood for carving and cleaning, you can still make some hardcore Halloween pumpkins this season! Washers, chains and other hardware make for an easy, inexpensive way to give your pumpkins an edgy new look.

I love things that look industrial. The white pumpkins looks so classy to me. I would probably choose this over diamonds!


Party and Decor:Haunted Silouette Pillow

When it comes to displaying drab Halloween décor, vow to yourself, “nevermore”! Create this hauntingly haute pillow featuring Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” easily with a black fabric marker and a little bit of paint.

I love ravens and this pillow makes me super excited. I like the look of anything handwritten and then you slap a good old bird on it. VOILA!


Costumes:Wicked Kicks

Follow the road to creativity in a sparkly set of shoes! No need to make a wish for kicks this fabulous, all you need is a little creativity, some glue and a lot of sparkly gems.

I will end this with my favorite craft! I love red and I love glitter so how can you go wrong with this? There is only ONE problem. I would wear these all year long.


I really hope you enjoy this site and I am happy to be sharing with you today. Now be a good faerie and share this with your friends!

One last thing, you have to check out I Love to Create’s Facebook , You Tube and Pinterest.

See you in the next post!


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