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New Years Eve Glittered Tea lights

I decided to make some New Years Eve Glittered Tealights. Holy Cow. Is it really almost New Years Eve? The only thing that tickles my fancy is Amazon Eve so there ya have it. Yep she is pretty dam awesome and we will touch on that later this week. Is it just me or does anyone else feel like Christmas comes as fast as the tooth fairy. I do have to give it to the tooth fairy because any parent that can snatch a tooth in a bag under a pillow without waking up that child pretty much deserves a gold metal. I did figure out a trick after a few years of waking my son up. Well it was a trick until it was NOT a trick. Anyways, just tie a little string on the end of the bag and let it hang down the side of the bed. You can tug that baby when they are fast asleep and voila. Now the real tricky part is putting the money back UNDER the dam pillow. Come on people there has to be some super duper tricks out there you can share with us! Not that I need it because my son is almost 15 and if that lil boy looses a tooth the only money he will see is the money he will work for to get it fixed, hehe!

I ran into Michaels the other day and they had these little flameless candles on sale for around .50 cents a pack. Being the HOARDER   crafter I am I picked up way too many packs.  These things always come in handy so there ya go.

Yep, I just made that project title up but what else was I supposed to name it. You would think I would be “perfect” by now but after editing my pics I realized I should of named them “tea lights” and not candles. Good news, these will look cute in your house bad news the title is staying because I am way too tired to edit it again! You can also put these cute safe tea lights in here. I think these would make any event super festive and what better holiday to use them for than New Years! Let’s get started.

New Years Eve Glittered Candles

You will need: Flameless Tealights | Glittered Ribbon | Scissors | Duck Brand Double Stick Roller

You can order the items I used in this post by clicking on the links above! YO. They are indeed affiliate links so what that means is when you order from ME and not a HUGE store you are helping me buy more sausage to cook at night and glitter, and I thank you.

glittered ribbon tutorial

Now if you are crazy candle person like me then these might not fill the void but they are safe and you can really set the mood of a room with them. Yes, that means you can drink all you want and not worry about blowing them out! flameless candles diy

I got my glittered ribbon at T.J. Maxx! I know! They have a little section of crafts and I snatched a big bag of every color a while back. I really don’t know the name of them but any ribbon will work for this. These are really thin which is why I was able to wrap two different colors around the tea lights. I bet a large piece would look nice as well.

You can also use wash tape around them if you don’t want to use ribbon. The ones I am using have fabric on the back so if you know the brand please leave me a comment! I’d kill a mosquito to get more.
glittered candles tutorial

These double stick adhesive rollers from the Duck Brand are almost better than Cap’n Crunch Peanut Butter cereal. ALMOST. They really make like easy and they are convenient. Check out all of these projects I made for Duck Tape.

Step One: Turn your ribbon over and roll the tape along the back of it. You barely have to apply pressure, just a tip. duck brand double stick tape

Step Two: I measured “about” how much ribbon I would need to go around the tea light then cut multiple pieces. Once you have the tape on the back you can start wrapping the pieces around the tea light. how to glitter a candle

It’s really that simple. You just created beautiful and bright tea lights to dress up any party you plan to throw. Not having a party, that’s cool too because you can put them all over your house for your personal pleasure. Either way these are really affordable and I promise they will make you cheery and smile. ALOT. easy flameless candle crafts

how to make glittered decorations

Make sure to SPREAD the love y’all! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and don’t forget to be safe on New Years! Big stinking huge glittery hugs from my computer to yours

xoxo Jaderbomb

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