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ST_12_months_of_Martha_Logo-1  GLITTERED SPIDERS

Howdy Hoo Jaderbugs! It’s Monday and I have a ton of glittery happiness for you. Well not technically a “ton” but you understand. It’s all about “Halloween Decoration Ideas” today on the blog. I don’t know if I ever told you just how much I love Halloween and fake spiders. Preferably black ones made of paper.


The one thing that is changing as I am getting older is my Halloween color theme! I do still love the original orange and black but…COLOR makes me happy and jittery inside.  I guess I am sorta like ROY G. BIV’S wife.

I mean if she existed (wink wink).


Martha Stewart Glitter * Craft Brush * Mod Podge * Paper Spiders

Glittered Spiders. Supplies

I am so in love with GLITTER. I am not speaking of a “normal” relationship with glitter. You will never find me without glitter. It’s either in my purse or in my hair. <—haha!

Halloween Decoration Ideas Martha Stewart Glitter

The first thing you will do is coat the bottom of your spider with Mod Podge. Quickly sprinkle the spider with glitter before the Mod Podge dries.

 mod podge glitter

I used the tinsel glitter because in the end it almost looks hairy. I think the tinsel glitter is a great choice to add texture to our spiders. I usually use this glitter around the Christmas holiday’s but I figured I would bust it out a little early.

 Orange Glitter

When you buy your paper spiders they come with little round double sided stickers. You will place them on the underneath and stick them on a wall. I absolutely love how they look full of color. PURE HAPPINESS.

 halloween spiders

 how to use glitter in decorations

I hope you enjoyed this bright and fun tutorial. I would say this is on the “EASY” level but you know what…Sometimes the cutest things just cross your mind and I am here to bring them back! See ya in the next post!


12monthsofmartha HALLOWEEN PARTY DECOR

Boo-Yah!  I don’t know about you but I love HALLOWEEN PARTY DECOR. What do I love about it? EVERYTHING.

It doesn’t always have to be bloody and dark, ya know. Even though that’s the real way to celebrate this holiday.

I wanted to throw a black and white themed coffee party and I know you will love all of the little details. Witches “brew” is what we will call it.

If you love Halloween as much as I do then you need to check out these houses I made. Wear these shoes while trick or treating with your kids. I am in love with these black and white kitchens.


I know I would love to attend a spooky “brew” party, what about you? If you can’t find the items I used in this post you can click on ANY of the links below the pictures and order from one site! Hey, I am just trying to make your life easy.

I think everything looks clean and crisp. Kind of reminds me of a sterile hospital room.

Still want coffee?


I purchased these mugs from World Market and dressed up the handle with glitter. Glitter will always make things better.

EASY DECOUPAGE ON GLASS TUTORIAL PARTY MUGS  To start you will place stencil tape around your handle. Coat the handle with a nice coat of Martha Stewart’s new decoupage. Sprinkle your favorite shade of glitter on the wet decoupage.

Of course I used classic black. Carefully peel the tape off before it dries. You can clean up your mug now easily. Check out what else I decoupaged.


Once I removed the tape I sprinkled some more glitter on them before they dried. When they are dry just dust them off with a brush. Remember to let these cure for about 28 days then you can wash them by hand or in the dish washer.

They will stay fully glittered if cured correctly.  HOW TO DECOUPAGE ON GLASS

To add a little spark to the bottom of my mugs I decoupaged some insects to the bottom. When someone lifts their coffee mug a nice bug will be displayed on  the bottom! I think this is my favorite part of the party.



How clever are these test tubes! They come with sticky vintage labels that you can write on. I added a few different things inside of the tubes like chocolate covered coffee beans, strawberry milk and coffee cream. Anything that goes with a coffee party will work.  HALLOWEEN PARTY DIY


I used some halloween adhesive paper to make flags. I wrapped a piece around a toothpick then cut the paper on the end. These are what my guests’ will stir their coffee with.


I used some cupcake liners  to put my sugar cubes in. Smart right! SCARY HALLOWEEN PARTY DECORATIONS DIY

To create a coaster for you super chic mugs take a cupcake liner and fold it inside out.


If you are like me then you send out invitations for everything. These animal masquerade invitations are the cutest thing since sliced bread.  Even the inside is decorated with black and white stripes.  WITCH THEMED HALLOWEEN PARTY


Pull out a few sheets of scrapbook paper to dress up your coffee platter background. I got these from the animal masquerade pack.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it gives you a push to throw your own coffee party. Check out all of my 12 months of Martha posts’ here.

FYI: Please go vote for my friend Kelly HERE! Voting end Friday and we ALL WANT HER TO WIN!

Huge glittery hugs—See you in the next post! Visit me on FacebookTwitter,Pinterest, or Instagram!



Quote of the Day:
“We have two lives…the life we learn with and the life we live after that.” -Bernard Malamud

Video Inspiration for this post! Last night Beetle Juice played on ABC Family and I felt like having a party in the house. Nothing screams PAR-TAY Honey Boo Boo like PAR-TAY banners. Right now they have the 13 nights of HALLOWEEN so make sure and check out all of the classic movies playing. I suggest playing the video while you read the rest of the post, it’s sure to get you DANCING!

So, Washi Tape is pretty cool because you can use it for so many things. It’s really affordable until you become a washi tape addict then things can maybe get expensive. Sometimes at Michaels Arts and Crafts you can buy a pack of 3 or four for around 2.50. It might sound expensive but this stuff really last’s a long time. Once you start to get a collection then you can really get funky with your crafts.


*Washi Tape
*Baker’s Twine

(If you click on any of the above links you can order all of my ingredients)

What I really love more than washi tape is baker’s twine. There is something about this two toned string that makes me levitate and dance. I think when you add the black and white baker’s twine to things it adds a pop of color and it becomes a little magical to the eye.

The first thing you will do is lay out your baker’s twine on a flat surface.

Cut a piece of washi tape. I always like to cut a little more than I need. In the end we will be cutting these strips, plus it’s good to have some longer than other.

Lay your piece of washi tape on your flat surface and place your baker’s twine right on top of it. You want to make sure and place your baker’s twine is right in the middle.

Here is another angle for ya.

Fold it over so each side sticks to each other. Once you are happy with that you can cut it strait across or like I did below. It kinda adds a little “carnival” in your life!

I am really pleased with they way they turned out. Make sure you squeeze the washi tape around the baker’s twine so it is secure.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Remember they make washi tape in every design you could think of. Here is a great site to order from. It’s Wishy Washi Tape . You will really enjoy this shop.

Quote of the day:
“After hard work, the biggest determinant is being in the right place at the right time.” -Michael Bloomberg
Are you ready to make Washi Tape Candles? I know I am so let’s get started!

I really love making crafts that are easy, affordable and easy. Yeah, I know I said easy TWICE because that is my favorite part about it!
Since your candles are made of wax when you are ready to take off your washi tape it will come right off. You won’t have to worry about damaging your candle. I used long thin candles because I wanted to dress up my centerpiece on our table. I keep this baby up year round. So, when Christmas comes around guess what I will do…prolly grab some white pillar candles and put Christmas washi tape on them. Wanna see how easy it is to do this? If you want to see how I made HOMEMADE WASHI tape click HERE.


*Washi Tape

I am using Halloween washi tape by Martha Stewart. You can buy directly from the link under my ingredients (above).

The first thing you will do is stick the end of the washi tape on the candle.

Wrap it till it meets the other end of washi tape, then SNIP it!

This is the end result! The fun thing about this craft is you can use whatever washi tape you want and this is practically good for ANY occasion. A simple candle can turn into a work of art with this tutorial.

I hope you enjoyed it… See you in the NEXT post.

*Have you seen my vintage CHRISTMAS lights printable. Click HERE to download it!


Quote of the day:
“All clouds are not rain clouds” – Latin Proverb

Video inspirations for this printable. I like these clown much more. Enjoy the video!

Click HERE for the full size PDF

You can print this out and use it for scrap booking, frame it with a picture in it, use if for Halloween decor or use it as a gift. There is so much to do with it. I am loving the diamonds all over and the font!

Happy Sunday
I made this scary carnival print for ya. There is something about clowns that freak me out. Maybe it’s the fact that you just DON’T know who or what is under all of that white paint.

The other day me and my dad were out and about and ran across this man, that we both know.

Dad : “JJ well look who it is”
Jade: “Yeah doobie the clown”
Dad : “HUH”
Jade: “Yeah, remember for my 2nd or 3rd birthday you hired him to be a clown at my party”
Jade: “(slapped him on arm and rolling my eyes) “STOP while I am trying not to laugh myself”
Jade: “Just a little, haha. It sorta traumatized me”
Dad: (put’s arm around me and says: I’m sorry, we thought you would enjoy it)
Jade: Giving dooby the clown a hug because at this point he right in front of me.

Good news is he wasn’t in a clown suit. He’s a principle now. I am not scared of him anymore.

So the point is, clowns are not that scary if they are family friends. I still get freaked the freak out when I see a clown anywhere else. Maybe I will over come my fear and dress up as a clown this year.

Did anything ever scare you when you were little?

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