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“All clouds are not rain clouds” – Latin Proverb

Video inspirations for this printable. I like these clown much more. Enjoy the video!

Click HERE for the full size PDF

You can print this out and use it for scrap booking, frame it with a picture in it, use if for Halloween decor or use it as a gift. There is so much to do with it. I am loving the diamonds all over and the font!

Happy Sunday
I made this scary carnival print for ya. There is something about clowns that freak me out. Maybe it’s the fact that you just DON’T know who or what is under all of that white paint.

The other day me and my dad were out and about and ran across this man, that we both know.

Dad : “JJ well look who it is”
Jade: “Yeah doobie the clown”
Dad : “HUH”
Jade: “Yeah, remember for my 2nd or 3rd birthday you hired him to be a clown at my party”
Jade: “(slapped him on arm and rolling my eyes) “STOP while I am trying not to laugh myself”
Jade: “Just a little, haha. It sorta traumatized me”
Dad: (put’s arm around me and says: I’m sorry, we thought you would enjoy it)
Jade: Giving dooby the clown a hug because at this point he right in front of me.

Good news is he wasn’t in a clown suit. He’s a principle now. I am not scared of him anymore.

So the point is, clowns are not that scary if they are family friends. I still get freaked the freak out when I see a clown anywhere else. Maybe I will over come my fear and dress up as a clown this year.

Did anything ever scare you when you were little?

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One thought on “Vintage Carnival Printable-FREE

  1. Susie

    I am totally with you on the clown thing, little statues, stuffed dolls, the whole bunch need to be bleached, stripped, and re-dressed! Did you see the ad the Post Office has with the clown doll the family wants to return? Total Creep Out!
    My biggest freak out, though, and still, to this day, are those flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz!!!!
    I made the mistake of sharing this with someone at work, and the next day I came in to find the warehouse guys had super-glued a flying monkey to the top of my computer! I froze, seriously, and could not sit down until someone managed to cut it off the top of the screen. While I appreciated the intended humor and have no idea how they found one so quickly, I seriously could not work with that thing on my screen, and for days to come, it still bothered me that the flying monkeys now know where I work!
    Everyone had such a laugh for such a long time, and it was a great way to break the stress of the day. They all enjoyed humming or singing Wizard of Oz songs and imitating the characters. I was a good sport about it, though, and besides, the guys knew what I drove, and it would be just like them to sneak out during the day and glue a flying monkey to my Jeep as a hood ornament!
    I can still see that thing! I really do not want my stuffing pulled out by them! Crazy, Right?

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