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I am so excited to share with you these 20 Amazing Pumpkin Tutorials. Fall is here and it’s that time of year to break out the pumpkins and show off our best designs. For many it’s a time to experiment and see just how creative you can get with decorating your pumpkins.  Make sure to share this post all over with your friends and family because they might need to see some of these pumpkin babies! I guess it’s appropriate for me to say, “Happy Fall Y’all”…

Jaderbomb Template
Lace Pumpkins Black and White Pumpkins via Jaderbomb

paper-pumpkins1-682x1024 Paper Pumpkins via MadefromPinterest

final Chalkboard Pumpkins via FairGoods


Shabby Chic Pumpkins via PerfectlyImperfect


Glittered Monogrammed Pumpkin via UnOriginalmom


Chalkboard Word Find Pumpkin via Thistlewoodfarms

Sequined Pumpkin via Jaderbomb


Coastal Pumpkins via SandandSisal


Pumpkin Cake Toppers via Jaderbomb

DIY Pumpkins with Realistic Looking Stems from Anderson and Grant

DIY Pumpkins with Realistic Stems via AndersonandGrant


Rainbow Pumpkins via Jaderbomb


Batz Pumpkin via Itallstartedwithpaint


Geometric Thread Pumpkin via Jaderbomb


Painted Rock Pumpkins via ByStephanieLynn


Funky Fresh Rock Magnets via Jaderbomb


Charlie Brown Primary Colored Pumpkin via Jaderbomb


Donut Pumpkins via StudioDIY


Thankful Pumpkins via EclecticallyVintage

No Carve Pumpkins
via Freutcake


Big Black Pumpkin via Sweet Paul 


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Happy Tuesday Jaderbugs today we will be making a paper bead bracelet.The big suprise will be at the bottom of this post so make sure you read till you get to the end. This month’s box of goodies was a little different than normal. If you are not familiar with the #12monthsofmartha let me tell ya. Each month Martha (well maybe it’s not exactly her but I will pretend it is) sends me a box of goodies for me to review and share on the blog. I also make something fascinating with the goodies. This month she sent her new book. Read more about it here.



Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids: 175 Projects for Kids of All Ages to Create, Build, Design, Explore, and Share

I had to re-create a craft in the book so I chose the paper bead necklace except I made a Paper Bead Bracelet instead. I will admit right away that making jewelry is not the one thing I am really good at. You know the fancy kind, with beads and clasps and all those little things involved. I will shock you now and say that today’s tutorial was FUN and EASY. Did I mention “wearable”.

Martha, if you are reading this… YOU ROCK
{{ok, this is asking a lot but if you do read this just shoot me a comment and let me know what you think or just text me, hehe}}


“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”
― Coco Chanel

I am so pleased with the outcome!


This is the cover of the book and the bracelet I re-created. Let’s get started!

you will need

 paper trimmer|mod podge|decorative paper|toothpicks|elastic string|pencil

//P.S. You can purchase all of the items I used by clicking on the above links. These are affiliate links so if you click and buy you will help feed me more eggs and grits! Just saying, it’s my favorite.


Some of the items I used you might have already so take advantage of that. Oh, I used decorative paper to make my beads but another alternative is using magazine pages. I actually started one and can’t wait to show you.


The first thing you will do is take a sheet of decorative paper and place it on top of another one. Use the edge of the one on to to draw your lines, or you can use a ruler. You will be drawing triangles and the bigger the triangle the bigger the bead. Keep that in mind. I like to make around 5 different sizes so it’s a little more unique.


This is what the lines will look like on the paper. Depending on the paper some lines may appear lighter or darker.


Once you draw your lines then you can cut them. If you don’t have a paper cutter you can use scissors.


Your triangles should look like this. Unless you have a shaky hand, haha! Which is why I don’t use scissors to get a strait line!


1. Grab a toothpick and place the paper on the bottom of it.
2. Start wrapping the paper around the toothpick.
3. This is what your paper bead should look like once it’s all rolled.


Mod Podge the end so it all stays together.  You can even coat the entire bead with mod podge to make sure it is all secure.


Your bead should look like this when you are done. As soon as the mod podge is applied take the bead off of the toothpick. You don’t want to leave it because it could dry on the toothpick and we surely don’t want that!



Start stringing your beads with the elastic string. The good thing about this is you can put as many beads as you want!


Now onto the BIG news! I am giving away a copy of the book. WAHOO!


kids book winner martha stewart

*MAY craft HERE

Check out some of my other crafty friends doing the 12 months of Martha also!





Happy Tuesday Jaderbugs! I am super stoked about this week. I am finishing up on something HUGE and although I can’t tell you now, I promise to share in about a week. I know, I know… You are probably shaking your head at me right!

My good friend Ed Roth designed all of the stencils that I used today. I always look at his stencils and try to figure out what I love the most about them. I finally figured it out. It’s the simplicity of them. So many people think stencils have to be super detailed (don’t get me wrong he has a lot of perfectly detailed stencils) but you get what I mean. It’s the simplicity and repetition of shapes that attracts me the most to his stencils. I have been wondering what I would make with his small stencils and lemme tell you I figured it out.  Since I am always mailing notes to friends I figured it would be much better if they opened an envelope to a hand crafted note card. RIGHT!

If you are thinking on the save wave path as me then let’s hurry and get on the stencil train…..or stencil ride…or whatever ride, cause it’s time to do stenciled notecards.

Stenciled Notecards

 Don’t you love how detailed they are! I just know I will make someone smile with them!

how to make stenciled notecards


* Blank envelopes
*Blank notecards
*Stencil 1 stencils 
*Stencil pouncer

How to make stenciled notecards

Start by placing the stencil on top of the note card. Gently press one side of the stencil to make sure it does not move.

How to make stenciled notecards

You can use any stencil you want for this project. When you move to the next section of the note card place the top line of the stencil on the last one that you painted. This will give you consistency overall.

How to make stenciled notecards

I put a little squirt of each color I am using on my pallet. I love the way dried paint looks.

How to make stenciled notecards

Make sure to dab in multiple colors when doing one card. You can add a few colors to make it pop.

How to make stenciled notecards

How to make stenciled notecards

If you want you can even stencil the envelope!

How to make stenciled notecards

I hope you enjoyed this crafterooo boo boo! Now off to get some other crafts done. Don’t forget to find me here! Let me know in the comments what color notecard is your favorite. I’d LOVE to know!








I am always traveling with my laptop and phone cords to charge them back up with ton’s of juice. I love that they are white but sometimes I want things to show my personality, especially when I am in a public space. Today we will be decorating our phone power cord with yarn. So many people will notice your fashionable power cord and say “Hey, where did you get that”… perfect way to make new friends. You can then explain that YOU made it and show them THIS tutorial so they can make one of their own. It’s a really easy so let’s get started.

It’s like a “YARN BOMB” cord… Yeah, that sounds delightful.





Lion Brand Yarn Bonbons Bright

You can purchase the yarn by clicking on the link.


Friendship-bracelet-power-cords-jaderbomb I love this yarn because it has a shiny pieces woven into it and it makes for some pretty cool projects. Check out this wall art I made using it HERE.


Friendship-bracelet-power-cords-jaderbomb Start by wrapping the yarn around one end and tie a knot. You can use as many colors as you would like.


Friendship-bracelet-power-cords-jaderbomb I started by using one color.

Friendship-bracelet-power-cords-jaderbomb Wrap your first color down your cord. Make sure you do it tightly.

Friendship-bracelet-power-cords-jaderbomb You can make your section short or long, it depends on what you like.

Friendship-bracelet-power-cords-jaderbomb When I was ready to move to my next color I took my red and tied a knot at the end of my blue. Just continue wrapping the next color. It’s really that simple. Continue doing this until you are completely done.


I added a little flare on top with some navy yarn. I tied a knot on one end then took two pieces and tied knots then wrapped around the cord to start the knotting over again.

Friendship-bracelet-power-cords-jaderbomb I am loving how cute it came out. It’s bright and whimsical just like me.


Friendship-bracelet-power-cords-jaderbomb Make sure you share with all of your friends. I promise everyone will start making them.

See ya in the next blog post!




* My good friend Margo Potter just launched her new website. It’s pretty awesome click HERE to check it out.

* If you want me to feature any of your free printables shoot me an email: jade@jaderbomb.com


Being a kid can be a pretty big deal and getting your your child to listen can be a bigger deal. Every kid is completely different which means each will have different incentives that work and don’t work. Trust me, I have tried many and I think I found one that is fun, interactive and does it’s job. I think being a parent sometimes we think we know it all when sometimes what we are missing is one thing. Listening to our children. Don’t get me wrong, it can be hard at times. Waking up each day, rushing to get out of the door, work, school, every day afternoon activities, cooking supper and getting ready for bed is enough on it’s own. Dealing with a child who might not listen, talks back or whatever else on top of your daily regime can make you feel like you want to pull all of your hair out. The key is finding that button on your kid.

I don’t know what you do to get your child to listen, but I think when you start giving things like gifts and money you could possibly send them the wrong message. See I am not a professional. I have a 12 year old who is amazing, bright, fun & energetic. There are times when he get’s punished and things get taken from him because he is a normal 12 year old boy.
But with all that comes along with having kids I wouldn’t trade all of up’s and down’s for anything in the world. I get to teach my son right from wrong, good from bad, fake from real, how to be a nice person, how not to be selfish and so much more. It’s my favorite thing about my life. I get to see this little mini me ( and boy is he just like me) grow up into a beautiful young man.

get your child to listen

So, back to this post. I wanted to share with you what works in our house. We keep a jar out filled with marshmallows. If something get’s taken away he can earn it back by filling up the empty jar with marshmallows. Wanna know the best treat? When he is done filling the jar up, the marshmallows are his to keep. I am not sure if that is what he looks forward to or getting back what he was punished from!

All I am saying is it’s fun. Make it a fun activity for you kid. Every time they do something kind, nice, use their manners, do things with out being told or anything else positive then you can tell them to add however many marshmallows that you think they earned! Believe it or not, it works!

P.S. You can use anything you would like to fill the jar up. I like marshmallows because you can see progress fairly quick. Don’t forget kids are impatient, if something takes to long to happen they will get distracted.





I hope you have a great day and see you tomorrow in the next post!

What do you so in your home to get your kids to listen?



* I started a new website and the only hint I will tell you is it’s going to be fun for everyone
*I will be doing a Mardi Gras round up post Tuesday
*I was featured on 30 minute crafts
*My latest post for FAVE CRAFTS is up HERE.

Happy Tuesday Jaderbugs! I am so excited to finally share with you how I make Washi tape. Washi tape is pretty popular these days but what’s not popular is how much they cost. Sometimes you can snag them for a good deal but most of the time they are a little over priced. Now let me warn you that the washi tape I make does not tear like the “paper” washi tape. Sometimes that bugs me BUT most of the time I remember how much money I saved and that I could make tape with any print I like then I feel much better.  Don’t ya see, it’s like personalizing something…In a way. I also made a you tube video while I made the tape. I hope it makes you feel all warm and cozy inside. Hehe

Below is a picture of the ones I just made. If you are wondering what the gold paper is click HERE to find out.


*Wax Paper
*Rotary Cutter
*Cutting Mat
*Double stick tape
*Wrapping Paper
*Flat Ruler
(for a cutting mat)
or use something with a flat surface to cut
(use this if you don’t have a rotary cutter)

First thing you will do is lay a sheet of wax paper down.

Put a strip of double stick tape on it.

I usually put a alot.

Tear some wrapping paper and lay it right on top of the tape. Now your tape is stuck to the wax paper on one side and the wrapping paper on the other.

Once you are sure your tape is secure on the paper flip everything over.

It’s hard to see in the paper but in person you can now see where your strips of tape are. Get your ruler out and line it up on one side of the tape.

Grab your rotary cutter. If you don’t have a rotary cutter or flat ruler you can just hand cut the strips of tape with scissors. I just think it goes faster with the rotary cutter which is why I use it.

Now you are ready to start cut cut cutttinggggg (I was just singing that btw).
Cut one side of the tape on the mat.

Then move to the other side of the tape. When you are finishing cutting you will notice it will be one long strip of paper. Trim the edges where there is NO tape and VOILA!

You can now start wrapping all of your tape into a roll like I did below. I cut a little strip of cardboard to wrap around the entire roll. This hold it all in place.

How precious are these babies. I can’t wait to use these on all of my Christmas presents. When you are ready to use them cut a piece, pull the wax paper off and stick it where you want. It’s that easy!!!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

Don’t forget to make it a DIY kinda day
See ya in the next post

Quote of the day:
“Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world: Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead

Howdy Hoo Jaderbugs! I am super excited to share with you some super popular food posts from last years Holiday season. I can’t wait to show you the DIY projects I have been working on for this upcoming week because they are some great gift ideas also!


Today I will start off with this super moist delicious cake. Every time I make this my heart get’s excited. Did I mention that my family tears.it.up? Click HERE to see how I made the mini flag bunting for the cake.
{Click HERE to get this Devil’s cake recipe}



The next thing I will show you are my famous red velvet cake balls. Me and seester made these last year for Christmas and let me just tell you we had a blast. The thing I love the most about these cake balls is that you can get your kids involved. If you decide to make them, make like 100 of them because the person eating all of them will never feel like they ate “ALL” of them.

{Click HERE to get these red velvet cake balls recipe}



Now these yummy suckers will turn you into a
Popcorn Snatcher Monster.”
I am serious. When you finish making these and let them sit for about 15 minutes…they have this warm, chewy, sweet goodness to them. It’s actually quite delicate in your mouth. I love that you control how “PEPPERMINTY” you want it!
{Click HERE for the Peppermint Puffs recipe}



Sometimes we spend so much time looking for “special” recipes that we pass up the really SIMPLE (awesome) ones!
This recipe is the perfect recipe to WHIP up in a JIFFY.
{Click HERE for the Peppermint Puffs recipe}



I am so proud of these because they totally happened by accident. Well I sorta was playing around but I locked this recipe in to “jaderbomb” because you “might” see this somewhere later on….
I made sure that is was very easy to make so enjoy!
{Click HERE for the Nutella Pankcake Balls recipe}


 Well Jaderbugs, I hope you enjoyed all of my great recipes from last year! Stay tuned for many new ones this month. The first “GOOEY” one will be up sometime tomorrow!

See ya in the next post!

Make it a DIY kinda day,

Quote of the day:
“When rungs were missing, I learned to jump.” -William Warfield

Today I found myself stuck in YouTube. Looking at some of my old Halloween favorites. It’s kinda crazy to think a movie can take you back in time. I remember watching Practical Magic, circa 1998 over and over. Hocus Pocus is an all time favorite. I am especially happy right now with ABC Family playing the 13 nights of Halloween. We cook egg sandwiches at night and all watch tv in the kitchen. Kinda like a country cozy moment. It’s sometimes odd to think that I watch the same shows with my own family now. Lil one loves when we all watch movies together!

So earlier today when I STARTED this post I put in Julie and Julia. Almost two hours later I realized I didn’t type anything but I sure finished that dang movie! I remember when Martha Stewart’s The Family Room wrote a post about me.  They compared my “Martha Countdown” to Julie and Julia but with glitter and a glue gun. . Maybe that is why I feel so happy when I watch that movie.

This here is my vision of what a “Charlie Brown” chevron pumpkin would look like. See, when I think of Charlie Brown not only do I think of a chevron pumpkin but I also think of PRIMARY colors. There ya have it Jaderbugs!

My video inspiration comes from this AMAZING video that Sesame Street made. It says it all plus it has a good beat! Enjoy
{{tipyrooo: play the video while sifting through the post, it’s sure to make you tap your foot}}


*Mod Podge
*Craft Brush
*Tissue Paper

P.S. You can click on any of the links (up above) to order these ingredients.

Let’s get started making our chevron pumpkin!

The first thing I do is brush on a little Mod Podge then start placing my tissue squares on top of it. After the tissue is applied I pass my brush over it again, with a little Mod Podge. Remember, if you don’t have the pre cut squares you can use ANY tissue paper you have. I just keep these babies stocked in my studio because they really come in handy. You can get them from Michael’s or any craft store.

Keep in mind that video I posted. When you place the blue tissue over the yellow you will get shades of green. Red and Yellow will give you orange. You could keep going with the colors and get some really beautiful shades like I did HERE.

I went all the way around the top of the pumpkin first with the blue. I continued down with the yellow then red. Notice how I placed the yellow pieces of tissue paper. It’s important you get an organic chevron shape. Be creative too! If you don’t want to do the design have fun with it and make it your own. You will be surprised when you see all of the amazing colors the tissue make once you start layering them.

Gotta run, see ya in the next post!

{p.s.  stay tuned for my string pumpkin and homemade washi tape this week}


Quote of the Day:
“We have two lives…the life we learn with and the life we live after that.” -Bernard Malamud

Video Inspiration for this post! Last night Beetle Juice played on ABC Family and I felt like having a party in the house. Nothing screams PAR-TAY Honey Boo Boo like PAR-TAY banners. Right now they have the 13 nights of HALLOWEEN so make sure and check out all of the classic movies playing. I suggest playing the video while you read the rest of the post, it’s sure to get you DANCING!

So, Washi Tape is pretty cool because you can use it for so many things. It’s really affordable until you become a washi tape addict then things can maybe get expensive. Sometimes at Michaels Arts and Crafts you can buy a pack of 3 or four for around 2.50. It might sound expensive but this stuff really last’s a long time. Once you start to get a collection then you can really get funky with your crafts.


*Washi Tape
*Baker’s Twine

(If you click on any of the above links you can order all of my ingredients)

What I really love more than washi tape is baker’s twine. There is something about this two toned string that makes me levitate and dance. I think when you add the black and white baker’s twine to things it adds a pop of color and it becomes a little magical to the eye.

The first thing you will do is lay out your baker’s twine on a flat surface.

Cut a piece of washi tape. I always like to cut a little more than I need. In the end we will be cutting these strips, plus it’s good to have some longer than other.

Lay your piece of washi tape on your flat surface and place your baker’s twine right on top of it. You want to make sure and place your baker’s twine is right in the middle.

Here is another angle for ya.

Fold it over so each side sticks to each other. Once you are happy with that you can cut it strait across or like I did below. It kinda adds a little “carnival” in your life!

I am really pleased with they way they turned out. Make sure you squeeze the washi tape around the baker’s twine so it is secure.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Remember they make washi tape in every design you could think of. Here is a great site to order from. It’s Wishy Washi Tape . You will really enjoy this shop.


Quote of the day:
“All clouds are not rain clouds” – Latin Proverb

Video inspirations for this printable. I like these clown much more. Enjoy the video!

Click HERE for the full size PDF

You can print this out and use it for scrap booking, frame it with a picture in it, use if for Halloween decor or use it as a gift. There is so much to do with it. I am loving the diamonds all over and the font!

Happy Sunday
I made this scary carnival print for ya. There is something about clowns that freak me out. Maybe it’s the fact that you just DON’T know who or what is under all of that white paint.

The other day me and my dad were out and about and ran across this man, that we both know.

Dad : “JJ well look who it is”
Jade: “Yeah doobie the clown”
Dad : “HUH”
Jade: “Yeah, remember for my 2nd or 3rd birthday you hired him to be a clown at my party”
Jade: “(slapped him on arm and rolling my eyes) “STOP while I am trying not to laugh myself”
Jade: “Just a little, haha. It sorta traumatized me”
Dad: (put’s arm around me and says: I’m sorry, we thought you would enjoy it)
Jade: Giving dooby the clown a hug because at this point he right in front of me.

Good news is he wasn’t in a clown suit. He’s a principle now. I am not scared of him anymore.

So the point is, clowns are not that scary if they are family friends. I still get freaked the freak out when I see a clown anywhere else. Maybe I will over come my fear and dress up as a clown this year.

Did anything ever scare you when you were little?

Quote of the day:
Time you enjoy wasting isn’t wasted time”


Here is my video inspiration for this post. Make sure you press play while you enjoy the post.

FYI: this is my FAVORITE movie EVA!

Check baby Check baby
Check baby Check baby 1.2.3.

I had so much fun creating this project in my head. See I had these mini blue jeans from my son when he was LIL. I didn’t want to throw them away or stuff them into a box  so I decided to let my creative brain decide for me. I thought they best way to incorporate them into my daily life was to make them into a fashionable blue jean purse.

Let’s get started. I’m just warning you, this craft is super easy so put your crafty seat belt on.

I know, I know. You are prolly thinking “Hey Jaderbomb, where is your “ingredient” list”. If you don’t know what that means it’s the picture of things you will need to make this project. I will tell you why I don’t have one. Well, because I didn’t plan on posting this. I think I THOUGHT it wasn’t going to come out like it did in my head. I guess I fooled myself.

You will need:
*blue jeans
(whatever size you want)
Obviously the bigger the jeans, the bigger the purse
*an old purse strap
*gold chain
**sewing machine works the best**

The first thing you will do is cut the pants where you want the bottom of the purse to end. When you are done cutting pin them like I did below. This will secure the material for you.

Remember, the longer you cut the deeper the inside of the purse. I am loving this project so much I think I will make a few HOBO bags (with new jeans of course cause we don’t want any honey boo boo smells) and sell them on my ETSY and STORE ENVY shop. What cha think! I think it will save you the time and it’s great Christmas gifts!

Just a little closer look at how I put the pin through the blue jeans.

Five years ago I would of totally hand sewed this, or found someone to do it for me…
Can you believe Ashy just taught me to sew last year! I mean let’s just say this. I always knew how to do basic things but now I can sew by myself like a big girl! haha

You want to sew the bottom of the blue jeans slowly. I made two passes just to make sure it was secure. Make sure if you are using a sewing machine for the first time that you take the pins out before you sew in that spot.  If you look at the picture below I wait until I am ABOUT to sew the pin until I take it out of my material.

When you are done with sewing you might need to take a lil break. You just did some major sewing. I am gonna take a break right now.

OK! I’m back!

Now is the time to embellish your new purse. I started by passing a piece of gold chain through the belt loops.

If you don’t like chains, you can actually put a real belt (sheesh that would of been cute, why didn’t I think of that), some fabric or nothing at all.

I have a ton of purses that have removable straps so I just stole one off of a purse and clipped it onto the belt loops. I am really loving the way the leather and blue jean look together.

In the picture below you will see those two gold snaps that I added. I found when I put things in the purse it kinda opened more  and I didn’t like that. I don’t want my goodies falling out now!
I used some SNAP FASTENERS for this. You can buy these at any craft store. I bought mine from Michaels Art’s and Crafts.

Another close up. This is what the snap looks like from the back. If you are not a fan of GOLD you can get SILVER snap fasteners also.

I hope you enjoyed this craft! It was so much fun. You could tie dye your purse, put tons of beads on it, make a strap with fabric, stencil it and so much more! I wanted a clean one, this time.

Stay tuned because I will be putting some in my Etsy shop for you to purchase! Can’t wait to see you in the next post!
Have you seen my BOOK PAGE CURTAINS? If not you have to check them out. So cuh-yute.

Find me here!

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