I am always traveling with my laptop and phone cords to charge them back up with ton’s of juice. I love that they are white but sometimes I want things to show my personality, especially when I am in a public space. Today we will be decorating our phone power cord with yarn. So many people will notice your fashionable power cord and say “Hey, where did you get that”… perfect way to make new friends. You can then explain that YOU made it and show them THIS tutorial so they can make one of their own. It’s a really easy so let’s get started.

It’s like a “YARN BOMB” cord… Yeah, that sounds delightful.





Lion Brand Yarn Bonbons Bright

You can purchase the yarn by clicking on the link.


Friendship-bracelet-power-cords-jaderbombI love this yarn because it has a shiny pieces woven into it and it makes for some pretty cool projects. Check out this wall art I made using it HERE.


Friendship-bracelet-power-cords-jaderbombStart by wrapping the yarn around one end and tie a knot. You can use as many colors as you would like.


Friendship-bracelet-power-cords-jaderbombI started by using one color.

Friendship-bracelet-power-cords-jaderbombWrap your first color down your cord. Make sure you do it tightly.

Friendship-bracelet-power-cords-jaderbombYou can make your section short or long, it depends on what you like.

Friendship-bracelet-power-cords-jaderbombWhen I was ready to move to my next color I took my red and tied a knot at the end of my blue. Just continue wrapping the next color. It’s really that simple. Continue doing this until you are completely done.


I added a little flare on top with some navy yarn. I tied a knot on one end then took two pieces and tied knots then wrapped around the cord to start the knotting over again.

Friendship-bracelet-power-cords-jaderbombI am loving how cute it came out. It’s bright and whimsical just like me.


Friendship-bracelet-power-cords-jaderbombMake sure you share with all of your friends. I promise everyone will start making them.

See ya in the next blog post!




* My good friend Margo Potter just launched her new website. It’s pretty awesome click HERE to check it out.

* If you want me to feature any of your free printables shoot me an email: jade@jaderbomb.com


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2 thoughts on “How to make Friendship Bracelet Power Cords

  1. binansuifen.science

    What a great job of explaining how to make a simple friendship bracelet! I viewed some pretty confusing demonstrations that made my head spin. This one was clear, quick, and has you up and running before you know it. I hope to see some more elaborate braiding in the future. Fantastic! Thanks!!

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