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A few day’s ago I created some fabulous cupcake ornaments for the I Love to Create Blog. I knew they were cute as a button but I didn’t realize they would be such a big hit! I never make a ton of ornaments, I usually make enough for a photo. I knew these ornaments would make me smile during the holiday’s so I made lot’s of them! At least enough to fill up my cute gold tree.

If you want to see the FULL tutorial on how to make them check it out HERE!
Cupcake Ornaments

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This weekend I hosted a Pinterest party at the Lafayette Michaels store and let me tell you it was so much fun. I had so many happy faces come out to see me. Here are a few pictures from the event, before it got crazy busy!

1393672_682655965101902_634933774_n 1454941_682793525088146_545550327_n

This was one of the happiest employee’s I have ever met! Good job Michaels for snagging her, she’s a keeper!


I had my handy dandy Tulip spray paint to protect me. Look, there are my cupcake ornaments.  1461872_682780021756163_1230335570_n

Someone was happy to have a Tulip glitter tattoo. I hope you enjoy making these ornaments. See you in the next post!

Happy Friday Jaderbugs! Remember yesterday when I said I would share the rest of what I got in the mail from Martha Stewart? Well today is the day. I believe I saved the best things for last because everything in today’s post are items that can be used to put your goodies in. Let’s take a look. There are 3 different items for you to check out. Remember to check for these items and more wherever Martha Stewart products are sold.

Let’s get started!

Martha Stewart Crafts: Match Boxes

(Click on the link to order or get them where Martha Stewart products are sold)


*6 match box treat boxes
*Approx. 5-1/2″L x 8-1/2″W (each)

Create a thoughtful gift by filling these boxes with anything homemade and they are great for the Holiday’s. I had to make croissants the other day and I sent them in these cute boxes. Everyone loved them so much! Plus, it feels good to give something homemade in a precious box.


Wonderland Treat Bags And Baskets

(click link to order)


*8 cellophane bags,8 ribbons, 8 tags, 8 adhesive strips, and 8 paper baskets.

(Click on the link to order or get them where Martha Stewart products are sold)

These  are ideal for giving home baked treats as gifts or at bake sales. I made sugar cookies last night them stuffed them into these bags! If you click on the picture you can see them better. I put crushed jolly ranchers in the middle then baked them. They end up looking like “stained glass.” So pretty. If you want me to put the recipe up tomorrow just let me know in the comments below.


Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery Brown Kraft Labels



*1-5/8″ x 1-3/4″, Flourish
*Kraft Brown is the color
*Permanent adhesive
*Label paper is made of 100% recycled material
*You can even print on them. They are compatible with inkjet printers.
*Easy to customize with free templates
*36 labels on 6 sheets

So now do you see how amazing these are! They are great to use throughout the year

With that said, I hope everyone has a great night and you are warm and cozy wherever you are! Big hugs and love from Me to YOU,

See ya in the next post!

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Dear Universe, thank you for sending me a huge box of Martha Stewart Crafts Glass Paint by Plaid. When I say there is a party going on in my head, believe that! I am always amazed by Martha Stewart’s products. They are consistent and dependable.  Martha Stewart has this new line of glass paint out and I was so honored to review the glass paint and glass accessories. I will tell you the one thing I could not wait to get my hands on the adhesive silk screens. Yep, you heard that right. Adhesive.

In today’s tutorial I will show you how to turn a boring plate into a phenomenal work of art, and all by using the  Martha Stewart Crafts Glass Paint.

These are all of the new glass tools. They work great with her Crafts Glass Paint.

Check out these whimsical colors! The groups matter in this case. Some of the frost colors look very pigmented but in actuality they are very translucent. I don’t mind that because when I think of glass paint I think of something that light can actually pass through.

These are some of the new stencils for the glass line. The great thing about all of the stencils are the adhesive backs. You can adhere them to anything, which in return will give you a perfect stencil.  No bleeding with these!

You can find the Martha Stewart Glass Paint from Plaid at all at Michaels stores.

 I made this “sample” so I could see what color I want to use. One reason I recommend doing this is because some of the colors change once they get on  the glass. I used some plastic knives, painted each color on the tip, wrote the name on the other end, drilled a hole in them and voila! I can always go back to this for reference. I know, it’s extra work but totally worth it in the end. (I actually think this is so pretty).


Martha Stewart Glass Paint
Glass Handled Squeegee
Glass Squeegee Set
Glass Tools & Accessories
Glass Silkscreen – Doily Lace
Glass Plate
Tea lights glass holders
Cotton Balls
Paper towels
*Bright and Happy Thoughts
[this is the most important ingredient]

First thing you will do is clean your surface with soap and water. When it’s dry take off any residue by rubbing alcohol over the entire surface.

When you open your pack of silk screen stencils you will notice they are on one sheet. Get your scissors and cut along all of the lines. Your silk screens are separated and ready to use.

When your surface is ready you will gently peel the stencil off of the paper. Remember you have natural oils on your hands so try not to touch the adhesive backing too much. Place your stencil where you want it and lightly press the stencil down with your hand. I used a paper towel to rub it down onto my plate. Double check for any bubbles or lumps before you start applying the paint.

You do not need a ton of paint to do a silk screen. Put a line of paint at the top of your stencil and get your squeegee ready. If you wanted you could also use the dauber instead of the squeegee. I tried both of them and was pleased with how smooth the paint looked when I used the squeegee.

P.S. If you mess up and you need  to start over, put some alcohol on a cotton swab and rub your paint off of the surface. This can only happen when your paint is wet. If you notice a mistake when it’s dry, use your scraper for that. That baby works wonders.

Slowly start pulling the paint down over the stencil. Try to let the squeegee do all of the work, be gentle and you will get consistent results.

Make sure to take your stencil off while the paint is wet.  It’s very important after you put a coat of paint to take the stencil off immediately and put it in water. If you let it dry on your surface then pull it off, it will more than likely pull up some of your paint.  You do not want the paint to dry on the silk screen.
After you clean your silk screen let it dry and you can reuse it again. How awesome is this!

[Are you getting excited?}

This is what it will look like when it’s done. Make sure to let the paint dry before you do your next layer of paint. It’s not mandatory but you will see better results if you do this.

One thing that I am loving is the tip on the bottles. The tapered tip makes it really easy to free hand pretty much anything. I think it adds that whimsical pop to your project.
Mexican Folk Art is screaming all over this already, don’t you agree. I also made two tea light holders to go along with the plate. I used the exact same process as the plate.

Are you inspired yet?

When you are done it’s important you let your project air dry for about an hour. You can cure the paint by sticking in an oven for 30 minutes at 350°.  Get the complete glass baking instructions here.  FYI: The fine glitter paint can NOT go in the oven.

 I hope you enjoyed this tutorial because I had a blast making this craft. I already have ton’s of ideas going through my head so stay tuned for more crafts with Martha Stewart Crafts Glass Paint.

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 Disclosure: This post was written as part of a paid campaign with Martha Stewart Glass Paints and Blueprint Social. However all of the opinions in this post are my own.

Paper Butterflies

 Happy Friday Jaderbugs! I could not wait to share this craft with you because everyone LOVES butterflies. I know for me when I see one I feel in my heart that it’s a loved one that has passed. Maybe I am “cliche” but I just feel that way! I think the weather in Louisiana is supposed to be GREAT this weekend so I can’t wait to take it all in! Life is what you make of it! Just always remember. When you think you have it bad step back and look around you. God gave you what you need. When he is ready for change you will know! Happy crafting!

Get a Monarch Butterfly Punch. You can order one or get it at Michaels Arts and Crafts. 

Grab some scrap book paper and get to punching! 

Place your paper in the slit and give it one good punch. I have to tell you the awesome things about these punches is you barely have to press it. It really just works so easily! 

How pretty is this! I want to cover a piece of wood with TONS of these butterflies! You know you can even make these and put them at your loved ones grave site! Just saying they would prolly like it! 

I am using floral wire which you can get at your local craft store. 

and my handy dandy glue gun! This glue gun has a dual temperature on it so it’s really cool to work with! A must have for your “wish” list!

They come out FLAWLESS!

After you punch your butterfly out put a line of hot glue along the back of it then place a piece of your floral wire in the glue. 

These suckers are so fun! I don’t usually like “thing’s” like this because I am not a scrap-booker but I really like this and I would totally put them in another bouquet of flowers.

You can also put these on top of Christmas presents! That would be fun! 

Check out Martha’s original craft HERE
 and you can purchase Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts here!


(me on the show!)
Click HERE to read all about it!!!
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Martha Stewart crafts. The content and ideas are all my own!



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