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Whoa Nelly! It’s almost Halloween already. Where does the time go? I know this sounds CRAY CRAY but I am already working on Christmas crafts!

SHAKING MY HEAD. I will tell you I have some wonderful things coming up and I can’t wait to share them with you!


 I have some great Halloween Crafts to show you ! My friends rocked out glitter and glam this week.  

My, oh my Margot Potter is rocking my socks today with this silk screen witch tote bag. I wonder if I am a good witch or bad witch…

Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza show us an easy way to decorate any mantle. Don’t worry if you don’t have a mantle, you can still use all these crafts somewhere else in your home!

Mark Montano takes our tables to a whole new level with his great fall table setting. Wait till you see what he did with LEAVES!

Heather Mann takes plastic pumpkins to pewter heaven this week. I love the head in this arrangement!

Kathy Cano-Murillo brings glitter and “sugar” together in this fun tutorial. I can’t wait to jazz up some shirts!

If you missed my tutorial on decorative paper bags check it out here!

Happy Crafting! ending

Linky Love is what’s on my mind! Today my friends Mark, Margot, Cathie, Kathy and Heather will be showing you some amazing craft projects! Make sure to visit them and give them some love!

Craft Projects

First up my girl Margot Potter shows us how to make edible shoes, not really! These are yummy and do look like Candy Crush shoes. Check out how she made them.

BoHo is what it’s all about with Mark Montano this week. Not only will you fall in love with him but you will also love this craft. They are like candy land jewels hanging from your ears, right! Go Mark!

I never loved the taste of candy dot’s but I always loved they way they looked. Kathy Cano-Murillo , CraftyChica.com created this whimsical candy inspired shirt that I can’t wait to make. I don’t think there is an age limit on wearing this right?! (hehe) 

What the FAUX! I feel like this beautiful hand crafted wine bottle needs to be in everyone’s home. Once you see how easy it is to make you will have 10 on your kitchen table thanks to Heather Mann and Morena’s Corner.
I am not sure the world knows how excited I am about FABRIC CHARMSCathie Filian of Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza unlocked my heart with this craft. You will be stunned when you see how they made it!
And if you have not seen my water color flag bunting then check them out. This is a great craft for adults and kids! 
I hope you enjoyed these great craft projects. Get creative and make your own versions of everything. Make sure you check out everyone’s blog’s and facebook pages to learn about exciting news and giveaway’s. Now that I am thinking about it Mark is giving away the BoHo set he made. HURRY! Go enter to win. Love you to the glittery moon and back!

Hooo Rahhhh Hooo Rahhh! All aboard on the crafty caboose y’all. It’s that day of the week where me and my friends will show you some fabulous SUMMER CRAFTS , sha-bang! I hope these projects encourage you to start crafting cause they are all super cuhyute. Don’t forget to give them all some LOVE, cause they give love back!

SUMMER CRAFTS 1.  It’s like a two in one deal y’all! Mark Montano mixed two pretty cool ingredients together and BAM he, this came out!

2.  Like Modest Mouse once said and we ALL FLOAT ON. I have always wanted to be a “floater” so I guess I will make this and become one. Margot Potter makes the COOLEST projects so make sure and see just HOW she made this necklace

3.  Cawww Cawww (yes that is a bird noise) I love the way Cathie Filian‘s bird charm ring came out. Wait till you see just how easy it is to make.

4.   What!? Nautical HOME DECOR with plain ole party supplies. ARrrrrrrrrrr…. I am loving this and I know you will do thanks to Heather Mann.

5.  We all know you have fabric “scraps”. Or maybe you throw yours away. When you see what Crafty Chica does with her scraps you will surely save yours! These earring’s surely will be on my ears SOON!

6.  Last but not least, check out my latest “undies” tutorial. You can really see what my undies LOOK LIKE!

SUMMER CRAFTS are always fun especially when you have friends and family to share them with.  All of these crafts would be great things to bring on summer vacations. You could also give them as birthday presents!

Upcycled Crafts - Jaderbomb Happy “show me something mister” Thursday! You know what today is. Time to show you what my crafty peeps Mark, Cathie, Margot and Heather have been cooking up this week. I am excited about all of them and I know you will too! This week it’s all about up-cycled crafts. We have a little charm love, pearl love, jar love and road rage love. 


DIY Father’s Day Frame   by Margot Potter at Diy Doyenne.
Margot Potter The Impatient Crafter shows us how to run the roads the right way! Check out this awesome picture frame she made using toy cars. Perfect for Father’s day this weekend.

Upcycled- Crafts- Jaderbomb

Chunky Junk Charm Choker  by Mark Montano.
Mark Montano sent me to heaven with his chunky junk charm necklace. I think I will make a bracelet to go along with my neck decor. Perfect way to use all of those memorable little things laying around, right!

Upcycled-Crafts-Jaderbomb Coco Chanel Inspired Necklace for $1 by Heather from Dollar Store Crafts.
Heather shows us how to dress like a star with her CoCo Chanel inspired necklace for $1. Yes you heard that right! You can absolutely wear this necklace with anything I tell ya.

Upcycled- Crafts- Jaderbomb

Recycled Jar Candle Holder by Cathie Filian at Handmade Happy Hour.
Cathie Filian  shows us how to bring the party to our back yard. I love anything recycled especially jars. You can do so much with them.

Make sure to check out my latest cupcake liner party hat!

I hope you enjoyed all of these crafts and you make each one of them. What is something you have you have up-cycled lately?


Fun Summer CRAFTS

It’s Bloggy Love Thursday and that means I am sharing with you some awesome crafts to get you ready for the Summer! These are all kid friendly which is always a big plus.

* Paper Lantern Balls  by Mark Montano. I couldn’t be more excited about this project. It’s taking a paper ball and making it look like you spent a whole-lotta money on it.

*DIY Pinch and Twist Tie Dye Technique  by Margot Potter. Now this screams Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring to me. My mind is all over the place thinking about what I can do this on. Curtains?! Hmmm…

*Zebra Stripe Lawn Flamingo  by Heather Mann. First of all I am prolly the one person who LOVES pink flamingoes in my yard. But a ZEBRA one…This is genius. I am thinking of a Leopard one now, right.

*Princess Party Necklaces by Cathie Filian at Handmade Happy Hour. I seriously want to wear every single color of these and at the same time. What a perfect time to make these. They would be great for a kids party!

I hope you enjoyed your weekly dose of my crafty friends!
Which craft could you see yourself doing first?




Happy Happy JOY JOY! Welpers it’s Thursday and you all know what that means! Bloggy Love Thursday, time to share all of the crafty goodness from my “crafty friends”….

First up is Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza. I am always in such amazement at the things they do, it’s like superman and wonder-woman. I am in love with these collage pendants that they made. My mind is going NUTS right now thinking of what I will be doing!

OH hold on to your crafty seat belts becauseMargot Potter and Stephen Brown from Glitterville Studios show us how to make our very own crown tiara. I am totally making some of these for every occasion.

Who wants a Chanel bag? DURGHHH me and YOU! The Craft God’s have answered our prayers Check out Mark Montano ’s latest video on turning a thrift store bag into an amazing work of ART!

Crafty Chica is my kinda crafter! She knows just what people really want, like a personalized mouse pad using your favorite fabric. You know they kind of mouse pad you can’t find ANYWHERE but your head! Check out how easy it is to make one! 

Make sure you check out my latest tutorial I did forwww.ilovetocreate.com How to make Bohemian Flags!

That is it for the crafty love Jaderbugs. Until next time, wear finger protection when using a hot glue gun!


Bloggy Love Thursday


Wowzer’s Powzers! It’s flipping Thursday already. It’s that time for me to share with you my crafty friends! This week is a fun week in the crafty world. Put on your glittered seatbelt, let’s go!

Claudine Hellmuth: artist + illustrator is so flipping talented! Check out these cassette tape gift card boxes she made! I mean who wouldn’t love to get a gift card in this baby!

Margot Potter taught me how to do this at CHA this year. I knew it would be a hit when I first saw it! I KNOW you all want to make your own metal stamped bracelet so check out how she made it!

Cathie Filian shows us how to turn a BORING candle jar into a work of ART. You know you could use an old jar and use it for anything! Check out her Candle Jar Makeover!

Mark Montano Wait till you see how easy it is to make a fashionable spring silk flower pin. Mark shows us a super easy way and I promise this will dress up your life in so many ways!

Now head on over to these sites and give them TONS of love! I promise they will give you BIG air hugs!


linky love jaderbomb

Yes Jaderbugs! It’s already “LINKY LOVE THURSDAY” <3 I have some amazing crafts to share from some very amazing designers so make sure and give them some LOVE!

Mark Montano made a super cute JUMBO button and I can’t wait to make a ton of them for my fence! Check out his video HERE.

Margot Potter will totally get you ready for the summer with this cute card! I would love to drink this. Check out tutorial HERE.

 Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza made the best hat EVER with mod podge and fabric! CUHH-YUTTE Check out the tutorial HERE.

Claudine hellmuth: artist + illustrator has a FUN whimsical flower printable… Guess what? It’s FREE! I am always happy to get free things from her! Get it HERE.


I hope you have fun playing around on all of these sites! Give my friends some LOVE !!!!

XOXO, Jaderbomb

Quote of the Day: 
“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other”
-Mother Teresa 

Good Morning Jaderbugs!
Is it really Friday? Wait… It is Friday!

I posted a picture of this craft on Instagram last week and everyone was excited when they saw the GOLD glitter. I get excited when I see GOLD glitter.

 I also get excited when I see gold glitter with a hint of light near it, don’t you? Today’s craft is super fun and will add that pop of holiday decor to any space. This is great for any occasion actually. What I love the most is you can spell out whatever you want! 

You can MONOGRAM it!
Let’s get started.

Seriously, how cute is this? I wish I could show you how pretty they look when they are lit.


*Tall glass candles
( I got these from Walgreens. 2 for $5)
*Mod Podge
*Wooden Letter
(I got these at Hobby Lobby. They were around 50 cents)
*Gold glitter
*Baker’s Twine 

The first thing you will do is coat the letter with Mod Podge. I actually put one layer of glitter and now I am applying the second layer.

After you coat your letter with Mod Podge, sprinkle with your glitter.

Cut a piece of baker’s twine and gently wrap it around the letter (or number).

Once you wrap your twine around your letter then you will wrap your twine around the candle. BTW, I bought my candles without any sticker or wrap on it. It came clean and crisp just like the picture.

VOILA! Peace on my window seal, at night, while I eat Nutella on toast, and drink a Dr. Pepper, while watching RHWOA, then taking my chewy vitamins because I can’t swallow pills…. YEP.

P to the E to the ACE from my crib to yours.

Don’t forget to GLITTERBOMB something!

First thing I am wondering is if everyone survived “Cyber Monday”. I am pretty much done with Christmas shopping,well except for all of the “things” I will find from now until then. Which I hate to say could totally start to pile up. I have this thing where we always buy one nice gift but other little ones also. There is something about watching a person open a present. Do you experience that too?

The other day when I went “BLACK” friday shopping I instagramed this picture. The funniest part is when It went on facebook someone responded to it and said they knew where I was at. So, I was at Joann’s.  They had some major deals going on and they still do so click on the link I just put to shop online. I accidentally ran across these HUGE letters and I though “Wow I could totally decorate with these for Christmas and also keep them up all year after Christmas”. I bought them. The large one is normally $9.99 but was on sale for around $4.00. The small one normally is around $5.00 but for it for $2 something. I am telling you it’s a great deal. It’s always fun to think out side of the box when it comes to Christmas decor. With all of the decorations out all over it get’s overwhelming somethings and you can’t think. That’s why I am here!

Let’s get started.


*Cardboard Letters
*Mod Podge
*Craft Brush
*Krylon Sealer 

You can purchase all of the item’s by clicking on the links under ingredients.

These are all of the things you will need to make your home all warm and cozy. Did I mention that you can totally buy letter’s of someone’s name, do this to them and give them as a Christmas present. Everyone loves something that has their name, initials or favorite sayings on them. At least in Louisiana they do!


 The first thing you will do is coat the top of your letter with Mod Podge. Keep in mind this dries fairy quick so you don’t want to coat the entire letter then glitter. I do a little piece glitter, shake off glitter then move to a spot away from the one I just did. So it’s a little bit of going all over the letter but eventually it all will be coated with awesome glitter!

This is about the size I do at one time. I used the “original” glitter. I don’t know if there is an original but you know what I mean. Not all that new FINE, THIN glitter but the large gold flakes. These always bring me back to being a kid so I thought hey, let’s go there for Christmas. What I love most about this project is you can get so creative with it. You don’t have to use gold. You can use whatever color your home decor is or if you are giving it as a gift you can make it that person’s favorite color.

 When you are completely done you can coat the entire thing with Mod Podge or spray with this sealer. I used the sealer but they both work the same. You can get this from any craft store. 

 Make sure you spray this OUTSIDE!

 This my Jaderbugs is what you will get.  A mantle full of awesomeness. If you didn’t see my tutorial on how I made these tinsel trees you can click HERE to see them. Yesterday I posted how to make a garland with Cotton Balls and it exploded on Pinterest. Click HERE to see how I did it!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, make sure to come back tomorrow to see some easy DIY Christmas decor.

Don’t forget to make it a DIY kinda day,

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