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Happy Monday Y’all!!! Today is the day I show you what I created with the new Make Market line from Michaels! Yes my friends at Michaels just knew I would create some rad project and I am super excited to share with you what I came up with!

Let’s be real. You can’t go wrong with flowers and a glue gun, hehe!

peg board flower initial


YOU WILL NEED: Peg Board Letter | Artificial Flowers | Glue Gun | BoHo Decorative Screen | Twine (optional)

  • The best part about crafting is putting your own spin on a project. Whether it’s decorating with marquee lights or crafting an initial that represents your family name, Michaels has made it easy with their new Alphabet Soup by Make Market™ line of products.

flower diy

Step One: Pull flowers off of stem. michaels makers projects

flower projects

Step Two: Add a drop of hot glue around the bottom of flower.  love diy

Step Three: Place flower in peg board hole.  valentines day diy

The back will look like this. If you plan on putting this on a wall when you are finished with all of the flowers you can trim the backs so it fits flush against the wall.
pink crafts

I am so in love with this letter already. How cool would a the entire alphabet look on a wall!
valentines day gifts

I am putting my letter on top of a screen so I am not worried about cutting the backs of the flowers.  valentines day projects

Grab a little hook (btw this came on my boho screen that I got from Michaels as well) and add hot glue to one side of it.  glue gun projects

Step Four: Stick hook on back of letter. Leave it be for a hot minute to dry completely.  easy flower projects

  • This collection of surfaces, letters, frames and more come in modern, eclectic or rustic styles. From natural and finished woods, to a variety of metals, resin and patterned styles, the possibilities are endless.

valentines ideas

michaels make market February Challenge Creative

I hope you enjoyed this project! Make sure to click HERE to check out all of my Michaels posts!

  • If you don’t know where to begin, you can always take a look at some of the fun projects on Michaels.com or the other 49 Makers’ ideas on The Glue String for to see how they personalized their crafts

Happy New Year Jaderbugs! Today I am sharing 20 Free Printable Calendars for 2016I don’t know about you but I feel like this year crept up on my ass real quick, seriously. There is just something about a new year that makes everyone in the UNIVERSE want to get “organized”, the problem is staying organized all year long. I can say I am pretty organized. I do have some off days but for the most part I keep a calendar always on me and I write everything in it just so I don’t forget. Because let’s face it – the older we get the more we forget!

I gathered up my top 20 Free Printable Calendars for 2016 and put them in one hot spot, my blog. The best part is you can print them from any computer and dress up your space while organizing your life. All you have to do is click on the highlighted link below the picture and BAM, it’s all in YO hands at that point.

My favorite thing to do is download one month from each set and really have fun with your year. ENJOY and SHARE! Another fun thing you can do is print a set out and give to a friend or family member, cause after all they are FREE! Super fun and much better than a store bought calendar. Also keep in mind someone special created these for us to have so if you choose a calendar make sure to follow that blogger and give them some love! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

20 free printable calendars 2016 2016 free calendar printables Ishouldbemoppingthefloor

Printable_2016_Calendar-1 Liagriffith

Free-Printable-2016-Calender Cleanandscentsible

free2016calendardownload Chantelemma

2016_Free_Calendar_02 Sarawoodrow 2016-yearly-calendar-printables-year-at-a-glance-free Onsuttonplace mandala-coloring-pages-apieceofrainbowblog-1 Apieceofrainbow

16Calendar_Cocorrina_Cover Cocorrina Free-printable-2016-calendar-010-2-625x944 Justagirlandherblog

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset Theanastasiaco


Bloominghomestead Free-printable-2016-calendar-010-2-625x944 Creationsbykara cat-calendar_23-2147526276 Freepik

2016-calendar-december Sarahtitus 2016-Calendar_TLS_CM_11 Cocoandmingo 2016-calendar-1509302 LemonThistle calendar-2016-1 Short Stop Designs Printable-Free-Calendar-2016
Landeeseelandeedo photo-calendar-free-customizable-printable-2016-DIY-Christmas-gift-idea-how-to-make-5 It’s Always Autumn

2016-calendar-printable-4 Montgomeryfest

I hope you enjoyed my 20 Free Printable Calendars for 2016! Big huge hugs from my house to yours!!!!! XOXO, Jade

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You know you want some Fabric Band-Aids! I am sitting on my sofa watching Diners, Drive – In’s and Dives eating left over Veggie Soup and my Cat Hanna just pooted right. near. my. face. She is just lucky her cute face makes up for the nastiness seeping out of her you know what. I know it’s time for Christmas but today I just realized that I have not posted any Thanksgiving projects on my blog this year. I am not sure how I should feel about this situation. I mean, I complain to no ends about corporate stores setting up Christmas stuff in October and skipping right over the day of giving thanks! Now, I know some of you are crying your little eyes out waiting for me to post some weird object in my house that has been transformed into a turkey neck or a chicken leg but that will not happen, however I do have a FREE Thanksgiving printable for YOU! Right now I am giving thanks to my brain for thinking of this project the other day when I cut myself in my studio.

I was literally sitting on my floor creating THIS project and I cut my finger. I hopped on over to my handy dandy first aid kit that BTW needs to be bedazzled and grabbed a bandaid. I slapped it on my finger and wished I had some cute Kate Spade or Hello Kitty band-aid. Heller, Xyron + Fabric + Boring Band-aids = Gangsta Baids. I know my fabric is not a lick of “gangsta” but if a gangsta wore it you would think it was. Let’s get started!  Fabric Band-Aids using Xyron

I can’t lie I was hoping I would cut myself just so I could put one of these babies on me. You know you could make a batch of these and give them to someone as a Christmas gift and I pinky promise they will love them.


Xyron Creative Station
♥Cool Vintage Fabric
xyron creative station

♥ Step 1: Place a small piece of fabric on the pull out tray in the back of your creative station.

vintage fabric

♥ Step 2: Add more (((hehe)))  fabric projects

♥ Step 3: Crank it through the machine with the handle and it will come out the other end looking like this.  diy stickers

♥ Step 4: Peel off the plastic film on the top of the fabric pink fabric projects

♥ Step 5: Carefully peel off your fabric and make sure not to let the sticky side stick to anything, like itself!  how to make ban daids

♥ Step 6:  Stick your bandaid onto the sticky side of fabric. Make sure to leave the side of band-aid that you peel facing up towards the sky! fabric bandaids

♥ Step 7: Grab a pair of scissors and carefully cut around the band-aid. Yes, gold scissors cut better than black ones.  gold scissors

♥ Step 8: Stare at it for 7 minutes.  diy band aid

BOOM CHAKA LOCCA “Tha’s all Folks” I hope you enjoyed this non Christmas/Thanksgiving tutorial. You could keep these in your kitchen so if you cut yourself slaving in over the stove you can at least look cute.   diy band-aid

 Sending HUGE hugs from my computer straight to yours! XOXO Jade

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Hi Friends! It’s been a hot minute but that’s ok because I have been whipping up some rad projects in the studio for you! Today I will show you how to make these classic Leather Mason Jars.

I while back I was contacted by Xyron to review their new Creative Station. I have never used any of their products before so you can imagine my excitement! Now I know a lot of crafters out there use this machine for scrapbooking however I wanted to change it up and do a cute DIY for you.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% mine.

Creative Station

A bold new design and great new features add even more versatility to the all-in-one Xyron Creative Station™. Adding adhesive, magnet or laminate to your projects has never been easier. Now you can use both 5in and 9in Creative Station cartridges letting you replace 2 of your machines with this one sleek gadget. Save space at home and waste less by changing the refill size to fit the project. When you upgrade to the new Creative Station, you will love using the same patented cartridges you have always trusted for your most important projects.

leather mason jars

You will need:
*Creative Station
*Mason Jars 

The mason jars I used in today’s post I created a while back. You can click HERE to see exactly how I made them. Trust me they are so easy to make and SUPER fun!


With the all new Creative Station, your projects will look better than ever – no matter how big or small!

creative station

First I want to go over a few things on the new Creative Station. It’s really easy to work with and you will realize it when you get it.

On the side of the machine there is a handle that is tucked into the machine. Simply pull it out and it will be ready to use.

craft tools

They have a green button on the from of the machine that opens the top portion. You will open this when want to refill or replace your cartridges. When you are done close the top piece securely.

creative station projects

They have a silver flap that opens which allows you to place things on before sending it through the machine. It holds sheets of paper nicely also! xyron diy projects

Step One: Cut your leather in the shapes you want. I wanted to have multiple shapes so I cut my freehand.
how to cut leather

Step Two: Place your strip of leather horizontally on your machine then slowly push it in as much as you can. It will grab on to the tiny piece of adhesive which keeps it in the correct place before you send it through the machine.

When this is done slowly start turning the handle and you will be amazed at how easily it goes through the machine.

leather cut out

Step Three: When it comes out the other end you can use the orange nob to cut the paper. How easy is this! new xyron creative station

Step Four: Peel off the top layer and your leather will be exposed on top but still stuck to the bottom piece of paper. Gently peel it off and you will see all of the sticky adhesive stuck to the back side of the leather.  fall projects

This is what the adhesive will look like once you peel it off the paper.


The Creative Station is not JUST for paper, apply adhesive to burlap, fabric, felt, foam acrylic, wood and so much more!

xyron adhesive

The leather is easy to move around once you peel it off the paper. I simply added the leather strips to the top of the mason jar to get the look I was going for.  mason jar diy

I made inspirational sticks in my mason jars and to make them you will need fun coasters and paper straws.

pink doily

Step One: Place two of them in the back of your machine. Remember, we want to stick these two together.

how to use xyron machine

Step Two: Follow the steps I wrote for the leather. You will be doing the same exact thing no matter what you send through the machine.  pink crafts

Step Three: Peel the coaster off the paper and stick a paper straw directly in the middle. Place the second coaster directly on top of the first one and press firmly together. You will want to smash the straw as well or they will peel apart.  easy table setting projects

How pretty are these! You can use these for so many different occasions it’s unreal! Now comes the fun part, writing awesome inspirational quotes on them.  party projects

The best thing about these mason jars is you can fill them with anything your heart desires. I love the way the leather looks on these shabby chic mason jars. It takes them to a whole new level of modern awesomeness!  party diy

how to store paint brushes

Don’t forget you are FABULOUS! fabulous quotes

girly projects

I hope you enjoyed this machine and I also hope you go out and get one because you will not believe all the things you will end up using it for.

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XOXO, Jade


With options like Laminate + Magnet, Laminate + Adhesive, or Two-Sided Lamination your items will never look better while being protected. Create laminated stickers or magnets from everyday items!



Seriously Y’all. Today I will show you how to Dye Easter Eggs, just wait —–> Not just eggs but Tie-Dyed Eggs. I am totally obsessed with tie-dye. You would think I am a born again 15 year old who’s parents traveled in a camper and lived for Woodstock or just wood. Wait, they did.

Ya know this craft is perfect for grown adults (who simply are finding anything to bring them back to their younger years,yo) or itty bitty kiddos. You could kill 2 birds with 1 stone and do them WITH your kiddos!

So I write for I Love to Create, twice a month and I get to actually do FUN stuff like this for my JOBBBY JOB! I know. You are totally shaking your head right now saying “ughhhh I wanna dye eggs and listen to loud music all day”… TRUST, it took me a long time and lot’s of hard work to get this egg dying job. Check out all of my crafts that I have made for them.

Thankful? YOU BETCHA BOTTOM DOLLAR. There is a special technique I used on these eggs so make sure to click this link <——- to see the magic trick.

How to Dye Easter Eggs My fur child got jealous when I was making these eggs and just begged for some tie-dye on her pure white fur. Don’t worry it’s all NON TOXIC! That alone rocks!

I posted a picture of Ceaux Ceaux (co-co) on my Instagram and everyone loved it. Are you on Instagram? Go follow me and get a glimpse into my fun and adventurous daily life. Don’t let me fool you it’s usually pics of my hands holding what I think is “interesting” objects or “sneak peaks” of my upcoming projects. Fun AY! Just search for JADERBOMB, don’t worry I will accept your request just give me 4 minutes.


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Thank you to Martha Stewart Pets for sponsoring today’s post on the Martha Stewart Pets Halloween Costume Contest!


Hey everyone! It’s that time of year where we dress up our furry balls in exciting things!  I am so excited to show off Ceaux Ceaux’s (Co-Co) new Halloween costume from Martha Stewart’s line at Petco. I was truly stumped when I had to pick out this year’s costume. I ended up choosing the Glitter Skeleton Costume. Did I mention they are really affordable too!

I think Ceaux likes it because she actually started running around the room when I took this out of the box. It’s like she knows it’s for her. When I say “come see baby girl” she sit’s right in front of me.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

When it comes to pet’s it’s important to put them in things that are soft and comfortable. 

I am always impressed with Martha’s line at Petco. Everything is thought out perfectly from the fabric to how it fits. Let’s look at how stinking cute this costume is.

I love the way the sleeves are made and the precious tutu on it. Don’t worry, this tutu is extremely soft so it will not scratch your pet.

If you think you get “ooh’s and ahhh’s” now, just wait.


DSC_0413 DSC_0393

I also love how snug it fits! Isn’t she just adorable.

Martha Stewart Pets Halloween Costume Contest

Show off your dog’s trick-or-treat style! Submit a photo of your pet wearing a Martha Stewart Pets costume today through October 18, 2013 in the Martha Stewart Pets Halloween Costume Contest for the chance to win a Martha Stewart Pets Halloween prize package and to be featured on MarthaStewart.com!

How cool if your pet would end up famous! Hurry to Petco and grab your favorite one.

Don’t forget to tweet and instagram your pictures and use hashtag #marthastewartpets. You can also tag @ma_living and #Petsmart



I am super excited to share with you something that will be taking place EVERY THURSDAY!  What is BLOGGY LOVE THURSDAY?
It is the one day of the week where me and four of my friends will showcase each other’s crafts! If there is something you would like to showcase send me an email jade@jaderbomb.com. You never know when something of yours will show up on here! Let’s get started on today’s wonderful crafts.

Cathie Filian always puts a smile on my face. Check out these epic crackle eggs she made!http://cathiefilian.blogspot.com/2013/03/diy-crackle-finish-easter-eggs.html

Margot Potter is a bloggy queen, did you know that? If you don’t believe me you can check this out….She made a stunning “rustic elegance centerpiece”…http://www.theimpatientcrafter.com/2013/03/diy-rustic-elegance-centerpiece.html

Claudine hellmuth: artist + illustrator …Well there is not much to say except TALENTED.. If you love illustrations then she is the person you need to stalk! She has a free download on her site, click the link below to get to it… All I will say is it’s “Bunny-licious”.

Mark Montano is going to rule the world one day. Maybe I can be his assistant or something. I can’t wait to make these “Tiny Hat” bobby pins that he put up yesterday on his blog! Can you imagine these in your hair! OMG!


I hope you enjoyed bloggy Thursday!


Happy Thursday Jaderbugs! I am sitting here listening to all of my amazing songs on my computer, thinking about what it would be like if I could fly! You know what I mean right? The kind of flying that fairies and little bugs do. Somehow it seems like it would be easy and so very whimsical. Unfortunately I am not flying, but I am blogging. I guess it’s the closest thing to flying I can do. I promise to let you know if I ever learn how to fly… Maybe I will even do a tutorial on it, hehe.

On to the awesome craft I am sharing today. I am so excited to share with you a new project I am doing with Martha Stewart Crafts. It’s called #12monthsofmartha & #marthastewartcrafts <——(this is the hashtag you can use if you repin this or want to see other’s who are a part of this project)

I am super giddy about it and I think you will too. Each month I will be sharing with you new items from the Martha Stewart crafts line that is brand spanking new~

So yes! You will be seeing things that are not yet in the stores… Today we are learning how to “cover” up a pillar candle to give it a new spicy look.

You can find all of her products at Michael’s Arts and Crafts, Jo-Anns Fabrics & Crafts and Amazon.com.



*Martha Stewart Designer Paper

If you want to purchase any of the items I used in this tutorial click on the links and booyah! It’s that easy.



Are you getting excited!


I am loving this beautiful designer paper! I love the designs on both sides of the paper. You can never go wrong with this pack of paper.


The first thing you will do is lay a piece of paper down on a flat surface. Place the candle on top of the paper, then cut whatever hangs over the edge of the candle.


When you are done wrapping all of your candles it will look like a sleeve. I love dressing up candles, especially like this. I cut a few thin pieces of burlap and wrapped them around the top edge.


HEAVEN. That is all I will say about this glitter eyelash yarn. I can’t wait to show you Saturday what else I made with this. I am telling you, it’s some magical stuff.


To decorate my candles I used a 2 inch circle punch to get these circles. This paper is from the Martha Stewart collection. Grab one of these cute stickers and place right smack in the middle of a circle. Are you loving how these stickers look like vintage stamps?


I am in love with this paper punch. It’s called “Heartbeat punch all over the page. ” They have magnets on the top part of the punch and the base. This makes it super easy when trying to line everything up the correct way. If you have the punch in the wrong spot the magnets will not connect. So you really can’t mess up!


This is what you will have hidden under the paper punch. Perfect to decorate a table with.


I am super pleased with all of these products and I am sure you will be too, once you get your hands on them! Make sure to check out all of her line HERE. See you in the next post!


Valentines Tube Candles

Quote of the day:
“If we can we must.” -A.E.Housman

Happy Monday Jaderbugs! I hope y’all had a good weekend. Is it Friday yet, haha?
I am bursting with Christmas spirit these days…{was that believable}? But seriously, today is THE day the spirit is waking up from its nap. Get ready for unique posts every day all based on this magnificent holiday. In today’s post I wanted to give you a little bundle of joy. Yep that’s right today you are getting a whole collection of goodies. I have noticed a lot of pink’s and green’s this year so that is what cha getting today.

These are great for that Holiday party you are having, or for your personal happiness. I printed out one of each to use in my own decor.  Below each picture is a link to download the original PDF. I suggest doing this because the print comes out a little better. However if you don’t want to do that you can just right click and save or drag to your desktop. Then print.

First thing is this whimsical printable. I put this in a huge gold frame in our kitchen, it looks so fannn-cyyy.

You can save it to your desktop or get original PDF below.

Click HERE to download the PDF file.


Below is a fun printout on note paper so you can write your to-do list, a love letter, a note in your child’s lunch box or a grocery list on. I printed about 5 of these!

You can save it to your desktop or get original PDF below.

Click HERE to download the PDF file.


Last are some cute cupcake punch outs. I use a 2″ circle punch for these. If you don’t have a hand punch you can just use scissors. Trust me it works just as good. After you cut these you glue a toothpick on the pack and another one on the opposite side. When dry just pop it onto the top of a cupcake or cake.

You can save it to your desktop or get original PDF below.

Click HERE to download the PDF file.


I hope you enjoyed all of these FREE downloads I made you! I know I sure am…

See ya in the next post, don’t forget to make it a DIY kinda day!

It’s Thursday night! You know almost midnight… typical time for me to start this blogging thang! Tonight my post will be super duper short because I ACCIDENTALLY deleted all of my pictures!… You know, the “step by step” pictures…WHAT THA!!!!! Who does that? Me!!!!  ((guess I should take sleeping medicine and go STRAIT to bed, right) paaahahh

 The good news is I “accidentally” saved ONE picture!!! What are the odd’s of that!

I hope you enjoy the craft because it is really easy and different than just dipping it in some colored water!
It’s the perfect craft to make if you are last minute like me!!! ENJOY

See how cute they are! Did I mention simple!!!
1.Get some fabric or paper that you are happy with.
2. Cut them into squares.
3. Draw some triangles, long thin triangles that would resemble a “blade of grass” on your material.
4. Make sure you use get sharp scissors or your edges will not be crisp. You know I am how much I love my Martha Stewart’s all purpose scissors. They work WONDERS on any material.
5. When you have enough triangles cut grab your Mod Podge. We will apply these strips of fabric paper one at a time using our ModPodge! This is another product that I could NOT live without.

I hope you are your family have a wonderful GOOD FRIDAY!!!!
Until next time,

I love love love each and everyone of you!!

This post is brought to you Plaid’s Martha Stewart line of paint and stencils. I received product for this post. All opinions expressed are 100% mine. You can check out Plaid’s full Martha Stewart product line here

JaderBUGS! I can’t wait till you get to eat this fluffy peppermint popcorn. When I started to make this I though “Hmmmm this might just be TOO sweet”… and then when it hit my mouth. I.Was.Wrong. It totally sent my mouth into PANIC attack. I have to warn you though, if you taste it when it’s still wet it will not taste like it is supposed to. You totally have to let it set till dry. I had so much fun making this because I love being able to use my hands to mix things instead of big spoons or mixers. You get to feel all of the {{gooeyness}} and then you have NO choice but to lick ALL of your fingers…Let’s get started before I drool on my computer!

You will need popcorn, peppermints and almond bark.

Pop your popcorn and place them in a bowl (this is the bowl you will be mixing everything in) and then you need to crush your peppermints. I used a food processor and it was like MAGIC!

SEE. MAGIC. It turned it into a powder form. Did I tell you how GOOD this powder was? Just think you could put this over ice-cream… YUMMERS.

Yummmmm…. I swear I didn’t eat all of it!! (just some of it).

After you pop your popcorn and crush your peppermints you will need to melt your almond bark. I always cut my bark into little pieces because it melt’s a lot faster and prevents you from burning it. Trust me I have burnt ENOUGH chocolate! NOT FUN. I only used half of the almond bark for 2 bags of popcorn.

As soon as you melt it drizzle some over your popcorn and then sprinkle peppermint dust over it. Mix with your hands. REPEAT until you feel you are happy with it.

When you are done lay all of your popcorn out on wax paper. Let it dry completely. When it is dry you can break them up and EAT THEM!!

Oh MY WORD. This looks like little puffs of perfection. RIGHT! AND THEY ARE PINK! I hope you enjoy making this and let your kids help out. It’s a great thing for them to do and they will NEVER forget it!

Sending you all of the pink popcorn in the world,

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