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Who wants boring white thumb tacks on a fun bulletin board like this? I know I don’t!

Which is why I made painted thumb tacks. Let’s be real, white thumb tacks cost .99 and colored ones in the store cost 3.99.

I simply love this  because I can change the tacks for holidays, special events or to match a room. I always have multiple bulletin boards in different spots in my house and trust me they are filled up. I use them for inspiration and daily reminders of who I am, what I love and things that always make me smile. For example yesterday was the Wifey’s birthday and she got this awesome card that is now on my board. Yep I stole it. It was a shark sitting in a recliner watching him on television. The quote said, ” It’s ME week”. You get it? SHARK WEEK!

Everyone knows I love shark week and Wifey’s birthday.

Like this board? You can get it here.






Lay out your tacks in a well ventilated spot and spray away.  I started with a light coat then added another one when it was dry.


You have to admit this is super cute! I know for me certain colors make me happy which is why I love this tutorial. Everything on the board screams inspiration why not let the tacks do the same.

See you in the next post!


Painted Paper Towel Holder

Today I will show you how to change your kitchen decor in 10 minutes. Painted paper towel holders are the new thing, didn’t you know? Especially the kind that look like the Easter Bunny popped out.

Is it just me or does anyone else constantly think of changing things in their house? I am starting to believe I am nuts. Clearly I have a minor DIY problem.

Good news is things will never get boring…right?

you will need Nasty Paper Towel Holder | Spray Paint


 I know what you are thinking. Why is the spray paint can orange but the the color she is using is purple.

What can I say I change my mind too much. For some reason I was channeling my inner Easter Bunny.


I am sure next week I will paint it black or white.

Stay tuned.


I guess my point is showing you that you can take something you have already and change the entire look with a little spray paint. I love that I think with the right part of my brain because I am constantly thinking of ways to show you things like this. Hopefully someone will love my pastel purple paper towel holder as much as me. Let me know what you think!


Quote of the day:
“Radical Chic, after all, is only radical in Style; in its heart it is part of Society and its traditions – Politics, like Rock, Pop, and Camp, has its uses.”
 Tom Wolfe

Happy hump day Jaderbugs! I am seriously in shock that Christmas is already here. I mean, it’s not “here” but it’s HERE! Have you done all of your last minute things to get ready? I still have a little left to do but for the most part what is done is done and what needs to get done…well we will see!

Today I will be showing you how to turn a boring piece of furniture into Shabby Chic’ness. Yeah, I know most things “Shabby Chic” are soft, white, frosty, light blue/green, clean and crisp. Things go a little different in our house. Shabby Chic to me is something that look’s vintage and worn. Let’s get started, I can’t wait to show you my Shabby Chic Furniture.

Shabby Chic Furniture

Here is a preview of what I made. I figured it was Christmas and this would look great with our decor. The good thing about making over a small piece like this is you can change the color anytime you want!

Shabby Chic Furniture

The first thing you will need is the piece of furniture you are making over. I put it in a spot that is out of the way and open so when I start spraying it with spray paint it won’t choke anyone.

Shabby Chic Furniture

Get your spray paint ready. I LOVE Krylon spray paint. It’s smooth and doesn’t leak at at all. The other thing I love about this line are the colors! Have you seen them? Krylon has the BEST colors to choose from. I used the indoor/outdoor gloss color in Banner Red.

how to make shabby chic

Look how smooth it is! I thought this was so pretty.

red shabby chic

This is what it will look like when you spray it with about 2 coats. I wouldn’t worry too much about getting it FULLY coated because we will be sanding it in just a few minutes. Let it dry for about 3 hours before you start sanding.

diy shabby chic

When it’s dry, grab a piece of sand paper and start sanding. You can see that I sand around the edges the most. The fun thing is you can sand wherever you want. Make it your own masterpiece.

shabby chic furniture

Here is the end result. I love how bright it is. Remember you can get this look with any color. Use a color that makes you happy when you look at it. I promise you will love it so much more if you do that. Well gotta run! See ya in the next post.

Don’t forget to make it a DIY kinda day! GlitterBOMB hugs,


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